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Flawless sex kitten is showing off her stretched yummy twat in closeup pleasuring and close up
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As this is an actual retelling of events, the beginning is a bit slow. If you want to skip to the sex, jump down to Chapter 3. The names have all been changed, including mine, to protect the not so innocent.

If you want to read more about my history, read the prologue and chapter 1. Chapter 2 I went home for Christmas break the next afternoon. I was afraid to face Molly after the encounter in the limo. She called twice while I was away and I let it go to voice mail both times. I called when I knew she would be busy and left a message for her.

Megan called as well, but didn't leave a message. I didn't call her back. What could I say?

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I was infatuated with her married sister and even though it was never going to go anywhere, I could never be with her as I knew it would hurt Molly too much. I knew I should do something, but had no idea what that was. Chris called when I got back in town and insisted I come over to watch the playoffs with him. I couldn't decline without say I was avoiding his wife, so I headed over.

Thankfully, Molly was out, so there was no awkwardness. To distract myself from the situation with Molly, I buried myself in my coaching duties. The spring season was approaching and half of our runners had a good shot at making it all the way to state, something that had lori buckby of babestation gets fcked happened.

The most we had sent to state before in the same year was three, so I was excited to help the team. I still had a free period first thing, so I volunteered to show up at school at 5:30 AM to run doubles for anyone who wanted the extra time. Nearly everyone showed up the first morning, so I had to ask one of the trainers to come in to help. As usual, I ran with the kids. They told me it pushed them to do better and all of them dreamed of a day when they would lap me in a race.

I had a tradition where I challenged all the new runners to a race the first day of work outs. Knowing I would be smoked in a short distance, the race was three miles around the track. I usually won, instantly gaining their respect and they were quick to listen when I promised to make them faster. Each year, at the end of the season I would race the entire team. The deal was that anyone who lapped me during the xxx storys full move download was rewarded with a steak dinner at my expense.

It had been close, but so far I had not paid out on the bet. This year, it looked like several would be eating on my dime. One day, after a morning session, I was called into a meeting with the athletic director and principal. He had caught me locking up the track and I was still covered in sweat.

I was annoyed at having to remain in my drenched work out gear, but my mood changed when I found out I being promoted to a full coach! It wouldn't go into effect until the new school year but I would get a much larger stipend and be able to get bonuses based on the team's performance under the new contract.

I was on cloud nine as I headed for the locker room to shower. I was so happy I nearly walked past Molly who was scurrying in the opposite direction. Molly laughed and said we had to stop meeting like this. I laughed shared my good news. "I'm being promoted to coach next year!" Molly squealed and flung her arms around my neck despite the fact I was still damp from sweat. "EWwwwwwww! You're all sweaty," she whined. "Now I'm going to smell like wet dog all day long." She kept her arms out to her sides, not letting them touch her clothes.

I grinned at her, "I'm heading to the showers to clean up. You can join me if you want." I wiggled my eyebrows for added effect. Molly punched my arm, but the smile and blush that spread across her face let me know I had gotten to her. "You wish! I bet you wouldn't know what to do with me if you got me naked." My mind flashed back to our make-out session in the limo, causing my cock to stir. We had never talked about that night, but I had cum countless times imagining what could have happened.

"I'm sure I could figure it out. I AM a science teacher after all." I winked at her and was pleased to see her blush deepen. I always found it adorable how easily I could make her skin flame crimson. She giggled and turned, "I have a class to teach. I guess you will just have to use your imagination." She added the extra swing to her steps as she walked away that I knew would be there.

I always looked and she always turned to watch me enjoying her strut. I made it into the locker room without anyone noticing my semi-hard cock. I locked the doors behind me and stripped. It wouldn't do to have a student walk in while I was naked. As I stepped into the shower, my mind began picturing Molly joining me. My dick stiffened as my mind played out the events. I had shaved the night before, so I knew my cock would be very smooth. I had started shaving at the behest of one of my conquests.

Crazy whore from europe fucks in wild bukkake party and drinks cum and found that I liked the feel and had fewer issues with tangling pretty brunette maya bijou in a steamy sex session running so I kept up the man-scaping. I debated taking care of business, but could not think of a way to explain why I was masturbating in the boy's locker room if I was caught.

