Hairy carter cruise receives cum in twat after getting boned pornstars and creampie

Hairy carter cruise receives cum in twat after getting boned pornstars and creampie
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I stayed home from college, safe In the knowledge that I was alone in the house - or so I thought… I was straight into my schoolie outfit - white blouse, skirt, tie, and some white 40den semi-opaque tights.

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A bit of make-up on my face and my hair in pigtails completed my look. I finished off by dotting my cheeks with some freckles, using an black eyeliner pencil. Going shoeless, I padded around the house feeling extremely sexy, the skirt swishing against the body of my tights. Having not worn any panties, I was soon rock hard, and started to think about pleasuring myself.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door! I froze. Then more knocking, more determined this time. I quickly crept upstairs, keeping away from any windows, but peered out of my bedroom window as I'd kept the curtains shut. There was a truck parked gia paloma and rebecca bardoux are the naughtiest sisters the driveway from the Water Board, and three men milling about. I panicked slightly - what were they doing here.

There were no lights on in the house, so I was sure they'd give up and go. Imagine if I was discovered, I thought to myself… I heard a cough behind me. Again, I froze. "I didn't think you'd be in" I heard a voice say. It was my Uncle Danny, and he worked for the Water Board.

"your dad said for me and the lads to pop round during the day, so's we could look at the pipes, and he gave me a key. Said you'd all be out…" I turned nervously round to face him, my face flushed with embarrassment.

"my, you make a good schoolgirl" he said with a smile, looking me up and down. I trembled with fear. "please…please don't tell" I whimpered. "hmmnn…we'll have to see about that" he said with a grin. He turned and went to walk out of the room. "me and the lads could use a cup of tea, I'll go and let them in" he said, then with a slight sneer "and the schoolie needs to be serving us".

He teen fingers and cums in jacuzzi chat with her at masturbation masturbate downstairs, and I heard him call the others in. Nervously I went downstairs and slipped into the kitchen, as they'd gone into the lounge. I switched the kettle on, trembling. I'd fantasised about being dressed and having encounters, and I felt a stirring again down below, but I was unsure - three strangers, and my uncle!

"where's that tea love?" my uncle shouted from the living room. I got the things together, and went into the living room. My Uncle and the other three were sat on the sofas. All eyes bored into me, one of them giving a low wolf whistle. "this is my niece Bobbi" said Danny. "wow, she's lovely" one of the other men said. I couldn't tell you what they looked like, as my eyes were drawn to the bulges in their work trousers. I put the tea things on the low coffee table, bending over, my skirt riding up my legs slightly.

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"great legs" I heard another one say, then I felt a hand stroking up the back of my thigh. Even though I was nervous and afraid, I was so horny, rock hard again in my tights.

Danny shuffled in his seat, sliding his work trousers down, a thick hard 8" erection springing out.

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I looked at it then at him. He waggled it at me "come on Bobbi, be a good niece for your uncle." I went over to him, then sank to my knees. Overcome with lust, I bent forward, and wrapped my lips around it. He hissed his pleasure as I slid my mouth along it, slowly sucking him. " 'kin 'ell Danny, yer a lucky bugger" I heard from behind me. The one sitting next to Danny also shuffled his trousers down, & what must have been 7" of hard cock sprang out. I went to this one, slowly sucking down on it, whilst I stroked Danny's member.

The other two stood either side of me, their trousers shuffling down, erections popping out, one about 7", the other about 9"! Never in my wildest dressed-up fantasy had I imagined being surrounded by four big cocks.

I went around them all, sucking, lapping, licking, wanking, all the time being urged on, with "what a sexy girl", "she's such a hot girl", "what a hot mouth". They stood me up then put me on my back on the sofa. They tried to lift my skirt, but I held it down. "don't worry love" said one of the men, "we know what you are". "yeah," said Danny, wrenching the hem of my skirt from my grasp, "a dirty slut!!". They all laughed as my skirt lifted, and they could see that I wasn't wearing panties, my own erection straining against the body mom and patrons pal suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft my tights.

They held my legs open and back by my ankles, and I felt my tights being ripped open slightly by my bum. I moaned loudly as I felt one, then two fingers worming their way into me. I glanced down and two of them each had their fingers in me! Then my head was turned to the side, and a cock was shoved in my mouth.

Looking sideways, I saw that Danny had shuffled in between my legs, the tip of his cock probing my anus. Gently he entered me, and I felt like I was going to explode! He eased himself all the way into me. "jeez, Bobbi" he said with a wheeze, "you're so tight!" He started slowly pumping me, rubbing his hands up & down my legs as they were held open by one of the others.

I felt his balls slapping against my xxx sex stories story videshi seek pack cheeks, faster & faster as he pumped me. "come on you two" I heard one of them say, "let us have a go!". All four of them took turns in sliding their hard cocks up my ass or into my mouth with me on my back, whilst the other two rubbed themselves on my white nyloned legs and feet.

My cock throbbed away in my tights, until one of them started rubbing it. I came in the body of my tights, bucking my hips up and moaning loudly thru a mouthful of cock. Then, they all started to erupt - they splattered my stomach, thighs, legs, face, throat and feet. I was drenched, looking down at myself as they backed off once they were all spent. I sat up, spunk dribbling down me everywhere, and they filed out, smiles on their faces. "thanks for the tea" Danny smiled just before he left, "we'll look at those pipes now.

But I think Bobbi will have to look at my pipe again quite soon too…"