Using a vibrator on her wet clit

Using a vibrator on her wet clit
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Maternal Instinct Chapter 2 Marybeth and Terry had reservations for a flight to Cancun and sleeping girl rape by old man beachfront bungalow for 10 days. All meals, drinks, etc would be provided at the main Hotel. When they checked in they werre taken to a beautiful bungalow down the beach at the far end away from the crowds.

They were so excited and got on there suits and headed out to the beach. The first evening they had a fabulous dinner at the hotel restraunt Terry even had a small glass of wine.

This college sex party was very classy and chic champagne evening go

They went to one of the clubs next to the hotel and had fun dancing. They were very popular and were asked to dance many times. A small group of black men watched them from the sidelines and a couple went over and asked each of them to dance from time to time. Both women gladly accepted and had fun. The next day a letter was delivered to the bungalow that was addressed to Terry.

It was a free spa, massage, pedicure deal for that afternoon in recognition of her graduation. Since the spa was downtown Terry called a alexis andrews big ass maid cleans and fucks for that afternoon and Marybeth decided to stay and lay out on the beach.

Terry had on a yellow bikini with loose shorts and a loose white top and flip flops as she headed to the cab. Marybeth showered, shaved, and put on her nice white bikini, grabbed a towel and headed for the lounge chairs on the beach in front of the cabana. Marybeth lounged and tanned for a couple hours rolling over and applying oil from time to time. She already tanned regularly so the Mexican sun was really doing a nice browning job on her skin.

Marybeth finally figured it was getting toward dinner time and wondered about Terry. She walked to the cabana from the beach. As she walked in she found two large black men sitting in chairs in the bungalow.

She immediately went on the defensive demanding they leave. The bigger of the two was a big handsome guy who looked alot like Denzel Washington. He held up one hand and smiled a big Denzel smile and told Marybeth to relax. She was still tense but he knew her name. He told her they were sent to get her and take her to her daughter Terry. She instantly changed from tense and defensive to the (not upskirtscock ninja studios brother blackmails sister full movies worried mother asking if she was alright, what had happened, etc.

Denzel (we'll call him that) pacified her and told her she is fine for now but Marybeth needed to come with them now. She insisted on changing yet Denzel told her no, come in what your wearing. Marybeth threw on a wrap around loose skirt and a loose white shirt over her white bikini and began to get agitated asking what this was about.

When they were in the car Denzel began to explain. He held up his cell phone and showed a video clip. It was Terry at some hacienda near a pool. There were several black and hispanic men around the pool area and Terry laughing and flirting in her yellow bikini. Denzel made a comment about how pretty she was but how niave.

He clicked on another video clip and it showed someone dropping pills in a glass of champagne and stirring it. The man carried it over to Terry and she drank it down. Marybeth covered her mouth and said "Oh no, what was that, where is she, etc." Denzel told her we're heading there now. You'll need to rescue her before something bad happens.

Marybeth got a determined look on her face as they drove on. They had gone down the coast about 30 minutes when they pulled up to a large white hacienda. Denzel slowed her down as she wanted to run into the house. He told her to follow him. She objected but did as she was told.

They ended up in a large game room that looked out on the pool area. It had a large BBQ area and suntanning area with several lounge chairs.

It looked like a large party could be held there with room for 50 people. Sitting or standing around the area of the lounges was a half dozen large men all black or hispanic and on a lounge near the middle was an obvoiusly intoxicated and nearly passed out Terry. Marybeth began to react but Denzel stopped her by grabbing her. His look became deadly stern as he spun her to look at him.

He explained that the tinted picture window they were standing near was one way glass with mirror on the pool side. Terry could not see her. She was advised awesome teen from behind banging hardcore blowjob remain silent as they explained her situation. Marybeth was horrified at what she heard. Terry would be out cold in about 4 more minutes due to the roofies that she'd been slipped. Once she was out the seven men around her would strip her naked and most likely gang rape her for the rest of the evening.

Marybeth shook her head and whimpered oh god no and kept shaking her head. Denzel finally got her attention and told her she could stop it if she wanted. Marybeth perked up and asked how. (bait dangled, the strike, hook set haa haa) Denzel told her she would need to go into another game room (he pointed to the back of the room) and she would have to convince the men there that she was here as a whore and was to be there gangbang for the eveniing.

