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Multiple creampies in gaped fuck holes for wicked tramp spreading and bursting
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VII. A New School Year That September when school started Bobby was in the 11th grade, I was in the 9th grade, and Donny was in the 7th grade.

We all arrived home on the same bus so Bobby and I had no private time any more. There would be a day now and then when Donny would visit a friend and on those days Bobby and I would enjoy each other. Also, once or twice a week Bobby had after school activities that kept him from arriving home until later so I had private time with my little brother Donny. It took me a while until one day in early October I caught him beating off.

He was so scared. He was in the bathroom and I walked in. There he was standing in front of the mirror watching himself as he had his pants down and he was pumping on his peter.

He tried to hide what he was doing from me as I asked, "What were you doing?" "Nothing," he answered.

"Yes you were," I insisted. I went on, "Now Donny, I want you to tell me what you were doing." "Nothing…I wasn't doing anything," he insisted. I moved close to him and he crouched down in his attempt to hide. I said, "Show me what you were doing." "Huh uh, no," he pleaded. "You were beating off, weren't you?" I demanded. He looked at me with shock on his face. He had never heard his sister use such words. Tears began to flow from his eyes. "Oh sweetheart, I didn't mean to make you cry," I said as I wrapped my arms around him.

I whispered in his ear, "A healthy 13-year-old boy needs to beat off every once in a while. Now let me see that peter of yours." "Huh uh," he said as he tried to squirm away from me. "I bet you've got a pretty peter. Any brother of mine has to have a pretty savita bhabhi cartoon sex dever soraj He could not get away from me but I could not get him in a position to be able to see his peter.

I began to tickle him. We did not have much history of tickling but he watch me fuck your daughter soon helplessly under my power and there was his peter sticking up like a handle that needed a hand to make it work. I wrapped my hand around it and began gently stroking it. "No Carly, no!" he said as he continued to squirm.

"It's okay Donny; I know what I'm doing." His peter grew firmer in my hand and Donny stopped resisting me. "Carly…Carly…I'm…I'm gonna…" "I know, you're gonna come," I said. I directed his peter to the side so that his stuff shot out onto the floor. As it did, I took note that his peter was nearly as big as his brother's. When his stuff slowed to a dribble I looked to his face.

He looked frightened and I put a hand on either side of his face and planted a kiss on his lips. He attempted to twist away from me and I said, "Oh come on give your big sister a big kiss." He still resisted and I said, "If I can beat you bffs partying and enjoying one cock to blow and suck you can give me a kiss." His lips met mine and he wrapped his arms around me. My tongue met his closed lips but they parted slowly.

Soon our tongues were swirling around each other. It had been several weeks since my little button had had a proper stimulation and at this moment I felt it itch for attention. When we broke from the kiss he said, "I have always wanted to kiss you Carly." We kissed again and my pussy said to me it wanted attention.

When the kiss ended I asked, "Have you ever seen a girl beat off?" "I never knew girls beat off," he replied. "Oh yes, girls beat off. I do it often.

I feel like I need to do it now. Would you like to watch?" "You mean it? You'd really let me watch?" he asked in surprise. "Only if you promise never to tell anyone." "I'd never tell anyone." "Think about it. You're with your buddies and one of them is bragging about how he did his girlfriend.

He says something that you know can't be true and you say something about me. You have to be sure not to say anything." "I won't say anything to anyone." "Okay, let's get up off the floor and go to my room." As I stood and helped him up I said, "Let me clean this up first." I took a towel from the rack and wiped up the mess on the floor.

While I did Donny pulled up his pants and buckled his belt. I brought the used towel and a fresh clean towel with me to my room. Donny followed close behind me. In my room I spread the clean towel on my bed and sat on it. Donny stood several feet away. I smiled at him and he smiled nervously back at me. I lay back on my bed and said, "I bet you have never ever seen a pussy." "No," "You don't want to watch from over there.

Come over here and sit on the edge of the bed so you can get a good look," I said as I patted the bed feel my ass tighten around your cock dbm video I wanted him to sit.

He followed my directions and I unbuckled my belt, undid the button and lowered the zipper on my jeans. His silly smile looked cute as he watched with an unwavering stare at what I was doing.

I raised my butt and lowered my jeans.

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I pulled them all the way off and tossed them aside. I ran my fingers over my very wet panties and said, "That's not pee…its pussy juice that tells me I need to play with myself." "Yeah," he squeaked as his voice cracked. "Don't be nervous," I said as I slipped down my panties.

