Delightsome pleasuring from hot teen smalltits and hardcore

Delightsome pleasuring from hot teen smalltits and hardcore
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This story is a complete fantasy. I got the idea from a story by the writer, Mathew Elizabeth. Hope you enjoy.

When I was a freshman in high school, I was a loser.

I had been home schooled by my mother all the way up to freshman year of high school. That's when my parents, well mostly my dad, decided to have me to go public school. I was into anime and Japanese card games, and not into sports at all. Dad hated what I had become and we rarely talked.

He thought public school would be good for me, blonde beauteous girl engulfing rod with cream it would make me more "normal." Since I didn't have any friends while being home schooled, me and Mom did almost everything together before then.

Whenever we went out I noticed men and boys looking my mother. Mom wasn't exactly a knockout, but she was good looking. She is a little heavy, has dark brown hair, has a big ass, and 36C's. She always wore eyeliner and red lipstick, but still dressed conservatively.

My mother was my main source of masturbation material. I had a picture of her under my bed that I would jerk off to as much as possible. It was a picture of her from when I was young. She was smiling and leaning over just enough for a solid amount of cleavage to show. Anyway, I had been going to public school for a couple of weeks, and a boy my age named Jack, and his friends started to pick on me.

Jack often shoved me against my locker and was the leader of the gang of bullies. I got sick of it quickly, but I didn't want to tell Mom because I knew she would get involved in the situation, making it worse for me.

A week after they started bullying me, Mom told me that she was bored at home since I started going to public school and asked if it would be alright if she volunteered at my school. Without thinking I told her that would be fine. A couple of days dani jensen and jaslene jade get boned, Mom began to volunteer and of course she was placed in one of my classes, math.

To make things worse, Jack and several of my bullies where also in the class. My mom walked into the classroom and I instantly noticed most of the boys shift their cocks in their shorts, and so did I.

Mom was wearing tight blue jeans, and a tight red top. She did not have any cleavage showing, but her breasts were outlined in the top very well. She had her black eyeliner and red lipstick on as usual. My teacher introduced my mother and told the class she was my mother.

Everyone looked back at me and I blushed with embarrassment. All the boys in class first time sex blood enter porin sex fairy tales their eyes glued to my mom and her figure the whole class. Toward the end of the class we got time to work on some problems. My teacher and my mom walked around the classroom helping students out.

Jack constantly had Mom help him, which was just an excuse for him to get a better look at my mom's ass and tits because he never asked for help. Besides having all the guys stare at my mother, the day went by pretty normal, until the end.

I was putting my books in my locker and heading to Mom's car to go home when Jack and two of his friends surrounded me. "What do you want Jack" I asked angrily. "Wow pussy, settle the fuck down" he said to me. His friends laughed at his lame comment. "So me and my pals are going to head over to your place today" Jack said. "What, why" I asked. "Do I need a reason" he asked, "maybe I want to be friends with you now." I had no idea what was going on. "Where do you live" Jack asked, "if you lie I'll beat you into next week." Not wanting to get beat up I told him the truth.

Jack shoved me against my locker, "good, see you in 20 minutes." I walked out of school alone and found my mother in her car. "Hey honey, how was your day" she asked. "Fine" I said, "Mom, is it alright if I have some kids over." Her face beamed, "of course, who are they." "This kid Jack and his friends, Mike and Nick" I told her.

Mom smiled, "I remember Jack from class today, he seems like a really nice boy." "Yeah" I said looking down. We got home and I impatiently waited for about half an hour before the doorbell rang. I ran to lesbian secretary gets her cunt licked by boss door and just beat my mom from answering the door. Jack basically pushed his way passed me and walked into my house without saying a word.

Mom came around the corner smiling at me, Jack, and his friends. "Hello boys, how are you" Mom asked. I gazed down at all the boy's shorts and found they were all sporting hard-ons as they replied "yes." "Well boys let me show you to the family room" Mom said leading the way.

Her ass swayed back and forth and she walked. We followed Mom to the couches in the family room. I sat on one recliner, Jack on the other, and his two friends on the couch. "Can I get you boys some lemonade" Mom asked. "Yes Ms. Carlin" Jack responded, "do you need help." I can't believe that Jack was trying to score with my mom right in front of me and his friends.

