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COUSINS OUR STORY Chapter 5 Romance, incest, male/female, softcore This story is a biography, based on fact (as best as I can remember events that were unexpected, special and unforgettable) with interwoven fiction.

It spans a number of years For photo of Lila see: http://forum.xnxx.com/album.php?albumid=34532 I felt it was more sensual in B&W. BACKGROUND TO OUR STORY……&hellip. It was 1992 when my family moved to live close by to my cousin Lila, who was about the same age. My name is Jonathon but my family has always called me Johnny. Our mothers are sisters. Lila's mother is about one year older than my mother. Lila and I are only children. We attended different schools.

Lila attended a private girl's school. Amateur babe licks female agent then fuck liked visiting Lila's house it had a big swimming pool.

My mother and I would visit their house and Lila and her mother would visit us. Lila and I became quite close. We seemed to like to do the same things. Our story: …………………… CONTINUATION A MEETING AT THE MALL Arriving at the Mall, Lila introduced me to four girls - all our age. I was surprised. All the girls were attractive, although none quite as slim as Lila. Each kissed me on the cheek as if we were old friends.

As she kissed me, one girl quietly said to me "Johnny, you're cute…&hellip.I can see why Lila wanted to keep you a secret." They were certainly friendly girls I felt at ease with them immediately I liked compliments! I wondered …do all the girls at Lila's 'all girls' school look like these girls!

………&hellip.A NEW EXPERIENCE FOR ME Our first stop was a shop specializing in lingerie one girl, Jenny, wanted to buy a new bra. She said her current ones were 'practical' but now she wanted something 'sexy'. I had never been in such a shop before. I was amazed at the rows and rows of different colors and sizes. I wondered……how would anyone be able to decide? Then I became aware of a gap in my education they were talking about numbers 30D, 32D, 32DD, which were meaningless to me.

Jenny explained to me that the number was the measure around the little caprice anal action anal ass fuck natural tits hardcore brunette and the letter the breast size indicator for that number.

At this latter point she put her hands around her breasts, pushed them up and said&hellip."The size of these". I got the general idea just as Jenny continued ……"I think I need to go up a size to 32D." All the girls were ariana marie seduces johnny sins tget a job sex fairy tales story through the bras……with comments &hellip."I like this"…"I like this color"&hellip.

"I wonder what size I need now" Jenny found 3 bras to try on. Only two people were allowed in the change room at a time. The others girls offered to help but before I realized what was happening Jenny had grabbed my hand and was pulling me in with her, saying…&hellip." I need a guy to tell me which one looks the sexiest." In a flash she had her top off and turned her back to me…&hellip.

"Unhook me please Johnny." I expected that she would keep her back to me so that I could hook up the new bra. But no…&hellip. as she let the bra come off she turned to face me completely topless…"sometimes I think I could go without a bra…what do you think?" Inches away from me were these 32D mesmerizing breasts, half white and half pale tan. Jenny then bounced up and down on her toes a few times…… "my breasts don't bounce too much……… do they?

As she picked up a bra to try on I replied……"they look so firm and shapely……they hardly moved at all". She stretched up and kissed me on the cheek……… "thanks Johnny …you're so sweet". I did up the new bra; she turned around, looked in the mirror and asked what I thought. And so the exercise was repeated until she had tried on all the bras.

When she asked which I liked best I said they all looked good ." but you would look great in anything." I received another kiss from Jenny……&hellip."I love compliments".

However, as she expected a decision, I pointed to one which I said showed off her sexy cleavage, best of all…&hellip."OK I'll take that one…its fun shopping with you Johnny" she said. ………&hellip.I'M A TEENAGE ADVISOR On the way to the coffee shop the girls complimented me on the fact that I would even go into a lingerie shop. None of other guys they knew would step inside the door.

Jenny said that I had a good eye for detail and would like for me to go shopping with her again. ………&hellip.QUIZZED At the coffee shop we piled into a vacant 6 seat booth. I found I was between Lila and Karen. As the conversation started I felt Lila squeeze my hand under the table.

"Lila…&hellip.you never told us you had a cousin living near you before you went away……" said Jill. Then looking at me&hellip."Where does Lila sleep?" I said that it was lucky that we had a spare bedroom.

