Sini has just turned years old and is a virgin

Sini has just turned years old and is a virgin
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Guy: A week after Spring Break Life is good from where I'm sitting, that would be in my living room holding my baby boy Neal while his mommy is passed out on the couch. Someone was fussy last night and she insisted that she be ultra momma and take up the burden herself. My phone goes off and I see Jun calling as I stand up and walk out of the room carrying my boy. "Jun I'm hoping you have something big on business for me because I'm getting a little worried about finances," I joke over phone.

"Well it's actually me calling about your boy," Jun informs me and I smile at that. "He's right here," I reply making a face at Neal. "What, are you with the kids," He asks confused," I'm talking about Stuart." "Well Stuart is doing just fine. Grades are solid, no major problems aside from him being super single with benefits," I tell my old friend with a chuckle. "Someone is looking for him from an outside business, I think someone is trying to poach him," Jun explains and I actually laugh.

"Is he aware of it yet," I get to my office and switch over to headset. "I am pretty sure he doesn't realize what is going on but there is a woman looking for him and she's pretty persistent," Jun says and I sit down at the computer. "Stuart hasn't said anything to me about feeling like he should do something else or has any regrets, has he said anything to you," I ask sitting down at dad fucks duddy playfellows daughter while mom is asleep next to them and milf aunt desk.

"No he hasn't said anything to me and how do you know we've been talking," Jun asks now wondering how I could divine my information. "Probably because I know the two of you, granted you a lot better than him and you picked him out. You're looking at the idea of him taking some of this burden off of you for information running and electronic warfare," I tell Jun who laughs.

"Okay boss it would be nice to have him taking part of the burden off of me so I can spend time with my wife," Jun says and now I chuckle at him. "Remember she's the one who wanted to stop at three kids," I joke back and we both get amazing lesbian sex on the massage table with danie daniels and tanja tate little laugh," Honestly do you think she's a threat or something?" "Not really but I'm going to look into it hard," Jun informs me and I stop him.

"No, leave it alone," I know my words shock him a little. "Uh Guy that is completely against everything we've established. We're basically leaving Stuart out in the open while someone tracks him down," Jun explains and I smile. "If it's something dangerous Desmond little sister and big brother night xxx in sleeping Wilma can get to him, if it's something personal then he doesn't need us," I explain plainly," If something different comes up, something he's not prepared for then we step in when he brings it to us." Jun doesn't like it, he accepts it but he doesn't like it.

We end the call and I'm still playing with my boy but now there is a tired Mommy Katy at my office door. "I'm full and I think he needs to feed," Katy says stepping over and taking our son.

"Maybe I need some mommy time," I counter pulling at her jeans. "Yes but baby first, daddy tonight if he's good," Katy says with a smile.

"What if Daddy is a bad daddy? What if Daddy doesn't want to wait," I counter moving behind my wife and press against her back. "I'm holding our son," Katy groans before changing tactics," See Neal, this is why you're here. Daddy is a horn dog; we need to teach you to say 'Horny Daddy'." I let her get out of my office with a pat on the ass before heading out to my back yard. Sun shining is something we don't get often in Washington so I take it as an omen of good things, or bad considering I burn easily.

Hell with omens, kids will be home in a couple hours and I'm on deck for dinner tonight, I think we're breaking out the barbeque today. Stuart: Same time Everyone is back to classes and recovering from their Spring Break shenanigans that I get to sit quietly and smile as mine was pretty nice. Well nice for everyone but Richard, ever since he got back he's been in a pretty depressed mood and it took this week to wear him down when I finally catch him on the couch staring at the door while the TV is on.

"Okay we're at the point of intervention here," I tell him as he looks at me lazily," you want to talk and work this out, whatever is bothering you?" "Nothing to work out, life sucks and I finally get it man," Richard mumbles reaching for his beer.

"You're not going to classes and you've been cooped up all week. Talk to me Rich," I ask sitting down as he takes a pull from his beer. "I fell in love," Richard starts and I have to pause for him to catch up but there isn't anything else. "You fell in love? Man, Jesus, what the fuck! You've been this bad the whole week and now you tell me," I am a little mock humor as he looks at me grumpy," I mean we need to get a manicurist and a hair stylist and talk about how dreamy she is like all broken hearted girls." "Fuck you Stuart," Richard growls and I smirk.

"Wouldn't your new love hate you for cheating on her," I joke and he stands up and stomps towards his room. I let him go, no use in following him so he can close the door in my face but then I hear him begin to retch and I have to get up quick and grab the trash can. I get him over it barely in time as he vomits all over the inside of the bin and bag.

I learn that if you live on alcohol and junk food for about seven days and vomit in a purge fashion the smell can make anyone gag and want to vomit. I hold in it barely and as soon as he lifts his head I take Richard to the bathroom and sit him in the shower before turning the water on cold.

The shock is amazing as he bolts up and tries to get out but I have to hold him there and keep him in the water to shock his system which doesn't take long and he purges more right there in the tub. I make a call while Richard is down to Jamal who agrees to come help me baby the playboy in love. I let my good friend in after an hour of waiting and immediately we go into rehydrating and cleaning Richard up. From the time I started talking to him on the couch till we have him sitting upright on his own and drinking some sort of soup Jamal bought we spent about two and a half hours.

"Okay so break it down for a brother, who is the girl and how do we hook you two up," Jamal asks and I have to smile, he said it not me. "It was my first day back home and my parents took me out to dinner. Mom was talking but I saw her at another table and couldn't stop staring.

I mean she is beautiful and my Mom police strip suspects were eyed and apprehended by lp officer in a failed attempt to exit to embarrass me by introducing our family to hers. Turns out her family is wealthy but she's from Greece and we actually got a chance to talk the next day," Richard says and stops. "Dude it was one night. How can you be so hard on her after one night," I ask and he picks up where he was.

"It wasn't just that night; I spent all week with her. We went everywhere, I couldn't impress her with money or family and so I talked about me. Conversation wasn't very in depth then I found out about her. She dances and paints and her family has an estate on the Mediterranean for the summer.

She's amazing and we kissed," Richard is full blown hard up on her and Jamal is almost laughing. "Okay so what happened," Jamal asks holding it in. "I had to come back to fucking school, I don't know how long she's in country for but now I'll never see her again," Richard says taking another sip of soup," what is this stuff anyway?" "Chicken soup in a can," Jamal says shaking his head.

"Never had canned soup before," Richard says and I do remember a lot of takeout food. "Yeah well we'll take you to a grocery store sometime and blow your mind. Do you have her phone number," I ask and he nods," Why the fuck aren't you calling her? If she has money she can make a trip over here." "What do I say 'hi I'm Richard and we met a week ago and I think I'm in love with you please come visit," Richard says and Jamal is quick to help.

"Well everything except the love part," Jamal jokes. We get him his phone and have him dial up this woman he's obsessing over. It takes a bit and he heads into his room to make the call while Jamal and I sit back and talk about important things.

"So what about you Mr. Heart on his sleeve," Jamal asks and I shrug," where is your lady to tame the beast?" "I don't know man, I mean I like women and the sex I have with a couple of them is good but I think last year kinda burned me on the relationship thing," I tell Jamal and he nods but doesn't buy it. "Yeah except I think I know you well enough to see you're holding out," Jamal says with a laugh.

I change the subject to easier topics like school and my work with my boss. He is a little interested when I go over all the little things Guy has gifted me with for work. He's interested and I'd like to speak to Guy about him and maybe helping him out but figure I'll get myself taken care of then bring new employees around. Richard comes back out feeling emotionally better by his smile but physically the same as before by his posture.

"She was wondering why I didn't call her," He says and we laugh at him," Alright I've never done this shit before so shut up." That Friday was a milestone one for the three of us because we went out but Richard and I weren't cruising. We sat and actually talked about how he's going to swear off other women for this mystery woman. The weekend passes and Richard is back in classes catching up on missed work with me helping him out with some of the class work to get him caught up. Other than helping Richard I'm going to the gym and spending time with Robin, Trinity and Caitlin.

Robin and Trinity are with me in the gym most days as we coordinated our workouts together but Robin and I also eat meals and study together. Caitlin on the other hand stopped trying to jump in my bed I caught her Thursday and figured I'd talk with her alone about it. "So what is going on with you not coming over for the night," I ask my bouncy friend. "Well if you weren't so hung up on Robin I'd be over more," Caitlin informs me and I give her a funny look.

"I'm not hung up on her," my brilliant counter. "Yeah well I have eyes and you are, always close to her when you're working. Sharing meals and books, I'm surprised you haven't taken her for a ride yet," Caitlin holds nothing back, it's why I like her.

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"Okay so how does she feel about me oh relationship psychic," I ask being overly goofy. "Uh-uh you get to figure that out yourself but let's not wait for her to make the first move okay," Caitlin says leaving me with more to do on a Thursday than I thought. I get back to my room and have to unlock to door with Richard at class and get inside immediately to find myself face to face with beautiful.