"Well that would be great Jack" Mom said perky as ever. I watched Mom walk away. All the boys stared at her ass as it bounced away. Jack got up, made a thrusting motion to his friends, making his friends chuckle, before walking after my mom. I was furious but didn't say anything to him. We sat watching television in complete silence for several minutes.

I decided to check what was taking so long and got off the couch. I walked across the room and down the hallway to the kitchen. That's when I heard grunting. I stepped quietly down the hall and peered around the doorframe.

I couldn't believe what I saw. Jack had his pants down and Mom was stroking his young cock. Mom had her shirt held up over her breasts and Jack was grasping and squeezing her tits over her black lacy bra. "Hurry up" Mom moaned, "your friends are probably getting suspicious." Jack grunted and started thrusting his cock in Mom's hand and he whispered that he was coming. Jack squeezed hard on Mom's tits and I saw his ass tense up.

I didn't have a good angle but I knew he had just came in my mother's hand. After a couple of seconds Mom pulled her hand to her mouth and licked off the cum in her hand. "That was awesome" Jack said pulling up his boxers and pants. "I'm glad you had fun" Mom said, "keep this our little secret.

I can't have my husband I messed around with one of his son's friends." "You got it Mrs. Carlin" Jack said giving Mom's tits one last squeeze.

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"Good, now take these drinks back to your friends." I bolted back to the family room and sat down. Less than a minute later Jack and Mom walked back into the room.

Jack handed his friends to drinks and Mom handed me mine, "there you go sweetie" Mom said her normal perky tone. Mom sat on the recliner and Jack sat between his friends.

We all drank our drinks and I noticed Mom was always looking away from me and the other boys as they checked out her body. Jack finished his drink quickly and said, "well lets get going." "Your going to leave so quickly" Mom said. "Yeah, maybe we could spend the night soon" Jack said to Mom, not me.

"That would be perfect, how about tomorrow night" Mom asked. "That works" Jack said before getting up off the couch. His friends got up too, trying to hid their boners. Mom jumped up and lead them to the door with me following at the rear. "Well I can't wait for you boys to come back" Mom said hugging each of the boys.

"Yeah, see ya tomorrow night buddy" Jack said to me, giving me a playful punch that was still quite strong. "Yeah, see ya" I said looking down. "Bye" Mom said again as the three boys flowed out of the front door and down the street. Mom closed the door. "Mom I can't believe you invited them back to our house without asking me" I said furiously.

"Oh I'm sorry honey" Mom said resting a hand on my cheek, "I'm just so happy that you have friends now. I guess I just got ahead of myself." I looked at the floor. "Honey, it will be fun" Mom tried to assure me. "Of course it will" I said before going up to my room. I stroked off 4 times repeatedly replaying my mother jerking off Jack's cock and the thought of her soft squishy boobs in that sexy bra. Before I knew it, I was spent. The night was pretty normal.

Dad was out of town for the next to 2 days so Mom and I ate alone and watched some television. Before I went to bed Mom told me again that she was proud I had made new friends and that I should be excited for the sleepover.

I wasn't exactly excited about it. I went up to my room and masturbated over Mom some more before falling asleep. The next morning came and I went down for breakfast. Mom already had breakfast ready and I noticed she looked even more pretty than usual. She had her typical eyeliner and red lipstick, but today she wore a tight black polo shirt that hung tight around her tits.

The shirt was buttoned up so there wasn't any cleavage, and she wore a tan skirt that went several inches above her knee. I always loved when she wore it because it made her legs look all the more sexier. "Why are you dressed up" I asked, sitting blonde teen blowjob swallow and white milf playfellowly family competition at the table.

"Me" Mom asked, "I'm not dressed up honey" she said. I decided to drop the subject and eat my breakfast. I finished and Mom wished me a good day at school as I walked out the door. School was the same as always.

At the end of the day, Jack shoved me against my locker. "Ready for us to spend the night" Jack asked. "No, I don't want you guys to spend the night" I told him. "Relax man" Jack said punching me in the shoulder roughly. "It's going to be a blast" his friend Nick said. "Tell your mom we'll be over after 8" Jack said punching my arm again before they walked away. I went home and Mom eagerly asked when Jack and his friends were coming over. I went up to my room and jerked off for a little bit.

Then I watched television until Mom called me down for dinner. We ate and watched t.v. until it was 8 o'clock. Right at the stroke of 8 the doorbell rang. I got up and answered the door while Mom followed slowly behind me. Jack said "hey." I noticed all of them were already hard. I said "hey" back and turned around. Mom was standing three feet behind me and my eyes instantly became glued to my mother's chest.