"Does she sleep there all the time?" The girls all laughed. Jill continued…&hellip."Lila, I'm sure I saw you two holding hands when you entered the Mall…I bet you're having sex with Johnny…" It was suddenly quiet. The girls looked at Lila. They looked at me.

Lila squeezed my hand. It was apparent that, if there was no answer to the last comment, they would assume Jill was right - so I had to answer&hellip."Jill……Lila and I are just cousins……we are definitely not having sex!" Jill, however, was not to be outdone…"OK…if not…I brooklyn daniels in daughters little secret movie night you're doing something else then." As we got up to leave the girls were giggling and whispering to on another.

I just caught the comment of one girl to another…" if she's not… I'm sure she wants to." ………&hellip.MORE ADVICE REQUIRED The next stop was the swimwear shop, where new seasons summer gear had arrived. Karen and Jenny were buyers and the other two wanted to try on and decide later. Again there were rows and rows of garments. It did not take the girls long to find the latest styles they wanted to look over.

The shop assistant pointed to a sign near the change rooms&hellip."remember girls, 3 swimsuits only at a time; leave your underwear on and only two to a room". Someone said "who is Johnny going with?" Karen grabbed my arm and said that Jenny had all ready had my help and it was her turn. Karen browsed for a bit and with 3 garments in hand pulled me into the change room. She quickly had her top and shorts off and lastly her bra. She was now facing me, standing only in her nickers…"I'm 32C…I think I have big nipples like my mum …what do you think?" Like Jenny, her breasts were half white and half tan.

"My boyfriend likes them." Karen picked up a swimsuit………"the trouble with bikinis is that my hairs tend to show…&hellip.I push them in but they pop out." She pointed to her nickers and where brown hairs were quite noticeable at the sides. Then she pushed her nickers down to display a beautiful bush of brown curly hair ……"I think I've got too much hair there Johnny …what do think?

. I have not let my boyfriend see me here yet……… I have been thinking that I need to shave them all off!" I shook my head and told her that they were too beautiful to shave all off just the edges would be OK. In addition I told her that, with no pubic hair, she would look like a ten year old again. "Have you tried trimming along the edges with scissors?" I asked.

"I guess I could try that" she replied I said that the only other thing I could think of was to hold the hairs down on one side and spray with hairspray. Then repeat on the other side. "Thanks Johnny ……only a boy could think of that &hellip.and its so easy……what a great idea." She tried on all the swimsuits.

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I told her she looked sexy in all of them. She purchased the one that I suggested looked the sexiest. As we were leaving the shop I wondered if there were any part time jobs for teenage beauty consultants!! ………&hellip.PUBIC HAIR? Back outside the girls gathered together. Jenny and Jill talked about the possibility of shaving off their pubic hair for the summer.

Karen interrupted&hellip. ………"I'm never shaving mine…ever…Johnny says he does not like girls with no pubic hair……he has given me some tips which I think will work&hellip.even so, I'm never shaving them…in fact, I like them…Johnny said they looked great." ……………I'M POPULAR I seemed to have made a good impression on the girls because they asked me to come with them the next time they wanted to shop.

Two said they still needed to get a new swimsuit and they definitely wanted me to help! Karen said that, not only was I helpful, I was a gentleman when she was near naked I did not put a finger on her. Jenny agreed with Karen - when she was showing me her breasts I could easily have put my hand on her. Shopping with girls was an experience that I would never have believed I could enjoy.

Being surrounded by four cute girls was an experience in itself. In fact I was starting to look forward to the next time I might even get to see the other 2 girls naked! On the way home Lila explained that she thought that the girls were going to look at beach dresses, not underwear and bikinis. She hoped I was not embarrassed by the girls stripping off in front of me.

If I was to be embarrassed, I could not think of a better way!!! …………SETTLING IN Although Lila had the body of a woman, I think it was because she still had some 'girlish' ideas and I was still 'boyish' that we connected again so quickly.

One night, as Lila was cuddling up close, she said to me… "all the time I was away, I never let another boy touch me&hellip. anywhere……not even hold my hand&hellip.I just want to let you know that I'm still 'as brand new' ". I pulled her closer told her how wonderful she was. Then she continued…… "have you been friends with any girl&hellip. or let any girl touch you?". I said "definitely not" and that I had not held another girl's hand either. I received a very sensual kiss……"could you feel my spot for me now&hellip.please." Lila decided that she would like face to face.

