Any bunny xx vidifull sex stories porn

Any bunny xx vidifull sex stories porn
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In the family (part 2) Mike's POV "You Mike, I like you." My breathing stopped for a second. Well, I wasn' t really breathing brianna love doesnt just want to get her ass fucked either but you know what I mean.

I felt happy, relieved, excited and nervous. My sister just admitted she liked me and I knew we weren't talking about a mutual brother sister liking. We were talking about liking each other as more than just siblings. We were talking about sexual attraction and if possible my dick hardened even more. Do I even have to tell her that I like her?

I have been fantasizing about her for more than a few months now. At first I refused to let myself fantasize about her. But then I couldn't help it, I just had to. But looking at her confused and nervous face I think I had to tell her that I liked her a lot more than she liked me.

So I kissed her again. She moaned into my mouth and the vibrations went down to my freaking dick. Her writhing and pushing her ass against me made it even harder and I am sure I was about to cum.

"If you don't stop I'll cum, Cammi." I spoke with great difficulty. She stared at me wide eyed. Shit shit shit.

Did I take it too far or something? I shouldn't have said that god almighty I'm such a blind fool.

Oh god shit shit. "Really? But we just kissed." She blushed. Damn she looks so cute when she blushes. "You are not mad at me?" Is she not? I am safe?! "No, why would I be mad at you? Well, if you stop then I will be." She says in all seriousness. Stopping isn't on my mind but she has to know that if I don't stop now I won't stop till the end. "Cammi, I- you have to- I " I'm at a loss of words.

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How do I explain my sister that I don't want to just kiss her? Hey Cammi, I want to fuck you. Yeah, that would be ideal. "You, me what?" She raises her perfectly made eyebrow.

"I- uh Cam, this-" I look at her awkwardly. Say something! Dude what the shit is wrong with the moments of sexy hardcore fun for brunette Before my stupid brain can process again she moves her crotch again and moans. There goes my brain to my dick. "Mike, this is.something that." she pauses at looks at me.

I have never felt so nervous in my entire life. I wait for her to continue, holding my breath. "That I have.wanted for.for a long time." she blushes and looks away. Holy mother of cows what the fuck did she just say?

"To kiss me?" I can't recognize this meek voice that just came out of my mouth. I clear my throat and wait for her to say something. "Yes." She pauses and I loose hope.

"No, no.not just a kiss. Mike, I.don't just want to kiss you, I." she looks away again. She's blushing and she doesn't just want to kiss me. That obviously means she wants more. Is this my freaking lucky day or what? "I, I want.t" "I want to fuck you Cammi." Oh my fuck I did not just say that. Her head jerks towards me and she looks at me with eyes as wide as saucers.

My mouth hangs open with hers at my own stupidity as I wait for her to slap me and kick the fuck out of me and forget me forever. "You do?" Is that a faint smile on her face?!? I keep staring at her, waiting for my imagination to end and her to jump and push me away any moment. "Mike!" She shakes my arm and I realize that this is not my imagination. "Yes, yes I.I do." I say and gulp. "Kiss me." She says and puts her hands on my neck. Who the fuck am I to disobey her?

I bring my lips to hers and a sort of frenzy starts. We start slow, but soon I'm kissing her hard and fast, like there's no tomorrow.

She bites and sucks on my lower lip and my dick throbes with pain. I need a release right now or else I'll explode. She moves her hand downwards, and squezzes her hand in between our bodies and touches my dick.

I stop kissing her and suck in a breath. "Fuck, Cammi. I need to cum right now." I say and she strokes my dick. We are really doing this. She is mellanie monroe mom teach teen my dick.

My sister is stroking my dick. What the hell hapened in 10 minutes?! I close my eyes when she circles her palm around my dick. "Cam-" "Honey, I'm home!" I am cut off by dad. DAD. Oh freaking hell!! He was already upstairs, I could make that out from his voice! Damn it!

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I quickly get off Cammi who is staring at me anastasia rose anal stretching after yoga horror. She gets up too and fixes her shirt and hair.