Mom had undone two of her buttons on her polo shirt and had a great deal of cleavage showing, even more than the picture of her I jerked off to. "Hello boys, how you" she asked to the three boys. "Very good" Jack beamed while staring at her cleavage. "Well you boys go make yourselves at home while I get you some soda." Mom turned around and walked away. One of Jack's friends actually gawked at her ass as she walked toward the kitchen.

I lead them down the hall and heard them all whispering about her tits. We all sat down and Mom came back with the sodas.

Mom sat down right in-between Jack's two friends and started talking to them about school. She shifted her weight a lot, making her boobs sway and jiggle.

We watched television and talked for a good hour and a half before Jack insisted we go upstairs to my room. "You boys aren't going to bed this early, are you" Mom asked Jack. "Of course not, we just want to see his room for a bit." I didn't understand why Jack wanted to leave the room, but at least they wouldn't be staring at my mother anymore. We got to my room and Jack closed the brunette comes out of the pool to get creampied. "So, your Mom's pretty hot" he said to me.

I turn red, "what are you talking about." Jack and his friends laughed at me. "C'mon loser, your Mom's a knockout. Do you have any naked pictures of her" Jack asked. "No" I shouted, "why would you ask that." "Why" Jack responded, "because she hot and if I don't masturbate soon I'm going to die," his friends laughed.

"Well I don't" I told them. "That's to bad" Jack said, "so where is your parents room." "Your not going into my parent's room" I said in anger. Jack walked up to me and put his strong hand around my throat, "you don't tell me what to do" he said, "we're going to your parents room and if you say anything I'll beat you up everyday until your 30" he added before releasing my throat.

I gasped for air and then showed them to my parents room without saying a word. Jack immediately walked to my mother's dresser and started opening the drawers.

"Hey" I said loudly. Jack turned around and said "shhh" before giving me a fist. "Come hear guys" he whispered to his friends, "take your pick." His friends walked over and the three of them ruffled through cute girls have fun at the party mother's panty drawer.

A minute later Jack and his friends each had a pair of my mother's panties in their hands. Jack had teen slut music video our kinky bday bash continues silk black panties, my favorites of hers, while his friends held pink and white cotton ones.

Jack pushed me out of the way and walked back to my room. I followed behind them and Jack told me to close the door.

"Do your parents have any booze" Jack asked. "Um, yeah, why" I asked stupidly. "Because we're going to get drunk, go get it" he demanded. I didn't ask questions and I walked back to my parents room where I knew they kept the bottles of liquor. I didn't know what to grab, so I ended up picking a whiskey bottle and walked back. I came in and closed the door. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Jack was sitting in my chair and his friends were on the floor.

They were watching a rap music video on t.v. and stroking their cocks with my mother's panties around their hard meat. Jack told me to give him the whiskey bottle and I did. Jack opened the bottle and took a large drink before coughing and handing it to his friends. They each took a swig and then it was handing to me. "Drink up" Jack said, still jerking off. I took my first drink and nearly coughed xxx american rap in bus up.

"That was a pussy drink, do it again" Jack demanded. I did as I was told then handed the bottle to Jack. We each had another drink from the bottle before Jack threw my mother's panties at the t.v.

"This isn't working" he announced., "Ryan (that's me), get over here." I nervously walked to him. "Get on your knees" he said.

I knew what he was going to ask me to do and I froze. Jack reached up and grabbed my throat and forced me to my knees. "Put my cock in your mouth and suck me off or I'll cut off your dick" he said grabbing the back of my head and forcing it to his cock. His cock was probably 7 inches, several inches bigger than mine. I looked at it for a second before sinking my mouth over his cock. "oh yeah, that's it" Jack moaned. "You know who I'm thinking of" Jack asked, "your mom." Jack started to thrust his cock into my mouth, back and forth, making me gag.

"Oh fuck, Mrs. Carlin, suck my cock like a popsicle" he moaned. I did as I was told and he groaned with pleasure.

He thrust his cock inside my mouth a little while longer before he held still. He tensed up for a split second before he shot cum into my mouth. I coughed and gagged as his semen filled my mouth.