She's about 5'9" with a soft toned build and deep olive skin, jet black hair down to her shoulders small but firm breasts and an ass that is toned and tight. This is what I'm seeing in a pair of panties walking from my bathroom to Richard's room and I have to blink a couple times to make sure I'm seeing it right.

She sees me as well but doesn't cover up; she gives me an angry look. "Who are you," the accent is heavy, very much non American.

"I'm Stuart," I squeak out," I'm in the other room." "Oh you are Richard's housemate, my apologies. I am Diamada David," the supermodel level female in front of me introduces herself extending a hand. I shake her hand and watch as she goes into Richard's room before heading into mine and closing the door.

Adjust the erection in my pants and try to figure out what the hell is going on. I don't leave the room until I hear Richard come in and he's talking to the new woman Diamada before I get a knock on my door.

"Stuart you met Dia," Richard says and I nod," yeah she showed up today looking for me, after you guys had me call her she just got things together and cleared it with her parents before getting on a plane and flying over." I listen as he just emotionally lets it out as to how happy she was that he called and she just wanted to come see him after they had only a short time together.

I stand there and listen as she is in the background listening only this time she's fully clothed in simple slacks and an open blouse with no bra. "So I was wondering if you wanted to go out with us tomorrow night. Dia hasn't been to California before and I figured we could go to a club and maybe dinner before that," Richard asks bringing me back to reality. "Yeah, sure man," I reply as he returns to his woman and I watch them leave.

Yeah he's happy, with a body like that it'd be difficult for him to not be. I shake it off and figure he's seen women I've brought home naked so I got to see his woman naked, weird thing is she didn't flinch or try to cover up. Confidence or just her way? I change to workout clothes and meet up with Robin at the gym. We both skip the weight and go right to the heavy bags. We're there for a half hour when I ask her. "Robin want to go on a double date tomorrow night," I ask and she stops mid kick.

"A date? A date with you and who," She asks curious. "Richard and his new girlfriend," I get it out and she gives me a skeptical look," Seriously he has a girlfriend and she's in town. He invited me out but I figured it'd be nice to go with someone I like." "I like you too Stuart, of course I'll go just let me know what we're doing so I can dress appropriately," Robin says agreeing before a hard kick nails the bag.

Workout goes as good as it usually does and I will get her the details from Richard before we have to head out. Friday morning I find out its dinner and dancing at a club and that we'll be treating Dia to some nice simple American cuisine, I almost ask fast food but find out we're going for the LA experience. I get the information to Robin who says she'll be ready when Richard says Dia and he will be taking her car. Not sure how she has her own car but it doesn't bother me much as now I'll be able to be alone for a bit with Robin, which will give me the chance to talk to her in a non academic or gym setting.

I dress casual formal with slack and a nice short sleeve button up shirt and find Richard is dressed the same where as his woman Dia looks amazing in a mid thigh tight skirt and sleeveless blouse with simple hair and makeup. I head out to pick up Robin and text her as I think I'm outside her dorm in my Lexus SUV. It takes a couple minutes and I have to stop and take her image in as she approaches my vehicle. She's got her hair back in a high first hard fuck experience for lacey lay big black cock and monstercock but it's the tight short sleeve top showing her now thin toned mid riff short denim shorts and long black leggings I'm honestly stunned.

"What," Robin asks as I must be staring as she gets in my vehicle. "You look amazing," I tell her and she smiles. "Well thank you, now let's go catch up and get some food," Robin says with a smile.

We're off and I got to admit I liked her before but this feels really good, I get a message to Richard and find out we're at a spot called Roscoe's chicken and waffles. Not sure if that goes together but I shrug and pull up and our other twosome already eating with food down for us as well. Introductions are done and we eat while light banter and stories are exchanged before Robin decides to ask a question of Dia.

"So what are you studying," it's this question that has Dia laugh. "Political structure of the Mediterranean and Baltic sea," she replies and I know Robin and I are confused. "Dia's family never sent her to college, they paid professors to come and tutor her. She can do almost anything from dance to paint to govern a small country," Richard gloats as his new girlfriend admonishes him.

"I'd never govern a small country," She says before looking at the two of us," It'd be too much work." Oh yeah, she's got money and an air about her. Granted she's nice at least but I'm wondering who actually told her the truth in her life that wasn't a paid hand.

Food down and some conversation that leads Richard to pick the club and we're off in our vehicles again only this time I'm following them. Robin is pleasant towards me and I smile, she catches it. "What is that grin for," She asks with a smile in her voice. "I feel great, it's nice to be out with you," I reply and get a light smile back. The club won't let us in until Richard lets them know who he is and now we're inside and I discover that there isn't a champagne room and bottle service here, it is champagne and students large cock stuff lucia fernandez pussy service all over.

I am watching people drop big bills on a Friday night and suddenly feel very poor, Robin doesn't seem to notice it and we get a booth to sit at and once drink orders are done and conversation picks up as Richard asks Robin the same question she asked Dia.

"Oh I don't know what I'm going to major in, I'm still first year here," Robin replies and I laugh. "I'm thinking something to do with Mathematical Physical Education," I joke and she laughs now both our friends don't get it.

We all talk about who met who and how and where with Richard and I leaving out the details of my previous hatred for him and his inability to keep from putting his dick in anyone I was trying to date, it would just be awkward. I take Robin out on the dance floor and we dance for a couple songs, we get back to the table and note Richard and Dia are out on the floor themselves having a great time.

They return and we're all smiles and having fun as the first hour ticks down and when a couple guys come over and ask the girls to dance we reach an interesting moment. "No thank you I'm on with my date tonight," Dia informs the now put off gentleman. "I'll dance," Robin says shocking me and leaves me at the table. Richard can see I'm a little stunned but I put it off, she's just dancing and she left her small purse wallet here so we're fine.

After a couple songs she's back at the table and we're relaxing for a couple minutes when I ask her to dance and she says no, she's tired. I leave it alone and soon her and Dia head to the ladies room while Richard and I are left to the booth.

"Dude go dance with another girl," Richard tells me and I shake him off," Seriously you're getting jealous of her dancing with that other guy so dance with someone else." "Life doesn't work like that, you don't go tit for tat to make a point," I state as Dia returns minus Robin.

I'm still there few more minutes when Robin returns to the table and I ask her again to dance and this time she is up for it and we're out on the floor. The third song is something slow and I top notch one eyed monster riding pornstar and hardcore to put my arms around her when the same guy, this Asian Donnie Yen wanna be, cuts in and Robin lets him.

I back off and she gives me a smile as she dances with him and I head back to the booth. I sit back down and begin to wonder what I did to deserve this.

After a couple songs I Robin returns to the table for her drink and walks away with the Asian guy that cut in on us. "Stuart would you like to dance," Dia offers but I shake her off. "No you're Richard's date and that isn't right," I state clenching my teeth. "Man it's alright," Richard offers and I still shake my head no.

We're alone for another half an hour or so when after a bathroom break Dia picks up Robin's purse and leaves before returning without it. I she couldn't even bother to return to the table to pick it up. I get up and look around for a moment to see them at the bar talking and head over to an attractive blonde talking with her friend. "Hey there would you like to dance," I ask the blonde as Robin turns to see me asking someone else.

"Sorry you're not my type," She says with a laugh and even the fucking douche bag with Robin laughs. A couple people at the bar note it but I'm embarrassed enough as I head back across the dance floor to my table where Richard beautiful chick widens lengthy legs girlfriend homemade Dia are no longer there. I spot them dancing again out on the floor and sit for a few songs more as they return and I get up and wave bye to them before leaving the club.

Richard calls after me before I get to the door but I'm quite done for the evening and once in my car head back to the dorm and change to work out clothes and leaving my phone behind head to the gym. I was out on a date for almost ninety minutes with Robin before she turned me in for something prettier, fuck her.

I spend hours, not an hour or two but hours working myself into an exhausted state and stumble back to the dorm and into my bed room. I don't know if Richard and Dia are here but I don't really care either. No messages big titted vicky vettes first ever video with kate england my phone but I don't want to talk anyway as I figure I'll sleep in sweat and locking my door crash out. Next morning I'm awake and sore as I head into the shower to clean up.

Water is good; it allows me to wash off the sweat and doesn't allow anyone to really stop me to talk about what happened last night if they knew. I'm heading back to my room as Richard is letting Dia in, or out I don't care which. "Hey Stuart, are you feeling okay," is all Dia has time to say before I slam my door shut and lock it in response.

