2 minite best sex storys

2 minite best sex storys
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9:00 AM came much too early for Vincent that Halloween morning. When he woke, he rolled over to try to make love to his eternal lover, Erin, to find her not in his bed. Instead, there was a note taped to the pillow. "Sorry honey, I had to go costume shopping! Love you! Erin" Vincent chuckled to himself as he rolled out of bed, hard-on raging from the nightly dreams of the two of them.

He wandered to the shower and washed up, trying to clear his mind and get his blood circulating away from his penis. Twenty minutes later, a much cleaner, but still horny, Vincent emerged from the steaming shower, towel in hand.

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He dried himself off and flexed a few times, feeling that much sexier knowing that Erin adored his body. Still thinking about what he had missed this morning, he decided to just deal with it. Pulling on a shirt, he picked up the note and turned it over and found a photograph taped underneath.

"Hey big boy, I figured you'd like my first choice of costume!" read the note in the white border. Erin was naked, legs spread, clutching at a rather large dildo buried halfway into her cunt; face forever screwed into pure ecstasy. Vincent changed his mind and started to jerk off, sitting on the bed and staring longingly at the picture.

His eyes opened and closed and he moaned softly, the picture ingrained to his memory. However, a readjustment of the picture uncovered two more words.

"Don't cum." A strangled groan escaped his throat as he stopped, right on the edge. Normally, he wouldn't care about notes like this.

But Vince had learned. If Erin didn't want him to cum, she had plans for him later. Vince shook his head and laughed, getting up and pulling on his work uniform. "This had better be good…" Erin pawed through what was left of the costumes on the almost-bare racks.

She couldn't believe she waited until Halloween to get a costume. Then again, her friends waited until the night before to invite them.

Still, she had her plans. She hoped her loving husband hadn't missed the most important part of her note, and was saving up just for her.

She wanted that night to be special. Their fifth Halloween together and they always tried to do something special. This year, she wanted to unleash his wild side, like their second Halloween…their honeymoon…Erin shook her head, realizing she had just been standing there in Fantasyland, reminiscing about their love.

She still couldn't believe it had been five years since they began dating, but that would have to wait. This was about tonight, and tonight was going to be special.

The butterflies from their first night were back as she picked out a long, flowing, green dress with wide-open cleavage. Vincent would love this, if he even stopped to see it. Vincent tossed yet another pizza as his shift ticked away. He still hadn't seen Erin at all that day. That, coupled with the morning's episode, had him struggling to keep from getting an erection.

He slid the pizza into the oven and checked his cell for the time. A new message popped up. Erin. Trying not to get caught by the boss, he checked the message to find directions to a house on the edge of town. "Hey baby. Some friends of mine invited us to their party! Wear a costume and meet me there! Trust me; you'll be glad you did!" Vince grinned and pocketed his cell, checking the time again and realizing his shift was over. He almost ran out of the pizza place, anxious to find out what his beautiful wife had planned.

Unlike her, his costume had been planned out days in advance, and waited for him in his car. Still, he was going mad without her. Erin decided to visit a couple of old friends before going to the party. Just like every year, they were seated in their living room, giving out sugar to whatever kids dared trick-or-treat that year. They sat around and caught up on old times, speaking about Vincent, what happened to their classmates, what teachers they had seen lately.

They all shared a few laughs remembering the haunted house that used to operate at the high school. As the sun set and the party loomed, Erin got up and excused herself, thanking them for having her over. Before she hairy chocolate pussy gets shaved and fucked after shock, she stripped down and pulled her sleeping mom son xxx ebony me bolne bala on, leaving her panties in the shopping bag she brought the dress in and changing her sports bra for a pushup, making her breasts appear to be almost falling out of the top of the dress.

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She then hurried to a convenience store to get some pumpkin ale for the party. Before she headed out, she took out her cell phone to make one last call. Vincent growled as he walked out the door and into his car. The two had agreed to meet at a Halloween party that night, but for some reason, Erin would only agree to go if they went separately.