That way she could hold my dick, kiss me and rub her nipples on my chest while getting the 'feel'. Her last comment was&hellip. "that was so . so good I did not want to stop&hellip.I think I like it more now than I did before I went away". Putting her hand around my still near bursting dick, she told me that I was not to squirt myself any more it was her job from now on!!

Should I have complained??? ………&hellip.LILA RETURNS TO LIVE AT HER HOUSE A couple of months later, Lila's parents returned and she moved back to their old house.

On my first visit Lila was very excited. She told me that her mother had decided to replace all the beds except one single in Full sell pak xxx 2019 room which had not had much use. With a lot of prompting by Lila her mother agreed to get her a queen size&hellip. "You know what that means &hellip.don't you?" Then she whispered in my ear… "every night you stay over you will be able to sleep with me &hellip.I mean sleep in my bed with me&hellip.I'm really looking forward to getting the new bed".

The old routine of alternate weekends at each other's house was to continue until it was swimming weather again. As swimming time approached, I was becoming a little unsure of how my body might react with Lila at the big boobed blondie has a nice pussy. After a 2 year gap it would be like starting over again.

I tried to picture what it would be like with the warmth of hot lesbian pussy licking with two blondes sun, the shining pale blue water, the green surrounds and Lila's new body, completely naked, standing in front of me saying&hellip."I'm ready". My puberty hormones seemed to be raging. I wondered if all guys my age had a 'hardness' problem.

However, not many would have a 'Lila" to look after. Whether it was feeling her breasts, rubbing her spot or just kissing and cuddling, my dick was always at bursting point. Now, with Lila getting a big bed, there was little doubt where I would be sleeping and that would not help my 'hardness' problem.

I would likely finish up with 'sleep deprivation' as well. Lila did not see that there was any problem her comment simply was "but I like it when your dick feels hard". ………&hellip.SWIMTIME With swimming time even closer I managed to convince myself that being at the pool with Lila naked was no different to being with her naked in the bedroom. I felt that I should be able to handle the situation. But, what if my Aunt was going in at the same time? And what if my mother was too?

Would I embarrass myself if I was naked with 3 naked females? One consolation was that there was always the sanctuary of the deep end.

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When I mentioned this concern to Lila she said… "don't to worry&hellip.our mothers had seen you naked lots of times". On our first swim I started out good. I was pleased because I wanted to show Lila that I did have some degree of control. I did not want to be standing around with my dick sticking straight out while Lila was rubbing on sunscreen not that she would be concerned.

She would simply rub sunscreen on it. In the water, I was fine until Lila decided that she was going to float. Two breasts would pop up out of the water, followed by dark curly hairs with goblets of water on them then slide under and pop back up. Even the cool water could not stop a reaction. My dick, which had been floating comfortably, was now pointing straight up. I worked out that doing a couple of laps was the best way to fix the problem. Sometime later Lila decided to test the diving board.

With a gap in practice she was not as confident. She stood on the end of the board, bouncing up and down with her breasts moving in unison. With no visible means of support…just as well they were well attached! From my lower position she looked so sensual with her breasts, all wet and shiny, and water dripping off her pubic triangle. Her long slim legs appeared to be even longer. What a vision! horny brunette blows before he fucks her

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She disappeared into the water. Suddenly, I felt a hand around my rising problem and Lila surfaced next me. More laps were required.

………&hellip.MEASURED AGAIN I was in bed when Lila came over with her trusty ruler and piece of tape. She asked me to stand up so she could check my dick as it was about a year since the last measure. I wasn't hard when I got up but Lila quickly fixed that. She was expert at it, having had plenty of practice. Looking at its upward angle she said…&hellip."I think it's hard enough now".

She tested by squeezing it gently with 2 fingers, and then pushed it down so it was level, and read off…… "7 inches…I think it is fatter too&hellip.let's check……it's 6 inches around…I thought so." She put a new mark on the ruler … "you have only 1 inch to go". At this stage I was 6 ft tall and Lila 5'7". One day, I heard my Aunt say to her that Lila needed to go up to a cup size or two before she fell out of the bra she was wearing. I had noticed that there seemed to be more out of her bra than in.

Obviously, that was why I was having difficulty getting my hand right around her breasts they had expanded. However, they still felt as soft yet as firm as ever.

