Orgy babe sucking schlong group sex and hardcore

Orgy babe sucking schlong group sex and hardcore
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After a long day tiring at work you're happy just time sexy story girls first time sexy story be home, walking in the front door you see a note on the table as you pick it up and read it you feel a little disappointed. the message reads. "Hi babe, I won't be home 'til a bit later, relax and I'll see you soon". Deciding to skip dinner you run a hot bath and open a bottle of wine, stripping slowly you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror dark blue, almost black eyes look back at you, running your gaze down your body you see a trim figure, nice firm breasts, not large but still noticeable.

a light tan darkening as it reaches your long nipples. As your gaze drifts down you can just see a few wisps of pale hair peeking from between your thighs, as you look you feel a slight tingle. should you play first or wait 'til you've relaxed with the wine.

Bath and wine first you decide.

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after a nice long relaxing soak you climb out and move naked to the bedroom. still wet you pull back the bed covers and pile the pillows up so you can lean on them. laying down you glance down your body straight in the mirror on the dresser as you've done so many times before when you're alone. you can look at your reflection and can see up between your partly open legs, you can make out the slight mound of your almost bald pussy.

staring at you reflection you slowly run little boy force sex women finger over your mound and feel a quiver. You wonder what He would think if He found out you did this when He wasn't around.

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you imagine Him walking it and finding you wet and naked on the bed. teasing yourself while you look on in the mirror. you feel yourself becoming more aroused at the thought, and can't help stroking across your mound again.

this time you part your legs more and now you can see your pussy lips, slightly red from the heat of the bath and glistening from your arousal, you run your finger down and over the lips feeling a stickiness there slowly you rub up again.

this time slipping it just inside your pussy lips coating your finger in the juices. You feel your breath coming slightly faster now. look straight at you face you raise your finger to your mouth and slowly run your tongue around it, imagining He was licking across your pussy. you feel your pussy pulse and move your other hand down slipping ebony interracial deep throat in fake taxi finger inside to find the just hardening tip of your clit.

you flick your finger across it causing your body to jump. again and your body pulses as stunning julia ann pleasures a massive dong gasp. changing hands you lick your own juices off your finger as you tease and play with your clit.

faster and harder you rub wishing it was Him. wanting to lay back and have someone else use you so you could lose yourself in the feelings. slowly you tease yourself until you can't stop yourself. suddenly wave after of pleasure racks your body. a long low moan escapes your lips as you cum again and again. drained you fall asleep where you are. Hours later you wake as you feel a hand on you. then lips lightly kissing your body.

slowly you open your eyes to see Him. naked leaning over you. you glance down to see He is already getting hard. as you go to speak He stops you with a finger to your lips.

then He moves your hand up and quickly ties your wrist to the bed head. with leisurely moves He quickly ties your other hand up. saying nothing He kisses down your body to your pussy. One taste. He looks up at you and says "you've been bad. I'm the one that should have done that to you." then He moves away. you feel disappointed until He returns to the bedside.

this time He leans down and whispers "you'll have to be punished." you're surprised as He slowly ties a silk scarf over your eyes.

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blindfolded you feel him move down your body kissing and licking. He starts to tease and torment you. feeling Him touch and stroke you, not being able to see is pure pleasure. and pure torture!! Each time you come close to orgasming He stops. making you moan and He doesn't start until you've calmed down again. suddenly He stops and moves away. your moan is low and long. Almost immediately he comes back.

starts lightly kissing your stomach, up to your breasts. round each nipple before sucking them long and hard. shivers of pleasure hit you.

all you can think is. "he's never done anything like this before." again he kisses down to your stomach this time he doesn't stop. down to your thighs and down again. you feel a pressure on your legs and realise he's forcing them apart.

he starts kissing back up the inside of each thigh. You're trembling as he approaches your pussy. you can feel your juices almost flooding out of you. he stops. you feel his breath on your pussy so close. you want to scream for him to bury his tongue inside you, but you're scared he'll stop if you say a word. suddenly as he moves again pushing his tongue inside your wet hot throbbing pussy you feel pressure on the bed beside you!! The blindfold is ripped off you and you stare up at Him.

past His rock hard enormous cock. He pushes it into your mouth forcing you to suck it. in ecstasy all you can do is take as much as you can in to your mouth. you try to look down and He stops you. you know He can't be sucking on your pussy!! Your almost screaming sunny leone xxxcom xxcom story pleasure now. the unknown tongue is buried deep inside your pussy. searching out your soaking hole.

you feel it push inside. you cry out. you can't stop the orgasm. wave after wave of pleasure washes over you.

He's taken his cock away but you can't do anything and the tongue uses you again and again. panting for breath you look down to see one of his friends looking at you over your pussy mound. slowly he stops this exquisite torture. So many times you've both talked about having another man use you while he watches or joins in. so many times you've backed out at the last minute. he knows you so well to do this so you couldn't back out. Now He slowly unties your hands, as you're pulled up to a sitting position his friend comes round the side of the bed.

now you have 2 rock hard throbbing cocks pointing straight at you. you look at his friend and then at Him. still no one has said a word. slowly he reaches out and takes your hand raising it to his friends cock. making you grasp it. again you look at him. He smiles and with one phrase gives you permission.

"Do it". Now you slowly start to move your hand, back and forward. exposing the head. as you move your hand faster you see a drop of clear liquid appear on the end. without thinking you lean forward and with the tip of your tongue lick it off.

the friend gasps and you feel his cock twitch in your hand. now you can't help it. leaning forward you envelope this hard hot cock in your mouth. working it deep in with each move of your head. As you suck the cock deeper in you run your fingers down the rest of the shaft to his balls. lightly you drag your finger nails over them.

you feel him shiver. all of a sudden you feel Him pull you up off the bed on to your knees. you feel Him gasp your thighs and push you forward, almost choking you right on to His friends still growing cock.

Slowly He allows you to slip back a little. as you do He thrusts and His hard, hot throbbing deep into your aching pussy.

now both cocks are inside you thrusting together. making you moan louder with each thrust. building the pleasure to almost intolerable heights.faster He thrusts, harder each time.

you feel like He's going to split your tight pussy as he thrusts deeper and faster each time. Gradually you feel Him start to shake as he starts to cum. you try to scream as he floods your hot willing pussy but His friends cock is too deep. almost instantly the cock in your mouth twitches and your throat is filled with the friends hot cum. forced to swallow you can't make a sound as your body is racked again and again with the most powerful orgasm you've ever felt!!

Slowly they let you sink to the bed without a word. shaking you roll over to look at them both and you realise your pussy is leaking His cum all over the bed and His friends cum has run down your you wipe it off with your hand and hungrily lick it off you glance at the two men that stockinged euro voyeur encourages sub to tug just unmercifully used you and gasp to see their cock still standing up hard and ready.

He looks at you and smiles. With an almost evil grin He looks at you and says "On your knees facing me." OH GOD DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!!!