I had been trimming my pussy hair quite short so that it looked neat. I spread my legs wide so Donny could get a good look. "What do you think?" I asked. "Pretty," he squeaked. "You think." "Yeah, it's the prettiest thing I have ever seen," he said. "Thank you but I don't think it is prettier that your peter. Now look what happens when I open it up. See there are lots of folds of skin to hold onto a peter when I'm old enough to have a peter in there and all this juice is meant to make it slippery so a peter will slip in easily." "Gee," he said.

"Now with my fingers all covered with pussy juice I check out these amazingly hot teen hardcore and blowjob like this," I instructed as I began to rub at my little button.

"This is how girls beat off." I looked at his face and he had a look of amazement. I reached my highs much faster than usual. My head rolled back, I closed my eyes, and moaned loudly. When I opened my eyes I caught him adjusting his peter. "Your hard again aren't you?" "Yeah," he said and I noted his face turned red. "Well, that's to be expected. I'd play with you again but mom and dad are due home in a few minutes. We don't ever want to get caught and we will never tell mom and dad either.

We'll play some more when we are alone again." All the while I was talking I was pulling up my panties and putting on my jeans. "You mean it? We'll play with each other again?" he asked. "Oh yes, any time we are sure of being alone and if you want to we will play like we are lovers." "Will you let me stick my peter in your pussy?" "No, we are way too young to do that but there are lots of other things we will do." "Like what?" he asked.

"Come here and give me a kiss and we will talk the next time we are outdoor fucking of hawt beauty hardcore blowjob He scooted to me and nearly lay on top of me as we kissed. His tongue is long and he became a good kisser in no time at all. I wondered how he would respond if I asked him to lick my pussy.

Maybe I should suck him off before I ask him to eat me out. Maybe tomorrow or maybe that is moving too fast. It was Thursday and my turn to read that evening. When Donny came to sit beside me he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Bobby, ever the observant one said, "What's this…Donny kissing his sister?" "Just thanking her for being so nice to me," Donny said as he cuddled up close to me. My pussy tingled as I thought about having a second lover. As I opened the book I wondered if I should tell each of them about the other.

We had a school holiday in October but mommy and daddy had to work so as soon as they left Bobby came to my room and we did our favorite where he spooned behind me with his peter between my thighs and he played with my button.

I was able to keep from moaning loudly. After we had both come we kiss a long kiss and then he told me he had to go do something with his friends.

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I told him I would miss him but maybe Donny could fill in for him. "Sure, go ahead," he said as he prepared to leave. As soon as Bobby left I went to Donny's door and tapped on it lightly. I heard his voice but I could not make out what he said. I opened his door slightly and asked, "Can I come in?" He invited me in and I entered his room. He was still in bed and he looked like he had just awakened.

I told him Bobby had left and would be gone for most of the day so we could do anything he wanted to do. "Can I watch you again?" he asked. "Of course if that is what you want. But there are other things we could do." "Like what?" "Why don't we both get naked and hug and kiss to start with?" I asked.

"Okay," he said as he sat up in bed and pulled off his pajama top. I unbuttoned my pajama top a little slower and when I opened it up Donny's eyes grew large. "Wow, Carly you got tits," he said.

"Well yeah." "No I mean you got tits. Tits big enough to suck on," he tried to explain. "Would you like to suck on them?" "Do they give milk?" "No but I bet you would enjoy sucking on them," I said. I sat down on his bed and moved close to him. He just sat there staring. I knew he was taking in every detail of shape and color.

I placed a hand under one breast and moved even closer to him. My titty was only about six inches from his mouth. He licked his lips, looked into my eyes, and asked, "Really, you're gonna let me…" "Do it now or I might change my mind." He plunged forward, taking my titty in his mouth. I cradled his head in my hands. He eagerly nursed like a hungry child. My body responded with those now familiar feelings deep down in my womb. I again wondered if when I had a baby I ravishing czech beauty lexi dona finger fucks and orgasms get these same feelings when I nursed.

I remembered back to the first time Bobby had sucked on my tits, I had a full blown orgasm. Now I sex tussy xxxxx story con up but not all the way.

After a few minutes I encouraged him to try the other titty. After a few more minutes I became bored so I said, "There's more to do." I pulled away from him and lowered my pajama bottoms. He just watched me so I said, "Your turn." Still on his bed hairy carter cruise receives cum in twat after getting boned pornstars and creampie removed his pajama bottoms.

His peter waved around provocatively as he moved. He looked at me and said, "You still got panties on." "That's okay," I said as I climbed on the bed with him. I lay on top of him as I laid him back with his head on his pillow.

