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Beeg melayu main pncut dalam
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My name is Amanda, I have been dating my boyfriend Chad for about a year now. I love him, though people are always telling me I should leave him. They say that I act differently when I am around him and that he brings my personality down. I don't really see that, but he can be kind of "a stick in the mud" sometimes. He doesn't really want to go ever, but I usually do.

I am a girl and I like to go dancing and hang out with friends, plus I just graduated college a couple years ago, I am 24, and want to have some fun before real life truly begins. A little about myself, I am pretty tall for a girl about 5'6. I am not super thin, but not fat either. I have a nice butt and my boyfriend loves my tits. I have brown eyes and long brunette hair which I love to have pulled. People always tell me my best feature is my face, and more specifically my smile.

I am white, but I have a natural tan being half Italian and half Portuguese. One day, I head over Chad's house to hangout. I walked in through the kitchen and as I am getting to the living room, this smell hits me like a ton of bricks.

I don't mean that in a bad way though, this smelled unbelievably good. I asked "What is that smell?" flashing my million dollar smile looking at Chad. Then out of nowhere this smooth deep voice I didn't recognize appeared from the stairwell I was near, "I just walked by, is it me?" This man, a tall light-skinned black man, who I have never seen before then innocently reached his wrist out too me for a whiff.

I smelled it and said "no.", it was, he then asked "are you sure?" leaning in for me to smell intense pov blowjob along sweet and horny kiinbsp cum in mouth ball licking neck.

I again said "no, I don't know what it is, but it smells good.", it was definitely him. There is not much sexier than a man who smells good. He then laughed and introduced himself to me as "Darren," and I return the gesture. As we do this I look at my boyfriend, and he is looking at us, with a look that I know he is upset.

I go over to him and sit down give him a kiss and tell him "hello." Chad, Darren, Patrick, Ericka and I all sat around drinking and talking.

Chad lives here with Ericka and Patrick her brother. Ericka and I have become close since we are the only girls in the house.

I'm over their house so much, I basically twin lesbians with ice cream here. As we sat around talking I couldn't help but steal looks at Darren. I say "steal" because I didn't want my boyfriend to see, because outside of obvious reasons he has a bit of jealous streak. I don't know why he is like that though. He is very handsome, I spend every moment I can with him, and I have never given him a reason to feel as though I had been unfaithful or have a wondering eye.

Chad isn't very tall probably about average height, and is skinny but he has a good build for someone his size since he plays pick-up hockey on the weekends in the winter.

As I looked at Darren I couldn't help but notice how attractive he was. His hair looked freshly cut, and his smile was to die for. His smile was the kind that he smiled with his whole face, you know the kind that are truly genuine and contagious. As I said before he was thin, but you could tell that he had an athletic build; but he was not a great hulking man.

I think the thing I found most attractive was how he worked the room. He spoke to everyone in the room, he's known Patrick and Ericka forever but sexxxx new 2019 story xxx spoke to me and Chad like he had known us for just as long; he was extremely confident but equally humble. We all headed out, except for Chad because of work. I kissed him goodbye, and he told me "have a good night babe." On the way over to the bar we are all engaged in conversation, and suddenly it goes into a "Shit of Chad fest." Ericka, and Patrick were going through the usual "you should break up with him" routine.

I halfheartedly defended him saying how he was a good guy and good to me. Suddenly Darren chimes in asking "What's his D game like?" I pretended not to know what he meant, to an extent I really wasn't sure but had a good idea, but I was also in my mind thinking: A.

odd question and B. "Who do you think you are?" Ericka then clarified what he meant, and I replied "Oh, it is good. He has a pretty big dick." As I said this, I was kind of upset with myself for feeling like I needed to justify my dating Chad to someone I just met. As the night went on me and Darren talked and got to know each other. He told me about how he was in from out of town for about week.

He was a super fun guy to party with and really nice. I guess Darren went back home to his families place, because I did not see him the next day. I am sorry to say, but I was kind of upset I didn't get to see him. Chad and I talked later hot asian babe having sex in the pawnshop for money that day, and I told him about the night.

Chad asked me "What do you think about Darren? I didn't really like him, he seems kind of fake." Darren didn't seem really fake to me, I answered his question saying how I thought he was really nice and funny.

Chad didn't take a liking to my answer as he replied simply "oh" and left it at that. The next night we all hung out again and were having drinks at Chad's, and Darren came back through. Chad seemed like he was in a bad mood I am not sure why though, and he wasn't really talking to me. We all talked while playing some drinking games, and Chad sat a round out to sober up a little and went over to the couch.

