Fucked hard his step sisterpart on xlwebcamtk

Fucked hard his step sisterpart on xlwebcamtk
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Quadruplet Connection: Prologue and Chapter One Jean Prologue Frank was beneath a goddess. His rock hard cock was being ridden by a beautiful woman with sharp features highlighted from behind by the purest white light. Her horny alex blake fucking hard huge massive dick floated in midair, only being drawn around her shoulders and framing her face when she moved upon his lap.

Her hands caressed his chest; her nails scraping his skin. All of a sudden she slammed down on him, burying every inch within her pussy, and Frank felt himself cum as hard as he ever had in his life, shooting it up into her heavenly folds.

He pulsed over and over again; the goddess' smile growing with every splash inside her. Then the dream darkened and fell away from his sight, swirling away as if it was so much smoke in front of his eyes. The goddess' smile disappeared with a slam— "…huh?" Frank swam to consciousness. The first thing he noticed was that it was still dark outside; not a single ray of light entered his room through the east facing window.

Next he noticed that he was breathing hard, and that the scent of raunchy sex filled his nostrils. He inhaled deeply, and then reached over to where his table lamp switch was, and flicked it on. His room lit with the ambient light of his desk lamp, showing everything to be normal except for the map hung on a nail on the back of his door was swinging side to side; as it did every single time someone closed it behind them. Plus, his cock was wet and shiny and slowly deflating; as though he had just been inside a woman, and as though he had just ejaculated.

His mind was still fuzzy with sleep, so he decided to worry about it when he woke up. He pulled up his boxers from around his thighs and shut his light out. Chapter 1 Jean Rubbing sleep from his eye, Frank stumbled into the kitchen, to be greeted by four different simultaneous female greetings. "'Morning, bro." came from Jean, technically his oldest sister, but only because she was born first of the four quadruplet siblings.

She was at the far end of the table, dressed in her allinternal anal creampie squirting from hot russian chick around-the-house attire of a conservative t-shirt and sweatpants that hugged her average figure.

She was munching on some toast with a hardcover book propped against the wall next to her. Her greeting was an acknowledgement, and her attention immediately returned to the book, her brown hair falling down in front of her face.

"Hey! Good morning!" That came from Ashley, the only cheerleader of the sisters. She looked the part too, with long dirty blonde hair and sizeable breasts that looked as perky as her personality. She was an insufferable morning person. She was at the table with a fork in one hand and her phone in the other, constantly showing her siblings something on the screen. "Mmm." Vanessa barely managed to acknowledge her brother's appearance in the room. This was regular for her though, as her personality strived to be as black as the clothing she wore, although her hair was a silky pure white.

Frank knew that her lack of greeting wasn't personal; she exhibited such behavior to everyone except her closest friends, who all fostered a similar appearance. "Hey honey, I hope you slept well!" That was Frank's mom, Tasha.

She got pregnant when she was really young, and had her quadruplets when she was sixteen. Now, she was a very fit 35 year old woman, who at first glance, would be hard to tell as a mother.

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Her tits sagged only marginally, and her face showed no wrinkles, a fact she was very proud of, and her brown eyes were framed by light brown hair. Why whoever had knocked her up had left this these girls are real pervs threesome and webcam woman mere weeks after she found out she was pregnant was a complete mystery to Frank.

Frank groggily waved to everyone, and went over to the stove where eggs and toast were piled on a plate by his mom. He sat at the only empty seat at the table, Vanessa shoving past him on her way out of the room, eyes averted. She aspired to hold a gothic personality, which basically meant to look like you hated everyone, so she pulled it off pretty well.

As he chewed, Frank tried to figure out who it was that had fucked him last night, out of the females present. He discarded Vanessa as a candidate, because of her behavior, and his mom Tasha just because she was his mom. That left Jean or Ashley. Frank shuddered; he had never once considered any of his sisters as hot.

He knew that they were physically attractive, all for different reasons, but before last night's event they were just his sisters, with no sexual tension between him and them. Now, however, he was forced to reexamine his relationship with his family.

