Group of girl nude bath

Group of girl nude bath
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Tiara couldn't believe this was happening. Here she two cute japanese babes get shagged hard, naked. Her best friend was fucking her step dad. She was kissing her best friend's step mom. And her best friend's step dad was working her clit into a frenzy. Chelsea broke the kiss off and smiled at her. She reached down and grabbed Tiara's left leg, swinging it over George's body.

Now Tiara was straddling George and facing Ronnie. Ronnie was way into the fucking she was getting. Her nails were digging into George's chest as she ground down onto his cock. Chelsea grabbed Tiara's hips and slid her backwards, until her cunt was right over George's mouth. Tiara's mouth opened but no noise came out. George shoved his tongue deep into her virgin cunt and began eating her like a starving man. Ronnie slowed down her grinding to watch what was going on.

She smiled and leaned in, kissing Tiara as they both enjoyed her daddy. Chelsea leaned in and joined in the kiss, her tongue playfully wrestling with two teenage tongues. Chelsea couldn't believe she was a part of this. Her cunt was on fire.

She needed something and Ronnie noticed it. "Stand up mommy", she whispered. Chelsea stood in between Ronnie and Tiara. Ronnie leaned forward as Chelsea spread her cunt lips, exposing her clit.

Ronnie moved her face in and stuck her tongue out, tasting her step mother's juices. Ronnie grabbed Chelsea's ass and spread Caught out continued (kWs0) cheeks apart. She pointed at Tiara and then at Chelsea's little pink asshole. Tiara was in heaven and wasn't about to do anything that would make these sensations stop. She leaned forward and began licking Chelsea's ass. Chelsea couldn't believe this. Two beautiful teens were licking her cunt and her ass at the same time and the man she loved was enjoying both at the same time.

She felt Tiara pull away from her face first, then heard a squeal as her first orgasm tore through her. She knew the feeling well. She'd been fucking George for a while and loved feeling his tongue on her cunt. She loved how much attention he paid to making her cum, and she knew that Tiara would be coming around a lot more for his tongue and his cock.

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She didn't care. She would share George with as many teen girls as he wanted. She loved seducing, and seducing teen girls was a new and exciting point in her life. Tiara's head was spinning. The tongue lashing she got from Ronnie was nothing compared to this.

She loved his five o'clock shadow on her bare ass. She moaned out loud as her first orgasm hit her. His tongue worked overtime as he licked up all the juices that flowed out of her. This is what she wanted. What she needed. She knew that she would be his for as long as he wanted her. She knew she would be a slut for anyone in this room. She loved her tongue dancing on Chelsea's ass. She didn't even bother to wonder if this was gross or not.

She wanted to taste her, to make her moan. As soon as she came, her mouth went right back where it was. She licked and sucked it. She forced as much of her tongue as she could into that asshole in front of her. She tongue fucked it and it was the most erotic thing ever. She could die happy, right here and now. Ronnie was loving this also. Daddy's cock was penetrating her still tight cunt and she loved how mommy's cunt tasted.

She loved that she brought her daddy a present. Now she knew how cats felt when they amazing teen beauties trying to fuck with strapon pantyhose lesbians a mouse to their master. She knew her daddy loved young girls, and she knew she loved bringing them for her.

Mommy was so wet her juices were running down her thighs. She couldn't believe she lucked out in this family. She kicked herself for not having seduced her daddy before. Ronnie slowed down and then slipped off of her daddy's cock.

Chelsea stepped to the side and then took George's cock into her mouth, sucking and licking those young juices.

"It's time", said Ronnie to Tiara. Tiara lifted her leg and kneeled next big ass madison ivy sucked a huge cock George. Chelsea patted the mattress and Tiara laid on her back. George stood and waited at the foot of the bed. Chelsea and Ronnie moved their mouths down onto Tiara's cunt, taking a last lick of her virgin cunt.

When they were done, each one took a leg and spread her open, presenting her to daddy. George looked down at his two girls, spreading open the legs of his next conquest. He had no idea what he did right in this world to deserve this, but he knew better than to ask. All he knew is he wanted this new cunt.

Chelsea and Ronnie smiled at him as he grabbed his cock, they both reached down to play with Tiara's nipples. Tiara propped herself up on her elbows. She wanted to see this cock penetrate her.

She watched as he got closer, his hand on his shaft. He pressed the head of his cock against her and the warmth was unbelievable. "Are you ready for this?" asked George.

Tiara looked him in the eyes and scooted herself down, pushing her cunt against his cock. This was no time for her to be coy. She knew what she wanted: his cock deep inside her. George smiled and began to push.

She was tight. Tighter than Ronnie eve, which he didn't think was possible. Ronnie laid down next to Tiara. "Relax honey. It's gonna hurt, but not as much as when I lost it since you don't have a hymen." Ronnie then leaned in and kissed her friend. George took the opportunity and rammed his cock inside her. Tiara screamed into Ronnie's mouth, causing George to stop.

"No!" Said Tiara.

"Don't stop! Fuck me please!" George couldn't believe his ears. He pulled almost all the way out and rammed inside her again. "YES!" screamed Tiara. "MORE!!!!" This girl was on fire! Tiara grabbed both girls by the hair and forced their faces onto her chest.

Chelsea and Ronnie began sucking and licking her nipples. "Harder! Suck them harder! Bite them!" The girls were more than happy to oblige and sucked and bit her nipples while George fucked her cunt mercilessly. Tiara was in pain, but she loved it. She loved how much it hurt. Her pussy throbbed, her chest hurt He was all the way inside her cunt and she wanted more.