I look down at my raging boner and sprint towards the bathroom before dad enters my room. After a few seconds when I'm in the safety of the bathroom, I hear dad talking to Cammi. "Cammi, where's your mom?" "She has gone to get some stuff. She'll be back in an hour, she also had to stop by at work." Comes Cammi's composed voice. "Oh, okay. Honey, why are you so flushed?" Fuck oh fuck. "Uh, well, me and Mike were wrestling, haha." Mom and dad know how often we wrestle.

That's just how we are and I am fucking grateful for it right now. "Okay well, where is he?" "He is in the bathroom crying, cause I defeated him." I can picture Cammi shaking her head in fake pity.

She is a good liar and an even better actress. Dad believes her obviously and I hear him laugh. "Okay, but now go and pack." "Yes sir," comes Cammi's voice.

I wait a few seconds before coming out.

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"That was close." I say and look at Cammi, who's about to go out of the room, which is a big disappointment by the way. "Yeah well, we'll have to be careful the next time." She smirks and leaves.

---- I almost finished packing foxy bimbos suck dicks at a party tidied my room before going downstairs. Mom and Cammi were laying out the table and dad was already seated. I hadn't seen dad since he almost caught me and Cammi, and I haven't seen Cammi since she nearly blew my dick with the mention of a next time.

I mean sure, she had said that she wanted more and stuff, but I thought that she wouldn't want to do anything after dad nearly caught us. After a mind blowing session of masturbation I packed my clothes and just stayed in my room, day dreaming about the 'next time'. Cammi went to sit in front of me, while mom sat next to her.

We were eating and making usual conversation when I felt something on my leg. I looked at Cammi and she smirked. She slid her toe fingers seductively up my leg and I choked on my food. I started coughing vigorously, and while mom poured me a glass of wine amd dad patted my back, Cammi tried to hold back her giggles.

I glared at her with a I-will-get-back-at-you look and she ignored me. You won't ignore me later. After dinner we sat in the living room, watching an episode of The Walking Dead. Halfway through the episode mom and dad got up to go to sleep, ordering us to go to sleep soon. We nodded our heads absentmindedly, engrossed in the show. Soon the credits rolled and I streched and made myself more comfortable.

"This is the best show ever." I yawned. "Yup." She said and closed her eyes, leaning back into the sofa. She was wearing her heart printed pj's, she didn't have any makeup on, even her hair was tied curvy mamacita rides on a throbbing penis a messy knot, but she looked so damn sexy right now.

Her lips were naturaly pink and were made to kiss. I kept staring at her, at her lips, to be more precise. I couldn't hold it any longer. I leaned in and kissed her. She gasped and I slipped my tongue inside her mouth. I pulled her closer by her waist and her hands flew to the nape of my neck. Her shirt lifted the slightest bit and my fingers brushed on her bare, hot skin. Slowly, I slipped my hand inside her shirt and she tugged on my t-shirt.

I pulled her on top of me so that she straddled me, her fingers tugging at my hair and my hand frantically running up amd down her spine.

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I put my right hand on her breast, above her bra and she stopped kissing me. "Mike." she moaned my name. "Cam, I want you so bad." I started kissing her neck, going down to her collarbone, and even further. She tugged harder at my hair and moaned. She was so responsive, and it was so damn sexy. I stopped and made her lay on the sofa, then resumed kissing her neck. "Mike.I. I want more." I stopped to look at her, and she was looking back at me.

"And I want everything, Cammi." I unbottoned her top to reveal a plain black bra, but the simple black material looked marvelous on her pale, smooth skin. I wanted to kiss every inch of her, and so I did.

I kissed her breast just above her bra, and pressed the other one with my hand. As much as I wanted to see her naked breasts, I wanted to do something else first. "I want to taste you." Her eyes widdened and her blush turned into a deeper shade hot babes enjoy a rock solid boner red. "Do you want me to?" I asked, hoping with every fibre of my being that she would say yes.

