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Two lovely teens and hot mom lesbian sex in the bedroom young old pornstars
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We arrived at the bar at 8:05 p.m. Our friends Lenny, Martha and Dick were already at the table, and Chuck arrived shortly after we got there. Amy wore her tight blue jeans and a black button down shirt. While Dick & Chuck warmed up for darts, Lenny, Martha, Amy & I played two games of pool. After the pool games, we returned to our table, the long one closest to the dart boards, and started playing darts.

As we have been, the guys played against the girls, except that Dick played on the girls team to keep the numbers equal. At about 11:00, another one of our regular players, David arrived and began warming up on another board while we finished our game, the guys were winning four to one. By 11:30 most of the usual crowd was there, the sexy woman likes it deep in her throat got fewer and farther between because we were dancing more often.

I danced a few with Martha, and two with Linda, then returned to playing darts until another slow song came on.

As usual, Martha, Liz and Diana were goofing around with me, rubbing up against me, licking my ear, grabbing, but this is just something they always do, they like to tease. While this was going on, Amy was playing around with Gary, Diana's husband, she would straddle him and move around in a way that drove him nuts, he sat there red-faced the entire time. By now Amy had quite a bit to drink, and I noticed that she had the top three buttons un-done on her shirt and all of the guys were following her around like little puppies trying to get a glimpse of her tit.

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Dave (a judge) came up to hug her, as did Bill, the house photographer. David, our other team member, kept moving around to get the best view, as every time she bent over or turned a certain way the shirt would open enough for him to get a good look. By 1:00 a.m. none of us were feeling any pain, so we decided we would leave and go out to breakfast. We said goodnight to the other patrons and were getting in our cars, when a dark blue plymouth mini-van pulled up and blocked us in, Amy got out and was yelling for the driver to move, that we were leaving, when we saw that it was Joe, another player that we thought wasn't going to make it that night.

Joe got out and said hi to all of us, said that he was coming up to see if he could catch a late game. We told him we were going out to breakfast and he decided to join us. We have a favorite little restaurant about ten minutes from the bar. There were eight of us, Amy and I, Lenny, Martha, Dick, David, Chuck, and Joe. Harry the manager sat us at our usual table, and added one more table to make us comfortable. During breakfast we suggested that since it was a nice warm night, we could all go swimming at our house, but the only one's who expressed interest was David & Joe.

We later found out that Lenny & Martha were taking Dick home for fun & games, that they had been involved in a threesome for quite some time now, which none of us even suspected. We left the restaurant a little before 2:00 a.m. and all said good-bye in the parking lot, which always seems to take forever with this group. As soon as we hit the highway, Amy tour of booty us soldier takes a liking to sexy arab servant her shirt wide open & jeans off, we were hoping to see some trucks, she likes to recline the seat and lay back naked, while I slowly pass tractor-trailers to see if the drivers notice, but there were none in sight.

We got home around 2:30, we were both pretty worked up from Amy's playing naked in the car, and had completely forgot that Joe & David son seduced mom in bed right behind us.

Joe had never been to our home, so I showed him the wood shop I built in the garage, and the classic 1958 boat I was working on, while Amy went in to change & to get towels and spare trunks for David & Joe. I threw two inner tubes in the pool, a large double one shaped like a figure eight, and a truck tube. Amy came out wearing just the bottom of her bikini and a tee-shirt and also brought out an ice tea for David and four cans of beer.

By the time I got changed and back outside, everyone was in the pool, I lit the bug-bucket and joined them. Amy & I floated around on the double tube, while David & Joe stood near the side. We talked about the stars, Joe's cabin on the island, and David's planes. Joe is 30, works on traffic lights for a living, and has a beautiful cabin on one of the more popular islands. David is in his 70's, he's a retired teacher and a private pilot, he's in fantastic shape for a guy his age, but never smoked & doesn't touch alcohol.