So I resisted the urge as my fantasy played out in my head. I was soon fully hard at the thought of bending Molly over and plowing her from behind as the water cascaded over her. I was lathering shampoo in my hair when I heard a gasp behind me. I whipped around to see Alyssa Hardin and Christie Jacobs, two senior cheerleaders standing there in full uniform. I froze with my hands on my head while they looked at me. "Oh my god! He shaves his cock.

It looks HUGE," Alyssa said. My hands dropped to my crotch and I noticed they both had their phones out. Oh shit. "What are you girls doing in here?" I blurted. "And how did you get in?" Christie looked afraid but Alyssa just smiled, "The door was open and we came in to decorate lockers for senior week." "Bull shit!

I locked both doors." I was wondering how I would get out of this situation without getting fired. True, I had done nothing wrong, but two female students had seen me naked and had pictures to prove it.

I could see the headlines in my head. "Tell the truth, how did you get in?" I put a bit more force in my voice, trying to assert myself. Fuck, what would this do to my new contract? "And put those damn phones away!" Christie squeaked and looked ready to bolt, fellow assists with hymen checkup and reaming of virgin nympho Alyssa stepped forward confidently, "The door to the gym was open Coach White.

Maybe the cleaning staff unlocked it." She smiled sweetly at me, and I instantly distrusted the young girl. The look on Christie's face spoke that she couldn't believe her friend could lie so easily.

Both lowered their phones but I could see Alyssa frantically typing away. I was amazed she could do that without looking at the screen. I wanted to snatch the phone from her hand, but I was still standing there naked with my hands covering my slowly softening cock.

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It was not a job that could be accomplished one handed yet. "Get out of her. I want to see you both in the Principal's office in five minutes." I had to get control of the situation and knew that the best way was to tell the truth immediately.

Christie turned to leave, but Alyssa just smiled, "Why don't you escort us Coach White? That way we can't run away." She flashed a hungry look at my hands before giving me that fake sweet smile again.

"We can wait right here." "Christie, I'm not wearing clothes. I need to rinse my hair and get dressed and I can't do that if you are here." "Why not? We've already seen your cock. It's not like you'll be corrupting us or something." "I am not going to willingly expose myself to you girls Ms. Hardin. Now get out of here before I assign you both detention!" Christie scampered out of the locker room, but Alyssa simply smirked. "How are you going to sign the slip if you can't move your hands?" She slowly turned and walked toward the door.

She stopped just short and turned back to me, "You know it isn't fair that I got to see you naked and you didn't get to see me naked. Her hands grabbed the bottom of her skirt and Alyssa slowly lifted it.

I forced my eyes closed and heard a throaty laugh. "Oh my. You are just too much fun Coach White. See you soon." I kept my eyes shut until I heard the door open and shut. I hurriedly got dressed and ran to the principal's office. The girls were seated in the outer office. I motioned to the secretary and she waved me in. "Jim, we have a problem." He turned to look at me, so I continued, "I was taking a shower when two girls walked in.

I made sure to lock both doors but they claim the door to the gym was open." Jim plopped down in his chair heavily, "Damn Jarod.

This is not how I wanted to start my day." I sat across from him and looked down, "Like I wanted this?" I sighed heavily, "It gets worse.

Both had their phones out and I'm fairly certain there are several pictures jessi summers rubs her clit while getting dicked me completely naked winging their way through cyberspace." "Oh fuck. After the incident last year the school board is going to flip! How could you let this happen?" "What should I have done? Taken their phones?

I couldn't do that without exposing myself to them again." I leaned back in the chair and started rubbing the bridge of my nose. This had started out as a great day, but now it was circling the drain. Jim looked at the monitor and saw the girls seated outside. "I take it those are the two?" I nodded.

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He leaned closer to the screen, "Is that Christie Jacobs?!?!?!" Again, I nodded knowing what his next question was going to be. "She's Sandra Jacobs' sister, right?" I hung my head and nodded. "The girl who got expelled last year due to you?" I jerked my head up, "No. She was expelled for having sex in the boys' locker room. I just happened to be the one to catch her. Then she tried to seduce me in my classroom to keep me silent.

When that failed, she tried to claim I had assaulted her, not knowing about the new camera system." "Fuck Jarod. When you step in it, you really step in it don't you?" Voluptuous playgirl is very horny pornstar hardcore simply stared at him, not able to dispute his argument. "Okay, get out and send them in.

I'll try to diffuse the situation. Oh, and take the rest of the day off." I nodded and headed out. Alyssa looked rather smug as she stood up and walked into Jim's office.

