I fucked the milf in her bedroom

I fucked the milf in her bedroom
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This was just a quick thing that popped into my head. I'm not sure voluptuous juvenile hotty plays on web camera much of a future for this essay but it was kind of fun to write. I hope you enjoy it. Michelle --- No matter how hard I try I have never been able to beat Cassie running. It's not a defeatist attitude but rather a simple indisputable fact. You see, every morning we go for a run and every morning she crosses some imaginary finish line ahead of me.

I've tried sneak attacks. I've tried to get a lead and hold it. I've tried to shadow her and sprint to the end and I've even tried the "I'm just running next to you but sneak a three step sprint in at the end" technique but none of it works.

Cassie is just a faster runner than me. Now, for as much as Cassie is faster than me, Alex is faster than Cassie. Alex is just a freak of nature when it comes to running. He can go out for a short two mile run and return two hours later having completed twenty miles. Not only is he able to run distances he can run them quickly. So it never fails on our morning runs that Alex is done and sitting on the grass with his shirt off relaxing by the time Cassie and I finish.

Cassie and Alex are my oldest and dearest friends. We grew up as next door neighbors, attended every school together and now we're college classmates and roommates. Cassie and Alex are twin brother and sister and are about as close as any two people could be.

—- One of the perks of winning our morning race was getting to take the first shower, today was no different except I had to meet my professor before class. "Come on Alex. Please hurry up," I pleaded. Alex ignored my pleas and just continued singing the lyrics he sang every morning, "I am the champion. I am the champion. No time for losers 'cause I am the champion …" Alex let the last word ring out before finishing with "Of the world." "Alex!

Alex! Alex! Alex. Stop. Stop. I really need to get in the shower," I yelled at the closed door. "I've taken my bows, and my curtain calls…" Alex continued. "Just go in," Cassie called down the hallway. "What? No, he's in the shower." "Just go in. He would give anything to have your little ass in the shower with him," Cassie said.


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Really?" I questioned while scrunching my nose. "No! He doesn't like me like that. That's kind of gross." "If you need to take a shower just go in.

He does this every time one of us needs to get out quickly. It's a little game to him" Cassie jumped up off the floor where she was stretching and marched to the bathroom door. She tried the door but it was locked. In typical Cassie fashion she was not going to be denied. She slid her hand along the molding above the door and found the door key.

In a quick motion she pushed the key into the doorknob and flung open the door. Cassie pushed me into the steamy bathroom and grabbed teen licks cock and gets bonked hardcore blowjob robe and with a firm pull it open to reveal my naked body.

Cassie then grabbed the shower curtain and pulled it open to reveal Alex standing there with a very hard cock in his hand. "What the …" Alex exclaimed. "Oh my God! Are you playing with that thing again?

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Move over and let Michelle in," Cassie ordered. I tried to hide my shock by covering my gaping mouth with my hand. My glance kept going back and forth from Alex's hard cock to his pink embarrassed face. "You, in!" Cassie commanded while pushing me toward the water. She continued by ordering Alex, "You move to the back of the shower and stranger bangs the beauteous gal girlfriend homemade that thing away from her." Alex was squeezing his cock as tightly as he could but when Cassie pushed him toward the back of the shower it caused him to lose his balance.

Alex let go of his cock to steady himself but the cum he was holding in surged out of his cock right toward me. As often happens in panic situations, time seemed to slow down to a crawl. I could see the long white spray of cum jet through the air at an upward angle.

I started to scream, which was a bit of a mistake. Alex's cum hit me just above my nose and trailed downward getting on my nose, in my mouth, on my chin and neck. Alex's next pulse of cum didn't have near the velocity as the first and just pulsed out onto my foot. The remaining pulses just dribbled out of his cock and down, dripping onto the floor.

In my shock I swallowed. It was an involuntary act and I really don't know why I swallowed but I did. Maybe it was an automatic reaction to having something sprayed into my mouth, maybe it was my body trying to get rid of the foreign substance but Alex's cum slid down my throat.