I went over to talk to him and see what was wrong. He tells me that he is upset with me "because of the way you look at Darren." I denied all of this, and he says "you eye fuck him every time he is here." I was taken shocked by this and began to question myself if this were true.

I had never had a wandering eye before but Darren was really hot; no, beautiful. At this time Darren called over to me that it was my turn to play. Chad then goes full jerk mode and goes "She'll be over in a minute," it wasn't the words but the tone in which he said it.

Darren, genuinely, then says "Chill, homie I didn't mean anything by it." Chad and Darren then begin to argue when Chad got in his face. This argument ended when yells, in a deep booming voice, "Shut the fuck up before I make you my bitch! Better yet, fuck your bitch and make you watch!" The room went real quiet, and they began pushing and shoving and I sort of went into a trance.

I hardly remember anything after Darren made his exclamation, but I vividly remember becoming instantly wet when he said that and also feeling guilty. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. He said he would fuck me and make Chad watch; the nerve.

At the same time, the dominance in his voice and the thought of being fought over must have unlocked something primal in my subconscious.

It's like Darren unlocked the animal drive in me, to go with the strongest suitor. However, I felt guilty that this was at the expense of my boyfriend.

Chad went upstairs, and I followed and we both went to sleep without saying a word. The next morning I woke up and Darren was just getting out of the shower and I brushed my teeth. I greeted him, and couldn't help but blush. God, he was chiseled. I couldn't help but think "where were you hiding all of that muscle?", as he walked into Ericka's room to get dressed while she was out. After I brushed my teeth I felt bad about the night before and went to apologize.

I knocked on the door and said to him "Hey I just wanted to apologize for last night, he can get like that sometimes." He accepted my apology, and said he didn't care. God this guy is so cool nothing bothers him at all. If that were me I would still be seething. While we talked Chad walked in to his room, and I followed him in there to talk to him and closed the door behind me.

He was upset at me still for before and for apologizing to Darren. While we talk Darren knocks at the door with this things, and says his goodbyes and asks Chad if they could get past last night.

Chad simply answers "yeah." This was lily rader in blackout fucked with sister embarrassing to have him act like this, like such a child, I got so mad that I told him "Don't be a dick." Darren, as cool as ever, doesn't care and goes to shake his hand, but is not met with the same gesture. Darren then says "Whatever, Amanda you shouldn't be with a bitch ass nigga like that. You are too cool for that." Again, this made me feel the exact same as the night before; I was wet but this time no guilt.

Chad then gets up and the two start to argue and Darren pushes him to the ground. He gets up punches Darren in the face, and he pushes Chad to the ground, easily, and tells him "stay down." I then went over to check on Chad then Darren and tell to stop, and Chad says "Whatever." I rubbed Darren's chin where Chad punched him and ask if he's alright. Darren looks me in the eyes and smiles and tells me "yeah, I'm good." He then leans in and kisses me and pull me into him. Chad gets up and he breaks our kiss, and grabs him and slams him on the ground and yells "You wanna get your ass beat?!

That's what I thought!" Darren then told him to mexicano se coge a vieja desesperada axxxteca in the chair, as he grabbed me and began to kiss me again this time his hands exploring my body, with attention to my ass.

The kiss was so passionate and deep I didn't want it to stop. He then takes his shirt off, and be began rubbing all over his chest and abs. His abs were like washboards, I wanted to sink my teeth into them. Every muscle I touched sent electric shocks to my pussy; I was thoroughly soaked. I slowly worked my hands to his dick, and boy was it big. I slowly she pulled his dick out and started to stroke it, never breaking our kiss. I couldn't take any more and began to kiss my way down those delicious abs until I got to his cock.

I kissed the head, then the shaft, and his balls. They were so big, like I imagined.

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I had never been with a black man before and was going to make the most of this opportunity. I licked and sucked his balls all in my mouth rolling my tongue around them. While I did this I looked at his face, searching for approval from my new master as he looked at Chad, with that big beautiful smile on his face. I never minded sucking dick, but this was something different, this was something that I wanted to go out of my way to do.

I then licked me way all the way to the head, and took it in and he throws his head back with a big sigh. I tried to take as much as I could, as to not disappoint, but can't and gag with every attempt.

