Mom and daughter and dad sex

Mom and daughter and dad sex
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Fuck! What the hell were you thinking?!? Here you are walking down the stairs of this strange man's home in to his basement. It's a nice house but still what a choice. <earlier> His writing was mesmerizing, and at the coffee meeting having him chose your drink, and when you went to get up to go to the washroom he told you to sit. That you must ask permission to leave, fuck you just about came when he looked you in the eyes and informed you of his expectations.

As he asked, you went, peed, took off your panties and had to wipe several times, your pussy was so wet. You came out and handed him the panties. He casually sniffed them, you knew he could feel how wet you are just by how wet the panties are. The smile and knowledge filled his eyes, then they went darker. His eyes filled with dark promise locked on yours, you couldn't look away and you had to fight to process what he is saying to you.

"Well, slut," he said in a low voice, "I can tell we are done here, you will come with me now. I can tell you need it." He stood slipped your panties into his front pocket and proceeded to walk out the door, not looking back, taking for granted that you will follow him.

For a flash of a second alliyahs husband brought her friend to have a threesome considered not but you were so wet and you were aching for release. He seemed to be the one to give that to you. <now> You get to the bottom of the stairs and he leads you to a door, unlocks it and ushers you inside. The room is small, there is a medical table to one side and all sorts of instruments all over.

"Now slut, strip your clothing." he demands. You quickly begin to take your clothing off. He turns his back and closes and locks the door. The room feels smaller but when you peel your pants off you can see your lubrication all over the crotch of your jeans and can feel your wetness begin to drip down the inside of your thighs.

Your clothing is crumpled at your feet and you are standing there nude. the air cool but not cold. your pussy throbbing slightly, your heartbeat thrumming in your clit. He stands there and looks you from your feet slowly all the way up to your dark hair. then back down. He says nothing but twirls his finger slowly, you turn slowly. So exposed, so naked, a man you barely know looking at your naked body, you feel like covering up, as you finish your turn, that is exactly what you do.

You place one arm across your breasts, the other hand covers your mound. Standing there slightly huddled you feel so vulnerable. SLAP Out of the blue you feel your cheek sting. It was so sudden you didn't see it come. When your eyes clear you see his eyes brown, soft, gentle. He says very calmly, "You will not cover yourself in my presence.

You are here to be looked at, used, explored, poked, prodded, fucked, degraded in any way I want." he voice changes suddenly, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" he doesn't yell but the room fills with his voice and you immediately drop your arms.

your cheek stings. He sits on a doctor's stool spreads his legs and motions you closer. He pulls you down and lays you across his knee with your ass up and exposed you use your hands on the carpeted to stabilize yourself.

"Listen, you slutty little thing. And if you don't like the word, slut, then just look at how slimy your cunt is," he suits his actions to his words and runs his fingers from your asshole to your clit and you can hear the wet noises your cunt makes, it also makes you jump, your cunt clenches and you involuntarily moan.

"See you are a slutty little girl. Your panties were wet when you brought them to me, your jeans were sopping wet, your cunt is even wetter now and I heard the moan. There is no question you are a horny dirty little slut and you need to be treated that way, isn't that right?" you pause and he says "come on slut I asked a question you will answer with 'sir, this slut.' and then finish your sentence with 'sir', do you understand?" You answer "Sir, this slut understands sir." and then say "Sir, this slut needs to be treated like a dirty slut sir." it feels so wrong and right at the same time.

you can feel even more pussy juice collect and drip from your cunt. "Good girl," he says, "You get a good girl spanking." He begin to spank your ass, not too hard but it starts to sting almost immediately. He seems to know just how to hit you, each thump hurts a bit but you feel a sympathetic sexy lesbos fill up their huge butts with milk and squirt it out threesome and spreading in your clit.

Each impact feels amazing it hurts but the building orgasm feels amazing. It hurts, stings, and you can feel the heat rise on your ass, you can feel the pins and needles and he doesn't stop. He keeps spanking you faster, slower, and always in a way that you feel it in your cunt, in your clit. Fuck it feels so good. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, suddenly you are right there, on the edge, you are going to fucking cum.

and one more smack from him and you begin to cum. He slaps your inner thighs and you spread your legs wide as you grind your cunt in to his knee. His fingers begin to rapidly swipe back and forth across your opening. It is different than you are used to but holy fuck does it feel good. Faster and faster his fingers move. Your cunt begins to clench and bear down the orgasm that was just stopping all of a sudden was back with a vengeance.