He found the concept… intriguing, at the least. He was surprised that he wasn't completely grossed out by being physically attracted to his family. In fact it was rather stimulating, and he found himself struggling to concentrate on his food.

He surreptitiously glanced over at Ashley who was smiling and showing her phone to Jean, who glanced at it, smiled, and went back to reading her book. The cheerleader's legs were bare and smooth, and she only wore lacey black panties this early in the day, with a tank top hanging off of the front of her breasts.

Now that Frank noticed, it was actually quite distracting, as Ashley's tits were shapely and gorgeous. Tasha finished washing her hands and hung up her apron. "Okay kids, I'm off to downtown to shop, anyone want to come with me?" Ashley immediately volunteered; a veritable ball of energy. Jean turned a page in her book and shook her head. Frank shrugged uninterestedly. "All right. Now be good, even though it's your summer vacation!" Frank thumbs-upped his mom as she left the room, followed by Ashley; her butt swiveling attractively on her way out.

Frank blinked and jerked his attention back to his nearly clean plate, and noticed Jean staring at him with one eyebrow cocked and a smile on her face. Frank tried and failed miserably to summon an innocent expression.

Jean's gaze flicked down, and her brown eyes widened for a moment, then she blushed and turned back to her book. It was at this time that Frank realized that his cock was hard and lying alongside his leg; creating a sizeable bulge beneath the fabric of his boxer briefs. He cleared his throat and wolfed down what remained of his breakfast, put his plate in the sink, and hastily returned to his room to put some shorts on.

His hard-on deflated at the prospect of Jean knowing that he was turned on by one of his sisters, and that she might tell someone else. He returned downstairs, and must have taken the corner at the bottom too quickly, because he ran straight into Jean, who apparently had also finished eating and was on her way upstairs. Miraculously, their heads didn't collide, but Jean's breasts cleanly hit Frank's chest and compacted; he could plainly feel her hard nipples beneath the dark blue t-shirt she wore, and she was not wearing a bra.

In that split second, Frank realized that Jean had the biggest boobs in the house, despite how she successfully managed to hide it with clothing. Even their mom's tits were only b-cup at the largest, and Ashley's tits were comparable to her mother's. Jean's were as large as they could get while still remaining heavily attractive to Frank; somewhere in the c-cup range. They both grunted in surprise and staggered back a couple steps, Jean dropping her book to the floor.

"I'm sorry!" Frank said reactively. "Don't be sorry, I should've watched where I was going." Jean crouched and picked up her book and adjusted her bookmark, her eyes averted from his. "I was actually coming to talk to you about something." They heard footsteps in the front hall and turned to see Tasha and Ashley, both gussied up for a few hours in the mall, head toward the front door.

They both turned and offered waves and goodbyes, and left, shutting the door behind them. When Frank turned back from the door, he saw Jean beeg melayu main pncut dalam at him with an analytical look in her eye.

At her stretch of silence, Frank spoke up, "What did you want to talk about?" Jean blinked and gestured to the sitting area of the living room nearby, and led the way. Frank's gaze was drawn by her wide hips; Jean wasn't quite as skinny as her siblings, but she was by no means fat. Her belly was flat and nothing sagged, but she just didn't exercise as dedicatedly as Ashley, nor did she eat as strictly as Vanessa did, so her lines were slightly more generous than either.

Frank didn't think that detracted from her looks one bit; he found himself staring with his mouth slightly open, and had to wrench his stare away as they found a place to sit. Setting her book on the coffee table, Jean sighed and clasped her hands, her elbows on her knees. Her brown eyes flitted around the room for a moment as she gathered her thoughts, and finally settled on Frank. "Ashley turns you on." It wasn't a question, but a conclusion.

Frank blinked in surprise, and shifted where he sat, buying time for a response. He avoided his sister's eyes, hoping for an excuse for his boner a few minutes ago to come to mind, but any plausible excuse eluded his searching mind. So, putting faith in his sister, he blurted the truth. "Yes." At that admittance, he grew bolder, and a defense arose in his mind. "Honestly, it's hard for me not to be, since all women have the same parts.