I can hear them talking about what to do and figure I need to make a statement, speakers on the computer blaring full blast and I turn on some hard loud metal. Not just any metal, Scandinavian metal that Vikings would have enjoyed killing weak fuckers off to. I let that go on for an hour when I get a message from Jun to work on something important, redoing an interface for a program for Guy's kids. I almost want to say no but it's Guy's kids, they're good kids and while college and everyone in it can go fuck themselves with a champagne bottle Guy is straight up and honest with me.

Hours go by and I send off the rough copy to Jun before grabbing my phone to see I have a couple messages form Caitlin, one from Richard and one from Robin. I don't even read them, just delete and move on. I spend most of the day reworking the program with Jun who is happy to get something fun done and I send off simply pleasantries before eating something light from my fridge and relax with sore muscles and an angry mood.

I'm up early Sunday morning and out for a run to shake the cobwebs off my muscles after a Saturday doing nothing important. The run physically feels good but I still have anger inside me as I get back into my dorm room and straight into the shower. I clean off and get back into my room avoiding all conversations thanks to other's being asleep.

I don't know what Richard has been doing but I figure he and Dia can go have fun without me, they should really I'm the big downer in the room right now anyway and settle in to do something I haven't done in a long time, marathon gaming.

My phone goes off during the session but I don't see Guy or anyone actually important contacting me so it's back to game at hand till about noon when all the people who were up all night hop on the servers and I figure it's time to head off and do anything else.

I don't want to go to the gym but figure I should since I've been sitting for a few hours and after a quick change I head out. Desmond said something to me that Guy affirmed and I actually understand it now, hitting things is good therapy but hitting people is better. The heavy back is probably going to need a replacement if anyone else comes by to use it today but I feel more loose and ready than anything. I'm heading out of the bag room as I see them enter; Trinity and Robin are coming in as I'm heading out towards them and I just keep to myself and take a different row to walk around them.

"Stuart I've been trying to talk to you," Robin says trying to come around as I keep walking at an even pace. I don't respond, hell I don't even look at her and when one of the muscle bound grunts bumping into me I don't say anything to him either.

He on the other hand decides to speak. "Hey asshole, watch where you're going," I hear it and stop before quietly turning. He's got his back to me, about 6'1" built like he does this to help him keep his position in a sport he plays for the college. He's white like me but tanned and probably oils himself so he can jack off in the mirror to his own image.

Yeah I hate this fucker and I barely notice Trinity and Robin stop their approach as I move up behind him. "I was watching where I honey cant stop enjoying wild fuck hardcore blowjob going. I just didn't care when a narcissistic jock got in my way I figured he needed to learn how to get out of the way for once.

It's not my fault you're too stupid to move when someone is coming at you," I tell him calm but inside I'm on fire. "Listen fat boy, back up before you get hurt," he says barely looking at me. "You're right, I don't want to have to humiliate you in front of your boyfriends," I say nodding to a couple of the other gym monkeys. "Fat boy I'm about to beat the shit out of you," he informs me poking my chest with his finger.

I look at the finger, I look at him then I grab his hand with mine and squeeze. He's strong pretty strong but he likes his look. I was built for power, Guy helped build me for real power and while he might be a humvee I'm a god damn tank.

I squeeze hard and when his first knuckle pops and he buckles to his knees I grab the finger sticking out with my free hand. "I ought to break this finger for offending my by getting moron juice on me," I state and he holds his other hand up in surrender. "Let go man I'm sorry," he tells me and I agree. "You are sorry, all that work and the 'fat boy' put you on your knees.

You do this for looks, I do this to survive. I eat, sleep, wreck shop then wake up to do it again," I tell him before pushing him back onto the ground letting go," get in my way again and I will reach through your gut and break your spine." Can we say fear factor, big dumb jock gets put down by 'fat boy' in the gym. His boys help him up and get him away from the area as I turn and leave.

Robin and Trinity are too stunned to follow or say anything, good. I don't need sympathy. Anita: Sunday night A hot bath after a long work week is just what the doctor ordered.

I have Sophia taking care of the last transit orders for a change as I take some time to relax. Been over two weeks now and finally she found that dancer, Jamal. Nice young man and he was happy to relay a message to his friend Stuart that I'd like to meet with him. Dancing was pleasant and he was sweet to make me feel a little sexy lawyers enjoy good dicking from hung clients on an evening when I just wanted to have some public face time and ended up feeling embarrassed by my ex, Castro.

Out of the bath and I dry off before wrapping my silk robe around me and figure a glass of wine or two would be absolutely divine right now. I get down stairs and sloppy creampie for the wonderful alexa nicole brunette and blowjob the kitchen and find a bottle in the chiller waiting, must have been there for a bit since I don't get to drink at home very often.

I don't even get to be home often I think as I pour a glass and take the bottle with me. I don't see it, I don't even hear it but the hand grabbing me by my hair and pulling me into my den is strong. It hurts to turn with my hair in his hand but I force myself to do it and bring the bottle crashing into the masked intruder's knee. He lets my hair go and I run, I can hear them yelling up at me as I get to the top of the stairs and into my bedroom slamming the large oak door behind me.

I push my small ottoman in front of the door and run to my bed side grabbing the phone and dialing 9-1-1. "Nine one one state the nature of your emergency," the operator says in her drone voice. "My name is Anita Vargas and I'm trapped in my bedroom with home invaders inside my house," I tell the operator pushing myself against the ottoman and the door. "Ma'am are you hurt and do you need medical assistance," she asks still droning to me. "I need police with guns to shoot and kill people trying to kill me," I scream into the phone.

"Ma'am I've already alerted officers in your area, please stay on the line so we can insure your safety," She continues but I'm already in my closet. My closet has a heavy door as well but it also has the gun, it's an old small revolver but it's loaded and with me behind my door pointing it at anything that opens I am ready to face my inevitable death.

Sirens are something people never think are good unless you call for them. I hear police yelling and I wait in my closet to hear people announcing themselves as law enforcement from outside my bedroom door. "Mrs. Vargas my name is Officer Thompson with the Los Angeles Buenas tetas y culo pero no es caliente Department," the voice says through my door.

"I have a gun and it's loaded," I call out and hear people talking. "Ma'am that's probably a good idea considering but the only people here are you me and my partner, my partner is standing back and I have my weapon holstered. Crack the door and you can see me," the officer says and I pull the ottoman back.

I crack the door with my free hand and see a youngish officer with his hand in a neutral position not threatening. I open the door and he relaxes as his partner is speaking into his radio. For the next hour plus I'm asked a mountain of questions by detectives, checked out by paramedics and when Sophia arrives she is scared and relieved all at once. It takes more time for things to settle down but when I think about it myself I wonder how they got past my electronic security system.

It's supposed to go off whenever anyone enters unless a code is put in. The detectives are probably working on that as we speak but only a few people know my regular codes and one of them is not happy with me. Hell he wasn't happy with me for years before I divorced his unfaithful ass.

I'm mad and scared all at the same time as Sophia is making sure everything is alright with me. I don't think she's going to leave tonight and when I finally turn in she's already checking everything for the fourth time.

Sleep doesn't come peacefully and I wake up tired and well after I would normally wake and start my morning ritual. I am down stairs and see Sophia with food ready, I pay her very well and she takes care of me like a daughter. "Fresh coffee and raisin bagels with cream cheese," she tells me handing me a cup. "So we'll be dealing with the police for the next couple of days thanks to last night," I state with an outwardly calm voice.

"They were going to kill you Mrs. Vargas; we need to get you some real security. I'm going to set up appointments for a bodyguard and driver starting tomorrow," Sophia has her tablet out and I try to smile.

"Make sure he's young and hung," I joke and she gives me a 'mother' look. "I'm going to make sure he's a trained killer with no personality if I have a choice in the matter," she informs me and I take the pad from here. "Breakfast first please, I need something normal feeling right now," I tell her and Sophia relents for now. A bodyguard and driver or just one, talk about disrupting my life but it's better than hospital or a shallow grave. I figure we'll be covered for a couple weeks but that nagging feeling about my security system from last night and my ex husband.

Work will be a nice thing to keep me balanced while the rest of the world settles down. Caitlin: Wednesday later in the same week "So Stuart put a second string safety on his knees and made him feel like a little girl, big deal," I repeat what Trinity told me," He's lucky Stuart didn't grab something hard and beat him to death with it." "Cait this isn't funny," Trin says as we walk.

"No it's not but until he calls me and needs some good lovin' from the bad girl I'm gonna let him be," I tell my dorm mate and friend.

We're still walking when we come up sexy milf titfucking with toy on webcam the man of the hour and his friend Jamal. They're talking about something and when I pass I get I nod from Stuart, no problems with me. Stuart is kind of how I gauge what I'm doing with my life, if he's nodding at me and not pissed off I'm alright.

Trinity is talking with Robin and when they mention Stuart I actually pay attention. "He hasn't said anything to you," Robin asks Trinity. "Nothing but I haven't spoken to him so I don't know what is pissing him off," Trinity says concerned. "It has to do with a woman," I state as both look at me confused," He has a job, good money, he looks good and he's got a couple decent friends.

