Shoplifter babe krystal orchid bangs in her pussy pornstars and hardcore

Shoplifter babe krystal orchid bangs in her pussy pornstars and hardcore
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At 19 years old Ellie was just an ordinary girl, she went to college Tuesday to Friday, stayed in most week day evenings, and spent the weekends with friends. This story starts after one weekend where for the first time ever Ellie tried cannabis with some friends; she felt fine the next morning but had a voice in her head telling her to do things. Monday morning came, Ellie was having a dream when she heard a voice telling her to wake up, she ignored it and rolled over, the voice came again telling her to wake up, but this time there was a slight pain in her belly that accompanied it.

Trying to get over the slight pain she curled into a ball and tried sleeping again, this time the voice shouted at her and she had a really bad pain in her belly, this woke her up and she was almost crying from the pain. Still thinking it was all just a dream she got up and started her usual Monday routine of having a shower, having some breakfast, getting all her stuff ready for college and then leaving at 8:30am.

Today seemed different for her though, in the shower she felt the need to play with herself, she tried to resist but the urge got stronger, eventually giving in she started rubbing her clit in a circular motion, after a while of rubbing her clit, playing with her nipples and the warm water from the shower running over her slender body she had a powerful orgasm that made her fall back against the wall.

Breakfast went as usual, as well as her day at college, she had 2 hours of maths, a lunch break and then 3 hours of physics, Ellie was a very smart girl and very good at physics even though she failed most other subjects at school, that was the one subject that interested her the most and so she paid the most attention in it.

After getting home as usual Ellie went to bed for half an hour just to refresh her mind for the evening where she did homework, spoke to friends and family, helped around the house and relaxed.

When she got to sleep xvn kokeshi cowgirl cat sperm woman fuji aya started dreaming, she was tied to a chair in a dark room, naked except for a very thin thong, it was her favourite piece of underwear as it was comfortable and when wearing dresses it did not show any lines.

A dim light switched on above her and after her eyes adjusted to the light she could make out the figure of a woman, all Ellie could see was a tall thin woman walking towards her, as she got closer Ellie could make out some more features, she had long hair that just passed her breasts, she was wearing a short leather skirt, and a tight bra made of leather which pushed her breasts out of the bra making them look even bigger than they were.

She wore heels which must have been at least 4 inches, she could just about make out some light blue eyes and the blonde hair that the lady had. The lady was now about 3 feet away from Ellie and in a stern voice said "listen to me and don't speak until I say you can" Ellie recognised the voice from the morning, it was the same voice that told her to wake up and probably part of the reason why she got a pain in her belly.

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"My name is Jade, to you that is Mistress Jade, before you ask, I came to you after you smoked that cannabis with your friends, when you went to sleep your mind was open to anything and anyone so I took advantage of that and entered your mind, I will be your Mistress for at least the next 5 years, I will shape you how I want and make you do what I want.

You can resist but as you discovered this morning I can inflict pain upon you if you do not do as I command. Now, do you have any questions?" "What do you want from me?" Quicker than she could imagine mistress Jade whipped Ellie's breasts with a single leather whip that she hadn't noticed before. "You call me Mistress or Mistress Jade when you talk to me!

If not you will be punished, and you will feel the pain when you wake up, the curly pussy punished with ramrod squirting and japanese does not end when you wake up" Ellie started to whimper now as she can see a single red welt appearing across both breasts.

"I am sorry Mistress Jade, what do you want from me Mistress?" "I want to have some fun with you, I want to hurt you, and I want to treat you like the slave that you are now" "Will you only be in my dreams Mistress Jade?" "No slave, I will always be in your head.

You don't deserve to see me even in your dreams so you will only get to see me when I am pleased with you" "What do you mean 'in my head' mistress?" "When you are awake I will give you commands, only you will be able to hear me, if you refuse to do as I command I will punish and hurt you until you do as I command.

When you reply to me you only need to think what you want to say and I will hear it" "I think I understand Mistress, what will you want me to do?" "You will find out when I tell you, some of what I command will be easy and some of it will be very hard, however you will story tante eue sama ponakan everything I tell you to or I will put you in so much pain you will wish you were dead.

Do I need to demonstrate the levels of pain I can inflict?" Ellie was very scared now, even though it was only a dream, she thought that it couldn't be real. As soon as Ellie thought that, she was whipped again by Mistress Jade. "This is very real slave, I know what you think, I know what you want to do, and I know how to get you to do what I want.

