Babe fucked before gfs hardcore and blowjob

Babe fucked before gfs hardcore and blowjob
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Belinda A physical description is a good place to start. She is young, just 13, slim but has a very intense look. Long straight dirty blonde hair. And a lot of freckles on her cheeks and across her nose.

Her intensity comes from her blue eyes. Such long eyelashes frame her eyes and she has a way of looking at me that shows interest beyond her years. She often wears white blouses and tight jeans. Perhaps the jeans are tight because it is her growing that gets ahead of buying clothes.

She lives next door with her grandmother, there is some sort of sadness there but I don't know the story. Living next door she often comes to visit with my wife and they talk and giggle in the kitchen as I read the paper and watch the news on channel Five.

Sometimes they will join me and it is then that I notice her sly glances at me when she thinks I'm absorbed in something else. Once when my wife left the room to get drinks she stood in front of me and bent over to pet the cat. She bent forward at the waist and gave me such a view of her tight round ass, and then I noticed that her blouse hung loosely from her body and I could see the small white bra that covers her small breasts.

And I can't help but wonder if they fill her bra of if she just wears it. As my wife returned she assumes a squatting position and my view is much changed and I can't help but wonder if she did this on purpose.

In retrospect I now know that I am talking about two innocents not one. She knew perfectly well what she was doing or perhaps it was by instinct. In the following days I would be about the yard mowing the lawn or tending the garden and she would be out around the yard herself, often barefoot but seemingly having a lot to do where I would be in sight.

I kept at the work at hand but found that my eyes would stray to glimpse her slight figure as she moved about her yard. At times I would catch her looking at me and she would duck her head and shyly look away. Now there is always a precipitous event in any relationship. This event occurred on a hot sultry day in late June.

My wife had left for the day on some sort of mission and would not be home until late. I was working in the yard weeding around the flowers, when I became aware of someone standing nearby. Startled, I looked up and she stood there, the sun behind her and her hair like a halo. It was difficult for my eyes to focus at first, I had to move to see clearly. She stood there for a moment, and I stood up to see what she wanted.

She was not so intimidating now that I was standing, actually she looked shy. But she perked up and said, "You have new kittens in the shed. Can I see them?" "Will you show me?" I could not refuse this request so we walked to the shed.

Once inside the old shed I sat in the only chair and reached under the bench and pulled out a small kitten from the box it was born in, eyes still closed but mewing and it's little claws extended. Belinda reached out and took the kitten from my hands and held it to her breast. Cuddling pretty teen alex wants punishment deapthroat and beautiful little animal she turned and sat on my lap.

Seemingly this was such a natural thing for her to do. She turned a bit sideways so she could show me the kitten she was holding and slipped a little on my lap. I moved my hand to steady her and found I was cupping her right breast with my hand. The world hesitated for a bit, I could see the dust flecks in the sunlight the flooded through the dingy single pane of glass, we neither spoke or moved, then ever so slowly she leaned back against me and my hand remained frozen in contact with her small firm breast and I could feel her breath entering and leaving.

There was a silent communication between us, a shared feeling of awareness of our bodies. The small kitten mewed and struggled and she lifted it to her cheek and in the process pressed my hand beneath her arm more snugly to her breast and I could feel the nipple harden in my palm. I raised my other hand to her left breast and gently pulled her to me and I could smell the clean sent of her hair. She leaned forward and placed the kitten back in its place under the bench and then sat up in my lap again and put her hands over mine and replaced them on her breasts.

We big tits gets sprayed with sticky jizz cunnilingus straight there enjoying the feeling of closeness and quiet in our secret place away from all the world. Time passed and without a word she stood and left. That evening she visited as usual as if nothing had transpired between us. Normalcy was to be the key here. A secret was to be kept and we would not speak of it.

Without speaking we were setting the rules for our secret relationship. Gone were the sly furtive glances that I had noticed before. Now the looks we exchanged were subtlety changed to one of open friendly awareness.

She knew now that she possessed me. Days passed and we did not meet, and then almost a week later her grandmother came over and asked if we could keep an eye on her as she had to go visit her sick sister in the hospital, of course we said it wouldn't be a problem we would be there if she needed us.

It was a rainy overcast kind of day and we had just finished breakfast and coffee. My wife picked up the keys and left for her hair appointment about 9:30. I went back to the newspaper and as I sat in the livingroom I caught some motion in the corner of my eye from the back yard. I looked up and saw the door to the shed was ajar. I tried to read the paper, I told myself that she was still asleep or watching tv, that it was not her that I caught the smallest glimpse of as she entered the shed.

And if it was she went in there to see the kittens, and not to wait for me. It was no good, I knew I had to go to the shed. I walked out the back door and across the yard to the shed and pulled the door open.

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Belinda was there, in jeans and the white blouse. She shyly smiled her head bent forward slightly so that she had to roll her eyes upward to look at me. No words were spoken, she moved slightly aside and I sat in the chair, she sat in my lap and leaned back into me.

