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Perfect cutie is pissing and rubbing shaven twat
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CHAPTER 1 The Beginning. It all started on a day like any other in a remote mountainous region. My cousin Tina and her boy friend Rick had convinced Mom and Dad to allow them to take me camping she had after all just turned 18 and Rick was 19 so they assured all that it would be safe and it would certainly be more educational than sitting in front of the TV for 2 weeks.

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My good friends David and Peter were also allowed to come as they were not only my mates at school but all our parents worked together and they wouldn't be home most of the time anyway, me I'm Bruce and well this story is sort of my fault in a long winded way though I'll never admit it in front of my cousin.

Tina and Rick had an amazing relationship and when we arrived at the camp site they immediately entered their tent and Peter, David and myself spent the first 2 days listening to the joyous moaning of two young lovers humping their brains out and of course we imagined the positions and techniques that they would be doing it in and laughed and snickered. On the third day however we had convinced them to come with us and attempt to reach the top of the summit on the mountain on which we were camped and after 5 hours or so we got as high as we could go without needing climbing gear, so we stopped rested ate some potato chips we had taken along with us and watched the dark clouds of a storm in the distance approaching.

As we started back it began to rain much to the dismay of Tina who hated being uncomfortable and wet denims and woollen jumpers soaked and heavy is pretty uncomfortable when you're walking a fair distance.

We found some shelter under a incline and thought about waiting it out but after 30 mins all it did was get heavier and we knew that it wasn't going to stop o we headed back down to camp. Reaching the river we had crossed is when everything turned to shit, the river had flooded and increased in ferocity not only couldn't we cross but our camp was gone well maybe it was there it was the land we had set up on that had decided to disappear under the flooded river.

"You fucking little shit Bruce this is all your fault wanting to wander all over the fucking mountain just so you weren't bored" Tina let fly a rage that nearly bowled me over in shock. "Whatever Tina just coz you wanna spend the entire 2 weeks locked in a tent with Ricky boy here fucking each other, well we were sick of hearing it" She was just about to reply when Rick intervened and said we should follow the river and find a spot to cross, it would be dark in about an hour so we don't have a lot of time.

We knew this was unlikely to be successful but it was better than arguing about whose fault it was. As proceeded to get dark we saw in the distance a light appear, not a bright light like a vehicle or modern-day porch light but a light all the same. It took an additional 80 mins to get to the light after being turned around and forced to back track and find different routes due to obstructions we arrived at a wooden perimeter fence and proceeded to climb over {KABAM} a shot gun blasted into the air and a "piss off ya no good tourists get the fuck out of here" we all froze and certainly didn't expect that greeting at all.

As I was already over the fence I yelled a reply to the occupant explaining our situation "Mate we would really appreciate the help and we won't cause you any trouble at all and well do whatever you say just as long as we can get warm".

The other 4 were all nodding and grunting there agreement although I don't think the occupant would have heard any of it or really cared. After what seemed a lengthy silence a reply came "get your asses around the back". We didn't move and just stood in the rain. Wet, covered in mud and dirthungry and cold we arousing foursome with scandi babes tube porn there like we hadn't heard him "hurry the fuck up or you can piss off now, make up your mind" at that we were all moving as fast as we could to the rear of the cabin.

"Right I'm Mr Morrison and live out here for a fuckin reason I don't care for you city slickers and your high city type morals thinkin ya better than everyone else but the missus says I gotta be a little more accommodating to the younger folk" " whos the one with the big mouth".

"That would be me sir" I replied. "Don't call me sir mister will do and you can address me wife as missus" "the bath house here has a clean towel in it throw your wet gear in the bucket clean yourself up and then come in the door and the missus jessi summers rubs her clit while getting dicked look after ya" "The rest of yous can wait your turn but you're not commin in covered in shit understand".

"Yes sir I mean mister" and I entered the bath house and stripped off and washed myself in the shower which was heated by a wood boiler which I found out later was called a donkey. I exited the bath house with the towel wrapped around my waist I told David and Peter to go in sand get started and that I would let the people know there were no Towels left in there and entered through the rear door.

"Well hello young man how do you feel after your shower, a lot better I am sure" I was greeted by Mrs Rocco gives alexis a hard pounding pornstars and sitting at the kitchen table in front of a wood stove, there wasn't a tremendous amount of light as all was lit by lanterns but it looked warm and welcoming all the same I also couldn't help but notice the scones and tea cups on the table and the realisation of how hungry I was.

"Now you come over here and sit next to me here in front of the stove where its warm". "Thank you Maam" I replied. "Now you call me Missus or Mister will get quite upset" she said it with a smile but I could tell she was serious.

"I need that towel you have wrapped around you we only have the three and this was the only unused clean one available" "now don't be bashful youngster I seen it all before and we aint got nothing for you to wear anyhow" "and if you upset Mister with a lot of carryon he will put you and your friends out ". I dropped the blowjob hungry brunette and blonde fart noise complaints make dirty biotch cops like me away from my waist right in front of missus and she continued to smile, my skin trembled at the feeling of being naked in the presence of a stranger, the goose bumps covered my entire body and I could feel the warmth from the stove on those places that are usually covered it was exciting as much as it was unusual.

The Missus re entered the room and said that David and Peter got a surprise as well and that she had explained the rules to the four of them whilst she was out there and then disappeared through another door that emanated a warm open fire type glow. She returned with a dress in hand and stated that for the girl at least she could find something to wear. It wasn't long before we were all in the kitchen area of the cabin David, Peter and myself were closest to the stove as we were naked as the day we were born, Tina was brushing her hair behind us trying to dry and remove all the knots whilst Ricky boy was sitting at the opposite side of the table trembling a little with a chill but at least covered being last to use the towel and able to retain it.

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Mister and Missus returned to the kitchen area. "Well well well look at this, don't you youngsters believe in getting any sun I've not seen pale skin like this for a long long time" "Ok Missus let's get em something to eat and then we can work out the sleeping arrangements". We were given scones with butter and honey, tea & again with honey and also milk, Tina & Rick were asked when they had eaten enough to accompany mister to the other room whilst we were asked to remain in the kitchen and assist missus with cleaning up and organising for tomorrow's breakfast as our arrival had obviously been unplanned.