I stood there with my hands in the air on either side of my face and stared at the last of the cum seeping down Alex's cock. I could feel the cum on my nose starting to move down toward my mouth.

The cum on my chin was dripping down onto my breasts and stomach. "Oh my … uhh … did you jus …what the fuck," I wiped my hand across my mouth and nose. "Did I just … did you just cum on me? …What the fuck just happened?" I looked at my hand to see Alex's thick white cum.

I looked down and there were more white droplets on my breasts and stomach starting to trail downward. Even my foot had a glob of thick white cum on it. Cassie was struggling poorly to keep from laughing. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I think I'm gonna let you two figure this out," Cassie said while moving toward the door.

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Alex stared at me. "I'm so sorry. What are you two doing?" I turned into the water and quickly scrub my hands over my face and turned back around to look at Alex and then Cassie. Cassie started to laugh and pointed at my face, "You… you" "What?" I barked. "You still have some… umm… there," Cassie said pointing.

"On your forehead and in your hair." I spun back around toward the shower and shoved my head under the water. I furiously scrubbed my face again. Suddenly I lurched forward as I felt something touch my hip and spun back around. With water streaming down my hair into my face, "What was that?" "Nothing, nothing. I was just getting out of the shower," Alex said as he started to laugh. "Is it off?" I asked to no one in general. "Cassie, is it all off of me?" "Just take a shower.

I mean like a full shower. With shampoo and soap. You might even want to brush your teeth. I'll text your professor and let him know you were involved in a little … umm … accident," Cassie announced. "An accident?" I said in disbelief. "You call this an accident? You brother just CAME on my face. I just swallowed your brothers fucking cum." "How about I just say that busty asian gets fucked hard by her boyfriend were 'unexpectedly delayed'?

Do worry. I'll come up with something," said with the slightest smile. "Oh yeah that's beautiful, 'come up with something'. Emphasis on the 'come'. Ha ha. That's cute. How do I go from needing a shower to being covered in cum? How does that happen?" "Are you okay?" Cassie asked with tenderness tone in her voice.

"Yeah. No.

I mean I'm fine. How did I just end up with your brother's cum in my face? What the …" "Alex was 'Jerking Off' when you stepped in the shower and I guess he was about to cum." "'Stepped in the shower'? I seem to recall you pushing me in," I stated. "Look at it this way. Alex has had the biggest crush on you since you lost your top at the ocean.

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Now he has a new reason to 'Jerk Off' over you." "Oh, I see what you did there. 'Jerk Off over you'. Wow, this is funny. I mean really funny," I mocked. "You need anything? Maybe some … ahhh … mouthwash?" Cassie laughed.

"Oh no. I'm great. It's all pineapple and kiwi," I paused. "Yeah, mouthwash would be great." From out in the hall I heard Alex call into the bathroom. "I'm gonna head out for maybe a week or two. Let me know when it's safe to come home.

I hope it was as good for you as it was for me." "Oh, you two are funny, real comedians. 'Come home', ha, that's great. Leave. Both of you. I need to wash this …" My voice trailed away. "… cum off me.

How the hell did I get cum all over me? Un-fucking-believable. I can see the headline peni fack vs penis fack. 'UNC Coed hit by mysterious flying semen.

DNA testing is now underway.' Cassie? Really? Mouthwash, please." I heard Cassie and Alex laughing as a hand slipped into the shower holding a bottle of mouthwash. "Thank you. I think. You didn't do anything to this did you? Cassie? Cassie? I want the truth? Cassie?" I stuck my head out of the shower to see Cassie and Alex both standing there with their hands over their mouths and tears running down their faces laughing.

"I'm sorry Michelle. This is really kind of funny," Cassie said between laughs. "Yeah, yeah. I get it. Flying cum. Right in the face and mouth. Yup, I now have a new appreciation for those old pie in the face gags." I stopped. "Don't say a word about gagging. Just don't do it."