I don't think it's my fault that my body reacts to something physical that is attractive to me." Jean nodded, her brow furrowing in thought, "But I never noticed you… get… hard when you looked at Ashley before today." "Ahhh well, recently I've been having these dreams. They're kind of disturbing, and made me think of Ashley differently." Jean's eyebrows rose and her gaze dropped, apparently deep in thought.

Frank strictly kept his eyes from roaming down her front and admiring her shapely body. However, he couldn't keep his mind from flashing back to the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest; it was hot, if momentary. His cock twitched and grew some in his shorts. Jean's attention returned to Frank, and he shifted slightly so that she couldn't see the growing bulge in his pants. "What is it about a girl that you find attractive?" Frank blinked again, not expecting the conversational left turn.

"Well, I guess, um, the regular things, like their breasts and butt and the way they move." Jean was nodding, but apparently warm cock juice collection for sexy asian to hear something more than the physical attributes that turned him on. Frank thought deeper. "My first girlfriend was really smart and always had a smile on hand, I liked that about her." Jean came alive a little bit and smiled, "Was that Laura, back when we were in, what, 9th grade?" Frank nodded.

"What about Michelle? You didn't break up with her until like six months ago, right? What went wrong?" "Michelle was really quiet. In public." Frank's insinuation brought back memories which made his eyes glaze over and a smile tug at his lips. Frank had lost his virginity to Michelle back in the early days of his senior jungle ki full bf sexy sex stories gane, in fact as a present for his 18th birthday.

She was so loud in bed that he had to keep a hand over her mouth most of the time so that nobody would hear her shrieks and groans. Jean leaned to the side in an exaggerated attempt to refocus his attention; a grin playing across her pale face.

"Sorry. Uhm, Michelle was nice, hot xxx legal age teenager sex act we just kindof drifted apart during senior year. She sank further and further into focusing on her studies, especially math and science, since she developed fervor for it. I was involved in my history courses and then with softball in the spring… We just grew apart. We mutually ended it." Jean nodded, "So it was nobody's fault?" Frank acquiesced to that explanation.

Jean nodded slowly, her eyes slowly drifting away from his off to his left somewhere and glazing a bit. Now it was Frank's turn to lean into her attention span with one eyebrow cocked. She blinked and smiled a bit and played with the spine of her book on the table.

"Are you all right, Jean?" She nodded, her long brown hair touching and playing over the contours of her breasts. "May I xxxx mom big boobs son why you asked all those questions about my dating history?" A corner of her lip disappeared between her teeth as she thought.

Then as though a switch had been thrown inside her mind, she locked her eyes with him again and spoke. "I've never had sex before." Frank's brows rose and his head rocked in the beginning of a nod. That would make sense with her bookworm personality. "But what about… What's-his-name? Tim?

Jim?" She rolled her eyes, "Tom? That hot blonde teen with glasses rubs pussy until she cums three years ago, and no, we never… did that. Although he tried." Frank cocked his head sideways, not pushing for more information, but alluding that she hadn't told enough of the story for him to understand.

Jean shifted in her chair and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear before explaining more. "We got together when we were sophomores. He was my first kiss. It was dreamy… But then a few weeks later he started getting involved with drugs. Not marijuana or anything like that, but he would come into first hour all jittery and full of energy, always vibrating in his chair.

Then I found a bag of white powder in his coat a few days later. I decided to end it right then and there." She sat back in her chair and shook her head, apparently exasperated at the memories she was accessing. "For the record," Frank said, "I think you did the right thing." Jean gave him a warm smile.

"Thanks. After that I just found more satisfaction in reading books than I did trying to sift through all the horny guys in school to find one that would click with me." Frank laughed, "We are all horny. The trick is to find someone who can see you through his haze of lust. You, not just your body. Your mind and your words too." Flashing her eyes at him, Jean shrugged her shoulders, making her boobs move up and down beneath her shirt. Frank's half-hard cock flexed almost involuntarily. "You know, you could meet that deion, Frank." Frank was caught offguard by her response, and was filled with a rush of heat.

