Angry step daddy and petite blonde the treat trade pt

Angry step daddy and petite blonde the treat trade pt
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It was a hot summer day. I had got up about my usual time. And as usual I was Horney. So after my m my morning coffee I put on some of favorite panties and garter belt and stockings.

I also got one of my favorite toys and went to the internet to watch my favorite porn site, a crossdreeser site. I was watching facials cum shots, because I love sucking cocks and love CUM!! I heard the lawn guy out side mowing the apartments lawn.

Feeling really horny I got and idea. I had talk to the lawn guy before and he seemed friendly. So when he got done with the mowing I asked him if he like a cold ice tea?

Before I did that I went to a straightporn site and had a good suck porn on. He ask what I was doin and I showed him. He said he watch porn every time his wife was gone. So he set down and started to watch while I got his tea. Good I thought the first part of my plan had worked. I went and got my tea and when I came back I caught him rubbing his crotch. Great he's horney! Now the scary part of my plan. I said you look like your enjoying the blow job. He said yeah it's hot.

I have to beg my wife to suck my cock and she never lets me cum in her mouth. I thought great. This going better than planed. So I asked if he wanted some help with that lump in his pants.

He said what do I mean? I said stand up and I set down and started to amateur milf first time anal xxx chop shop owner gets shut down his bulge and so you!

He just pressed against my hand and didn't say any thing. So I undid his pants and pulled them down.

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His cocks head was sticking out above his shorts and leaking pre-cum. That was to much for me I bent forward and licked up that tasty pre-cum. He let out a low moan and then I pulled down his shorts and shoved his cock down my hungry throat.

I let it slide out and started sucking on the head real hard getting another rush of pre-cum. Then I started bobbing up and down on his cock ( it was a good 7" and thick ). He let out a load moan and really got into it. Grabbing the back of my head and started shoving his cock down my hungary throat deep and fast.

I was loving it!! I hadn't had a cock in so long! I could tell he was close so I told him to let me now when he was going to cum. Because I didn't want to lose a drop. No sooner than he said that he let out a big moan and said I'm going to cum take it all you cocksucker!! I petite exotic beauty has her brown pussy filled to the head and caught his first big shoot.

God it tasted so GOOD !!

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His second shoot was even bigger and I lost some but caught it in my hand. He shoot a couple of smaller and I drank every drop. Letting his cock slide out of my mouth I said I bet your wife never did this and licked the cum I lost off my hand. He said I got to set down.

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He sat down and didn't pull up his pants. Good now for plan two! I said why don't you watch this and I put on some hot ass fucking porn. I went and got him another glass of ice tea and when I returned he was playing with his cock again. So I gave him his tea and said relax and got down on my knees and put his hot cock in my mouth again.

YUM tasted like sweat and cum! It wasn't long before he was hard again. When it was I said would you like to fuck my tight hole. Like your watchin. With a smile I said you'll never go back to pussy. He said I don't know. So I got up and pulled of my pants and turned around and bent over showing him my panties and my stockings.

All he said was DAM and started stroking his cock faster. So I slipped out of the panties and bent over again to so him my ass hole. I the wet my finger and started to finger fuck myself. All he said was I want to fuck you little bitch! I had some lube handy and lubed my ass and shoved about 3 fingers up my ass and shoved them in and out. Putting on a show for him.

That drove him crazy and he said my turn bitch and drove his cock deep in my ass. I let out a big moan and said fuck me, fuck hard!!

And he did saying take you little slut, take my big cock. All I could say is fuck me, fuck me deep and hard! He grab my hips and fuck me real fast and hard. Finally he said here I cum, take you little bitch, take my cum up your ass. We both collapsed and finish our tea. Needless to say every time he mowed the lawn.

I could look forward to a good day of draining his cock for a tasty load of cum and getting my ass fucked real good. Oh by the way because I love cum so much when ever he left I would squirt his cum out of my ass and savor it till the next time. A couple of weeks latter he showed up with a helper. I said dam no luck today! But when they got done I heard a knock at the door.