Marybeth whimpered and shook her head no a few times. Denzel pointed out to the pool and said "if not then she'll be the whore for the evening" Marybeth looked around then whispered "If I do this. nothing will happen to my daughter?" (hook set time to start reeling) Denzel shook his head yes and told her if she kept the guys busy then they'd be too whooped to do anything to Terry so she better be very busy and very convincing.

He also warned her no whining, crying, objecting, she was there as a whore and better be convincing or all bets were off and daughter would be their rag doll. Marybeth hung her head and wiped the tears that had formed in her eyes. Denzel asked her for her wrap around skirt and white shirt. He then handed her a pair of white high heels which she put on.

He lead her to the door to the room and to her fate. Two lesbian females make fun in bed looked over her shoulder and saw Terry sitting on a lounge chair obviously under the influence of something. Her head rolled from side to side and her legs were kind of splayed outward. She knew it wouldn't be long before those men would have her bikini off and be doing the most horrible things to her.

Denzel looked back and whispered "looks like she's running out of time, you better get busy." The door opened and Marybeth was lead into a brightly lit room. In the center was a round bed with a red satin sheet on it. Several large black men stood around stark naked and here and there were video cameras. Marybeth felt total horror at what she saw. Denzel whispered either your a whore doing this or your daughter out there will get this or worse" "You better strut over there and ask who's first.

I doubt your daughter has much time left." Marybeth started to tear up but Denzel reminded her no tears, no objecting, remember. She shook her head yes and took the first step to the bed and her decent into whoredom.

Marybeth shook her head a bit kind of like shaking down her hair looked at the ceiling then walked toward the bed. She smiled a strained fake smile and then purred out " I'm looking for some fun. anyone here gonna help me?" The first couple men stepped forward and began kissing her. Mary beth responded by kissing them back then wrapped her hand around the first of many cocks for that evening. One of the guys removed her white bikini top and began sucking on her tits.

The other untied her bottoms and gave them a fling to the side. In no time he had two fingers buried in her very wet pussy. Marybeth was either one hell of an actress or really loved fucking because in no time her wankz avril hall impregnated by large cock were rocking in motion to the finger fucking and she was purring as her nipples were being sucked.

The guys laid her back on the bed and one took up position between her legs and began tonguing and fingering her. The other took position near her head and Marybeth began stroking him furiously. In no time he had his cock deep in her mouth.

The one tonguing her pussy was good and brought her to climax in no time at all. As Marybeth was coming down from her first climax the one she was blowing moved down between her legs and the other guy switched with him.

The guy between her legs was well hung and eased his big cock into her soaking wet pussy easily. As he got in really dep Mary beth began a deep groaning moan. The other guy was in her mouth and was loving it. After a few minutes the guy between her legs pushed into the hilt and released a huge load deep in Marybeth. Marybeth whimpered and said "Oh god I'm gonna get pregnant for sure" After that guy pulled out the one in her face hook up his place and sunk into her sloppy pussy.

Another took his place at her mouth. This continued for a long while until she'd had 5 guys in her pussy. Finally one of the guys rolled her over on top of him. He grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his cock and rocked her on him. She needed no coaxing.

She was lost in a fucking frenzy. She began sucking another cock while riding another. She didn't notice til it was too late a third guy lining up with her asshole. She whimpered a short no but it did no good as he worked his big cock into her ass. Pretty soon both guys were rocking in and out of her pussy and ass. Marybeth didn't object very long and in no time was pushing back.

After a few minutes she made a funny face and let out a howl as she had a strong climax while two guys fucked her.

Sure theres room for one more rapture

Denzel took his place at her mouth and she mature seduces teen girl xxx stepplaymates brothers obsession he was huge. She tried her best to get him into her mouth.

He leaned down and asked if she was enjoying herself and she quietly mumbled yes she was. He even asked her if she thought her husband would love seeing this. She shook her head no and said lauren phillips and lena paul fucked by corporate leader be disgusted at what a whore she was.

Denzel laughed and said your just getting started. When the guy in her pussy was done he and the guy in her ass pulled out. Denzel laid on the bed and had her sit on his massive cock while she was looking at his feet. She worked her way down on to his massive cock and was fuller than she had ever been.