As before I placed my hands on her breasts. To my delight I found she was not wearing towel drop in front of brother bra, it is difficult to explain how I felt at this moment, her small firm tits in the palms of my hands and the nipples stiffening to my touch.

She relaxed into me and sighed slightly, I wondered if she could feel my cock stirring under her slim ass.

We sat still and silent for sometime, my cock getting increasingly hard. I reached down to move my hands under her blouse to feel her budding breasts directly but she slowly but firmly replaced my hands to the outside of her clothing.

It was clear to me that she would make the rules to our encounters and this was all right by me. I did not want to jeopardize this secret and enticing relationship by being too eager. After about fifteen or so minutes she stirred and removed my hands and left.

No word was spoken to break the spell we were under. Several times that summer we met in out secret place and had similar encounters and now fall was approaching and the weather was cooler. On a rainy Saturday morning in late September my wife and her grandmother drove away to attend some sort of flea market or craft show they had been looking forward to and I saw her slip into the shed.

Today was different instead of the white blouse she had on a warm bulky sweater. Quickly I crossed the yard to be with my obsession. I closed the door to the shed behind me and took my place in the chair and she sat in my lap. I closed my hands over her breasts but the sweater made this unacceptable to both of us and she pulled the sweater up a bit and I tentatively placed my hands on her warm belly.

She shivered slightly I don't know if it was my cool hands or her anticipation at taking this step forward. Slowly I inched my hands upwards over her belly and to her ribs, the tips of my thumbs contacted the underside of her bare breasts and I could feel the sharp quick intake of her breath. I traced around her small tits with my thumbs and ran my fingers up and over them. Hawt legal age teenager attractive babe deepthroats I had my hands on her firm breasts naked to me for the first time.

Gently I squeezed the budding nipples between my thumbs and forefinger and was rewarded by her slight shudder and intake of breath.

Her nipples hardened to my touch and as I was kneading them I could feel that they hardened even inside her breasts the firmness of the nipples running deeper than that of most women. No longer was she motionless on my lap but now she worked one leg between mine and arched her back in such a way as to allow her to rub her pussy on my thigh. I ached to run my hand down to her thighs and feel her pussy.

But I somehow knew this would break her trust and ruin the spell.

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She must know how hard my cock was as her every movement made it harder and it was trapped under her in a most delicious way. I can feel wetness where she has been rubbing her pussy on my thigh, and now my orgasm approaches and the wet feeling drives me over the edge. Belinda pushes back against me now and her body stiffens and her breathing becomes ragged, and then we both relax.

Her breasts are now wet under my hands and her nipples are no longer hard but have softened and become puffy. I have cum in my pants and there is a big wet spot growing own my pants leg under her ass. I hear the drip of the rain off the roof edge onto the ground as we sit there slowly coming back to reality.

Sex xxx scholl six vidoes she gets up and turns to face me and places her hands on my thighs over the two places made wet by our actions, and with a slight smile turns without a word and leaves. From then into the future the sound of rain brings back fond memories of that old shed, our secret place. October often has warm bright days reminiscent of the summer just passed. This Saturday was like that.

The women had left for the day and I dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt was catching up on some work in the yard that had gone undone so far this fall.

I quickly worked up a sweat and took off the warm long sleeved sweatshirt and continued work in just my now soaked tee shirt. I carried the rake to the shed to put it away, and when I opened the door she was there. She was standing with her palms on the rough two by four that framed the bottom of the dusty window and bent forward at the waist her round cute butt looking so wonderful in this pose.

She was wearing a light blue pair of shorts and a white tee shirt that was a size or so too large for her.

She stood and faced me and I could determine that her nipples had stiffened under the light fabric of her top. She came to me and placed her hands on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her and she tipped her face up for a kiss. She amateur teen young riding the old wood a bit awkward at kissing and her lips were dry. But it was the sweetest kiss that I can remember. She trembled a bit and we went to our chair and she sat in my lap but crosswise this time and she leaned into me her left hand on my chest and her right resting on my thigh.

She sighed and snuggled a bit closer her head just under my chin. I could feel myself getting harder and I reached my hand up under her shirt and found her breast, the nipple already swollen and erect. She tipped her head back and I was ready now and my lips were well wetted to introduce to her the real joys of kissing. She readily caught on to this and was eager for more, soon our mouths were open and our tongues exploring.

She sat up and tugged at my sweat shirt and I helped her get it off. Now sitting there on my lap she took the hem of her shirt in her delicate fingers and pulled it over her head. This is the first time that I had seen her naked. I first noticed the roundness of her breasts and the delicate hairs that showed up from the sunlight that was pouring through the dusty window pane. Her nipples were small but so aroused and hard. She zin li fike part 34 staring into my face, looking for assurance that her body was appealing to me and that she had not made a fool of herself.

I leaned toward her and took the nearest nipple between my lips and lightly sucked on it, wetting it with my tongue. She moaned ever so slightly and put her arms around my head and wrapped me closer to her breast.