It's a woman fucking with him." "Well it all started last weekend," Robin says beginning to explain. "Okay not out here, we need to get out of the public eye," I state trying not to put Stuart's life on display. We get away from the common area and back to Trinity and my dorm room.

Bags dropped and girls on a bed with Trin in my chair I have the night told to me in detail. It sounds nice, I can tell Stuart is trying to be a good date and I think about how he and I have never been to a club. Then I hear about Wu, some guy she met at the club and that's shit starts making sense. Stuart took my advice and tried to take Robin out on a real date and she not only friend zoned him she left him behind to finish the date with someone else.

Trinity can see it too but I'm the one that has the real guy experience and after being with Stuart more times than Trinity I like to sexy brunette brenna sparks in bunk bed bang cheating blowjob I know my friend better than both the ladies in my room.

"Caitlin you got that look on your face, you know shit," Trinity states and I nod," Girl give it up Robin is dying over here." "Not as bad as Stuart is. Well I have to correct that cause he's not dying, he's boiling. First he takes you out and pays for dinner which you say was good, then he and his friend get you into a club that requires money nobody here has," I recap and get a nod from Robin that I'm right, change over time," So you dance with him a little then go talk to hot guy you danced with before coming back later by what, thirty minutes or so?" "Yeah Wu and I got talking and I told him I had to get back to my friends," Robin explains not seeing it.

"Friends&hellip. So you head back and dance with Stuart again only to have Wu cut in where you don't say anything. Then you don't come back to the table, wait a while and have Richard's girlfriend retrieve your purse from the table because you didn't want leave your stool on the bar.

When Stuart asked a woman to dance next to you all you did was sit there when he got shot down and Wu the asshole," now she's upset I insulted her hot boy," laughs at him with a couple of the bar people. He leaves and you don't even text him till the next day AFTER you and Wu make out for an hour in his car. You are the dumbest smart bitch I've ever met." "Excuse me but what the fuck do you mean I'm dumb, we're friends and he's pissed because I met someone," Robin is raising her voice to me upset.

"Yeah dumb bitch, You were on a date with Stuart and you fucking ditched him," I tell her and she doesn't see it," congratulations but I'm with Stuart, Trinity take your friend and get her the fuck out of my room. "Whoa both of you need to calm down a bit, Caitlin I know you and Stuart are friends but it's not like Stuart and her were on a real date," Trinity says but I cut her off.

"What the fuck does it take for people to get it? Dinner and taking you to a fucking club is a date, you ditched him Robin now get out," I tell her standing up and holding the door. "Caitlin it's not like that, we're friends only.

I mean he's nice but he doesn't like me like that," Robin says trying to save face. "Whatever you wanna think go right ahead and keep thinking it because here's the reality. Stuart was really feeling for you hard and you decided to friend zone him, fine but you did it when you were on a date and your new boy toy laughed at him.

Way to go 'friend' now get out," I am still holding my door open for her to leave. "Caitlin calm down," Trin asks standing up and trying to play peacekeeper. "Listen I know he was a nice guy but seriously he can't be that emotionally unstable that one time out with me as friends and he thinks it's more could have that big of an effect on him," Robin asks and both Trinity and I just stare at her. I go into Trinity's room and she follows me to see what I'm doing but the second she sees her laptop she pauses.

"Caitlin no, we agreed after I went out with Stuart that we'd never show anyone that video. It was mean… I was being mean," Trinity tells me and I don't stop. "Well I was going to use parts of it as a before and after for him but it'll explain better than I can," I tell her as we get back into my room. I sit down and pull up the video file from one of Trinity's friends, it's just over a year old but it's the one that I watched after Stuart shut me down the first time this year and I remembered what a horrible person I was.

I laughed and it was funny and I hate that I was that cruel. I sex sixe story sex stories hospital com up the video and let it play on the screen as Robin watches. I can tell she doesn't know what she's seeing, it's a party. People are talking and there is a large white male dancing with a girl a lot thinner than he is.

By large I have to say he was fat, he couldn't really dance or move around well but there he is trying his hardest to impress the girl across from him while the music pumps out and people laugh. Camera pans around and you can see some people laughing, some pointing but it's when the stop and she smiles he turns and she makes a gag face. Richard is there in his usual glory actually handing him a beer and praise while a couple other males make sarcastic comments but the big man just smiles and thanks them, it's like he doesn't even notice.

The video finally cuts out and Robin has a blank and slightly confused look on her face. "Okay so it's a guy dancing and people are making fun of him," She says confused and Trinity pulls the video back to show the guy and Richard. "You really don't see it do you," Trinity shows her and I sit there quietly and hang my head.

"Well I mean it's sad but it's nothing like what happened with me and Stuart. He's my friend, I would never treat him like that poor guy," Robin says and looks at the picture," Oh my god." "That was Stuart; all he ever wanted then was someone, a girl, to treat like a fucking princess. He was trying again and congratulations, you screwed him up even worse," I tell Robin.

Stuart: Friday that week And here I am Friday evening in another club with Richard but this time I'm solo while he has Dia. I've been out on the dance floor a couple times with a couple different ladies but nothing promising. Even Dia took me out on the floor but that was at the very beginning of the night but I think that was to get a few ladies interested in me, it helped a little bit.

I'm at the bar getting a round of drinks when I hear someone say my name, horny chick audrey royal wanted to be fucked hard dick loud and crowded so I look and there she is.

"Hey I'm glad I found you," Robin says dressed to have a good time. "Why," I ask cold. "Well I wanted to talk to you, you've been so angry recently and avoiding me I just wanted to make sure you're alright," she says and I see her new boy standing next to her with his smug look on his face. "And you give a fuck because what reason again," I ask cocking my head almost confused.

"We're friends, I mean we've been friends for," I let her get that far. "Fuck friends, friends like you I don't fucking need. Your old boyfriend hurt you so you hurt me but we're friends," I ask and that's when Wu says something. I let him talk; I don't understand a fucking thing because it's in some fucking language from Asia that I don't speak. Robin apparently does because she is talking to him but where he and now two of his boys are smiling and having a laugh she's trying to stop it.

I get an inch from his face and figure I'll give him this one. "One chance to say it to my face in English, like a man, after that it's your ass," I tell him in a dead cold tone. He fucking keeps speaking gibberish but I'm not stupid, fighting here isn't solving shit. I step past him as he continues his shit talking and I don't even know if Richard or Dia see me step out of the club but Robin does, she follows me out. "Listen Stuart I'm sorry if I let you think the wrong thing.

I like you but you're my friend," She starts in but I'm looking around. I see them then I look at Robin again, leggings and shorts, a coat to cover her arms, three crotch rocket bikes that would make Mrs. Imelda either laugh or take pity. I give them a good look and look back at Robin. "Might want to call your boyfriend," I tell her and turn back to the bikes. Amateur milf first time anal xxx chop shop owner gets shut down leaning right and I back up before knocking them over like dominos with a shove, they fall down pretty easily.

Robin is shocked but she doesn't leave or even have to, Wu and his boys saw me and are on their way angry. "You fucking asshole what the fuck do you think you're doing," Wu spits at me and now it's my turn.

"Oh little caprice anal action anal ass fuck natural tits hardcore brunette do speak English, oh wait a minute," I sneer before bucking out my top teeth," Ooooh U do speaka Engarish." The flurry of strikes coming from Wu and his two friends are more than I can block or really defend against.

Knee buckles after a few solid kicks and a kick to the back of my head put me on the hands and knees as they continue to pummel and strike me just about everywhere but my groin.

It hurts but I feel something new, I don't know what it is but I sit and wait as the beating continues till I hear panting and the three talking shit while I'm guessing they step back. I can hear people talking, I can hear someone saying to contact the police, and Robin is saying something probably to Wu.

After Desmond had me try to kick the shit out of him in fear of my ass I did learn how you keep certain vitals covered when in a beat down. He called it turtle's shell, basically let them hit things like shoulders, forearms and such but not a lot of face and stomach.

I didn't do a great job of protecting all the areas and I hurt but I'm feeling something new. I push to my feet, I can see some blood a little from my nose, my shirt is torn and probably unwearable by now but when the first of Wu's boys turns around to see what others are looking at. I lunge and grab his jacket in my hands before shifting all my weight and turning my hips around behind me before letting go and watching him fly.

He hits and skids a little before rolling but I'm already after him and the kick I american six sex stories story youtub to his ribs lifts him up and off the ground. The fucker lands and I turn as the other compatriot of Wu comes at me and I see metal.

I remember Chez and the fucking knuckles but this is different as I grab the wrist and see a switchblade in his hand. He kicks me in the side and I feel myself growl and pull him forward while bringing my free hand up in an uppercut.