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………&hellip.GETTING A JOB Both Lila I managed roxy isabella and alysa worlds most talented anal acrobats get after-school/weekend jobs at the Mall.

My mother knew the manager of a fashion shop in the center that specialised in 14 to 25 yrs clothes. She had spoken to her asking whether they had vacancies. The manager said there were always vacancies for the right young girls. My mother told the manager of Lila's height and that she looked stunning in whatever she put on. She asked that Lila come in to see her. Mum rang my aunt, who knew the shop, and told her that if Lila would like to work in that type of shop, to take her in after school wearing one of her better outfits.

As a condition of employment, the assistants, when in the shop, were required to wear something from the shops current range, as allocated by the manager. From experience, the manager explained that garments that looked good on the assistants tended to sell very well.

Assistants were paid a bonus on sales achieved by them. If they wished they could buy the garments they wore, at 75% discount, once that garment was no longer promoted.

The next day Aunt took Lila in to see the manager. The manager took Lila aside and talked with her for about 10 minutes. Returning to my aunt she said that she would like Lila to start, as soon as she could, for initial training.

After that, they could work out a timetable that would fit in with her other activities. After 6 months of us both working we were able to get our driver's licences. Where possible, we coordinated our work shifts so that when work finished, and it was dark, I could drive Lila home. Her job was going very well. Bonuses for her were good. She had soon saved a good sum. Now, with job commitments, Lila and I spent less time together.

Nevertheless, we retained our weekend visiting arrangements. ………&hellip.MORE MEASUREMENTS The next time Lila wanted to measure me we were a bit over 17years. This time she said "…… 7 ½ inches&hellip.and, it maybe fatter……the tape shows…6 ½ inches…not a lot…but it looks good…feels good too." After giving it some squeezes and hardness tests she picked up the ruler and put another mark at 7 ½ inches.

…………&hellip.EDUCATION WHAT TO DO? Our parents had offered to support our further education at college, on completion of High School. As it was stay over time, I had met Lila's bus and we were walking home. About halfway she started to cry. I put my arm around her and asked why she was crying. She explained that at her school they were soon to do the SAT.

That made her realize that we might go to different colleges and be separated for months at a time. After she had returned form busty milf bridtette lee gobbles youthful cock, we had promised each other not to go away. She cried even more and held on to arm as if she was never going to let go. She said that she did not want to go away and not be able to see me for months.

When we reached her house she went to her bedroom, and, still sobbing, lay on her bed.

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I explained to Aunt why Lila was upset. She was normally cheerful and bubbly. Because college was some time away the possibility had never occurred to me. Now Lila had talked about it, I was feeling the same I did not want to be away from her, either - we had become very close and depended so much on each other.

I thought there would have to be some solution it was just a matter of working out how. I lay on the bed beside her and cuddled close. It seemed strange cuddling with clothes on. I told Lila that the problem would be solved if we both went to the same college all we had to do was work out the best way to do it.

She said "I feel much better now" and gave me one of her sensual kisses.

Our final plan worked well we received entry to the same college. The college was about 2 hours away so we expected to live in the dorms. …………FINISHING HIGH SCHOOL We were close to the end of high school when Lila's mother said that her father was taking a day off and would drive to our future college, look at the dorm setup and generally survey the area.

On their return her father said he was not keen on Lila going into dorm accommodation, even though I would be around to keep an eye on her.

They also looked at some real estate and had seen an apartment sunny leone and boy xxx story sex stories 2019 was for sale, not far from campus. The apartment had 2 bedrooms with study facilities, 2 bathrooms, etc, plus a single lockup garage.

He said they would buy it as a long term investment if I would agree to share it with Lila. The only condition was that I undertook the responsibility of watching over her. We were thrilled with her father's proposal. He said he would proceed with purchase and reinforced his expectation of my obligation to protect Lila. I think he meant protection from vultures, which I had at the top of my agenda anyway! …………A FURTHER MEASUREMENT My next measurement came when we were 18.

Lila had both ruler and tape. Looking at the ruler, she said"…&hellip.you are right on 8 inches……let me check if it's fatter……&hellip. ……I would say …6 ½ inches…no change…I think the taller you get the longer it becomes!" Then she said something that seemed strange to me at the time "I don't think I want it any bigger than that Johnny……it's just right as it is now".

I was now 6'2" tall and Lila was 5'8" Continued……… College a new phase