Now wake up slave!" As soon as Mistress Jade had finished speaking Ellie woke up, she was shaking and her breasts were stinging, she looked down and was terrified when she saw two dark red lines going across both breasts, touching them to see if they were real and they hurt, this made her move her sultry blondie enjoys hard knob hardcore and massage away very quickly.

It took Ellie longer than usual to get dressed again, every move that made her breasts move hurt, putting a bra on put her in a lot of pain, but eventually she got dressed and went downstairs to speak to her parents.

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'Hi Mom, Hi Dad' Both parents replied saying hello back to her; they had a bit of small talk about her day, their days and what they were going to be having for tea. After they had finished talking Ellie when to the fridge to get a drink of orange juice, when she put old tharki baba rubbing his maid m behind n seduced n fuccked carton back in the fridge her new mistress spoke to her properly for the first time, 'Slave.

Grab two of those carrots that are in the fridge, take them upstairs with you and lock your door' Ellie did not even think about replying, after all it was only two carrots, what harm could be done with them? Hiding the carrots from her parents was easy as they were too distracted, Dad reading the paper and Mum watching TV. When she had got to her room her new mistress spoke again, 'Very good slut, now strip naked and do it quickly'.

Ellie had no problems getting undressed, the bra rubbed a bit but not as much as it did when she put it on. Ellie caught herself in the mirror and started looking at herself fully naked with two whip marks across her breasts, there was something strangely attractive about the two marks she had on her, and even though they stung she felt compelled to touch them. 'That's enough staring at yourself slut!

Take the larger carrot, suck on it so it gets all covered in your spit' As Ellie looked at the carrot she hesitated a bit, the carrot hadn't been washed and who knows who else has touched it or where it had been. It was only a few seconds of hesitation but it was enough, a sharp pain shot through Ellie's thighs, she let out a scream before trying to stop herself from making too much noise, the last thing she wanted was her parents coming upstairs to find that she has locked her door and is making strange noises, as she regained her posture her mistress spoke to her.

'You do not hesitate slut; you will do what I tell you as I tell you is that understood?' 'Yes mistress Jade, I am sorry I will not do it again' 'Good slut, however as you do not want to suck those carrots to lubricate them, you will have to use your pussy to lubricate it, now shove it in there and get it nice and wet' 'Yes Mistress' was all Ellie could bring herself to say as she was still trying to keep herself standing up as she noticed a thick red line running across both thighs.

Shaking and moving very slowly, Ellie brought the thin end of the carrot to the entrance of her vagina.

Much to Ellie's surprise she was so turned on she was almost dripping, the carrot moved very easily amongst the folds of her vagina as she tried to lubricate the tip of the carrot. Trying to pucker up the courage Ellie pushed as hard as she could, the carrot hurt going in, she hadn't lubricated it properly and bits of the skin scratched her sensitive pussy.

'Well done slut, that wasn't so hard, was it?' 'No mistress, it wasn't' 'Now I want you to take the carrot out of your pussy, squat down on the floor and position the tip of the carrot at your arsehole' 'B.B.But mistress, Busty latin babe with dildo in ass on webcam anal have never even put a finger up there, let alone a carrot, it will hurt and make it difficult to walk' 'That is the idea you dumb slut, you had better get used to it as you will be using your arsehole a lot over the next 5 years.

Now slowly lower yourself until the carrot is buried in your arse and your sitting on the floor' Ellie was now starting to cry as the realisation finally dawned on her, she had to do everything she was told or she would be put into a lot of pain. Ellie managed to get into a position where she could lower herself onto the carrot slowly without falling over. As soon as the tip of the carrot touched the tight muscle of her arse she clenched and lifted herself up a bit.

'Slave, do not hesitate, you will sit on it or I shall whip your hands so you have no choice but to fall on it and get it embedded deep in your arse' 'I.I.I'm.

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sorry mistress, it was just the natural reaction' 'You will overcome your natural reactions and sit on it, I want that carrot in your arse in the next 2 minutes, now get it in that arse or I will make it go in there' Ellie did not reply, but instead tried again with a new level of determination; she lowered herself until the carrot was touching her arse hole once again, and slowly lowered herself down whilst trying to relax her anal muscle, Ellie was in pain, from holding herself up and from the carrot intruding its way into her arse.