I hear his teeth slam together, I watch his head knock back like whiplash and release his hand as he crumples to the ground. I am the fucking tank. Wu has a brave face, or a good mask as Robin looks scared. "More," I beauty and the beast hentai him then raise my voice," MORE!" Wu rushes in and lands three solid punches to my chest and stomach, I counter by over handing my fist like a hammer down towards his head.

He blocks, well more like he puts his arms up to stop my fist, my fist hits his arms and his arms hit his head before putting him to the ground.

I back up and discard what's left of my shirt as he stands up a lot more cautious this time. I don't know what martial art he studied but I do discover he has no counter for someone gut rushing him and lifting him up by the waist before slamming his back on the parking lot.

I know most if not all the wind was knocked out of his lungs and I can hear him trying to cough when hands try to pull me back and I stand quickly and turn on my next target and stop. There is Robin, scared out of her mind as I'm well over twice her size and bleeding. I almost want to turn around and beat on Wu a little more but she takes my arm to ask me to stop. I'm still standing there when the police arrive and bring the disco lights with them.

Richard and Dia are watching from my vehicle, I was their ride, but the look on Dia's face says something I can't quite place. Pair of officers pulls me aside and ask me questions, did they physically assault me first, did I do anything other than knock over their bikes, and have I done any narcotics tonight.

The last one has me laugh. I get all their questions out of the way when I am hit with one that confuses me. "Well Mr. Wolfric considering they engaged in assaulting you first with witnesses and one was armed we're going to have to call it aggravated assault unless you want to decline charges but even then one of them is going to jail," the senior officer asks me expectantly. "No, they started it, I finished it. Maybe a night or two in jail will teach them some respect and a little more English," I joke without smiling, the officers don't get it.

People have returned to the club but I'm still outside with a fucked up shirt in my hands however I'm not allowed to reenter the club tonight. I give Dia and Richard a ride back to her place, she has one after a week which is scary, and let them know I'll be fine as the pain sets in. Adrenaline is your friend, till it wears off and you have to feel the fact that you let three guys beat on you for a minute or three.

I get out the first aid kit and clean some scrapes, my fat lip and a little blood in my nose before taking a shower and nearly rip the shower nozzle off at the twsmokin hotties tackle a soltough pecker of water on forming bruise violence.

I take my time and get used to it before pulling on loose clothes and settling in for a decent rest. I'd like to say I got a great night of sleep, woke up and had a great breakfast, then proceeded to meet a great woman and let her screw me senseless as a reward for not beating three men to death last night but I can't.

I wake up in pain later than I usually would like to get up and find I have messages. Richard is asking me if I'm alright and hopes I'm healing up, oh and that Dia says hi. I have a message from Caitlin that Robin went over to her place late last night freaking out and she wants to know if I'm ready for some one on one time with her.

Caitlin the one person I can count on to be honest with me about everything. But the biggest one is from Jamal; he wants to meet and tells me to contact him as soon as I get this.

I ask him what's up and he wants to know if I can meet him for lunch since it's about eleven. I change into something easy to get in and out of, shorts and a t shirt and head off to the location Jamal gave me.

The drive takes a bit and I find myself at a hotel restaurant and I'm the only one here. I give my name to the man at the podium and find out that we have reservations and my name is listed, it's nice actually considering I'm usually the one inviting and paying. I'm there for a bit and have asian slut mila jade gets her pussy stretched menu when Jamal sits down and smiles at me lightly.

"Geez what happened to you," Jamal asks and I smile. "People fucked with me man, I gave them the chance to be men and they declined," I keep it basic as I explain. "Well damn man. Kind of makes me feel bad for bringing you out here today," Jamal says a little off. "Okay well it's nice to get the invite," I reply with a smile. We sit and I see him looking around like something is supposed to happen or like he's waiting for something.

I don't really know what to expect but I put down the menu since we're not ordering and just stare at Jamal, he tries to ignore me until I clear my throat and he sets his menu down. "Alright man I'm sorry. I set you up but it's not something bad but she offered me money and a meal," Jamal begins and I give him a look," I swear it's not a bad thing." "She offered you money and a meal, what the hell are you my pimp," I ask chuckling.

"No she just needed to meet with you, she's been looking for you for a little bit now," He says and now I'm confused but intrigued. I hold my hands up on the table waiting for some sort of reveal when I see her and smile a little; it's not a bad surprise. The woman I danced with during spring break, I have no clue what her name is but she looks great.

She's still mid forties with some silver in her black hair but this time she's wearing a women's pant suit in brown with a cream blouse underneath. She's got what I can only assume is her secretary with her, a cute brunette who's dress reminds me why we have librarian porn. Both take a seat with my mystery woman next to me on my right and Jamal on my left. As I'm taking note I do check the security goon she has staring at me and Jamal. "Hello again Stuart," the mystery woman greets me and I smile unsure.

"Hello, fancy meeting up with you here," I reply ready to fight the goon. "It's not coincidence, I've been looking for you and it took me a while but then I found Jamal," She extends her hand to my friend who smiles weakly," And he after assurances that my want to meet you formally was genuine and not harmful agreed." "What did you take to give me up man," I ask sounding cold but joking.

"It actually took two thousand dollars and a donation to his favorite dance studio," Anita informs me as Jamal looks ashamed. "Nice, I thought lunch was the payment. You made out well for this man," praising him a little in jest goes over well since now he knows I'm not going to rearrange his spine.

"Man I said no twice till she caught me and offered the money to me personally," Jamal explains as the waiter returns. Food is ordered by Anita who knows the menu and is paying, I can't complain and I get to know the mysterious benefactor that I danced with.

She's in shipping and transport, mostly with private interests of a smaller and more personal nature but her shipping security is very physical. I still note her goon watching me and wonder. "Is everything alright Mrs. Vargas," I ask with a concerned tone. "Everything is fine, could be better but for now it's alright. And my name is Anita," She assures me and I glance at the bodyguard then back to her.

"Okay cause he's either going to fight me or screw me by the eyes he's giving me," I joke pointing at her security and she laughs. "No he's just doing his job," I look and wonder why he's not watching everything else. I hear the assistant; I caught the name Sophia, talking on her phone then watch as she stands up and begins to get very animated with her conversation which has Anita's attention. Jamal is just happy to be eating a meal and get money, his situation is tight more often than not.

Sophia returns to the table with a very negative expression on her face. "Ma'am the Mohrland account is now being held by school girl first time sex virgin Sophia says and I see something I like in Anita, rage. "Four contracts in customs and not a word as to why," Anita asks her assistant who shakes her head," Stuart I'm sorry but I am going to need to cut this conversation short.

I have a lawyer to meet with and an ex husband to question." "Anita what is going on, I could help," I offer and she smiles a very polite but condescending smile. "I'm sure you could but you are just a college student, maybe in a week you can come by the house and we can have a lunch that isn't ruined by business," Anita says before shaking my hand and leaving quickly.

We, Jamal and I, watch them leave upskirtscock ninja studios brother blackmails sister full movies he breathes a sigh of relief but I feel it. I felt it last night and now I get it, this is what he must feel like when he sees something wrong. I'm smiling to beat the band as Jamal looks at me confused. "Dude she is having a bad day and you got in a fight last night but here you are smiling.

What gives," Jamal asks confused. "Jamal it's time we got you a job," I joke a little and get up from the table. Tab is paid already and I'm heading to my vehicle with Jamal on my heels, yes he's confused but I can see it now and it makes perfect sense. I get us back to my dorm room and get straight into my room and on my computer. I load a few programs and motion to Jamal to shut the door before turning to him.

"Jamal I'm going to alter the course of your life right now; you have one of two options. First you can sit here with me and learn about what it is that I am really a part of and join up with me.

You will be brought in at some point and possibly undergo some meetings with my boss and his people, they're nice by the way," I start and he stops me. "Okay this is weird even for you Stuart but what is my second option," my friend asks and my screen pops up with Jun over the audio and video.

"Or you take the second option and wonder if two K is the biggest and best you are ever going to do in your life. Hey Stuart are you sure about this guy," Jun asks me and I nod before turning to the camera.

"Yes Jun and he actually brought it to me and I get it now," I tell the Guy's second in command, I think he is anyway. "Okay what the hell are you talking about and how the hell does he have access to your computer," Jamal asks waving at the camera. "Let's try to bring him along slowly but first hand him the tablet," Jun instructs and I do so as Jamal looks at the documents popping up on the screen," That is a non disclosure and gag agreement.

If you agree we take you in soon and you become a gainful employee of this organization." "What organization," Jamal asks and I snicker. "Let me finish please, we take you in and we take care of you. Food, money, car, equipment, living accommodations, training if needed or wanted. We will do for you what we did for Stuart in a sense, We will give you a purpose," Jun explains," Or don't sign and find out how hard it is next year to get into the next pairs competition when the Le Flaure dance studio won't support you because they are actually training a tandem pair to do it themselves and not have to share prize money with you." Yeah, Jun has been digging but I asked him to.

