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Jayden jaymes solo show solo big-ass brunette pornstar high-heels tube porn
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Sprite hadn't forgotten my surprise. As Sprite stood bent over legs spread there swong a simple white string swinging carelessly from her anxious rosebud hole. Not only that in the dim light of the hotel room something glistened and glinted from inside of her pussy. I laid my fingers on the low of her back letting my touch dance down the curve of her rear; earning a shiver and muscular twitch from her paired with a thin stream of juice pioneering down her silken inner thighs.

My index finger found her overflowing pussy. I opened her with my index and thumb as if opening a pirate chest to find my precious gem. Between her dripping lips lay a large silver peril. Seeing the metalic egg I knew exactly what it was in an instint. "Ben Wa balls" I let the words roll off of my tongue coated in lust and desire. A sort of present to me and to herself.

My fingers retreated much to the objective mewing of Sprite. Drawing my wrist back I flicked a harsh whack against her bare pussy. Sprite jolted and stifled a scream half way though. She was sensitive, extremely sensitive. "good" I grinned Sprite winced as she barely staved back a crashing orgasm. "Master let me cum!" she half ordered only after the fact did she realize what she had done. The strength threatening to leave her knees "Did you just order me Sprite?" I half hissed my voice dropping a whole octive.

I cared about my Sprite and their for couldn't eradicate the thin lacing of love and passion toward her. "Forgive me master! Please forgive me your unworthy slave for speaking out of term." she whimpered and whined.

She turned back to me her eyes shone brightly. The thin lacing in my words hadn't escaped her.

This shine to her gaze was her retort. "tell me your transgression slave" I ordered and stood up behind her going over to the bags she had brought with her. One was her purse the other was my own personal bag of tricks that she took back and forth.

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Telling Alfey that it was a kit that she had bought. When in fact it was toys and tools that I had bought or made myself. I prefered to make my own toys when ever possible.

In my eyes it gave any pain/pleasure given much more personal. As I rifled though the bag Sprite spoke. "I have ordered my master. A slave doesn't do such things. Slaves are to be ordered not to order." pleasure was woven into her words. Pulling out a parachute cord cat-o-ninetails, I glanced over at her ass gently thumbing the hard fused ends of the nylon cord.

"twenty strikes for forgetting your place." "Please master a filthy slave like me deserves thirty for her transgression." grinning inwardly sometimes I forgot how fun it was to play with her. "you dare suggest that my punishment not be enough?" she shook softly whether it was fear or wwe neke baila sex story I may never know.

Finally Sprite chimed up. "no Master your punishments fit my crimes." she spoke softly and timidly knowing I would at least double what she had origonally been sentinced to.

I gently grabbed her hair and pulled her erect. Whispering in to her ear athoritavely. "Sixty strikes. Twenty for ordering me, twenty for thinking you know better than me, and twenty because I feel like it." I bit her ear rough enough to have her shiver but soft enough to not leave marks. Because she lived with Alfey she couldn't come kinky rod sucked gets fingered hardcore and massage with marks.

At least ones she couldn't explain. Her frightful gaze reminded me of this after the fact that I had taken that into account.

Giving her a tender kiss on the neck as a confirmation that I caught her glance and understood. I pushed her roughly over the bed letting her ass stick up. "I hope I don't lose track" I half joked taking my distance I braught my arm back letting her see the power I could put into a strike. I looked into her eyes and commanded "should I add another twenty for watching your punishment." I lowered the nine tails I almost laughed aloud at the speed her head snapped to a position she couldn't watch.

I waited a second and raised the nine tails a quarter of the distance. "count the strikes slave" I flicked my wrist catching her plump rump with the ends making it feel as if it where a full strike. The hardened ends leaving thin red streaks. Sprite yelped and squeezed a single word from between her lips "One master" I struck her rabidly three times again with the ends. Much to my surprise she kept in time with my strikes. "Two Master! three Master! four Master!" Her ass began to shine a beautiful crimson cherry red.

'Perfect' I reflected inwardly. Taking a silent half step forward grinned and drew my arm back again. The black nylon cord whip slammed against her reddened rump but what hit wasn't the hardened ends. The piece that made contact was the softer cord hot tight milfs have gym oral sex before the ends. "Five Master!" Sprite twitched pleasurably I grinned widely as I began to assault her presented round red rear with my whip.

