French couple for anal casting castingbunnies and pornauditions

French couple for anal casting castingbunnies and pornauditions
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Fbailey story number 697 Rooms By The Hour I had a great idea. I found an empty office in a high rise office building. It was small but I managed to turn it into four bedrooms plus my tiny office just inside the door. Then I rented the bedrooms out by the hour. For a hundred dollars an hour the Vice Presidents of whatever company that he worked for could bang his secretary without ever leaving the building.

Each had its own entrance with its own bathroom. The best part was that there were no walls between the bed and the toilet. The shower had a clear glass door, no frosted shit in those rooms.

For an extra hundred I would film the action for him to keep. You would not believe the action that those rooms got. From eight in the morning until eight at night irrumation in outdoor environment hardcore and blowjob was all that I could do to keep clean sheets on the bed.

There was no need for top sheets or blankets. Business expense accounts got hit a lot. Their bills read Custodial & Maintenance Services. The amount of DVDs was more than half of the rooms rented. One guy wanted a six o'clock appointment every day, Monday through Friday, for two hours at a crack.

He wanted the same room every time and he wanted the action to be recorded. He brought a different woman in every time. Of course I watched. Do you think I'm crazy? I kept a DVD even if they didn't want one for themselves. It was nothing to watch that six o'clock guy bring in girl after girl and fuck her two or three times. He started out in her pussy and then went right to her ass, if there was anything left he went for her mouth.

In his two hours he could fit in watching her take a shower too. Of course the cabinet under the sink held an assortment of douches, enemas, and feminine hygiene products.

The stand next to the bed contained an assortment of condoms and lubricating la puta de mi prima pide que le ensentildee a mamarlo. His girls were mostly young blondes with big tits. Even though he didn't seem to fuck the same one twice I started seeing the same girls coming in with other guys.

I got curious and found out that a bunch of escorts had also rented an office in the building. To prevent the escorts from fleecing all of the businessmen in the building, I decided to offer a better service myself. By better I mean MILFs, Soccer Moms, and the Girl Next Door types. My first phone call was to my ex-wife. I asked her if she had any friends out there in the suburbs that could use some extra spending money.

I told her that I only wanted them for one day then possibly again the following month. I needed variety. When she asked how much money I was talking, I told her roughly one to two thousand dollars depending on the number of clients. Stacey called me back in less than an hour. She had five women already lined up for the following week.

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I was all set and spread the word immediately. By the end of the day I had scheduled ten clients for Monday. I called my ex and asked if she could get more women to become one-day hookers.

I explained my problem and she laughed. Then she told me that she wanted ten percent of the girl's action. So did I, but right then I decided to take twenty-five percent for myself leaving sixty-five percent for the girls. They will earn one hundred and thirty dollars on every client.

By Friday I had booked both of the rooms with girls, ten clients a day, for three and a half days. I really enjoyed the weekend and got to work early on Monday. Stacey and Gail came in and they looked good. When I asked where the other girl was, Stacey told me that she was the other girl. I had not expected her to become one of my whores. Stacey then reminded me that throughout our marriage I had tried to get her to fuck other guys while I watched.

She smiled and told me to watch. She told me to record it if I wanted too. Like I needed her permission. Gail was the one that I had expected to jump at my offer. She is my ex-wife's best friend and she was always a slut when I knew her. I gave them a quick tour of the two rooms that I had assigned them, showed them where the clean sheets were, and the stuff under the sinks. Hell, they might as well change their own sheet in between Johns.

The men were right on time so I was treated to two sets of monitors to watch. There were three cameras in each room and I could move them around and zoom in if I wanted to.

I wanted too. After all I was making these DVDs for myself as well as the John. I zoomed into Stacey as she put a nipple in his mouth and sat on his hard cock. I realized right then that I was still in love with my ex. I wasn't jealous at all. In fact I loved it. It is exactly what I had always asked her to do for me. Oh, don't get my wrong Stacey fucked around with strange men…she just wouldn't let me watch.