I wanted to see if I could find something to help Jamal with but aside from connections and dancing he really doesn't have much.

Add to that his nearest relative is four states away and hates him he's really got nothing going. I don't push Jamal but he signs and Jun explains that is a trial/temporary form only limited to a single job basis when attention is turned back to me.

"Okay so what are we looking at," Jun asks getting into his hacker mode. "Mrs. Anita Vargas, she runs a personal shipping business of some sort but things are turning to shit," I explain as he cuts me off. "Okay so she's the target," Jun clarifies and I have to stop him.

"No she's the client," I explain and I can see Jun smile," her business is getting fucked around hard and brutal." "She's a good woman, her ex was a piece of shit and she said something about him when she left today," Jamal add actually helping. "So we've had contact with the client before dealing? Have we promised anything," Jun asks getting very serious.

"Nothing on a contract, I offered to help like a considerate person and she thanked me but doesn't think a college boy can help her," I tell him and he relaxes. Information is gathered and Jun says that he'll contact Guy and forward information but I am to lay low and wait for further instructions. We end about two hours later and Jamal is confused but excited. "So you guys just fuck people up who are shitty to everyone else," he says really overlooking a lot of what I have seen.

"Something like that, it's a lot more complex but I need someone I can trust if I ever get my own assignment or even my own team," I tell Jun hinting at things Guy has told me he wants for me. "And you want me, I got to ask why," Jamal asks sitting on my bed.

"Trust and friendship, Guy didn't bring me in because it was a fun pet project for him. He certainly didn't bring me in for my computer skills. I don't know what it was he saw in me but he took me in, made me family and not once has he done anything to hurt or wrong me. Aside from my uncle and my deceased parents I can't say that about anyone except you," I explain and Jamal nods slowly. "So do I have to go work a farm for a few months too because I am not oyeloca hot latina teen laura arce shaved pussy fuck hardcore with that shit," He jokes and we both laugh.

I found work; well I think I found work. At the busty blonde wife helps her man celebrate steak and a blowjob day least I found a good bit of charity to help with and she's in shipping, Guy could use that. I'm seeing pieces of things I've never seen before and it looks scary, awesome too. Guy: The following Thursday "Honey we said we need to talk about what you're doing," Kori says as my wives are holding everything up again.

"I made the call, the situation is sound and Jun has it checked out. Add to that I've already contacted them and they are going to meet us there. We get in, I do a meet and greet then we are golden for almost a month," I explain as all of them are staring at the luggage. "I'm with Guy on this," Katy says holding Neal," Stuart is seeing big picture and he knows we can help.

This is what we do, paid or not it's what we all started." Do they agree, begrudgingly and I have the unenviable task of coordinating the trip down save for ticket purchases on my own. The flight down is busy as all fucking Christ, the check in, the baggage pick up, catching up with Isaac and Ben who take care of the gear and luggage transport, ensuring that Wilma and Desmond are onsite with Stuart while we get settled in.

I meet up with our other party and discover that my suits have been packed with great care and after a night at a 'safe house' I assemble my team.

We meet up at Stuarts College been about a year but still smells like sex and beer. Stuart has is Black suit and black tie with sunglasses, just like the rest of us save for the new guy. I look him up and down. 5'11" about 165 on the lean side, he can move but it's more grace and less impact which says dancer. My problem is I specifically said suit up and here he is in a blue dress shirt and grey slacks. "I need a volunteer," I state staring at the black male.

Do you think im pretty daddy katrina jade tommy gunn

"I got it boss," Isaac says and steps up to this 'Jamal'," alright kid come with me we need to get you a suit, boss says you need a real one." "I look fine," Jamal tries to argue, he's new. "J go with him, I is a good guy and will explain.

I trust him," Stuart says being quick about switching over to initials for the job. I watch Isaac lead the new guy away, will have to speak to him soon but I have bigger things tackle. We load up in two of the remaining three vehicles, Isaac took one car while Desmond and Wilma drive me in the other car and Ben has Stuart in the van.

The drive doesn't take long and I find us at a ranch style villa minus the ranch. The yard is tasteful and simple, the house little sister and big brother night xxx in sleeping and simple and as soon as we exit the cars in the driveway I'm greeted by security, one security guard. "Excuse me you're going to need to turn those vehicles around and leave, Mrs.

Vargas isn't taking visitors today," the man says and I smile. "D please show him our invitation," I ask as Desmond steps forward and reaches into his jacket. I see a white cloth in my giant's hand then watch as he covers the mouth of the guard, I know they are in a struggle but I simply step past and make my way to the front door before entering.

It's bold and brazen but this is my show and Stuart is taking notes. The rest of my people clear a path for Desmond who drags security in and sits him down on a small couch in the front room. The décor is actually simple but beautiful, a few pieces here and there to show class and taste. I actually think I may have this woman get me some art for my house.

It doesn't take long with us looking at the furnishings when a striking woman and her attractive younger assistant enter the room and notice us before screaming. "Sophia run," the older woman tells the younger and begins move to the stairs. "Mrs. Vargas it's me Stuart," my protégé says cutting them off and removing his glasses. "Stuart?! What are you doing here? How did you find out where I live," the older woman, Mrs. Vargas, asks excited and confused. "I offered to help and you said you didn't think I could help, well you were part right, and I can't.

But we can," Stuart says gesturing to my team. "He killed my bodyguard," Mrs. Vargas exclaims noting the slumped body on her couch. "Actually Ma'am he's just unconscious and he's a poor bodyguard to begin with," Desmond says explaining, Desmond is using words with a client, shock.

"Mrs. Vargas, you have business problems yes," I ask and get an unsure look," Stuart is a good man and not one to let decent people suffer needlessly." "Who are you people and what do you want," the younger female asks stepping up in defense of her boss.

"I plan to help her if she'll let me, but first can the four of us find a spot to sit down and talk quietly," I ask politely before turning to my team," B I want the perimeter on full watch, D check the grounds and see if we're secure, W sit on the guard and if he panics or tries for his sidearm taze him." My people get about their assignments as Stuart and I are lead to what looks like her office and immediately I like this woman. The whole room screams, not whispers or speaks, screams culture.

She knows her goods and I take off my sunglasses as Stuart and I sit. Mrs. Vargas takes her chair while her aide stands next to her tablet in hand.

"Alright Stuart what is this about really," she asks my protégé. "Anita you were so pleasant during our lunch but when that call came in and Sophia gave you the information about your business you turned angry and hurt.

Last time I saw that on your face I asked you to dance," Stuart explains and I smile, boy has come far," What I've been taught is that when someone decent like yourself is pushed and problems seem insurmountable there needs to be someone outside it all that pushes back hard." "As interesting as that is it doesn't explain your presence," the aide states and I smile.

"But it actually does, however before we get into the gritty details I need you to note the file on your desk Mrs. Vargas," I state drawing her attention to the item in question," that right there is a service and nondisclosure contract.

Anita, may I call you that?" "Yes you may Mr.," It's a question I ignore from her for now. "Stuart wants to help you; he contacted me because handling situations like what he described is something I do very well. I do this to make money yes but also because I see things wrong in this world and I can't let them sit.

Sign that and we'll discuss details and fee if necessary, otherwise I'm sorry for wasting your time and giving you a fright today and we will be on our way," I am firm with my words but not unsympathetic. One thing I love about my job is the rare occurrence where someone reads my entire contract. Most people skip around or ask questions, Mrs. Vargas doesn't. She reads the whole thing and signs at the end before addressing me. "I'm hoping the invasive nature of your investigation will be kept in the confidentiality portion of the agreement," She asks it but she knows the answer as I nod," Good now I want your damn name." "My name is Guy Donnelly," I state as Jun begins to work his magic.

The three of us plus her aide sit and speak about the basics, her cheating husband, Stuart dancing with her at the charity event, then the home invasion, and finally her business being systematically attacked one contract after the next.

It's academic really and when I get a ping from Jun after only an hour I have to smile. "My tech has informed me that your system is clean and that there are no monitoring programs on your computer," I state and she gives me an odd look. "Well at least you are thorough," Anita says looking at busty blonde gets to taste some cum big tits and cumshot with a serious expression.

"Now all that was free, let's discuss payment," I begin and she stops me. "I need those shipments freed in three weeks or less, do that and I'll pay two hundred and fifty thousand. Nothing up front," she states and I smile. "But we're missing something, your ex," I tell her but she shrugs," No Anita, he's on the table but I need to hear what you want. He will not stop; you took what was yours legally by right.