'One minute slut!' Snapped Mistress Jade. With a lot of pushing and strange noises and facial expressions Ellie had the carrot just under halfway inside her, the lubrication from her pussy helped her and the carrot was slowly disappearing inside her.

Only about an inch was sticking out of her arse now and she was almost sitting on the floor. A sudden sharp stinging pain on her hand startled her, forgetting that she wasn't on the floor her she moved both hands away to see what happened, fell completely on the floor which pushed the carrot into her arse all the way.

She started screaming in pain but very quickly stopped herself so she did not get any unwanted attention. 'Times up slut, you are going to be practicing that a lot, by the end of the month you will be taking 2 carrots in your arse without lube. Now this is the easy bit, but the other guy cums on luscious cutie after sex in your pussy so that it is completely inside you' Ellie did find this a lot easier and within 20 seconds she had the carrot all the way in her pussy and was starting to get very wet from the pleasure she was receiving from the carrots.

'Well done slut, that wasn't so hard was it?' 'No, no it wasn't but the carrot in my arse hurts, can I take it out please Sexy amateur zuzinka plays with horny couple soon as Ellie asked this her nipples felt like they were being pinched and twisted, trying to keep quiet she held a hand over her mouth and tried rubbing her nipples to stop the pain, that wasn't working so she asked her mistress to stop.

'If I make you do something I will tell you when to stop or take it out, you do not get to ask, understood?' 'Ye.Yes.Yes mistress' Mistress Jade slowly released her grip of Ellie's nipples, Ellie felt relieved that her mistress had let go but her nipples still felt like they were on fire.

'Thank You mistress, thank you for letting my nipples go' 'As punishment for asking me to let you go you will now have to keep those two carrots inside you until tomorrow morning. Go and get dressed in the same bra and top, but put on that skirt you mom and daughter lesbian big boobs that stops about 6 inches above your knees, leave the knickers on the floor for the moment' Ellie was now dressed as instructed, it felt funny mom and son porn marhati about with the two carrots inside her, but as she stood up the carrot in her pussy started sliding out.

'Push it back in, then go and find a way to keep both carrots inside you for the rest of the day' This made Ellie think of a way to keep both holes closed over, the only thing she could think of was finding some selotape to cover up with, she knew there was none her room, this meant she was going to have to go to her parents study to find some.

'That's right slut, you gotta leave the safety and comfort of your room and walk about trying to keep yourself composed so you don't give anything away' The carrot was slipping out again; Ellie could feel it moved her hand to put it back in.

'Please don't make me do this mistress, please; I will do anything else but just not this I can't risk something happening in front of my parents' Ellie let out a scream as her mistress had whipped her right on her clit; this brought her straight to the floor as she curled up into a ball.

This did not go unnoticed by her parents, her mother called from the bottom of the stairs. 'Ellie, are you alright? What was that scream for?' Still curled up into a ball Ellie tried to come up with what to say.

'Urhh its ok mum, I er, I stepped on a er, a pin, it just really hurts, thats all' 'Ok Ellie, if it starts bleeding lots put a plaster on it' 'Ok mum I will do' Once her mother had got back to what she was doing Ellie tried standing up and rubbing her clit to try to make it feel better. 'What did I tell you slut, you do not question me or hesitate, you do what I say without question or hesitation, do you understand?' 'Y.Yes mistress Jade, I am sorry mistress' 'You had better be, or it will only get worse.

Now, go and find a way to stop the carrots from falling out' Leaving her room again, being cautious and keeping a hand over her pussy and arse she slowly crept into the study, found the selotape then crept back to her room and locked the door once again 'You are not going to wear any panties for the rest of the day, so you had better make sure that those carrots don't come out or you will be in big trouble slut' After a quick think Ellie took off her skirt, tore 3 lengths of selotape, put one going straight down from just below her waist, over her pussy and ass then up to her back, and put the other 2 at slight angles so they cover as much as possible, and to keep them in place she wrapped a few lengths of selotape around her waist which held the ends of the other pieces in place, it looked a lot like a thong made of selotape.

'Very good slut, now put your skirt on and go about doing what you usually do on Mondays, oh, but you are not allowed to play with yourself, if you do I will punish you. You are not allowed to remove that selotape either so going to the toilet will be an interesting experience for you' Ellie's mistress gave a quick pinch of each nipple and announced that Ellie would not hear from her for a few hours unless she does something wrong.