Fitness rooms young sweaty gym girls have lesbian threesome after workout yoga pants gym babes she had even given me permission to watch and record her with ten strange men. Surpassingly she told the man her real first name and that she had two teenage daughters that were heavily into Soccer. I guess it couldn't hurt to be honest. On the other monitors I saw Gail holding her legs up while the man forced his massive cock into her hole.

She gave him her real first name and told him that she had a teenage son. He could hardly care about her, all she was…was a hole that he had paid for…to fuck. He had an hour and he was going to make the best of it. Stacey got the better of the two, I think. Her man let her ride him Cowgirl style, and then he took her from behind, doggy style. After that he contended himself to watch Stacey give herself a douche and to take a shower.

He even helped her change the sheet before he dressed and left. Gail's man fucked her pussy viciously, then he had her suck him had, and then he pounded it deep into her asshole.

Gail screamed but I don't think he was actually hurting her. Stacey had told me a lot of stories about what a slut Gail was. I made a mental note to discuss a signal that they wanted me to come in and rescue them.

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In the ten minutes between customers I talked to them. They were completely happy and Gail had enjoyed the anal sex. A raised fist was what they agreed on as a signal for help. I watched those two women take on ten men each that day and then ask for more.

That was my first threesome. I was surprised but Gail had been expecting it. Stacey said, "I told all of the girls that when wanda fucks in pov in private casting masturbation and nice ass day was over they had to let you fuck them both in a threesome." I replied, "Thank you." Stacey handed me the schedule for the rest of the week and said that she had three days full for the following week too.

I looked the list over. Mary Wright and Tammy Jones were Tuesday, Helen Green and Kitty Summers were Wednesday, Billie Hand and Rita Owens were Thursday, and then on Friday it was Della Easton and Patti Kent. Oh my God, Stacey had lined up every fox in her neighborhood. Every woman that I had ever dreamed of fucking was on the list. I had to smile because I was going to get to watch them with ten men and then they were all mine. Stacey and Gail made love for me after I had fucked Stacey quite well in her pussy.

Then Gail asked me do her backdoor. She had remarkable control of her sphincter. It could close down on my cock and shut off the flow of cum trying to get out of my balls. She was one terrific fuck. The next morning Mary Wright and Tammy Jones were early. They were eager to get started because they had both talked to Stacey and Gail and found out how much money they had made in just one day with ten men…thirteen hundred dollars each.

Mary was a tiny redhead with lots of freckles and a fierce temper but she said that she would keep it under control in front of her clients. Tammy was a full figure woman, not fat but she had plenty of meat on her bones. That gave her rather large floppy breasts for her clients to play with.

Word had definitely spread that I was supplying rather nice merchandise. One businessman booked one for morning and the other for the afternoon all week long and the following week too. I teen in cute jeans skirt raunchy hard core sex brunette blowjob sold all of the two girls for the entire week when I decided to see if I could get two more for each day and just rent rooms with girls.

Let the others that just wanted to fuck their secretaries do it in their office with her bent over his desk. I called my ex again and told her what was up. She was thrilled to hear the news, especially since it meant ten percent of four girls instead of just two every day. She made a few calls and then added two new names to each of three days left that week. Again I spread the word and by the end of the day I had filled in all of the time slots for the remainder of the week.

Mary and Tammy were pleased that my business was going so well but they just wanted me to fuck them, pay them, and then let them get home to their kids. That sort of pissed me off so I took forever to cum twice and I wasn't going to pay them until I had.

Mary and Tammy had my cock in their pussies, in their mouths, and up their asses. In fact they had it in their ass and back in their mouth so many times that I lost count. Neither one was pleased to take it up the ass but I certainly didn't care any.

Besides, what they really hated was the fact that it hadn't even come out of their own ass. Both of them were complaining about their sore butts and threatening to never come back.

Holding thirteen hundred dollars in crisp new hundred dollar bills changed their mind. Tammy almost pleaded with me to let her come back again next month. I only told her that I would have to see. That was when Tammy said that her ex-husband had the kids on the weekends and that she would let me fuck her then if I wanted too. It was a way of bribing me and getting on my good side.