He is stealing it from you and tried to hurt you. You can use cold logic or raw emotion on this one but the answer is pretty much the same, it's just a matter of how far you need it to go." "We'll have it done but I'll need you change your legal counsel over to these people," I state and hand her a card; she reads the name and gives me an off look.

"I am pretty sure they won't represent me," Anita counters and I smile. "You ask for her, you use my name and I promise you they will," I inform her wearing my feeling of confidence better than my suit. "So two weeks and they will represent me from here on for the agreed price," Anita asks and I nod," When will you start?" "Actually I won't, my team will.

Stuart will be taking lead on this job," I inform everyone much to the surprise of Stuart. "Sir, I'm not sure this is a good idea," My protégé is forgetting himself by speaking like this. "You brought me the client; the client knows you and trusts you. You have the team at your disposal and they will help guide and follow as you see fit," I stand and after shaking Anita's hand step out of the office.

My entire crew is ready group sampling of asians vagina japanese hardcore for Stuart, they know what is happening and are ready to let him lead.

I get out the door as Isaac arrives with the new employee Jamal wearing an appropriate suit. Stuart on the other hand is after me fast to state his case. "Guy I really think you should run this job.

I'm not sure if I can run this solo," Stuart says as I take keys from Isaac. "You aren't solo, the team is here and they know their jobs. Now do yours," I tell him a bit harsh before softening," its finals.

This is where you prove me right." "Okay but what are you going to do," Stuart asks and I smile because to me I think this is funny. "I'm going to Disneyland," I tell him before his face turns to she likes big things in her ass shock.

I am in the car and driving to the 'safe house' aka Mom Loretta and Mr. Delauter's California vacation home. Five rooms, two floors and a yard with palm trees that my children are playing in with Mr.

Wiggles, the dog, and their grandparents. I feel good leaving Stuart to run the job, the team knew I was doing it and I see Kori waiting for me with her arms folded. "Hello honey," I greet her sweetly at the door. "I don't like this," she informs me and I feign shock. "Well I know some people who do, and besides Jun is tracking everything and will help him," I explain as I get inside. "You know what I'm talking about, the children missing three weeks of school.

You just called and said they would be gone," Kori is upset about school. "Actually Imelda and I took care of school, we picked up their class work for the entire time they are with us on vacation," Rachael states as I change in our room.

"Okay but what about learning the lessons," Kori is scrambling for some solid ground as Matty decides to join the discussion. "Like we can't teach them ourselves, hell we can just look some of it up on the internet and explain it from there if it's something like algebra," my Amazon gets the word out and we all shudder.

"Lets not punish the children with algebra before their time," I say pulling on a shirt," Kori we have talked about this trip, we wanted it for so long but we never put a date on it. Tell me right now this isn't the perfect time and situation and I'll pack us up and we'll be home in hours." "Alright but you are not feeding them junk food all the time, I want vegetables in their diet you hear me," Kori admonishes as I go bounding out to find the kids.

"Ketchup has a fruit in it right, tomatoes I think," I ask as a joke. Yeah I run from my wife's moment of frustration and out to my children. A real family vacation at the theme park that built a monopoly, should be fun. I speak with Loretta who is happy that I asked for her to be there. We still have personal issues every once in a while mostly stemming from her everlasting guilt and my frustration that she won't fully accept my forgiveness.

What do I think about two weeks for Stuart, I think the boy is going to have it more difficult than anyone in my group has ever had it. Such is the burden of leadership. Stuart: Saturday that week Three days down and I'm mostly at my dorm room while other team members attend to their assignments.

I have Ben doing all the errand running with the van with Jamal who is being brought along slowly and pumped for geographic information and locations of interest pertaining to the job. Isaac is on opposition hot ebony getting horny and fucked blowjob cock with Virgil Vargas, our client's ex husband.

Day one I get address and a few minor associates. Sadly it becomes more difficult after that as he has very specific habits and when change occurs he becomes paranoid. Desmond and Wilma are on client duty after she fired the bodyguard who was not actually a special forces trained bodyguard but a gifted writer and someone who actually owned a suit and could hold a gun. Mercifully Jun is keeping me up to date with information gathering while I attempt to plan on the fly and while it's only been three days and some hours I don't have a lot of time to set up, plan and execute.

Also Anita is dragging her feet on handling her ex-husband. I know what I would do but I wonder what would make her feel best and give the most closure. Richard and Dia talk to me a little as I'm passing from my room to my vehicle working on different side pieces and discussing angles with the team and I'm on headset when someone is knocking at the door to our dorm repeatedly and I have to remember that Dia and Richard are not in right now.

I open the door to see Robin standing there in tight jeans and a t shirt with her hair done back in a pony tail. "Hi can I come in," Robin asks cheerfully. "No, why are you here," I counter question. "Well you haven't been to the gym, you haven't been out eating in the common areas and the few times I've seen you out of your room you are going somewhere in your car alone. I wanted to see you and hopefully go to dinner," she explains as I am unmoved. "I've been working and eating elsewhere because my work doesn't make it convenient for me to eat in the common areas and I don't need dinner," I am lying on the last part, I just don't want dinner with her.

"Well how am I supposed to fix it," Robin asks leaning on my door jam. "Fix what," I counter knowing one of the three things she's going to say.

"How do I fix this," She gestures between us with her hands," I fucked up; I thought it was one thing and hurt you but you won't even let me say I'm sorry." "You weren't trying to say you were sorry, you were trying to justify things so that you could feel better about ditching me with your new boyfriend," I state for the record.

"No I am here to apologize by taking you to dinner and yes I ditched you for Wu but he's not my boyfriend. Apparently he thinks we were having problems and I used him to make you jealous," Robin explains before finishing," Now can we please go out and get dinner?" "No, I don't need the pity and I don't care about salving your conscience for what happened. You don't like me or at least you don't like me in the way that I was interested in you, that's fact.

Now is there anything else," I ask not in the mood. "Fine since a date is out of the question how about a little payback," Robin says trying to push her way in. "I don't need to pay you back for anything," I inform her which gets me a smile.

"How about one of the bitches that was fucking with you during every social gathering you went to last year," Robin states and now I'm confused. I watch her pull out her cell phone and show me a video from last year, I remember the party since it was one where I actually danced a bit but I didn't see anyone with a phone. I can hear people laughing and the girl obviously didn't like me but the video did show me something, Richard was actually supportive.

I smile at that, even when I was shit he had my back more or less. I shrug at Robin who gives me an upset look. "Nothing, she makes videos of you and posts them for fun and you don't give a shit," Robin asks upset at me.

"And I should because," I ask with a shrug. "You think you're the only one, hell there's one of me on there from before I met you at the gym.

I say you help me set her ass up then we embarrass her on camera," Robin says showing me a side I don't think anyone's seen before. "As great as that sounds I'm busy with work, real work not class work, and I don't have the time," I tell her and she stops me. "Well then help us, Caitlin and Trinity are already going to do something anyway so work with us it'll take a couple hours tomorrow in the evening," Robin says trying to win me over," I'll call the ladies and they'll be over in a few, order some food." I want to stop her but she's finally ducked past me and in my dorm and on the phone getting the 'reinforcements' I message Jun for news and while we have some promising thoughts I'm still stumped as to getting the ex husband in trouble or hurt.

I will have to question Anita tomorrow and get a final answer on him. I order food like a good boy, not happily mind you but when Trinity and Caitlin show up and they start going on about how they were planning to embarrass the video taker Robin informs them that I'm going to help. I didn't agree but they keep going on about how it would be a better video if they caught her with a guy or getting fucked.

Voluptuous hussy has her tight asshole plowed shake my head at the idea but they work out the details while I sit back and eat quietly. Caitlin is being a bit more cuddly that usual but once dinner is eaten and ariana marie seduces johnny sins tget a job sex fairy tales story plan made the ladies leave including Robin and I get back to doing my own work. Sunday morning I'm up and over to Anita's house before ten.

I'm not dressed up as nobody is day four or so of the operation. Desmond is keeping an eye on things with Ben on the second floor going from room to room while Wilma is drinking tea with Anita. The last one has me doing a double take before interrupting them. "Anita we need a final answer on your ex," I ask not wasting any time.

"He isn't the problem, I just need my contracted shipments moved out of their hold," the boss lady informs me as Wilma sits quietly. "Except we know he is. What happens when we free these up and he finds another way to screw over your business?

Do we come back and do it again," I ask and Anita gives me concerned look," What happens when he finds more people to come after you in your home?" "You don't know he sent people here," she says but I shake my head at her. "The only person who has that much of a personal vendetta is him.

No other logical explanation other than him sending them after you," I explain and she pauses at that. "Alright but what are you suggesting, kill him," she asks the question and not one person flinches," Oh my god you actually are thinking about it?" "Anita we don't think of it as a first resort but there is a philosophy that all of us here come to live by… 'If someone tries to kill you then you kill them back'," Wilma says adding her two cents.

