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Young ebony jenna foxx banged hard p tube xvideos interracial
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The sheets were soft and silky, they fell around her perfectly formed body, if she moved they fell back around her. It was nice to sleep in a bed every now and again. When the morning actually came she knew that this warm cosy bed, with its wonderful sheets would be at an end. Her master stirred beside her, his hand lay on her knee, then roamed up her thigh, fingers finding her most vulnerable area. She could feel his cock getting harder against her leg. His other hand roamed up to breasts, playing with her now pert nipples, squeezing gently and sending ripples through her body, he must of noticed the goose bumps on her torso because he suddenly hooked a hand around her red collar and yanked her down the bed, "Do your job tart," he ordered.

She crawled down between his legs.

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Lifting up his growing penis she licked at the bulbous head. She sucked gently at the head then enveloped her warm mouth around his now stiff cock. She went down till she felt his cock reach the back of her throat, almost making her gag, Then rose up and down slowly, she felt the hints of his hips moving up and down, she knew he was on her way.

She became of the bedroom door opening. She must of paused cause his hand quickly pounced on her head and shoved her head down.

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She did gag this time. Ignoring movement in the room she continued sucking at her master's dick.

Tasting his pre come and feeling his urgent movements from his hips, she climbed up onto his body As she did so, she looked around the room to try and find out who had entered earlier. It was one of her masters friends, he often came round and often took part in their sexual games.

He was already undressed and standing at the side of the bed. His cock already erect and his hand receiving good shaking. She stopped crawling up her masters body, because the situation had now changed, so leaning on all fours she directed her face towards the new visitors dick.

Already she could feel her masters body moving from petite french maid gets stabbed by huge dick stockings and fingering her to the back of her, his hands roaming and then grasping her hips. The visitors cock was a little thicker although not as long as her masters, but never the less all men were to be treated the same when games like this were to be played.

So willingly she grabbed his cock gently and began licking at the well stiff and thick head. While beginning to give head she felt her master move in behind her, she let out a gasp as he ram his fingers into her hole. The bloke in front of her giving her an eager jab with his cock, shoving it further into her mouth.

She now had to be careful to keep her teeth back and not to graze or she knew punishment would follow. As her master entered her from behind now sure she was wet enough for him, she gasped again as he jabbed, pushing his cock as far as it would enter her.

It was like a signal really between them both, that is the 2 males.

They began banging her front and back in unison. The cock in her mouth going as far back to her throat and her masters cock going as far as it could into her pussy. Her master began moaning in delight, she had tingles running up and down her body, then as her master came she came too, her vagina walls clenching at his cock, not willing to let go.

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She tried not to cry out but let out a whimper only to be stopped half way as the friends cock began to pulsate too. Her mouth was full of salty come. She swallowed not bearing to let a drop fall. Her master let out a few more pumps, paused then pulled out.

Both men then shook hands, and walked out the bedroom. "Take a bath bitch, then meet us in the living room," was the resounding comment coming from her man. It was going to be a long day she thought, taking one last look at the welcoming bed, she knew it would be a while till she was allowed to sleep there again.

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