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Mom and son sex vdecom
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"hello I said to the man might I introduce myself my name is Austin Crase". while you do or do not know me is not of concern but what we both know is how you stole some of my black market weapons and ''entertainment shall we say'' as I swung the lead pipe across his face breaking teeth blood hit the floor. he blubbered some words to me in Spanish. then, he said in English ''go back to your country pig''.

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where do you thing we are I ,chuckled? I had brought thiss man over the border because when we were illegally trafficking some things his cartel hit us and stole our stuff I being the godfather had to find out where he hid it.

realization hit him and terror crossed his face before he had a chance to speak I said,''yeah were in America and I want to know where you all hid or stuff before you ran back to your country.

fuck you he said oh do you think im pretty sorry tiger im not gay and I hit his balls with the lead pipe fuck he said I laqughed and he spit blood at me I then nodded at my bodyguards and they pulled out a box I looked at him and said if he could hear me yes you puto! I said, "good cause in a coupe of second im gonna open that box and put a Japanese killer hornet if you don't know what that is then my friend.

I winked at him, were gonna have fun".

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you see readers a Japanese killer hornet upon sting and yes this is a actual insect in real life will release pheromones that cause other killer hornets to sting the animal and can actually kill a bear. back to the story! I pulled out tweezers and got one out and put it in his ear it stung him one by one I did it till he told me where the stuff was I thanked and shot him.

I got in my car and my bodyguard drove, my men were getting the stuff.while I was thinking I heard daddy? yes sweetheart? can we see man of steel in the theater? well I don't know why not? hey r.i.p I said, that was my personel bodyguard we were friends yeah boss?

take me and my daughter to regal cinemas get tickets popcorn and a icee for the movie sure boss my daughter was 6 and I loved her and would protect her I didn't want her to see the violence in the job but it got us a nice house I loved the job frankly cause gang members killed her mom but I killed them later with my friends who began the mafia with me the gangers were just a lowlife people nothing to major.

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I vowed to protect my little girl until she was bigg enough to protect herself. later when we were done at the movies I got a call.

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we got the machine boss. good wait till im their and ill show you why we had to blow up a facility when I got their they we outside and they waited I walked in with my musky dapper suit and I said men today we will have made history what we have stolen the world does not know about a new kind of warfare with no defense or the diplomats most valuable or a politicians greates challenger I give you this.

I put in the c4 while was talking I backed up and it blew the machine rolled out and it looked like an iron throne with cords syringes mechanical arms bonesaws scapels and liquid containers the men groaned and rolled their eyes some looked intrigued not many though I laughed and said don't look like that cause this think modifies youre body to do one dream that could never be achieved MIMD CONTROL!!!

they all looked up intrigued and excited now I said wacth me I got in the chair and said don't interfere with this the machine put me to sleep when I awoke I was naked and had stiches I put on my clothes and muttered how long I was out r.i.p whispered 45 min boss I said ok good I rose my voice higher and said now watch I whistled and my men brought out a woman cop she had filthy blonde hair and b cup breasts with blue eyes tan legs not an overly large ass but good enough ithen said let her go they put her down and I said mam you've been bad haven't you she spat at me and my head started hurting I focused only at her and felt into her mind and went into her mental stability I heard he thoughts say damn no cops know im here im in serious trouble I forced her mind to behave to me then I said out loud piss yourself she got beet red but I saw her jeens get wet wetter then It went down her jeans she looked down in embarrassment men were impressed.

and aroused I went over and sniffed her crotch and stuck my face in I then mauled her tits and told her to lie down she did just that I then got a knife and cut her pants off I pulled her panties off and I unzipped my shortsi then pulled out my 8 and a half dick and layed her over I put my dick in her ass slowly but surely lee she moaned and pulled he ass cheeks apart o god that's it fill my ass like a slave I wanna fuck your brains out!!!

she cried she started writhing on the bed and It turned me on I got faster and faster I grabbed her tits and kissed herr putting my was far in her throat I could and she screamed drooled in mine with slobber hanging out oh OH OHHH OHHHH im gonna s-s-s-s before she could finish I came hard in her ass cum pouring out of he ass practically leaking out of her she said IM GONNA SQUIRT and with that liquid mixed with my cum came out splattering me she moaned and whined bucking her hipss every which way and fell unconscious I looked around and said well gentleman ready to have fun I slapped the machine then I zipped up my pants and got ready to have fun myself handcuffing the cop and getting sexy small titted brunette on web cam to make a profit out of her man am I lucky to be bad.

the perky tits babe ava taylor drilled real good note: their will be no incest with austins daughter ever in this so do not ask or expect after this it only bets better and better so I hope you liked it stories will be frequent if this one is liked enough ALSO this is a beta story so I didn't make it huge I wanted to see if it was good enough to keep going hope you liked it BYE

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