"You logic is flawed considering the law is pretty clear on murder," Anita states and I shrug. "Well then we'll pack up and let legal teams hash it out with government officials," I tell Anita who gives me a shocked look," You don't want to handle your problem at the source which means you don't want any real assistance with your problems." "Well what are my options," Anita asks and I can tell she's used to pleasing client but not being one.

"Wilma give me something creative," I ask Wilma who doesn't even blink. "We put him in a box and fill the box with non toxic millipedes while he's naked," Wilma gets the words out and Anita gives her a shocked look. "Do what in a box," our shocked client asks. "Well they will start to eat and seek out a place to hide, I figure once one tries to crawl up his ass and eat his colon he'll tell you whatever you want to know," Wilma finishes her cup of tea and turns to her brother," Desmond what do you think?" "Sabotage his car, wait till he's stuck teen has surprise for you attempted thieft without help then come by and beat him within an inch of his life then put him a dozen feet away and light it on fire," the big man says before looking over from the window," What tea is that?" "Vanilla Chai, I like it," Wilma answers and Anita is stunned to say the least.

"Jun are you online," I ask and as usual he is. Wilma sets her phone out as there is a call on it and I hear Jun's voice pipe through. "Well I'd go for his money professionally but if I really wanted to hurt him I'd get some pictures of him with a questionable age and just let society turn him into the son of a bitch the client knows him to be," Jun gives us his bit when I hear Ben clear his throat from the top of the stairs.

"I'd put a bullet in his right nasal cavity as he was looking out from the balcony of his fourth floor condo and dispose of the rifle in a more humane manner," Ben states before returning to his post. "I've hired psychopaths," Anita says then chuckles," Well meaning ones at least." "We're not crazy, you wanted your problem solved and that means outside the box thinking. We're going to have to address your ex husband sooner or later before the end to the time table.

I'd like you to consider how much pain he's enjoyed inflicting upon you and then figure out what is an appropriate response," I tell Anita giving her a little more time to think about it. We talk some more, legal people are moving things about to clear her contracted shipments but it takes time especially on the weekends when customs people don't want to handle additional paperwork.

I'm back at my dorm around three in the afternoon and get maybe an hour to relax when I receive a visitor. Robin is here and she wants to go over what I'm supposed to do with this Sierra chick who recorded me more than once last year.

"So she'll be pretty convinced that you have her with someone else's boyfriend so just let her talk then hit her with a proposition and she'll be prime takings," Robin illustrates but I don't like it. "Really we've resorted to blackmailing a girl I have barely any memory of at best so that I can get some sort of revenge on her for posting video of me when I was fat and still can't dance," I ask and Robin gives me a look.

"Stuart I'm just trying to help you get past this anger you got over what happened between us. It's healthy to find an outlet and focus lewd mum joins in the fun momsandteens and threesome that. Some majorly hard sex with a girl you don't like is what Caitlin and some girl Candice said would be best," Robin explains and I laugh.

"All this just to get me 'past' something that I am too busy to care about in the first place. Nope I'm out," I tell her and shaking my head and getting up from my spot on the couch.

"You can't be out. This whole thing is for you," she explains and I shrug," No don't give me that quiet and timid bullshit I know you're pissed so do something about it." "Fucking a girl I don't know in a way that I might not enjoy doesn't interest me," I tell Robin as she stands up to face me.

"Well then make her regret ever crossing a good guy like you and be done with it," Robin states not letting it go and raising her voice at me. "I don't care about it or her, first and foremost.

Second why would I even want to have sex with her when I have another woman or hell women that I would love to just lay down and make love to," I state raising my voice back at her.

Robin is staring me down and then I have all hundred plus pounds of angry Korean girl in my arms and kissing me hard. I hold her up by her ass and kiss her back; I get her to lighten up on my lips a little bit.

I don't try to get to my room as laying her down on the couch and keeping my weight off her continue our lip lock. We're fumbling at each other's clothes like we've never done this before at all or ever. I finally get her shirt off when she pushes me back up off her for a second to finish the job herself and I discover her bra, a simple white piece opens in the front, her nipples are big and her breasts are firm as I attack them with my lips and tongue.

Robin doesn't moan, she giggles as I lick and suck on her small to medium sized breasts. "Pants now," Robin demands a little playful as she begins pulling off her jeans. Stripping is now frantic and when I get my underwear down that is where Robin actually pauses at me since I'm half hard and pointing right at her.

Robin looks unsure, why now is my question but she pulls me to her and kisses me again still passionate but this time her hand is playing with me to make sure I get hard enough. Granted that only takes a few more seconds when I'm surprised by Robin as the leg on the walled side of the couch comes up my body and around my arm with help to rest on my shoulder. Robin's eyes are closed and her face shows some year old slut sucks and gets fucked hard in outdoor action big dick bigtits but she's pushing against me more than a little bit when I finally get my head inside and it all stops.

Robin is tense, way too tense for this and I try to back out when she stops me. Robin shakes her head no to me and keeps my face over her own so I can't back out of her. Gently I push back inside as I'm treated to a tightness I'm assuming comes with virgin territory and a lot less blood thankfully till I'm all the way down and resting a little uncomfortably. I shift us down the couch and Robin giggles a little at me before gasping as I back up and begin to slowly work my entire over seven inches in and out.

It's slow but she feels amazing and I pick up speed to see her face tighten and when I slow down a little her eyes flash open at me. "What are you doing keep going," Robin tells me gasping. "You don't look like everything is alright," I try to explain and she pulls me down to her.

If I didn't already have myself hard and inside Robin I'd get hard and inside her after that kiss. I'm working in and out in a sweet and even pace and every time I back out Robin hugs my cock tightly till I push back in, I don't know if she's doing it on purpose but it's making me feel way too close to finishing and I want to last.

I push back in and try shorter quicker thrusts but she pushes up a little and I feel it again and when I try to change tactics again Robin pulls me into her harder.

I feel my control slip and I buck against Robin hard and fast wasting no time when she clamps up and I lose control and orgasm hard.

I must have lost my brain for a second but Robin pulling her leg off of my shoulder and holding me so that I'm not going anywhere is nice as I feel her shudder. Robin is spasming randomly with me inside her and after a bit regains some of her composure and kisses me again but this one is soft and sweet.

"I should have done this that morning after you got me drunk," she tells me with a light smile. "Now is just as good for me," I tell her as we adjust.

My being on top is not favored by the 5'6" frame of Robin so after pulling some clothing back in place and after she cleans herself up in the bathroom we lie on the couch and just sit.

It's sweet and I feel more relaxed now than I have in a long time. It's so good I barely notice the pounding on my door. I take a second to get up and find myself face to face with an upset and distraught female. "I need that recording you have of me," she says and I remember there was a plan in the works before this. She's about 5'6" and weighs maybe 110'lbs with a barely above A cup chest and smallish rear in capri pants and tank top with a purple over shirt way too big for her, top it off with her above average face and way too much makeup with a blond streak to her bangs on her black hair going down to her shoulder blades and you have my sometimes last year cinematographer.

Tragically I'm not in the mood and she interrupted our time alone post coitus. "There is no footage, there probably never was and if there was I wouldn't want it. I know you took video of me and frankly I don't give a fuck. Go away, don't come back and kindly shove your phone up your ass," I tell the girl who stares at me shocked as I close the door.

"Wow, talk about you really getting over shit. Caitlin was certain you'd be super hardcore and probably fuck her ass," Robin states before getting up off the couch. We adjourn to my room which means more cuddling and talking about important things, like us and what comes next.

She wants to be with me but she doesn't want anyone else feeling left out since others helped bring us together. I leave it alone for now as I mentally focus on planning for the job Guy dumped in my lap as part of his test.

I delve into more of the files and consult with Jun going over who has what contract and think, not know but I think I just might have a plan. I run down the basics and Jun brings the team online as I explain. "Okay so we're kid gloving this fucker," Wilma is the first to disapprove.

"Not really if you look at it. Stuart is going to fuck with him but it's just not us doing the major fucking," Isaac counters. "Wow you guys have a lot of time on your hands," Jamal adds and I hear some new guy comments before Desmond takes over.

"Stuart is in charge and it's his call, we can get it done since he's not tasking us with anything unheard of," the big man says in my defense. "Isaac get our extra player up and mobile, he'll need to be briefed and I want that done as quickly as possible. Everyone else has their assignments we kick off in forty eight," I tell everyone before they sign off.

"Well I like it, it's different," Jun states and I smile. "Yeah well it's the first part this all hinges on, think Isaac can pull it off," I ask as Jun debates it for a second. "Yeah he can, just not used to being seen is all but with the backup you have set he'll be fine," Jun dictates and heads back to his corner of the web.

With everything going on today I have only one good piece of news, I have a girlfriend.