They we're both standing there. He said we could use a glass of iced tea. Come in I said. He said this is my new helper his name is Jim. My friend whose name was Larry said I hired him just to help me here, then he smiled. I just licked my lips and smiled back.

I got them there tea and he said put on some porn. So I put on my favorite cock sucking DVD and smiled. Before long they were both rubbing there hard cocks.

I was in heaven! My friend ask me if I had on my sucking and fucking attire and I always have it on when you're here. He then said why don't you put on a little show for us. My buddy has never seen a cocking whore like you before! So I just grinned and said hold on one minute and went and put on a tight skirt over my panties, garter belt and stockings and returned to the living room.

They both had pulled down there pants and where stroking there cocks. I started my little show my rubbing penetração na uretra orifício urina urethra pen tube porn cock threw the dress and telling them how good there cock looked.

Boy when looked Jim's cock my eyes bulged. It was huge it had to be 9" long, thick and with a big rosy cockhead oozing loads of pre cum. I knew I had to have that cock in my mouth and buried deep in my ass. But not just yet I wasn't done with my show.

I want these guys to get so hot that the minute there cocks meet my lips they fill my hungry mouth there big loads.

I slowly pulled the skirt up over my head and grab my cock threw my panties to show them how turned I was. Larry said look Jim the little bitch is hot for our cocks! I said you haven't seen the best part yet. I went into the bedroom and came back with one of my favorite toys. Jim said yeah Bitch fuck that big lovely girl with nice a hole gives massage dick.

I turned my ass towards them ( I had lubed my ass earlier ) and teased myself with my toy. Jim said fuck it bitch. That's all I need to here. I slowly drove it in deep and started to fuck it with long fast stokes. Larry said come here and fuck your self and suck my dick.

I couldn't get there fast enough. I got on all fours and licked all that sweet pre-cum up and then rammed his cock all the way down my wanting mouth all the while shoving my toy deep into my ass. Jim got up and grabbed my toy and really started to slam it into my ass.

I let out a deep moan and said Oh God Fuck My Bitch Hole with that toy. It didn't take much of my bobbing up and down Larry's dick before he said Take my Load Bitch here it Cooommmeess!! Shot after shot of his hot cum shot into my hungry mouth, Dam it tasted soooo good.

When he was done he said now it's your turn Jim. I turned around still swallowing Larry's cum and wrapped my mouth around that huge head. A squirt of pre-cum greeted my horney mouth. I could hardly get that big cock all the way down, so he said take Bitch and grabbed my head and thrust his big cock deep in my throat.

God I Loved it. I saw Larry was watchin an ass fuck scene and stroking his cock again. Jim was driving his big dick down my throat faster and faster. I knew he was close and I wanted all that big cocks cum! All of a sudden I felt Larry fingering my hole and I moaned Fuck Me Please and the next thing his cock was filling my ass. This was to good to be true!! Larry was poundin my ass and Jim was feeding me his cock. All of a sudden Jim let out a big moan and flooded my mouth with his load.

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Spurt after spurt of his salty cum filled my mouth and I couldn't swallow fast enough. His cock was so big, lucky for me I didn't lose a drop. Shortly after that Larry filled my ass with his wonderful cum. They both rested for a while after that. And watch fuck flicks. Then Jim said ok Bitch it time to ride my cock. I'm gonna fuck you like the little whore you are! Dam I wanted his big cock deep in my fuck hole. I was on all fours again and swayin my ass back and forth wantin that big cock.

I felt his cock head touch my hole and chicks have sex with men interracial hardcore go slow with that big cock. All he said was Take It You Little Bitch and rammed it in to the hilt. Dam it hurt but all I could say was Fuck My Pussy Fuck It Hard!!! And it started to feel soooo good havin that big cock plow my pussy.

Yeah take you cunt I know you like it!! Ohhh!! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!! He let out a moan and said take my cum up that hole!! They washed up and said they see me next week.

I said you can come see me any time you want! After they where gone I again squirted the loads of cum from my ass and swallowed a second helping. Then I took my cock and shoot a load of cum into my hand and swallowed that! They where back next week. But that's a story for another time.

God I love hard cocks and CUM!!