Rough fetish porn these whorish teen gals and their out of control partying is enough to

Rough fetish porn these whorish teen gals and their out of control partying is enough to
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jojo pulled her hair to one side allowing it to fall over her shoulder, taking a good at herself in the mirror; she deserved a rest, although it didn't show in her face.

It didn't make sense to her, how can she feel tired when she feel tired when she sleeps so deep, her friends told her that she could sleep on a rope, she'd need no rocking she could only agree.

The weekend would do her good, she never really took time off, The day was a hot one jojo had dressed as cool as she thought appropriate, she'd a short denim skirt with a white gipsy off the shoulder blouse, it was to hot for a bra, she didn't really need one in any case her breasts stood firmly on there own, her hair was ash brun, its length reaching her waist, being very slim she carried off the attire with bffs partying and enjoying one cock to blow and suck delicate style of sexiness.

well what culd she say she's bright; she's slight but very beautiful. Sex doesn't come all that often for her, due to guys worrying about her age, however, when it does she makes a meal out of it. Toy's she has plenty, but her main desire is a nice well hung black guy.

Her friends laugh whenever she mentions her craving, telling her that she'd be split in two should the occasion ever arise, even the thought of it sends her into orgasm, and boy can she cum.Often she'd tried to chat local coloured guy's she always found them hospitable and kindly, however, they'd never ask her out, even though she'd dressed to kill, they took her as a schoolgirl, trying to wind them up.

She'd pleaded with her friends to set her up a date, one friend, she'd been going out with this guy for months; always telling her of the size of his manhood and as to his performance, she'd never been left dry?

O hi chrizzie her friends face hade acured in the mirror She was a d-list celebrity who had the perfect body. She was 5'9'' with nice long legs, long blonde hair, round d-cup breasts, flat stomach, and a nice tight and big ass, a man's dream.

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Also she was a major christian and she wasn't going to giveherself up until took the gaaalz about 30min then they where in the limo about fucking time i got out of here jojo bitched ass they rounded the block.Chrizzie realized something very odd they were going the wrong way she asked the limo driver what was going on and he said it was a short cut.

As they kept going the streets kept on getting darker and dirtier.jojo demanded to know what was going on. Then the limo driver stopped the car and opened the window and said we have some business together." Just then the door opened and jojo and chrizzie saw two black men with guns getting into blonde cutie with pig tails gets boned car Get out of the car, both you," one of them said.

They first refused but then realized they had guns pointing at their heads. They got out and were immediately blindfolded but before that they realized they were in the ghetto in front of a large apartment building.

They still did not put up much of a fight and were ushered into the apartment building. They were unblindfolded and were told to walk up the stairs, when they reached the third floor they were told to stop and were then put in a very small 1-bedroom apartment. It had a kitchen a living room and a bedroom, that was it.

Once they were in there they were told to sit and wait. The two gunmen were sitting right next to them still holding the guns. 20 minutes later another black man walked in, both jojo and chrizzie recognized him as the limo driver. He said, "If you guys cooperate I will let you go in peace but if you don't it could get ugly and by the way you won't redhead teen choked while getting fucked in the bedroom deepthroat and spanking able to trace this back to me because I give the limo company a fake name and address, sorry." "First both of you get into your underwear immediately and plezz do know i im not fucking going to rape you this man is and in came==?+´well well miss jojo a voice said howz ugly now gez you dident se me asss a gang bannger hu ?

get into your underwear now jojo then removed her dress to reveal red panties and a red bra The three men must have stared at her for a whole minute, they obviously never seen a beautiful women like this in her underwear.the A loud smack now take off your underwear white boy the biggest nigger took out a knife from his pocket and sliced his underwear in two.

The three black men started to laugh but it wasn't the smallest cock they've seen b,,uutt,, i.paid .you.he. sat him in a kitchen chair, tied him, and put duct tape over his mouth.

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He started squirming but to no avail. Jojo in a clear state of mind realyzed that the niggers probly waz gay so she said plezzz let me go and i woont teel no one K? Shut up, bitch." They then put duct tape over her mouth. She started to squirm but the men immediately put an end to that. The put 4 sets of handcuffs on her hands and feet and spread her out and put and handcuffed her hands and feet to the bed posts so she was wide open.

They then stuck an 8-inch dildo in her pussy and ass and she couldn't belive they fit all they way in her.

"Go to sleep, whore," and the men left her in the room handcuffed and filled.Part 3 on its way *