Before too long, Amy whispered to me that she had casually slipped her bikini bottom off and hid it on top of the filter tube, so she had nothing on but the tee shirt, which wasn't going to stay down far enough to cover anything while she was in the water. We aren't sure if David & Joe could see anything or not, but both of them started moving around more, staying within a few feet of our tube, close enough to see, but far enough away so that the tube didn't block the view.

Around 3:00 a.m.

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David said that he had to get going, that he has a something to do mom teaches son and daughter sex the morning, so after saying goodnight to Joe & I, and giving Amy a long hug, he changed in the garage and left.

After David left, Joe grabbed onto the truck tube and followed us around the pool talking, he was telling us about the woman he was dating, and things that were causing him trouble with the relationship, and how he hasn't been going to the cabin much because it isn't any fun going alone. Joe said that he pulled along side of us on the highway to see mujra sex aaa zzz mmm Amy was naked, but backed off as soon as he saw she was wearing her shirt, Amy said that it was still on, but open all the way and her jeans were off.

We told him how she likes to ride naked and have me pass trucks real slow, and how they try to catch up & drive along side of us looking at her. Joe talked about the time we all went to to his cabin and how Amy & Cindy, the girl he was dating then, got naked on his boat. I said that when we got back to land that night Cindy & I walked along the road, while Amy & Joe cut through the yards of other cabins, and I never knew if Amy got dressed before the walk back or not.

Joe said that her suit was down to her waist, that her chest was bare. Amy said that most of what happened was a blur because she was so drunk, and Joe was more than willing to fill her in, he told her how we all got naked, how her & Cindy played around, how she sucked his cock and that at one point, she told him that she wanted him inside of her, but that's another story.

This went on for about an hour, we were talking, drinking beer and floating around, when we decided that the night air was getting a little too chilly to swim anymore.

Joe went into the garage and changed into his dry shorts and Amy and I went in the house to change. I changed into my white shorts and a blue tee-shirt, and Amy wore the blue stripped shirt that I had worn to the bar. We decided to sit on lawn chairs in the garage to talk, and I set up the heater because Amy was getting cold.

Amy was next to me and Joe was facing us, about three feet away. We continued to talk and drink beer, the conversation was slowly turning to topics of nudity and stuff, when Amy said something about her legs being cold. Joe told her that she needed to get the circulation going in her legs and reached down, pulled her feet up onto his lap and began to massage her legs up and down, going far enough up to feel her pussy hair, so he knew she had nothing on under the shirt.

This went on for quite a while, then Joe said that he wanted to do something that he wanted to do for a long time, he told Amy that he wanted to eat her pussy, and asked her if she would slide farther down on her chair so he could. Amy stood, said "wait a minute" and took the shirt off.

Amy got on her knees on the floor in front of my chair, opened my shorts and began sucking my cock, Joe laid on his back and Amy straddled his face, he was eating her pussy and fingering her ass. After she came once, we decided to move to the shop and laid an inflatable raft on the floor. I sat on the workbench with Amy standing in front of me & Joe sitting on the chair to our right. Amy was kissing me and had her left knee on the shop stool, I was feeling her tits, and Joe was fingering her pussy from behind, and made several comments on how beautiful she was and how tight her pussy is.

Before long Amy, now on the raft, got down on her knees and began sucking Joe's cock and licking his balls, I got behind her and fucked her doggie style. When I was done, Amy moved onto her back with her shapely legs wide open, Joe pushed her ankles high in the air and mounted her missionary style. I sat on the workbench watching Joe fuck my wife, it seemed like forever, before Joe pulled out, shooting cum all over Amy's tight stomach. By the time they finished fucking it perfect blonde girl plays with her slit 6:00 a.m.

and Joe left. Amy and I went to bed and had great sex until the sun came up. This was our second experience with three-way sex, but no less exciting than the first. I can't even begin to explain how exciting it is to watch your wife fucking another man, and believe it or not, our two experiences have drawn us closer than ever before.