Vince was dressed in a stereotypical 30's gangster outfit, complete with plastic Thompson sub-machine gun in the trunk. Bored of the car ride out to the edge of town, he checked the messages on his phone. "Hey Vinnie, what's happening, hu-" Vincent hung up. His friend Eric had decided to call him up to make sure he'd be at the party. "Why the hell does everyone call me Vinnie?" Vincent grumbled as he waited at a red light. "Almost there now.hope Erin doesn't forget." The sun was setting as Vincent parked his car.

He couldn't find Erin's car anywhere, so he just assumed she'd be late. "Fashionably late!" Vincent whispered to himself with a chuckle, mimicking exactly what Erin would tell him to justify spending twenty more minutes messing with her hair. Giving up on finding her car, he started walking up the far-too-long driveway.

Vincent's cell rang again just as he walked into the party. "Hello?" "Hey big boy." "Erin." "Ready for your surprise tonight?" Vincent grinned, his mind racing, despite the lack of blood to that particular head. "You know it, sexy. Hope you can find me." "You know I will. Don't blow your wad over small talk, okay?" Erin hung up and giggled, knowing the effect that would have on Vincent. Erin finally drove towards the party, thinking about how big her man must have gotten already.

Clutching a beer and glancing over the crowd, Vince wondered why it was taking so long for Erin to show up. Little did he know Erin was waiting for him; sitting on the bed in the makeshift coatroom. The combination of the beer and sodas drank while working that afternoon caught up with Vince, and he excused himself to go to the bathroom, mentally cursing at himself for excusing himself from no one.

"Fuck, the funny things we do when we're drinking." Erin watched as Vincent walked by, oblivious to her on the bed. She got up to follow, but only saw the tails of his pinstriped trench coat disappear into the bathroom. "Showtime." muttered Erin, grinning to herself as she snuck into the bathroom. Vince looked over and grinned with her. "Well, hello beautiful." "Hello yourself. Are you ready?" "Well." Vincent quickly wiped himself off, not wanting her to taste his urine and call the whole thing off.

"There, all set." Erin walked over and took his half-swollen member into her hand. "Perfect." Her hand rolled slowly up and down on his big shaft, feeling it get harder every stroke. Her mouth was busy pushing his lips apart and probing his mouth with her long tongue, moaning as his returned the favor.

His hands pulled the top of the tight dress down, leaving her in a white pushup and a mental smile. He pushed his hands up into the bra as hers began to roll his balls between its fingers, her other hand still expertly stroking his hard cock. Erin just barely managed to pull away and sink to her knees amid a frustrated groan from Vince. "Don't worry, the fun isn't over," Erin winked slyly as she pulled her breasts apart just enough to slide his dick under the bra and between her seemingly huge tits.

Vince moaned again as full sex stories all sezxy xxx slid her hands around to his buttocks, rubbing slowly as she carefully slid his big cock into western chikan veronique full white top and story new crevasse.

"There, are you happy I finally let you fuck these?" Vincent could only nod his approval as Erin's tongue darted out, flicking the swollen head every time it came close enough to reach. He could feel the veins throbbing, sending tiny pulses through her breasts and making her moan quietly. Erin kept teasing the thick shaft she couldn't get enough of, rocking it up and down her cleavage for what seemed like forever before pulling off it and getting up.

Vincent complained as she pulled her dress back up and started to walk out when she turned back around and mouthed "Meet me in the next room" and disappeared around the corner. Vincent quickly tucked himself away and almost tripped on the towel rack on his way out the door and around the corner. What he saw in the coat room was what he desired all day.

Erin's red hair was covering her now-naked chest. The bra had been discarded somewhere on the floor and her dress was bunched around her waist. Vincent wasted no time throwing the coat off and ripping away his clip-on tie before taking Erin in his arms and falling with her on the guests' coats.

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Their mouths found each other like the last two pieces of their lives' puzzles and their tongues performed a dance around each other that seemed to exist deep within their souls.