I guess according to girls this was more intimate than having sex, in my opinion it was more intimate too. "I.don't know." She replied nervously. "Trust me?" It was more of a question, I didn't want to rush her or force anything on her.

"Yeah." I kissed her on the lips once more, and then trailed kissed from her chin to her navel. I dipped my tongue in her navel and she arched her back, her intake of breath as audible as the thudding of my heart. I had never eaten a girl out before, I had lots of sex, but this was never part of it. But with her, I wanted to do it, infact I wanted to start with the most intimate act. I pulled her pj's down and kissed the innersides of her thigh, inhaling her sweet scent.

She was soaking wet, and I couldn't wait to rip those panties off, but I wanted to take things slow. "Mike, what if. mom and dad come here?" "They won't." I replied and kissed her pussy, tasting her juice on the fabric of her panties. I should have been scared that we could get caught at any moment, but there was something thrilling about eating out my sister on the sofa of our living room.

I started with a few strokes of my tongue, applying little pressure. I licked her inner thighs and she whimpered. "Mike please." She moaned relentlessly. I continued my teasing, kissing her inner thighs and not applying enough pressure when I knew she wanted the most.

"Mike please, please." She begged and even I could resist no more. I slid her panties down, revealing her trimmed pink pussy, wet and glistening from her juices. That was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I nearly came in my pants.

My dick was throbbing with pain now, but I had to concentrate on her first. Her thighs were shaking and her eyes were closed. I put my hand in ber thigh to calm ber down. "You're beautiful, Cammi. So beautiful." Her shaking stopped but she didn't open her eyes. "Hey, look at me. Cammi, look at me." She opened her eyes slowly, and looked down at my face.

"I want you to look at me while I do it." I said to her, and she kept looking at me, her face red like a tomato. I spread her thighs a little more, and touched her pussy with office playgirl willing for shagging pornstar and hardcore tip of my tongue. She sucked in a breath, and I delved in deeper, starting again wirh slow strokes, but not touching her clit.

She arched her back, and her mouth opened, and I locked gazes with her. I licked her labia and she started to move her hips in a circular motion. "Please, Mike, please." she begged me again, to give her the pleasure, to kiss her, to suck her where she wanted to be sucked.

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It was not in me to tease her more, so I took her clitoris between my lips and sucked on it. She arched her back even more, and tugged at my hair. "Mike, oh god.Mike." she moaned my name and I wouldn't wanna hear anything else. My name from her mouth just sounded sexy.

I keot kissing and sucking her clit, and then I brought my forefinger and slipped it in her folds. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed, and I focused on the one thing that I had to do.

I slipped my forefinger inside her, amd slutty luscious babe gangbanged hard pornstar and hardcore moving my finger, in and out, deeper and deeper with each thrust. She tugged at my hair harder, and started moving her hips with more vigour. She was so wet, that I easily slipped another finger inside of her, moving them in and out with ease, sucking at her clitoris even harder. "Mike, mike, oh god, it's.I'm about to.I'm about to cum." I continued to finger fuck her, and suck her clitoris.

She grabbed my hair and pushed my face in her pussy, my sex xxxxx 18 japanis fuck was now also coated with her juices. She moved and writhed, but I held her hips with my other hand, finger fucking her harder with the other. "Mike.that's it.oh god.thats it mike.yess." she arched ber back and opened her mouth, no sound escaped her mouth then. Juices started to flow from her vagina and I starting drinking all of her sweet juice, not letting a single drop fall on the sofa.

She sunk back into the sofa, breathing heavily, her eyes closed, and face flushed. I licked her a few more times, before sliding her panty back up, and waiting for her to regain her composure. "That hot." She whispered, after a few moments I just smiled, proud of the work I had done. I stood up next to her, while she lay down on the sofa. Her eyes travelled down to my rock hard dick. "My turn to repay you." She said with a slight grin. I'll stop here, because I want to haha :p Please know that I have never written porn stories before, (except ofcourse the first chapter) and I have no experience in sex whatsoever, so umm, yeah.

Positive and critical comments are appreciated, but in a friendly manner. :) Next chapter will be comming up soon.