"Fuck yeah Mrs. Carlin, swallow my fucking load down your throat. I did what I told, it tasted horrible. I pulled my head away and Jack relaxed back in his chair. Sunny leone xxxcom xxcom story grabbed the whiskey bottle and took another chug. He handed it back to his friends and they both took chugs. When I got the bottle, I took a massive chug. "Yeah, finally your not being such a pussy" Jack laughed.

Jack told me to take another chug and I did. "Lets go back downstairs" Jack said pulling up his shorts, grabbing my mother's panties from the floor and putting them into his pockets. His friends did the same and we headed downstairs. As I walked my world started to spin a little. We got back to the family room. Jack sat next to my mother on the couch and the other two on the recliners. I sat on the other side of my mom. I knew she could smell alcohol on our breaths but she didn't say anything.

Suddenly, I had the urge to throw up. I sprinted to the bathroom and barfed in the toilet. About a minute later Mom came in the bathroom. "Are you alright" cute teen enjoys fingering and sensual climax asked.

I just groaned. "Oh honey, is this your first time drinking" she asked, I nodded yes. "Well you just lay here and get it out of your system, I'll check on you a little later to see how your doing" she said. I nodded and Mom exited the bathroom, closing the door behind her. A couple minutes later I felt I got it all out of my system, so I slowly got up and walked out of the bathroom. I walked down the hall and heard moaning coming from the family room.

I peaked around the corner got an eyeful. My mother was on her knees giving Jack a blowjob while stroking his two friends in both hands. They were all moaning and giving each other high-fives as my slut mother got them off. Jack's buddies didn't last long and they both shot their loads on my mother's face. Jack took a little longer since I had just sucked him off, but he finally came and my mother swallowed every drop down her throat.

Jack then grabbed her shirt and threw it off. Mom's tits bounced wildly in her black bra. One of his friends unhooked her bra and let her massive tits free.

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Even with the booze in me I got hard seeing my mother's tits. They all sucked, bit, and squeezed her tits at the same time. Jack finally rolled her over and unzipped the back of her skirt. He yanked them off quickly and did the same with her white panties.

"Put it in me Jack" Mom moaned as she got in doggy-style position. Jack kneeled and pushed his cock deep in my mother's pussy. "Oh fuck yes Jack" Mom screamed before shoving her mouth down of one of the other boy's cock.

She started gorgeous teen fucked by old man in pov the third boy's cock while moaning and screaming as the three boys made love to her.

Jack was the first to cum and he didn't even bother to take his cock out of her pussy when he came. He slapped her ass hard and told his buddy to take his place.

All three took a turn in her hot cunt and Mom sucked each of them off after they came inside of her. Once they all fucked her pussy, Mom told Jack to grab the skin lotion on the table. Jack got off his knees and grabbed the bottle.

Meanwhile she had one boy lay down on his back. She then climbed on top of him and slipped his wet cock in her cum filled pussy. When Jack came back Mom leaned forward and told him to rub the lotion in her asshole. Jack did so and then, without being told, he shoved his cock right into her asshole. Mom screamed with delight as the two boys pounded her holes raw.

Jack slapped her ass and started calling her dirty names, like slut and whore. The boy in her pussy came and the other boy filled in for him. The three took turns fucking her pussy and ass for a good hour. I watched greedily stroking my cock and coming just as much as the three boys fucking my mom did. Finally Jack's friends pulled their shorts on and passed out on the floor, while Jack pounded away in her ass.

I too was exhausted and went to the bathroom and passed out listening to the moans and grunts of my mother and Jack. The next morning I woke up and went to the kitchen. Mom was wearing the same clothes as the night before and her hair was messy. "Good morning sweetheart" she smiled, putting eggs onto a plate, "do you feel better." "Yeah, I guess so" I said. Great, would you wake your sleeping friends in the family room, breakfast is ready." I went into the family room and woke them all up.

We ate breakfast and all three of them stared at my mother again. After breakfast, the boys announced they were going to head home. Mom and I watched them go out the front door and Mom told them to come back soon. Jack answered they would as they walked down the street.

For the next 4 years, Jack and all of his friends fucked my mom whenever my dad went out of town. The plan was the same, get me drunk, maybe have me suck some of their cocks, then I'd pretend to pass out and they would go fuck my mom.

Mom became the talk of the school and I pretended to be none the wiser. One night after Jack was done fucking my hard dick enters wet hole hardcore russian, he fucked me while I pretended to be passed out, but that's another story&hellip.