Sister full time sxi story sex stories

Sister full time sxi story sex stories
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Around the age of fifteen I began to realise that sex was more than a solo sport. I had played around with my teenage cock for a couple of years, managing a 'stiffie', and enjoying the sensations of experimental wanking. Friends at school often talked of 'cumming' and boasted tales of sexploits with girls, but although I had a two gorgeous huge boobs women shared a hard man meat, we had gone no further than kissing and the occasional fondle of a developing breast.

One lad in my class who sat behind me in the maths lesson, would often wank off under the desk, and was proud of himself when the other lads watched in awe as he shot a load of sticky cum onto the floor.

One day I plucked up courage to ask him what it felt like to 'cum', he laughed at first and joked at me about being a 'cum virgin', but eventually he described the warming sensation and the rush of 'dizziness' as his orgasm washed over him, followed by the splashes of cum spurting from his cock.

I tried many times to persuade my girlfriend to play with my cock, always managing a 'stiffie' when we kissed, but she point blank refused to touch me.

Eventually she allowed me to put my hand up her skirt and feel the heat and dampness of her young pussy over her panties, but would not let me inside them to feel her for real. My solo wanking exploits continued, but try as I may, I could not get my cock to 'cum'. I was beginning to get very sexually frustrated.

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My name is Joe, I was the eldest of three children, my brother Kenny was 12-months younger than me, and my sister Tracy was 3-years younger. Our next door neighbours were good friends with my parents, and my brother and I good friends with their son Tom, who was around my age.

They also had a daughter Terri who was the same age as my brother. Every Friday night our parents would go for a drink with the neighbours, down to the local pub, leaving all of us kids together taking turns to stay at each other's house for the duration. We were plaid with pop, crisps, and chocolate, and left to watch TV and play games. No video games back then, so we had to make do with board games or cards. Tom and I being the eldest were supposed to be in charge.

As the weeks went on, and we were more comfortable with each other's company, the games became more diverse, we began to 'dare' the loser. It started with 'kiss the girls', and eventually the inevitable, 'show us yours'.

Strangely, the girls were more than happy to pull down their panties and flash their young pussies and bums, whilst Tom Kenny and I were a little more apprehensive. I began to enjoy the thrill of exposing myself to the girls, the fact that my sister was there was irrelevant to me.

I soon realised that the other two boys were enjoying themselves too, Tom had a semi-erection as he gleefully dropped his jeans and pants to expose his growing manhood, he shook himself from side to side making his young cock and developing balls slap from one thigh to the other, the girls shrieked with delight.

As the weekly Friday night games evolved, the 'dares' changed to 'forfeits', allowing the winner to set up a forfeit for the loser. It was Tom who was the first winner and Terri the first loser, Tom made naked hottie sucking piss out of her snatch first forfeit.

'Little Sis, you have to feel at Kenny's cock and wank it for him' Tom declared, Terri giggled, Tracy egged her on, 'Go on do it!!' Kenny had already dropped his pants and his proud cock was showing signs of growing, Terri grasped his cock as though she was going to pull it off, the wrong way round to give his cock a proper wank, but she tugged him several times before letting go.

Kenny was grinning from ear to ear and his cock was now standing to attention, his foreskin just starting to open to reveal his shiny cock end.

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I glanced at everyone's faces, Tom, Terri, Tracy and Kenny were all smiling and we all sensed the excitement. The games continued and reached the stage where if the boys lost, the forfeit was now kissing one of the girls pussy, again the fact that our sisters were the target caused no concern.

I was the first to kiss pussy, and again Terri was the loser. She sat down on the sofa, wriggled her skirt up to her waist, then hooked her thumbs into her panties and wriggled them over her hips and down to her ankles, she was giggling as she opened her thighs to show us her pussy. To the chant of 'kiss-kiss-kiss' I knelt between her legs and lowered my head towards her, she had the start of pubic hair growth, fine wispy hairs covering her sex, and she smelt like nothing I knew, not a nasty smell but a unique aroma.

As I paused to take a close up look at her pussy, someone teen babysitter gobbles pornstars and big dick my head down, I pursed my lips and felt them on her, I made a smacking noise and lifted my head away from her, everyone cheered and Terri clasped her thighs together, her hands on her knees.

It didn't dawn on anyone of us what would happen if the winner and the loser were brother and sister, or girl/girl, or even boy/boy, we were all carried away with the excitement of the game.

The inevitable happened, Terri won, Tom lost.

I saw the glint in Terri's eye as she looked across at me, 'Right Tom, for your forfeit, you have to give Joe a wank', For a moment there was silence, then the sound of Kenny's voice, 'Yes, yes, yes', and then Tracy, 'Chicken, chicken' Terri shouted above the noise, 'Come on Tom, you have to, it's your forfeit', There was no thought of me from the others, only the three of them concentrating on Tom, insisting he pay his forfeit.

I wasn't sure that I wanted Tom touching me, but my cock twitched inside my pants anyway. Tom raised his hands, 'OK, OK', 'I'll do it'. Now I was confused about my feelings, the night had been very exiting so far, and I knew my cock was semi-hard, so I protested.

'Come on guys, he doesn't have to do that' I heard myself say, 'Oh yes he does' three voices together.

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sex appeal legal age teenager sweetheart kneels The three of them grabbed me and pushed my down on to the floor, one of them pulling at my jeans, the others holding me down, in no time my cock was exposed. 'He's getting a stiffie, look, look', cried Terri. Tom squatted over me and sat on legs, he reached for my cock and took hold of it, he slowly wanked my cock, his hand moving up and down my now fully hard cock.

He stopped on the down stroke, and squeezed, then slowly pulled down further. My foreskin slipped back over my shiny cock end, revealing the swollen red bulb. 'There, forfeit over', stated Tom letting go of my hard cock, it slapped back down onto my stomach.

He started to get up.'No way Tom', it was Terri's voice, 'Look at his cock, he has a full blown stiffie' she stated, 'And it's wet', I looked down at my cock and was amazed to see a small clear droplet oozing from my swollen cock. 'Do him Tom, make him cum', Terri's voice again. I wanted him to wank me, the others wanted him to, there was a definite sexual tension in the air.

Tom sat back down on my legs, his hand reached for his own cock hidden inside his jeans, he adjusted himself, than reached for my cock again. Taking my cock in his hand he started to wank me again, slowly at first, then faster, spurred on by the others chanting ' Wank, wank, wank' in unison.

I was lost in the glorious feeling of sexual arousal, every stroke of Tom's hand making my shiver, a small groan escaped my lips, Tom grasped his cock through his jeans with his other hand and increased his speed on my cock. I felt the feeling in hot babe nicole rey gets a hard tight wet pussy pounded legs first, a burning sensation rushing up my legs, through my whole body, then into my head, what the hell was it?

I immediately panicked, jumping forward I pushed him off me, his hold on my cock released, I scrambled for my jeans, pulling them up as I struggled to stand, and I left the room as fast as I could.

In the bathroom I looked down at my now limp cock, there was no cum, no sticky flood, just a trickle of clear liquid oozing from my cock.

Again I thought about the feelings I had as Tom wanked me, was that a cum? was that what it felt like? If it was where was my cum stuff? I felt very confused. Later that night as I lay in bed, I remembered my friend at school, describing how he felt when he reached orgasm, the feelings came first he said, then the cum spurts. I wondered about my feelings as Tom wanked me, maybe that was it, I had started to cum but it stopped when I made Tom let go!

But how did Tom manage to make me cum when my soIo wanking couldn't? I drifted off to sleep, my dreams were full of sexy thoughts, and I awoke the next morning with a big stiffie.

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