His sister grinned at him for a moment, but then with a straight face, got up and came over to where Frank sat on the other side of the table. Before he could protest, she eased into his lap, draping one arm around the back of his neck.

With her right arm, she traced his jawline. "You're the only man I've always completely trusted." Frank stuttered for an answer. "Well, um, maybe you haven't met enough men. I'm your brother, remember?" She lightly slapped his chest with her hand, "Of course I remember, silly. I think that's the reason why I love you so much. After all, we did share a womb for nine months. Maybe we have a connection." Her supple yet soft butt sat right on his crotch, under which was a slowly growing cock.

Some combination of sex appeal legal age teenager honey kneels homemade and hardcore extreme proximity, her fresh, exotic scent, her touch, and the unique affection she was showing him caused the reaction.

He couldn't help it when he flexed his cock again. She gasped in slight surprise at the movement. Frank decided to fill the awkward moment with responding to her thought. "You know it just could be that you haven't met the right guy.

But you could be right about the connection thing. Remember last week when we-" She snapped her fingers, her face alighting with memory. "Yeah! When we finished each other's' thoughts like four times in a row!

Mom was creeped out!" Frank laughed, fondly recalling the scene. "And then, last year wasn't it? When I was crying outside the front doors of the school, and you took a hall pass because you KNEW something was wrong?" Frank did remember, and could not realistically explain what happened even to this day. It was an inexplicable event, one of the only times he sunny leoni sexcom spark bang ever seen Jean cry, but he was somehow drawn out of class and to where she was sitting with tears in her eyes.

Maybe there was a connection between them. As countless other memories flooded into his mind further proving the connection between them, he began to believe it, realize it himself. He turned his head to look into his sister's eyes, so close to him. He was no longer tense beneath her body. "Maybe… You're right, Jean." She studied his face for a moment, her fingers absently playing in his hair, then she leaned against him, putting her head on his shoulder and snuggling her nose into his neck.

"I love being this close to you, Frank. Can we just… stay like this for a while?" Frank had to admit to himself that he was more relaxed than he had been in recent memory, plus he felt genuine affection for Jean and didn't want her to leave his lap either.

So, he reached an arm around her and held her close to him, reveling in her simple presence. But it was more than her presence; more than affection. It was more special than that. His cock grew to full hardness; snaking out to its full length of seven inches between his left thigh and the bottom of Jean's legs.

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He knew that she could feel it; there was no way that she couldn't. He was so submerged in the feeling of closeness and attachment that had never before reached him on this magnitude, but he had tasted it before when he had gotten close enough to Michelle to have sex. It was a shallow puddle in comparison with the vast lake of fondness he felt cradling his sister. Jean sighed in contentment, her eyes still closed.

Frank squeezed her arm slightly, wanting to somehow impart to her with some mechanism less paltry than words that he loved her. She gave him the opportunity by opening her eyes and removing her face from his neck, one hand still twirling in his hair.

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Their eyes locked; their noses a mere inch away. They finally kissed. Frank was lost in the cloud of love between them; he felt as though there was a small exchange of energy or something between them; everywhere their skin met his skin seemed to tingle with energy.

She must have felt the same, as he moved his hand up from her waist to her back; his palm met her bare midriff where her shirt had ridden up slightly, and the slightest of moans escaped her voice box, with an attendant shiver. Finally they broke apart with a wet suction noise and a gasp. They didn't move for a moment, just concentrated on breathing through the haze of sibling connection and physical arousal.

Frank's mind swam slowly, but he came back to Earth enough to vocalize the idea in his mind. "Do you want to-" "Yes." Jean's mindset was right there alongside his own. He could see in her eyes both the pleasure at discovering their do you know the milfing man english dubbed intimate of pseudo-spiritual connections, and the physical need lending fire to her gaze. Frank started to move, but Jean put a hand on his chest, "No, I don't want to change from this.

I absolutely love being held by you. Can we do it like this?" He thought for a moment, but he believed the mechanics would work, despite never trying it before.

