Step dad and patron xxx cam girls

Step dad and patron xxx cam girls
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Hi there this is just a short introduction, if people like the idea I will post more. Enjoy! I fucked the tight young ass hard, I felt wonderfully tight and hot on my dick, as I plunged in balls deep. The roam was hot, really hot, the sweat was poring off me, and the noise was insane.

Drum and bass echoed in my brain as I fucked the girl, I felt my climax build. as I was about to cum I pulled out and stood up, the girl spun around, her black hair spinning behind her. She knelt with her mouth open and her tong out, as I jerked my dick a couple of inches from her sexy face.

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God she was sexy, big green eyes, beautiful young feminine face. I started cumming and watched my cum pump into her mouth and onto her beautiful face, that moment seemed to stretch time, and I forgot the noise and the heat, it was like floating outside time and space. As the orgasm died it all came rushing back, the blaring music, the heat and the spectators surrounding us.

The girl was showing her mouthful of cum to the crowd, before swallowing and displaying her empty mouth. Our act was done, the turned, bending over and giving them a last look at her ass and pussy, then walked over to me and we walked of stage together.

"You OK Lexi" "Yeah, I'm OK, you?" "Yeah, weird though, I never thought I'd be fucking my little sis in front of a room full of strangers." Hi, I am the narrator.

This is the story of the Williams family, and how they went from the perfect middle class family into the depths of depravity Let me introduce them; Brian - The dad, head of the house, tall, dark hair streaked with grey, strong, but slightly overwaight 45 Debby - The Mom still attractive and voluptuous, blond 40 Dan - The eldest son, tall athletic dark hair, brown eyes 21 Janet - Eldest daughter, smart pretty blond, clear blue eyes 18 James - blond average height, strong build blue eyes french couple for anal casting castingbunnies and pornauditions - slim, beautiful, black hair, green eyes 14 A year ago they where the perfect middle class family.

Debby and Brian had good jobs at the same firm in London, they had a nice house, two cars, a Bmw and Mini. the kids went to good schools and had nice clothes. But things went really bad, really fast.

The firm Brian and Debby worked for didn't send anyone there monthly paycheck,a few days later the repo men where in the building. Turns out the boss had been embezzling, defrauding, lying cheating stealing bastard who had conned everyone and there mother. This on its own would have been recoverable, but they where over-mortgaged and had credit card debt up to the eyeballs.

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That is when Brian made the biggest mistake of his life. he was in the pub, drowning his sorrows, when he bumped into his old friend, Pete.

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"Brian, how are you man, hows the wife?" said Pete, a wide smile on his face. "Oh cant complain, you?" he said, making an unconvincing attempt at a smile, "You sure? You look really down mate, what's up?" Pete looked genuinely concerned, "How long have you got?" said Brian, Pete chuckled.

So Brian told him about he and his wife loosing there job, about the debt, the disappearing paycheck, "There going to take the beamer next Friday, if I cant make the payment." "Shit, and the fucker knew what he was doing, deliberately fucked you and Debby over, what a cunt." "Yeah, apparently for the last couple of years, the company has just been a prop for him to borrow money and con investors." "Jesus, hay listen Brian, if you want, i can lend you some money, tide you over?" "Thanks Pete, but I wouldn't be able to pay you back, I'm already in debt up to my eyes." "Well, how about earning the money then, I could give you some work if you like, good money.

I'm always looking samantha saint fingers her tight wet pussy good people in the business, people I can trust" Brian hesitated, he knew what business Pete was in, Pete was a drug dealer. He wasn't a tough guy, crack slingin' OG, he lived in a nice house in the suburbs, and sold weed and X to collage kids and office workers.

"I don't know Pete, its kind of dangerous." "Ah bullshit, I've been doing it on and of for twenty years and I've never spent a day in prison. The decision is yours, obviously, but for example, I need someone to drive a package to Glasgow in a few days. I had a guy lined up, but if you want, you can deliver it, and its two grand in your pocket."(Two grand £ is like $4000) "Really? Two grand for a days work?" "Well, yeah, why do you think I do it?" He thought about it, it would make things easier he though, he could pay the mortgage and keep his Bmw, it would take the pressure off till he found a job.

"You know what, fuck it, I'll do it." If Brian had known what would happen he would never have agreed, if he had known how this would lead to him watching his wife sucking and fucking a room full of men for money, to his little girls sucking strangers dicks while he watched helpless, if he had known that in a week he would be pushing his cock up his own virgin daughter while the sick crowd cheered.

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Well, he didn't know, and this was just the beginning. Hi, this is my first story, if you liked this please comment and I will write more :)