Naughty america mom and son love story

Naughty america mom and son love story
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The cold winds of December blew harshly, tangling her long brown hair. A faint mist of rain showered her and the gift she held in her hands. The tender petals of the rose glistening in the mist. Pushing her veil of black back across her forehead, a tear mingled with the droplets of rain that slide down her pale face. Kneeling, she gently placed the flowers on the grave. "Master it's been almost a year now since you left me.

I'm so lonely and empty inside.

My heart feels as if it could burst. Oh how I wish I could go back in time, back to when you could hold me in your arms, to when I could see your face." she mumbled chubby hot lady enjoys pussy slamming and cock sucking european brunette the tears. Laying down beside the grave, she closed her eyes and returned in memory to a time past. Shutting out the pain of today and fading into a life that once was.

The warmth consumed her as she peeled her eyes to squint against the bright sun that had replaced the cold bitter rain. A shadow moved across the ground, stunned she quickly rolled onto her back to see a tall slender man, deep blue eyes staring down at her soaking wet form. "Afternoon young lady," he said as he extended his hand.

"Oh I must look a mess, please excuse me," whispered Amanda as she tried to hide her face beneath the veil. Reaching, the man smiled past his mustache revealing a warm smile as he took the veil between two fingers and lifted it gently. "Such a pretty face to hide away beneath such a dreary covering. Why do you hide my dear?" "Its in respect for.never mind." "I asked a question young lady, I expect and answer!" he said softly yet firmly. A feeling of arousal swelled within her, a feeling she hadn't felt in almost a year.

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A shiver ran down her spin as she whispered softly, " It's in respect for my Master who lays here," she said as she pointed to the drenched soil beneath her feet. "Come girl, can't have you soaking to the bone to catch your death of cold!" Taking Amanda by the hand he pulled her behind him and lead her to his car, opening the door, he seated her and fastened her seat belt. The snugness reminded her of the safety she felt when in her Masters arms.

Sliding in the drivers seat, he cranked the car and pulled onto the highway. Pulling into the parking lot of her apartment, she turned looking stunned.

"How did you know where I live?" "My dear I know much of you sensastional slut gets a big hard schlong your Master, and in time I will tell you more, now go and dry yourself, I'll return tonight at seven for you to go to dinner." replied the stranger. "May I ask your name?" asked Amanda.

A light seem to glisten in his deep blue eyes as he pushed a twig of dark brown hair from his eyes. "For now you can call me Nathan." Watching Nathan's bright red trans am drive out of sight, the smell of the leather interior still filled Amanda's senses. For the first time in a long time, she felt a wave of happiness. Entering the living room she quickly stripped away her clothes and stood before the full length mirror in the hallway.

Her waist length auburn hair draped gently around her delicate form, her small breast thrust forward as she breathed deeply.

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Rising and falling with each breath, turning she admired her round ass, firm legs and then her flat tummy.