Slowly listening to the numbers climb into the teens, then the twenties, finally the thirties. By now Sprite was undoubtedly in pain. Any more and she would bruse, at least any more right away. I needed to do two things: First let her rest a little. Let her nerves calm down a little and constrict her blood vessels to prevent bruising. "say ah." I commanded as I walked to her side. Sprite had done as she was ordered placing the handle of the cord whip into her awaiting and open mouth.

"You are to keep this position until I return." walked to the door loudly passing a night stand on my way. On the top sat a small purple remote with three buttons: Hi, mid, low. Picking it up I heard a gasp and whimper. Sprite obviously didn't mean for this to lay around unattended. Pressing low I realized what it was to. A feint metal clicking could be heard from Sprite. Glorious busty bitches scissoring with dildo during a picnic course this clicking could only be found beneath a pile of moans and excited groans.

Tossing the remote to the side with a clatter a sigh squeezed in between Sprites lustful symphony of pleasure. Pressing the Hi button I set out for the door again turning back to yell over her. "If you cum its another ten lashes" Knowing she feared marks more than the whip Reaching for the handle I tried to suppress my intent for what I was going to do to Sprite.

Opening it finding a young female standing in the door frame to just knock on the door. She had a perfect view into the room and to Sprites red ass and position. By the look on her face she was here to complain about the noise. But now that she had seen my prize, she must have soften and moistened a touch more than a little. "Yes?" I questioned as one eyebrow arched. Sprites moans and squeels of pleasure erupted behind me. The womans face immediately grew flushed and her eyes darted to the ground.

"c-c-c-could you keep the noise down a little? Its making it hard for me to concentrate." "I will try. I'm sorry for any inconvience I have caused." I smiled warmly "what are you two doing in here?" the woman questioned and slide to one side looking around me.

Sprite loved to be on exhibit as long as it wasn't for the public at large.

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"having some fun with my Girlfriend" which wasn't to far from the truth. "is she ok?" the woman asked. Her words sticky with more than concern for another human being. "would you like to inspect her?" I asked wondering if she would. The woman didn't reply right away.

After a long moments pause one lump sentence fell from her mouth as if it was a one syllable word. "maybe I should check." "wait here." I half commanded something told me she was simular to Sprite. I walked back into the room and knelt beside Sprite removing the handle from her mouth.

"You heard?" I asked casually "Yes Master" "Are you ok with this?" "if my Master wis-" I cut Sprite off "Are YOU OK with this." "yes Master" "even the slightest twitch or intent to do non sexual damage.

KILL her" I commanded totally placing the whip back into her mouth. Sprite understood. I took no chances with her life. The fact that I had trained her to take down 300 pound men my size and in various martial arts from akido to brazilian jujitsu including Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Chun na, and judo.

She was well versed ariella ferrera gets her ass that no matter what she was dangerous. Something I found sexy and appealing. I walked back to the door finding the woman almost fingering herself in the way. A small wet spot appeared between the thighs of her jeans. "two rules If you can abide by them you may enter 1.

she may not cum If she is close at all she will tell you and you are to stop 2. she may not reseave any marks that will last more than an hour. No cuts, scrapes, hickies, bite marks, anything that would show on her skin." the woman just nodded her brunette pony tail shaking vigeriously. "what are the rules?" I asked to make sure "she may not have marks of any kind and she may not cum. Is there anything I should know about her?" her words dripped with desire "her name is Sprite" "like the soda?" "no, a woodland Sprite.

A lithe and flexible elf like creature known for its playful temperment. Secondly no watersports on or in her." "is that all? You don't care for her much do you." "I care for her more than most people in my life. Letting a woman who came knocking on our door in to play with her may be dangerous but its much more dangerous for anyone who decides to damage my property." In that moment the woman understood me.

Anyone who hurt Sprite would first have to deal with sprite then with me. And I'm much more sadistic than Sprite especially in a fight. Slipping past the woman I left the door open heading to the Office to get a pail of ice. As I rounded the corner and aproched the open door something crashed and fell to the floor. Fearing the worst I dropped the ice and flew around through the open door. Immediately the now naked woman crawled back off the bed. Sprite knelt in front of the bed hair in a mess as if she where in a scrape.

The small portion of her face that I saw glistened as if soaked by sorrowful tears. The naked woman in sheer terror curling up in a corrner knowing by the weight of the air I was out for more than blood.

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To Be Continued