"From behind! Fuck me from behind!" she pleaded. George pulled out of her and flipped her over roughly. He knew how she wanted it. He knew she wanted rough and he was going to give it to her. Tiara screamed as she felt the sting of his bare hand on her ass. "What do you want me to do?" asked George.

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Tiara smiled and said nothing. George grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back towards him. "Tell me what you want you fucking whore!" Tiara came from the pain and the domination, her juices rolling down her thighs. "Fuck me master!" she said. Master? George was going to enjoy this. He lined his cock up and rammed it inside her, deeper this time. Ronnie suddenly ran out of the room. George watched her, confused, Suddenly she came running back in with something in her hand.

She took her scarf and blindfolded Tiara, making sure she couldn't see anything. Then she showed George what else she brought: a ping pong paddle. She smiled at George as he leaned back a little. She pulled back and slammed the paddle down on her ass. Tiara screamed bloody murder. Ronnie thought that maybe she had gone too far.

"Again! Please! More!" screamed Tiara. Ronnie hit her again as George started fucking her. Chelsea grabbed her by the hair and began kissing her. She then jumped up and grabbed another scarf, this time binding Tiara's hands behind her back. George felt his balls tighten as he shot his wad into her tight little cunt.

The sensation of her being filled up sent her over the edge again. She felt powerless and she loved it. She loved being forced. Suddenly she felt him pull out of her. Cute babe takes three loads on her face felt so empty.

There was shifting on the bed and suddenly she felt his strong hand grab her hair, hard. As she opened her mouth to scream, George shoved his cock down her throat. Her gag reflex was going into overtime. George started fucking her throat mercilessly. She suddenly felt a hand grab her throat. "Oh my God Ronnie!" said Chelsea. "Grab here! You can feel daddy's cock going down her throat!" Ronnie grabbed her throat and felt it. She squeezed, tightening it for her daddy. Tiara's eyes began rolling back and she released, at the same time George pulled out.

Tiara took a deep breath, spit was drooling out of her mouth and they could all see the tears running down her cheeks. As soon as he felt she had enough air, he forced his cock back down her throat.

Ronnie grabbed Chelsea's dildo and began fucking Tiara's cunt. Tiara was in heaven. She loved what was happening to her. She loved being deprived of oxygen. She loved being forced, she loved being treated like a complete fucking slut. She knew she would do whatever this man or these ladies told her. She knew she would be totally submissive to them and she knew she would love it.

George's cock pushed down her throat as Ronnie fucked her cunt. Chelsea wasn't about to be left out, so she grabbed the paddle and began spanking Tiara's ebony ass. The slurping sounds from her throat fucking were being challenged by the slurping sounds of Ronnie fucking her sopping wet cunt. George Pulled out and ordered Tiara to open her mouth and stick out her tongue, which she did.

He stroked his cock and shot another stream of cum across her face and into her mouth. Ronnie left the dildo in her cunt as she started to kiss Tiara and lick her face. Chelsea kissed and licked her also as George grabbed his camera and took photographs. Tiara loved being used and abused. As her blindfold was removed she looked down and saw the bruises on her tits.

She loved them. As her hands were unbound she placed her hands on her ass and felt the heat radiating off of it from the multiple spankings she received. She knew what she was now. She was a slut. She was a little cock whore. She wanted her new master's cock. She wanted her new mistresses cunts.

She wanted to be abused. Everyone enjoyed the afterglow of their orgy and dozed off. After an hour or so, nature called on George and he got up from the tangle of bodies and took a piss.

He then walked down the hall naked to the kitchen to grab a beer. As he stood there he saw Tiara walk towards him. Her naked body was beautiful. Even with her dark skin he could see the bruises that Ronnie and Chelsea left on her tits. Tiara walked up to him and kneeled. To his surprise, she opened her mouth wide and placed her hands behind her head. She looked up at him with pleading eyes. She WANTED to be throat fucked.

George automatically went hard. Tiara smiled, happy that she could make her new master want her so badly.George walked up bobbi starr and dana dearmond insatiable voyage her, beer still in hand. He aimed his cock at her mouth and placed the tip against her tongue. With his left hand he reached down and grabbed her by the hair. His hips thrust forward, and he pushed down her throat.

He pulled out as she sputtered and gagged, but her hands never moved. Not to wipe away her drool or her tears, not to wipe the snot coming out of her nose. George smiled at how submissive she was. He grabbed her by the hair again and started fucking her throat into a frenzy. She choked and gagged and dry heaved but never once asked him to stop or moved her hands from her head.

She enjoyed being used like this. She felt him in her throat, she loved it. He pulled out of her throat and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her onto the carpet in the living room.

He threw her on her back and mounted her, slamming his cock inside her cunt. He pounded away, then suddenly got an idea. He reached down and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing it tight as he violated her.

Her eyes got wide as she felt his hand tighten. She was terrified and turned on at the same time. She tensed. The orgasm was unbelievable. The euphoria of the orgasm in addition to the lack of oxygen made her feel like she was floating on air. George pulled out of her and released his grip on her throat as he shot streams of cum across her naked body and onto her face.

He made sure she was breathing, then returned to the bedroom. He woke Ronnie and told her to go sit with her friend.

Ronnie got up and George and Chelsea alone. Chelsea awoke and saw the smile on his face. She looked down and saw his juice covered cock and automatically took it into her mouth, jiben xxx story you tp him clean.

She rolled onto her back and felt him penetrate her pussy. She smiled and whispered in his ear, "Good news. Ronnie is going to be a cheerleader.

Imagine the possibilities!" George big tits blonde sucked dick deep in her throat as he picked up the pace. Life was definitely good.