"Glugh, glugh, glugh, glugh" with every bob of my head as I choke myself with this exquisite big black cock. I held myself down for as long as could, only getting to about halfway down as it was long and fat in the middle. As I did this I had tears running down my cheeks and saliva bubbling out of my mouth, and fought back my breaths. Darren suddenly orders me to turn to the side so Chad could see. I did as I was told by my big black bull, who then grabs my hair and fucks my face.

He would hold his dick down my throat and every time he pulled it out I would gag loudly. I was angry with Chad and really wanted to humiliate him, but I also really wanted all of this man who I was kneeling before. I fought for air but didn't want it to stop, and continued trying to take more and more in, running my tongue along the underside of his cock in a swallowing motion. On command I get undressed and Chad folds both our clothes neatly and puts them away.

This time it is my turn as Darren begins to expertly eat my pussy. He sucks the sides of my legs right where my groin muscles are teasing secretaire francaise sexy suce une bite pour les voyeurs. He then lick and suck on her clit and fingers my G-spot no problem. I could write Chad a road map and give him GPS coordinates and he still couldn't find it, even if by accident and, and here this guy got it in one second.

This sent me wild as I grinder my pussy into Darren's face and pull his head in, trying to get more of that tongue. After a few minutes of this I came hard and Darren continued to lick my pussy like a real man should.

He then flipped me over like a rag doll and started to eat her ass. I had never had this before, but I loved every second of it.

I had seen it in porn movies before and it looked good but I was always too afraid and too timid to ask Chad to do it. We fucked many times on this very bed, but our best sex didn't compare to the oral treatment I was getting right now.

Darren Licked all around the outside, and then tried to push his tongue past the sphincter. I cried out, "Ahh, fuck yes daddy eat my ass" as he continued to finger fuck me. By this time we both forgot about Chad, who was still sitting there like a worthless cunt watching his white queen be taken by this black bull. I didn't care that he was there or not, all I cared about was getting fucked by this beautiful man.

He put her in missionary, and teased me with his dick my dick. He rubbed it on my clit then placed laid his dick over my pussy and it extended up into my stomach. While he did this he looked me square in the eye and asked "are you ready for this dick?" I couldn't even respond with a words and just shook my head yes, because I was exhausted from my earth shattering orgasm. I said I was ready, but I was also scared but scared like the feeling you get when you are at the top of a roller coaster.

He tried to put it in but couldn't.

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He literally ate all the juices out of my pussy, which I didn't even know was possible. This forced him to lick me more, which I wasn't exactly upset about. Finally he was able to put it in, and did it real slow. I could feel this massive dick stretching my pussy. Once it was all the way in this tight white pussy, he grabbed the edge of the bed and pulled himself in even further.

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All this time I let out soft moans, until he pulled myself in and then I let out a louder moan and an "Oh fuck." With each thrust of this now glistening cock I let out "Oh fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Fuck. Shit. Ahh, yeah. Yes. Fuckkkk." He started to really pump faster, and I wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him in as he started to make me his.

I had never been so full, nor have I ever been fucked so hard. Every thrust threw my body like it was nothing.

His cock was so big that it hurt a little bit but felt good at the same time. However, at this time I needed him to slow it down for at least a little while, until my pussy got used to this welcome beating. While he is fucking me, Darren looks at Chad and tells him "This is happening, because of you. You are the reason I am taking your bitch." As I began to get used to Darren's dick I began to get lost in extasy. I begged him to keep fucking, I didn't even know who I was.

I glimpse of guilt hit me as I was being "taken" and I looked at Chad. Chad sat there look at us, with a kind of defeated look on his face. I would have felt bad if he were being a dick and if Darren wasn't so good. While I thought this to myself, I snapped out of it as Darren took my left foot and put it into his mouth and took the other and put it on his chest. I took it away saying "no", I don't like feet and think they are gross. Darren didn't like my protest and I told me "You don't tell me what to do bitch." He then takes my foot again and puts it back in his kinky old spunker loves it when you cum in her mouth, and completely out of character I say "Yes sir, I'm sorry daddy.

Please suck my toes. I have just never had a man do that before." I looked back at Chad and continued to tell Darren "I am sorry. Do what you want with me. I am yours anytime you want it. This pussy, these tits, these feet belong to you." I wasn't lying though, I was his. I had never had anything like this and didn't want it to stop. I had never had my feet worshiped before but it was amazing.

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It tickled at first but it sent waves of pleasure around my body. Darren sucks all of my toes like little lollipops, he was like a kid in a candy store. He licked each wrinkle and licked in between each toe and sniffed my feet. He sucked, nibbled, and licked, the balls of her feet.

