Bitch hd big tits and blowjobs with cumshot whipshandcuffs and a face total of cum

Bitch hd big tits and blowjobs with cumshot whipshandcuffs and a face total of cum
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Matt was what you would consider to be an average 15 year old. He lived with his parents, went to school, went to parties, normal high school stuff.

Matt's dad traveled a lot so it was usually just desi maid first time fuck with my uncle and his mom in the house. Now, Matt's mom, Julie, was a MILF, as his friends liked to remind him. Blonde hair, nice toned stomach, great runners legs, nice C cups, beautiful tight ass. She was 43 but didn't look a day over 33. She had it all and she knew it too.

Whenever she could she would wear skirts and low cut tops or tight jeans. Matt always thought she dressed a lot like the sluttier girls at his school. He knew his mom was hot but he never gave it that much thought, he left that up to his friends. But that all changed… After weeks of pestering him his friends finally convinced Matt to either take pictures, or better yet, videos of his mom naked.

He decided the best way to do it was to set up a camera in his dads closet and wait in there until his mom got home from work. She arrived home around the same time, called for Matt and once she thought he wasn't home headed upstairs to change. She was in one of her blue business suits that was purposely cut a little too low and the skirt a little too short.

She loved the extra attention at work because she didn't get a lot from her always absent husband. At first Matt decided he was going to close his eyes the whole time but quickly realized he would have to watch him mom the whole time or else he wouldn't get any pictures.

As she walked into the bedroom he got on his knees and positioned the camera to get the best angle of his mom. She slowly started to remove clothing, first the shoes, then the jacket, then the blouse, and finally the skirt. She was in a molly jane creampie from son black bra and thong and Matt had to admit she looked fantastic in them.

He knew she sometimes wore thongs but he rarely saw her in them but today he would get to see plenty of her. He took some pictures of her like this and decided that was probably all he would get right now but he was wrong. Instead of putting on different clothes or a robe she got on her knees to get something under the bed.

Matt quickly snapped a picture of her ass sticking right in his face, the thong barely covering the lips of her pussy as she bent over. Matt didn't realize the bulge in his pants was getting harder as he was too fixated on his mother's flawless and tanned ass. After some rummaging under the bed his mom says, "Oh there you are! Mommy wanted you so badly today!" with a horny tone in her voice. "I think you will need some extra help, it was a long day," When she stands up Matt realizes who she was talking to: a blue 7 inch vibrator!

He was going to watch his mom masturbate! Matt had always been turned on by the thought of a girl masturbating and today he would finally be able to see it but he couldn't believe he would be watching his own mother do it.

"This is sick" he thought. "Even if I have wanted to see this for so long…it's my mom! But when will I be able to see a girl do this again? I don't think they do it very often, let alone in front of other guys. Besides, she is pretty hot, my friends are right about that.

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And I guess if I get too freaked out I can always close my eyes…" While Matt decided that he will watch his mom had popped in a DVD and had made her way onto the bed. She had her back against the headboard, legs spread wide, vibrator in one hand, remote in the other. After a few seconds the DVD started to play and Matt was shocked to see it was a video of two women, one was clearly a teenager the other a MILF.

The bulge in his pants started to grow even larger and Matt realized his mom was getting him hard. She started slow.

With her left hand she began to slowly rub her tits over her bra while with the right she was rubbing her clit over her thong. Already she was moaning softly. After about a minute of this she moved her thong to the side and started to play with her clit.

Matt noticed that her legs started to move in pleasure as she rubbed her clit. She then stuck her index finger inside and started to move it around slowly. She let off another soft but much longer moan.

Matt positioned himself to get a better view, "fuck the camera" he thought. Once he could see better, he unzipped his pants and pulled his almost erect cock out and began to slowly stroke his 8 inches.

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His mom put another finger inside and started to move faster, her left hand had now moved to pleasuring her clit.

He legs were moving faster, he breathing picking up speed. Every once in awhile she would let out a sexy moan that would make Matt even harder. After a few minutes of this there was a loud cry from the TV. "Ohhhh" His mom moaned, "I love this part!" Matt had forgotten about the TV, after all, his mother was fucking herself and they were both loving every minute of it.

He looked over and saw that the older woman had a strap on as was full hot hip porn storys to fuck the younger one with it doggy style. His mom had picked up the vibrator and turned it on.

"Okay baby" his mom said, "now help mommy feel better." She put it on her clit and immediately she yelled out, "oooohhhhh…&hellip.yes.! ohh…god YES! Blonde milf fucks in her panties european and blowjob needed this BAD!" She was starting to make a mess on the sheets, his juices were everywhere but she didn't care. She began to finger herself faster and faster while screaming, "OH MY GOD!" over and over.

Matt Stopped rubbing himself because he knew he would cum any minute and he didn't want to miss anything. Besides just watching and listening was keeping him hard enough. She then decided to use her vibrator in her wet pussy.

She slowly started to put more and more in while at the same time rubbing her clit. Her legs were moving fast now, Matt could see her breasts moving up and down faster and faster as she breathed heavier and heavier.

She had her eyes closed, she was focusing all of her energy on her very wet pussy. Soon she had the whole vibrator in and held it there for a minute. She started to scream in ecstasy, "Oooh…YES…ooooooooooh YES! UHHHH! OH GOD YES!" then she pulled it out and started to fuck herself with it going faster and faster. Still screaming and moaning louder and louder, Matt wasn't sure how much more he could take before he exploded. She cried out, "OH GOD, IM CUMMING!

IM CUMMING!!!" Her juices exploded all over her sheets. She pulled out her vibe and let out a sigh of relief. What happened next Matt couldn't believe, she turned off the vibrator and put the entire thing down her throght!

She then pulled it out and licked it clean all over making sure she didn't miss any of her juices. She set it aside and licked her fingers clean as well, letting out a happy, "mmmmm" when she was finished. Matt stood in the closest stunned, he cock pulsing and ready to cum.

He couldn't believe he just saw his mom masturbate and that he enjoyed it. She lay in bed awhile, enjoying the dirty feeling of lying in her own juices.

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She eventually got up and said, "Oh well, might as well get out of this underwear" and started to take off her bra. Matt adorable cutie is group fucked nicely hardcore blowjob realized that he had not seen her tits yet and he grabbed the camera at his feet to get a shot.

Of course they were perfect, the nipples were erect and they were the perfect size, not too big, not too small. "My mom does have the best body" Matt thought. She then took off the thong and Matt got a perfect view of her pussy.

She was completely shaved except for a small strip of hair pointing to her clit. Matt thought he pussy looked fantastic for the abuse she just put it thought, let alone having a kid! He got a few full body pics and decided that was enough.

She went into the bathroom and started to take a shower. Matt realized this would be the perfect time to pretend he just got home and left her bedroom.

He went back to his bedroom and started to upload the pictures he just took. Once he was finished he wanted to finish himself off as well and began to jack off to the picture of his mother. It didn't take him long to cum and it was the most he ever came, it was 5 loads of cum and it went everywhere.