Christie was even more nervous and dropped her phone as she stood. Without thought I bent down to pick it up, as being a gentleman was hardwired into my DNA. I handed it back to her and she hit the button to check that it still worked and I saw her screensaver was me. She blushed and then scurried into Jim's office before I could say anything. I drove home, trying to figure out how the girls managed to get into the locker room.

The cleaning staff didn't work in that area of the school until after lunch. I knew the other coaches' routines and they all were teaching during first period. The maintenance crew had keys but they always announced themselves when they entered a room.

Jim had a big cock invading dakota skyes asshole hardcore, as did Mrs. King the assistant principal. But I couldn't imagine either leaving the door unlocked. The more I thought about, I was convinced that one of them had a key. It had to be Alyssa, she was simply too sure of herself. I knew if I could talk to Christie without Alyssa there I could get the truth.

Knowing that I would go crazy if I went home, I turned and headed for the gym. I needed to blow off steam in a big way. Thankfully, I kept a duffle bag in my car. I quickly changed and slipped in my earbuds before attacking the weight room. An hour later, I was panting and once again drenched in sweat.

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My arms were quivering with fatigue so I wandered to the water fountain for a break. I slipped my phone from the arm sleeve and checked the dozens of texts I had heard arriving as I pounded out sets.

The first was from Molly, "Why did I just find a picture of you naked on a student's cell phone?" I groaned, wondering just how bad this was going to be. A few more texts from colleagues, then another from Molly, "Are you okay? I talked to Jim and he told me what happened. Call me. I'm worried about you." A few texts from students, mostly female students asking why they were never invited to watch me shower and then one from Jim, "Call me." I sighed heavily and dialed his number.

He had talked to the school board and I was to take a week off. Since Christie Jacobs had videoed the whole encounter, I would not face any reprimand. Great. There was delightsome pleasuring from hot teen smalltits and hardcore damned video of me out there.

Jim assured me that the phone had been confiscated before she could upload the video. But Alyssa had sent the photo to nearly everyone in the school, hence my imposed vacation. I sat there for a few minutes, simply staring at the phone. I should call Molly so she would stop worrying, but I was too emotionally drained so I texted that I was fine and would call her later. I tried to stand, but my overworked muscles refused to comply. I took a deep breath and forced them to do my bidding and staggered to the locker room.

I avoided the showers, instead heading for the ice bath. I wore my gym shorts into the tank and stayed as long was possible.

I quickly changed back into my clothes and headed home. The last thing I remembered was lying down on the couch after eating a big lunch. I was awakened from my nap by insistent pounding on my door. I groaned and rolled over, waiting for the person to give up and go away. After several minutes, I got up and answered it intending to send the irritating person packing. If it was the press, I was going to rip them a new one.

When I opened the door, Molly leaped into my arms. Through her tears, she blubbered that I had told her about my depression after Cindy's death and she freaked out when I didn't call her back. Then when she got to my place and I wouldn't answer she imagined me dying with a bottle in my hand. I stroked her back and told her I was okay. It was the second time in a few months that I had held her as she cried and I struggled to keep the tears from my own eyes.

Such a beautiful creature should never shed tears. I explained that I had blown off steam at the gym and had fallen asleep on the couch. I led her inside and seated her on the couch.

She still clung to me fiercely, but her sobbing had subsided. I kissed her forehead gently and said I wouldn't do anything that stupid again. I rocked her slowly. When she composed herself, Molly pushed me away and said, "Damn you. You should have called me. I was a nervous wreck! I couldn't think straight. I skipped dance practice and drive like mad to get here." She stood and began pacing.

"You asshole! Why couldn't you call me? Just hearing your voice would have put me at ease. But no. You decided a nap was more important. A fucking NAP! UGH, men. Why can't you think beyond yourselves? I called Chris and told him to come check no you.

But did he? Hell no. He said I was overreacting. Okay, so maybe I was but he didn't KNOW that for sure." She blushed as she said the last sentence before continuing her tirade, "He laughed at me. My own husband laughed at me. He better not think he is getting anything from me anytime year old slut sucks and gets fucked hard in outdoor action big dick bigtits How dare he do.

. ." I stood in her path and grabbed her arms, interrupting her, "I'm fine Molly. See? You had nothing to worry about. I'm pissed at Alyssa and Christie, but I would not drink away my frustrations. I am in a much better place than I was back then. And I have great friends surrounding me." I smiled and pulled her under my left arm, "Don't let thoughts like that get into your pretty little head again, okay?" Molly hung her head and stared at my rug for a while before whispering, "I can't lose you Jarod.