I told her that I would give her a call if I wanted her. She looked disappointed. Helen Green and Kitty Summers were right on time Wednesday. Helen was an athlete with a fantastic body.

She likes to enter triathlons and she usually placed in the top third.

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Kitty was very tall, very thin, and she had A-cup breasts. She was beautiful and had been a beauty pageant contestant a few years back. Since then she had a baby and her husband found another trophy wife. I could have asked for more money to fuck her. I should have. I basically let the cameras on Helen do their own thing but I took control of Kitty's cameras. I got some fantastic videos of her. The men loved desi homemade desi guy enjoys mom and daughter 2 tube porn and treated her like a queen.

She treated them as if they were royalty too. She kissed them, she fed them her long hard nipples, and she sucked their cocks. Every guy enjoyed her cowgirl routine, first in the pussy and then in her ass. They went away very satisfied. Most left her a hundred-dollar tip and asked to see her again. I got a lot of calls requesting Kitty.

The men must have recommended her to their friends. So I asked her to come back on Thursday and on Friday. She couldn't have been more pleased. When she slipped her pussy down over my cock, I knew exactly what it had felt like to the other men.

It was as if I had died and gone to heaven. Kitty could hold perfectly still and her pussy muscles would squeeze, tighten, or milk my cock.

Her pussy could also vibrate as if one were shoved up her ass. It was the strangest feeling that I had ever had around my cock. I filled her with so much cum that I didn't have anything left over when I fucked Helen. Thursday morning the four women were an hour early. Stacey figured that I need to fuck two of them before they started for the day.

Good thinking! Billie Hand was part Japanese, I think on her mother's side.

She french girl first anal painful fuck francesa casting lovely with long black hair and her tiny figure. Rita Owens was from a French background and had a sweet accent.

Her breasts were pointed and very firm from a boob job. Betty Crumb was just charming and she definitely had that girl next door look. The guys were sure to like her. Kitty Summers looked good enough to eat…so I did.

That turned into a very nice sixty-nine. After Kitty showed the other girls the routine I made love to Betty. I wanted to save Billy and Rita to last, after ten other men had fucked them. Kitty was a huge success again as expected. It was nice to rent the rooms with girls in them and my clients liked the variety that Stacey was sending to me. Billie was in demand too, once the guys knew that I had an Oriental girl to fuck.

Since I had aimed all of the cameras on Kitty the day before I decided to enhance what they saw in Billie's room. I would zoom in on her lips when she sucked someone's cock, I would zoom in on her pussy as they fucked her, and I got close-ups of her face when she had her orgasms.

She had a lot of orgasms, she loved getting fucked by strange men. During a break she told me that it had always been her fantasy to be a prostitute and to get fucked by one man right after the other. Getting paid to do it was just a bonus. I enjoyed watching Billie getting fucked at least twice by every man. Then it was my turn. She had a shallow pussy and I bottomed out every time, as had the other men, I assume.

Della Easton had a tattoo on each of her breasts. They were her children's names. Then on her shaved pussy mound was 'fuck me'. Exactly what her clients were going to do. I was learning more about these women than I had even known when I was married to Stacey all those years.

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Patti Kent had an assortment of body piercings in her ears, nipples, belly button, and especially in her pussy lips. There were three solid gold rings in each of her outer lips and in each of her inner lips plus one through her clitoris hood. Jane Breeze was embarrassed by her stretch marks from childbirth and her cesarean scars.

Her breasts were still full of milk even though her baby was over a year old. I assumed that the men would enjoy that. Kitty Summers was just as special as she had been. Being Friday I was ready to go home but I had so many requests to fuck Kitty and Billie that they agreed to stick around until midnight to service their clients.

That made Billie even happier. Week after week brought in more and more women. My girls told their friends and they called Stacey to offer us their services. During the fifth week Stacey scheduled herself again. Watching ten more men fuck her just got me more excited. While I was fucking her and Kitty afterwards I proposed to her, she accepted, and we were married for the second time to one another.

The End Rooms By The Hour 697