Cute babe in striped socks plays with herself

Cute babe in striped socks plays with herself
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I am an avid runner. A couple of years ago I was in a cycle of training for a marathon, so I was piling up the milage every week. On the weekends I was doing runs of 15-20 miles. Needless to say, my body was lean and strong, and my endurance was at a peak.

One thing that comes into play during that kind of training, however, is boredom.

Whenever I had an opportunity to run with a partner, I would jump at the chance. It just so happened that one of my guy co-workers had a wife who was also a runner. We had met several times at a paved path near near my work and completed training runs. She was heard fucking big booty crmepai athletic and could hang with my pace, so I enjoyed the company.

One weekend she invited me to come to her house for a run, as there were some good trails and hills near where she lived. Not that it mattered to me at the time, but her husband was out of town on a business trip. I drove to her house and we stretched, hydrated and warmed up. We then took off from her door for a very tough, but enjoyable run in the hills that surrounded her house. We went up and down and around for a good 90 minutes before arriving back at her door. She invited me in and we went out back to her patio for water and GatorAid.

We drank and dripped sweat and chatted for long while, letting our muscles cool and our singlets dry. She told me she was sticky and smelly and wanted to take a shower. I told her I had to get going anyway. She asked me to stick around, because she had some new merchandise to show me (she was a clothing rep). I decided to stick around. The bathroom window was located near the patio and I heard the running water.

I will never be able to explain why, but something came over me at that point. I walked into the house, and up to the bathroom door, which was left slightly ajar. I could see and smell the steam of the hot water, and I could hear splashing sounds. Before even thinking, I called out, "Do you sex hot whores xxx com any help in there?" I was immediately embarrassed and wished that I had stayed outside. I was ready to turn and run when I heard, "Sure, why not?" I was shocked!

That wasn't the answer I expected, even if it was the answer I wanted. I froze, not sure whether I wanted to enter, or to bolt away. But I reached for the door, and entered the room. There, behind a frosted glass sliding door, I saw the fleshy, shadowy outline of her.

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Stunning! She opened the door slightly, stuck her head out, and said "Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to join me?" As she spoke she leaned into the glass and I could see her full breasts pressed into the door. My cock immediately shot to attention, almost forcing itself out of my running shorts. "Take off your clothes, slowly," was what she said next. I obediently took my time, first wisping my singlet up over my belly, my chest and over my head.

I dropped it to the floor. I next hooked my thumbs into the sides of my shorts, and teasingly inched them down. First a glimpse of pubic hair. The elastic in my shorts pulled my throbbing penis down, and I continued to reveal it slowly, until it sprung out and stood straight and true. Emboldened now, I walked to the shower door, opened it, and stepped in.

She had her back to me, facing the stream of water flowing over her glistening body. I took the soap and began to lather her neck and back. She slowly lifted her arms and my hands slipped around her torso and gently moved to her breasts.

Wet, firm and slick, I first softly rubbed her nipples then eagerly cupped her breasts in my hands. I caught her now awakening nipples between my fingers, and urged them expand, which they obligingly did as I applied more and more pressure to them. Back to lathering amateur aussie wife black guyging outdoor backside, I worked my way down her back to her lovely protruding ass.

My rubbing motions parted her butt crack and I caught glimpses of her slightly puckered asshole and the brown pubic hairs surrounding her vagina. Next came her tanned, athletic legs. Taking my time, I was on my knees, and slowly worked my way to her ankles. Slowly she turned to face me. There, at eye-level, was a soft, soaked mound of brown pubic hair.

It was shaped in a perfect V, and the water was pouring off the bottom of the V, like water from a faucet. My tongue, now just centimeters away, reached out to lap up the water, like a thirsty dog.

She slid her body closer to me, lifted her right leg over my shoulder, and opened her beautiful pussy to me. The pink contrasted perfectly with the dark brown hair, and she pulled me ever closer. My tongue licked lightly at first, stopped to tickle and explore, and then plunged deeply in the crease.

She grabbed my head and yanked it forward, while also thrusting her hips toward me.

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I thought if I was to die by suffocation, let it be like this. I lingered between her legs, licking and probing, tasting her fluids and savoring them like fine wine. She freed her grip, grabbed me under the arms, and pulled me up. She slowly worked her delinquent teen taught lesson and fucked by angry couple down my body until my raging cock was firmly entrenched in her willing mouth. Her lips closed on the head of my penis and her tongue swept up and around.

My eyes bulged from their sockets and the air was sucked from my lungs. Her head started moving in and out, and she created a suction around my dick. It was ecstasy.

I almost exploded. .but not like this, not now. I lifted her up, stepped back and just looked at her. She was ravishing. Tall and beautiful, with medium length brown hair. Full breasts, slightly sagging under their own weight, with protruding nipples. The nipples were large and oval shaped. I just stared, taking in all her beauty. A bikini tan. Soft muscular stomach. Legs to die for. I grabbed her by the waist, turned her around, and slowly pushed my dick between her butt cheeks.

She raised on her tiptoes, bent at the waist, took my cock and slipped it into her soaking pussy. I pushed in, she pushed back, and we just stayed like that for a moment that seemed like a lifetime. Slowly, I began to move back and forth, shoving my now angry cock into her shivering cunt. Moans. Groans. Gasps, Sighs. My speed increased until I couldn't hold on any longer.

Cum burst from me in amounts that I never imagined. It filled her and oozed out, and I heard a low, deep moan emit from her. Her legs and ass and pussy shivered and I knew she had just experienced the same thing as me. A deep, almost religious, fucking. We finished showering and I left without saying much to her. We never ran together after that day, and eventually she and her husband divorced and she moved away. But that day will always be with me.