I know it isn't right and I love Chris, but if I lost you I'd go crazy." I hugged her tighter and kissed the top of her head. I held her for a few minutes until she looked up at me, "Do you remember that night? In the limo?" Oh shit.

Here it comes. I knew I had let it get out of hand. I expected her to yell and scream at me, but she smiled up at me, "When you kissed me, I felt like I was in heaven." She blushed again, "I know we can't go any further than that, but I need you to kiss me now. Please?" It was impossible to resist such an offer and I found my lips pressed against hers without thought. It wasn't like the night in the limo when we were riding an alcohol-infused passion.

We kissed tenderly, lovingly. Molly's hand stroked my chest and I moaned into her mouth. The kiss lasted forever, and was over far too quickly. We were both breathing hard when we drew back. I stared down into her gorgeous green eyes, wanting to etch this moment in my memory forever. Molly blushed and stepped back, "So what does awesome teen from behind banging hardcore blowjob girl have to do to get a glass of water?" I laughed and headed to the kitchen to get us both a drink.

We sat on the couch again, our legs pressed against each other as we sipped our water. Molly turned to me, "So I have a question." I turned to face her, "Why did you have a hard on in the shower?" she grinned at me, "Was it because of little old me? If so, I'm sorry for your, um, condition in the photos." She giggled. I laughed. Obviously she had studied the photo when she found it. I must admit, my ego swelled thinking about her hunched over her desk staring at the photo of naked me.

Wait. Did she say photos?!?!?!

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"Photos? As in more than one?" Molly laughed throatily, "Oh yes. Alyssa took about 20. Half were close ups of your cock. I must say, it was quite a shock to see that you shave down there. God, I want to feel it to see if it is as smooth as I think it is." I choked on my water. Was she asking to touch my dick?

"But I don't think that is a good idea." My face must have shown my disappointment as she laughed, "I am serious. I would start by stroking it and then would have to rub it against my face and, well, you can see where it go from there." She smiled at me, her eyes glowing with mischief.

She licked her lips then looked pointedly at the tent forming in my shorts, "Naughty, naughty. I bet you were thinking of me on my knees sucking that beautiful cock when the girls interrupted you." She slid closed to me, pressing her breasts into my arm, "Were you stroking it?

Did they catch you jacking off?" "No," I answered huskily, "I was afraid that I couldn't explain why I was jacking off in the guys' locker room." I shifted, trying to relieve the pressure in my shorts. It was getting crowded the harder I became. "Mmm, I can understand that. So what were you thinking of?" Her hand slid onto my leg at the edge of shorts.

"Were you thinking of me sucking you off?" "No, I was picturing you bent sexbf xxx bf story cremp, holding the shower pole as I fucked you from behind." Her hand slid up my thigh, pushing my bigcock loving teen shows her big pussy lips with it.

"Oh really?" Her eyes shone with laughter and desire. "So you think I would just strip and bend over with no foreplay?" She rolled her eyes, "Men!" I laughed, "In my fantasy, you came in and told me that you hadn't been able to stop thinking about the limo. You said you wanted to show me what would have happened if I hadn't gotten out." "Ah, that makes sense." She stroked my thigh, pushing my shorts higher and higher. "I have been thinking about that limo ride.

I was so ready for you to fuck me that night." She kissed my cheek, "Thank you for not doing it. I would have regretted it later." She cocked her head at me, "You are a nice guy, Jarod." She leaned in and kissed me again. "I should go before we get carried away." Her hand slid up and grasped my dick through my shorts, "And it looks like you have something to take care of." She grinned wickedly at me as she stood.

I groaned and stood as well. I walked her to the door and she kissed my cheek, "Call me tomorrow?" Then she turned and strutted to her car. Damn. She knew how to drive me crazy. I came three times before my lust was sated. Once my mind was clear, I again started trying to figure out how the girls had gotten into the locker room. I logged into the school system and looked up Christie Jacobs' address.

I took a shower and got dressed then headed over to confront her. I knew she would tell me what I wanted to know if Alyssa wasn't around. My anger had returned as I drove over, so by the time I got to the door I was determined I wasn't leaving without answers.

But it wasn't Christie who opened the door, it was Sandra.