He loved how they were positioned anyway, so he nodded at her. She reached down between her legs and immediately encountered Frank's dick straining against the fabric of his shorts. Her eyes half closed, but then she reached around beneath her own bottom, and Frank heard fabric tearing. He snuck his own hand between their bodies and discovered a gaping hole in the bottoms of her sweatpants… with no panties covering her nethers. "These old pants had a little hole in them anyways." Jean said with a smile.

Frank felt the curve of where her leg merged with her butt cheek, and moved in until his middle finger touched her lips, which peeked through the gap in between her thighs. They were already quite damp. She hummed appreciatively, but rocked her hips back and forth, silently urging him to release his own genitals.

So, he maneuvered his hand beneath her and unbuttoned his guy assists with hymen examination and banging of virgin teenie, and, with a little work, managed to get his cock to come out of the slot in his underwear and up through the crotch of his shorts. A gasp of surprise came when his cock came up between her legs and the head poked out between her thighs. Then a giggle at the surprise she felt.

"It's so long…" She then reached down and swiped a finger across the slit at the end of his cock, coming up with a sticky dab of pre-cum. She licked it off her finger and closed her eyes at the taste; sucking a lip between her teeth upskirtscock ninja studios brother blackmails sister full movies she savored the taste of something produced by her twin's body. Frank helped her as she levered her hips up and over top of the spear between his legs, supporting her weight as she sought her own entrance with the end of his member.

Since they were at ninety degrees to one another, it was difficult to achieve egress, but with a little angling, the tip slid inside of her. Her face took on a stricken look as something edged its way into her canal, a place where nothing had ever been before.

"Careful, your hymen-" But through her slight duress, Jean smiled at him out of the corner of her eye, and pushed her hips down onto his, slowly burying more and more of him within her until her butt came down onto his lap, her legs hanging off the left side of his armless chair. He had slid down to allow her access, so when she turned to look him in the eye again she was looking slightly down at him. Between breaths, she said, "Remember I took Equestrian courses last year?

Well, no more hymen." He was glad that he didn't have to hurt her during her first round of actual penetration. Now they could be as gentle as they wanted. Their lips met once more as Jean started rocking her hips on his cock; he felt the walls of her vagina, so warm and enclosing, massage his shaft and the flare of his cock head. They drew apart and focused on moving his cock in and out of her for maximum stimulation.

Her breaths were shallow and quick, her eyes hooded and distracted. From the time that he entered her, Frank felt as though there was an energy transference constantly between them; he could feel her vitality wherever he touched her; through his lips and tongue, his fingertips and palms, and through the length of his dick that was up inside of her.

It was unlike anything that he had ever experienced before, or even read about. It was as though they were closer to being one singular being than they ever came before, and it was a glorious feeling.

Jean's frown became more insistent, and she closed her eyes in concentration. She shifted the way her hips moved on Franks lap, but shook her head. "I need to- I just-" She gave up and reached over to grab her left ankle. With a slow, fluid motion, she moved her leg up and over Frank's head, spreading her legs, and dropped it down on the other side of him, now straddling him in the armless chair.

She was able to get another inch of him inside of her, which made her blow out her breath over his head, ruffling his hair. He could barely feel with the end of his cock something at the end of Jean's channel; he figured that he was coming up against the end of her vagina. She breathed hard once again, "That's better!" Nodding, Frank agreed; it was a bit more intimate, now that she was opening herself to him completely.

She used her hips and what purchase she could get on the carpeted floor with her bare feet to rock up and down on his cock while he met every stride with as much of a thrust as he could manage from his trapped sitting position. He knew he wasn't going to last long, and he told her this. "I know, me neither. Stay inside me, okay?" She leaned forward and hugged him while they made love, "That's exactly where I want you when you cum." Her tits mashed against Frank's chest intentionally this time, her need to press as many square inches of herself against his frame evident in her movements.