She rocked back and forth to accomodate him. He sat up a bit behind her then grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down to where she was laying on him. He was still deep in her pussy with her back on his chest. It was obvious by the look on her face that it felt good as he kissed her neck. He rocked his hips ever so slowly and Marybeth wiggled a bit. She looked surprised when another couple guys lifted her legs and spread them a bit. With that move Denzel was able to rock a bit further into her pussy.

After a minute or two another guy stood between her legs and began pushing his cock into her pussy. He was sliding into her pussy right to the front of Denzels cock. She groaned as he pushed in deeper. In no time she had two cocks rocking in her pussy. She was stretched farther than ever before. As the guy in front of her pussy tensed and blew a load in her Marybeth had another climax.

Denzel whispered in her ear "I wanna hear you tell me how much you love your pussy double stuffed. Say it loud" Mary beth did as she was told but anyone could tell she actually meant it as the next guy took his place in her. Denzel stayed in place as 5 other guys fucked her pussy and left their loads.

When the last guy was done Denzel rolled her over on her hands and knees and mounted her. He grabbed her hips and slid his massive cock back into her from behind. Marybeth purred and he pushed more and more into her. When he had every inch he could push into her he pulled out slowly. Once he was all the way out he slammed into her with ferocious strength. Marybbeth screammed out as he withdrew rapidly and did it again and again.

Denzel fucked her brutally from behind for what seemed like for ever. He finally pushed into her very hard and spasmed a massive load of cum into her. When they were done Marybeth was lead to a bathroom on the side. While she was in there she asked Denzel about her daughter, was she safe, did they leave her alone?

Etc etc. Denzel instructed her to get a shower, clean up, get made up with the make-up in the bathroom and return to the room when she was done. He was going to check on her daughter. He would be back in 15 minutes to get her. She should stay there until he came and got her. She asked what she should wear. He handed her a red thong, red little pushup bra and a short thin silk robe and a pair of red heels. She shook her head OK and closed the bathroom door.

Denzel walked out to the lounge where Terry was laying naked. She was a mess. Two guys raised her legs wide apart and she whimpered a half hearted objection as Denzel took his place between her thighs. He jammed his massive cock into her in one brutal stroke. Terry howled and whimpered as he fucked her deeply and unmercifully. After about ten minutes of brutal fucking Terry was unconcious again as Denzel blew a huge load deep in her pussy.

He pointed to the other guys and had them get some washclothes and towels. They did a quick clean up of her soppy wet cum drenched pussy and washed and wiped all the loads she had splattered on her. She was cleaned up, her hair washed and combed, bikini put back on and a nice light blanket layed across her lap.

She looked peacefully asleep. No one would be the wiser that her cervix had been pounded into her stomach and her asshole wouldn't be puckering for several hours since it was stretched badly. Her nipples would be sore for a while and the bruising on her tits was covered by her bikini.

The sun had gone down and Terry looked peaceful on the deck overlooking the ocean. It was nice and warm so she could sleep. Denzel went and got Marybeth from the bathroom. She had the thong, bra, robe and heels on. She had brushed her shoulder length brown hair and had made up her face. Denzel made her put more liner around her eyes to darken them up and she did.

He then handed her a hoy looking red dress and she put it on. It covered her but not too much. The red was bright and the tight cut of the dress really accentuated her great figure. She was lead out to the window and was able to view her daughter asleep on the lounge chair.

One hispanic man stood guard nearby smoking a cigaretteand watched Terry intently. Marybeth asked if she was OK. Denzel told four men and one girl sex she was just fine and sleeping like a baby (he didn't say, maybe one in her womb.) haa haa.

Marybeth asked what would happen to her and Denzel smiled and said it all depends on you again. Marybeth objected by pointing out all she had just done to prevent her daughter from having to experience such horror.

All he could do is smile and say she's still here and in danger of something bad happening so. I suppose your job is still to do whatever you can to prevent that.

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For tonight we're going dancing and partying at a friends. Terry will stay here and safe as long as your the life of the party. Marybeth objected by saying she was too sore so she couldn't possibly. Denzel nodded to Terry and stated that she wasn't maybe he should wake her up. Marybeth quickly agreed to go with him.

They loaded into a limo and headed to another hacienda. Marybeth had no idea what to expect. At least her pussy was cleaned out and she was clean, dressed (somewhat), made up, other than being a bit sore she was alright. She worried about Terry and whatever they had planned for her this evening. The limo rolled on into the night.