We kissed passionately with lots of tongue activity. I pressed my breasts against his chest and my belly against his peter.

I wiggled so that his peter was stimulated and he hunched against me. Soon his hips moved so that his peter was rubbing into my belly button. I was sure that I was not getting the stimulation that he was but it was still enjoyable.

Before long he moaned into my mouth and I sex with fat on livecam hardcore and blowjob the warm feeling of his hot stuff on tummy. After several hard thrusts of his hips he relaxed. I pulled back from the kiss and asked, "How's that?" "Carly, I can't believe…I mean…oh golly…uh…did we…uh…did we have sex?" "We had play sex…not real sex," I explained.

"It's okay…I mean…we can play…" "Donny, we can play at sex all we want as long as no one else knows. If you tell anyone we won't be able to do it anymore and I might go to jail." "Then it's wrong but we can still do it?" he asked. "Anything that feels so good can't be all wrong. I think the only reason why it is wrong is that older people think that they have to keep us from playing so that we don't do the real thing.

So if we don't do real sex, whatever we do is okay; but still we can't tell anyone." "Gee Carly, that's almost the same thing I thought when I played with myself." "Great minds, huh?" I asked before kissing him again. As we kissed I felt his peter growing ever so slowly as it slid through the pool of his hot stuff still trapped between us.

I thought about the power I held over this little brother of mine. I wondered if Bobby felt the same way about me. Another thought was, how long I would be able to keep them from knowing about each other. After he had grown hard again he began hunching against me.

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I realized I had not enjoyed an orgasm with him so I rolled off and lay on my back beside him. "Pull off my panties," I instructed. "What?" he said as if surprised. "You are going to play with my pussy." "Oh!" he exclaimed as he sat up and began fumbling with my panties.

After some struggle he pulled them all the way off. "Now, take a little twsmokin hotties tackle a soltough pecker getting familiar with my pussy. There's a lot more to it than a peter." I opened my pussy sex xxx story full uae my fingers and added, "You see there are outer lips and inner lips, and no teeth.

It is all designed to milk a peter dry. It likes fingers too." I slid fingers in and out. I continued, "The juices that flow make it lovely girl with nice a hole gives massage and the biggest surprise of all is right up here." I moved my moist fingers up to my button. "I call this my little button. It is like a tiny little peter and when it is rubbed, it gives me all the feelings you have when you shoot your stuff.

Go ahead, touch it." At first he touched me rather tentatively but soon he was opening me wide and peering down inside. He would stick a finger in and pull it out. "You've got lots of juice Carly." "Use some of it to rub on my button," I suggested. He rubbed over and around my button lightly. It felt good but I wanted more. "That feels good, but if you want to make me really feel good you have to rub harder." He did and I immediately felt those lovely spasms that I enjoyed so much.

I moaned my pleasure and he stopped. He asked, "Are you okay." "Yes sweetie it feels so good I can't keep quiet. Now keep going until I tell you to stop." He continued and I went up into that heavenly world of pleasure. I was trying not to scream but when I heard myself scream, he stopped. I shouted, a little more angrily than I had intended, "Don't stop!" He continued and soon I went over the edge.

As I relaxed I said, "You can stop." "Good golly Carly, you really enjoy getting off don't you?" "Yeah, I do," I whispered as I continued in the afterglow. "I wish I could enjoy it that much," he said. "We'll do something one of these days to make you feel that good. Right now how would you like to take a shower with me and we will get all cleaned up?" "I'm starving," he said.

"We'll eat right after our shower," I said as I picked up my pajamas and led him to the bathroom. I regulated the shower so that it was good and warm. I pushed him in and followed him. Standing behind him, I soaped him up scrubbing with only my hands. Soon I had his peter in one hand and I was pumping him rapidly. In short order he shot a load of his stuff on the wet wall. I watch it wash off the wall and down the drain.

I rinsed the soap off him and shoved him out of the shower. I quickly washed myself and followed behind him. "I didn't bring any clothes with me," he said. "Well no one is in the house. Just go to your room and get dressed." He left and I soon went to my room and dressed in my usual. I was hungry also and I hurried. I reached the kitchen just before he did. I asked, "What would you like?" "How about pancakes?" he asked.

I thought about the waffles Bobby and I had that first day we were alone. "I'll make waffles if you make hot chocolate," I said.

"Okay." The rest of the day we talked, kissed, hugged, but did nothing more than that. I told him I had thought a lot about what we could do and I wanted him to look forward to the next time we could be alone. To be continued in Chapter VIII. Time Flies *