Frank moaned into her shoulder as he felt the stirrings in his lower abdomen. Feeling his sister moving on him, and also feeling the ebb and flow of her energies against and around him was bringing a climax that he had never known before. His arms moved up the back of her rib cage, pressing her as close to his chest as possible, and his breathing became steadily more choppy and insistent. He could feel her muscles tensing and relaxing beneath his roaming hands, and noted that their rhythm was increasing in concordance with her own breaths, hot on his neck.

Her vaginal tunnel began to flex ever so slowly around his member as he came closer and closer to his orgasm, which was taking an inordinate amount of time to build in comparison to his masturbatory orgasms. But every stage of the arising action towards the impending climax happened in both twin's bodies at the same moment.

Immediately at the moment when Frank felt his balls draw up against where they hung from usually, he felt an insistent change in Jean's movements and breathing and energy. "I'm about-" "I'm gonna-" Frank thrust upward into his sister as far as he could, and felt his semen rushing through him. At the same time, he felt Jean grind her hips down onto him as hard as she could and grip the back of his head and the chair back with intense force.

His cock head erupted within her innermost folds at the same time that her vaginal walls clamped down against his shaft, causing the biological version of a hermetic seal. They groaned in harmony, both guttural vocalizations of primal release. Frank could feel a strong surge of energy between them, which further blurred the boundaries between his beloved sister's vital energies and his own. Spots danced before his vision, and he held tight to her vibrating torso.

He ejaculated five spurts, the first being the strongest and the others with decreasing velocity, but he felt the very slightest of muscle reactions from her through his fingertips every single time that he pulsed inside her belly. His sensitive dick continued to spasm inside her for a moment after his reservoirs of fluid and sperm were exhausted. At the same moment, brother and sister relaxed, both coming down from their sexual high at the same moment.

Frank felt completely at peace, not wanting to move from this position for anything in the world. Apparently, Jean felt the same, as she snuggled against him, her breath loud in his ear. He kissed her neck and she reluctantly moved her head out from his own neck and shoulder.

Her eyes slowly and blearily opened, blinking quite a few times as she attempted to focus her vision on her brother's face. She swallowed, trying to get her voice back. "Did- did you feel that?" "If you mean that energy between us, yeah I did." She nodded faintly, her mouth open in wonderment.

She rushed toward him and covered his mouth with her own, kissing him urgently, vibrantly, lovingly, to which he returned his most unique affection.

When his cock finally began to deflate, Frank came to the reluctant conclusion that they should go clean up the wanton mess they made. They must have been on the same wavelength, because Jean sighed roughly.

"I don't want to leave your arms, Frank." "I don't want to leave yours.

So we won't." He leaned forward, his arm reaching under her, and got to his feet, carrying his sister in his arms. Her legs wrapped around his midsection as they left the chair, his mostly hard cock still stuck up inside her tunnel.

He carried her to the bathroom and turned on the shower, within which they reluctantly parted enough to clean themselves up.

Then they made out slowly and sensually for another five minutes straight before emerging from beneath the stream of water. As they dried off, Frank couldn't keep his eyes off of his still-beautiful sister, despite her smeared make-up and wet hair. Her wet breasts gleamed in the light and jiggled distractingly as she toweled off her hair and body. She grinned at his visual attention.

After they were all clean and dry, they both went into Jean's room and sat on her bed, their fingers intertwined. Jean cocked her head and bit her lip before speaking. "You know, despite not wanting to ruin that experience, when we were showering, I couldn't get much more than a little drip of your cum to come out of me. I might be pregnant…" Frank was struck with the possibility, but was surprised to find no horror or panic in his mind.

"That wouldn't be a bad thing, Jean. It was so worth it. I'd marry you, help raise your child, anything to stay as close to you as possible." She looked up with raised eyebrows and open mouth. It slowly grew slipping away from the store an overjoyed expression and she threw herself into his arms.

They embraced like that for minutes on end, slowly rocking back and forth. What neither of them noticed was Vanessa, who was passing by Jean's room, and barely heard that last remark.

She stopped and watched them hug, but then beat a hasty yet silent retreat to her bedroom, a surprised expression on her carefully managed appearance.