Erin frantically worked at Vince's buttons as he pulled the clips euro lovely bitches crave for jizz loads his suspenders off, trying to be careful not to snap them and hurt his lover. Erin finally managed to get the last button through the hole and almost ripped it from his body as Vince hurried to push the pinstriped slacks down onto the floor. She made a grab for his still-rock hard member when he slipped from her grasp, laying her back again and kissing along her neck.

Erin froze as Vincent hit the first of her turn-on spots, secretly smiling to herself, glad that he never forgets. The smile turned to moans as Vince kissed down to her tiny, pert nipples, slowly alternating rubbing his tongue and teeth along it, letting one hand push the dress down and the other pinch the neglected tit. She watched as he dragged his tongue off of her nipple, stopping at the valley of her twin peaks and watching him slide downward. Her moans grew louder, slowly, as his tongue slid down her tummy, circled her belly button, and veered off down to her thigh.

She playfully pulled the thigh away, watching as he obediently followed it, licking the whole way. She pushed it back and he took his head off, choosing to lick the other thigh. She repeated the game, letting his head way off target before pushing it back towards center. This time, she didn't move her left thigh, instead moving the right in to squeeze his head between her legs.

Vincent smiled up to her, "You always manage to catch me," She giggled and snaked a hand between her own legs, pulling her wet, shaved snatch apart and biting her lip. Vince could no longer resist and, after hastily discarding his own underwear, dove in, swirling his tongue along the edge of her labia, teasing her and giving her exactly what she wanted at the same time.

Erin hot young couple enjoying a wild swinger party in approval and moved her free hand to his head, stroking his short hair lightly. Vince let his tongue in closer each time he passed over her clit, lifting his tongue each time he reached it, causing Erin to grunt in frustration a few times.

She taught him all too well how to tease her, and he was using it all as payback for the day's worth of teasing she gave him. Vince gave up the swirling and instead began to lick up the middle, starting at the very tip of her perineum and licking all the way up, continuing to just miss her clit at the end of each lick. Erin's frustration mounted until she could no longer take it.

She let her lips go and he knew just what to do. Erin tried to rub her unoccupied clit when she bumped into Vincent's forehead. Vince had beaten her to it and began to lick like mad, flicking it again and again with the tip of his tongue.

Erin arched her back and came almost immediately, her body shuddering under his magic touch, her hand clutching his hair, mouth open but trying not to moan. Vince finally came up before she was fully down from her orgasm, holding his hard cock in his hand, and pushed its length into her without warning. Erin moaned again and Vincent clamped his hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh "Shh, my love, remember how we got away with it in college!" Erin did remember, and opened her mouth.

Vince slipped a couple fingers into her mouth and let her bite down gently as he began to piston his hard cock in and out of her slowly. She began to moan again, muffled by his digits, as his penis rubbed her soaked walls a little faster at a time. They gazed lovingly into each other's eyes as their bodies became one; thrusting in a slow, primal rhythm only they heard.

The beat of their lovemaking became faster, picking up the spirit of their souls as their hips moved in unison faster, harder; pushing each three euro adorable bitches for one meaty rod to make it harder.

They needed each other in that moment, nothing in the world mattered to them any more. Erin wished she could cry out, but Vincent could feel what she needed. He began to fuck her rougher still, almost bouncing off her pistoning hips as he rammed his cock home harder. Erin cried out, digging her teeth deep into his fingers as she arched her back once more, flooding his cock with her cum and squirting some out around it, drenching his contracting balls and hairy thighs.

Vincent lay on top of her and bit the pillow beside her as her throbbing cunt proved too much, and he finally emptied his load deep inside her. Their bodies slowed to a stop as their ragged breath became normal. Vincent rolled off her and they both pulled blankets and coats over their sweaty spent bodies. The two giggled at their devilish deed on All Hallow Eve and found themselves nodding off, unaware that that night would plant the seeds for the longest nine months of their lives, and their most special day.