This felt amazing, as I am on my feet constantly at work and I began to push my foot into his mouth further to get more. Usually my feet are very ticklish but as he sucked my arches, I couldn't feel anything but extreme pleasure. To my initial chagrin he took his cock out of my pussy, only to put it on my feet.

I didn't care what he did with that monster, as long as he was being pleasured with my body. He slapped his strong meaty cock against my soles and arches. He begin to rub it up and down my soles and in between them. His cock felt like a massager for my feet. It tickled a little bit but still felt great as his cock covered every inch my feet. He told me to turn over on all fours and raise my feet. As I did this he fucked my feet from behind.

Darren then took me by my hair and began to put his cock deep in my pussy. He fucked me hard and deep while pulling my hair. I never thought about it, but this teen licks cock and gets bonked hardcore blowjob with Darren taught me that I love being dominated and that's why I like having my hair pulled. Darren pulling my hair sent waves of on told pleasure surging to my pussy. That mixed with how deep he was fucking me and his balls hitting my clit as he had my from behind sent me over the edge.

As I moan and began to whimper I said "Yeah. Yes. I am cumming." With that, Darren pushed my face into Chad's bed with my ass sticking up and began fucking me as hard as he could, again I felt like I was going to be launched off the bed. Darren smacked my ass and it must have been red as I came real hard and the spanks I was getting.

With every thrust and every smack, my ass shook.

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I was being punished, and I loved every second of it. This big strong man told me to stand and then picked me up and slid me on his cock while he fucked me standing up. I wrapped her arms and legs around his neck and torso to secure myself, but he probably could have held me himself. We stared into xxx sixy storys play and girl blading other's eyes and but I was getting annoyed as I had to keep brushing her hair away from my face.

Finally I told Chad to get my scruncii and it on for me and he actually said "yes, ma'am" and did as told." My boyfriend, Chad, was literally submitting to me while I got thoroughly fucked in front of him and was going to get my scruncii to keep my hair out of my face so I could gaze upon the man that was fucking me; I was beginning to lose respect for him.

After Chad fixed my hair for me I kissed Darren deeply, and then asked him "Where do you want to cum?" I didn't care where, I just wanted—no, needed him to know that he could put his seed wherever he so pleased. He looked surprised then asked, in between heavy breathes and hard pumps, "How flexible are you?" to which I informed him, I used to be a gymnast. With that he laid me back onto Chads bed, and began to fuck my feet again. He did this slowly, as I looked on enjoying the feelings and sight of hick cock pushing through my toes and soft soles.

His dick commanded my feet, like it commanded the rest of my body. He told me to sit up so he could mouth-fuck her while he fucked my feet, which was fairly easy for me to do. I stuck my tongue out letting his cock run along it.

I then started to suck the head as it came into my mouth. I was trying to fight him from taking his scrumptious cock, which I could taste my pussy juice and own cum on, from out of my mouth. I could feel his cock begin to pump from inside, and he told me to turn over. He then raised my feet and began to stroke his cock over my soles. I took this opportunity to rub his heavy balls between my toes as I wiggled them around. After doing this he erupted on my soles.

He shot ropes of cum all over my feet, as I could feel it oozing between my toes and puddling in between my wrinkles on my soles.

Darren rubbed his cock all over my soles, rubbing his cum into my skin. Chad asked if I needed a napkin to both of our surprise, but I giggled and said "no." There was no way I was going to let a load like this get wiped up with some toilet paper and thrown away, that would be a waist.

Instead I took my feet and licked them clean. I started at the heel of my foot and ran my tongue up my sole and between my toes. Darren asked her if I was ever had a fucked so good to which I said "no, for sure not.

That was amazing, thank you." I then went back to cleaning my feet. I stopped briefly as Darren was leaving to say, "I think I have a foot fetish now. I loved that, I always though feet were gross." He said he'd have no problem fucking my feet again, and I would let him. He even offered to let me lick his girlfriend's feet after they fucked, another offer I will take him up on if I have the chance.

I then continued to suck and lick the cum off of my feet. I couldn't get enough of it, I wanted more. I did everything I could to savor the taste.

I usually never let Chad cum in my mouth let alone swallow; Darren did things to me that day. I was exhausted and told Chad to leave the room and close the door on his way out so I could sleep. I laid there covered in juices rubbing my feet together with whatever cum remained until I feel asleep. Me and Chad are going to have a talk when Mother id like to fuck receives large cock to play with get up.