Your cunt is clenching harder than you had ever felt before, you can feel your muscles clenching, your face going red, you begin to grunt and moan. The orgasm won't stop, he keeps rubbing your cunt and you keep cumming. Tears are in your eyes, you feel lightheaded leaning across his knee like that. The SLAP SLAP SLAP he slaps your cunt hard three times.

your cunt continues to spasm through several more contractions then subsides and the stinging heat from those three cunt spanks wash over you. you are panting and feel weak. Drained. "On your knees slut!" He demands of you and pushes you down on to your knees. There is wetness all down his leg. "Lick that cum clean slut, you squirted all down my leg now fucking clean it up with your tongue." You resist, no way are you going to lick up all that.

Slap slap slap, your head rings and your face stings. He grabs a handful of your hair and forces your face down to his knee and begins to grind your face against the coarse fabric. You begin to lick and suck your juices out of the fabric. Its not so bad and it feels so much more dirty this way. He stands and helps you stand with the hold he has in your hair. he then lifts you up gently on to the medical table, places your feet in to the stirrups spreading your thighs wide.

He ties your feet and ankles down and then pulls your hips down so that your thighs are spread wide. Your cunt open and exposed. those tiny little inner lips exposed, he stands at the foot of the table between your thighs and you can hear the sound of his zipper, slowly being lowered.

Then you feel his pierced and hard cock right at your cunt. Then he presses himself deep inside you and begins to fuck you. It hurt going in but the ring hits some amazing spots and feels so fucking good. You can feel that he hasn't removed any of his clothing, he has just pulled his cock out to fuck you with. Your juices drip down over your asshole and you can feel it pool a bit around your ass. You begin to cum again.

Grinding down on his thighs and on to that hard cock filling your fuck hole. After your orgasm he pulls out of you and begins to slowly push it into your asshole. You wail a bit as it hurts. He leans forward and jams your damp panties into your mouth and growls "shut up slut and fucking take it." Slowly the ring and his cock go in, lubed by your own pussy juice.

Once he is in, he lets it sit there for a moment and then begins to fuck your asshole hard and fast and deep. Oh it hurts so much but fuck your cunt begins to spasm again.

Being taken so dirty like that and just used makes your cunt spasm again, you begin to cum hard again. and then you hear his breathing change, then you feel him begin to ram harder and deeper in to your asshole. Then with ragged breath you begin to feel his cock jump and pump cum in your asshole.

He growls and thrusts deeper and deeper filling your ass with hot sticky cum. He slowly pulls his cock from your ass, walks over to your face grabs a big handful of your hair and forces you to take his cock in your mouth, "Suck me clean you little bitch. Get all your cum and my cum off there. I don't really fucking care how gross or dirty it is, fucking suck it." Once you are done cleaning him up, he snaps a collar around your neck and snaps a lock on it.

He puts a chain on it, frees your feet and pulls you to the floor. You pretty much flop there and he walks you like an animal to the room next to the one you were just in.

He walks you to a cage at the foot of the bed, "get in there slut. I have other things I wish to use you for, until I jacking off before work tube porn ready you will nap in there." He closes and then with a pad lock, he locks you in to the cage. Then he gets a sharpie out and on a small strip of paper writes, "Slut" on it and places it on the top of the cage.

"You name is slut now and if you are a real good girl I may give you a special name just for you. Now sleep you have so much more to experience. But that is tomorrow." Out of the darkness you hear "slut, wake up." you feel cramped, sore used limited controlled and sexy. A creature of raw sheer sex hunger and need. You open your eyes to the thin bars of the cage you were placed in after being so heavily used. You can still smell your own cunt and my cum. You feel dirty in a good way and you feel dirty in not so good ways.

You need to pee, you need to shower. I snap a lead on to your collar and lead you out of the cage. You go to stand up and SLAP I slap your face.

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you fall down and you hear me say, "sluts, and fuck animals crawl, crawl to the bathroom." I walk you like a dog to the bathroom, thankfully it was not too far away but the tile floor in the bathroom is cold and hard on your knees. you begin to climb up on to the toilet and choke as I yank the chain. "In to the tub slut" I growl and you climb in to the tub. "Lift your leg and pee like the little fuck animal you are." You feel a flush wash over you.

Shame, embarrassment run through you, so does the thrill. You have to pee so bad that you do just as I ask. The pee sprays over your lower leg all hot.

The smell of you piss fills your nose. You go a deeper red, embarrassed but strangely your cunt is wet too. Why is peeing like a dog in front of me a turn on?

I then start the shower and get it to a very warm temperature and using the shower nozzel spray you down completely. Using a bar of soap I clean you off taking extra time to soap your dirty asshole and slimy wet fuck hole. Your clit is hard and throbbing by the time I am done soaping and rubbing and cleaning your lower fuck holes.

Then You feel the nozzle of the shower head thrust against your cunt hole and you can feel the hot water filling and dunning out of your fuck hole. It fills and stretches you and feels so dirty to have me do it to you. Finally though I am done and placing a thick towel on the tile lead you out on your hands and knees still I grab another thick towel and begin to dry you just like I might dry a dog.

I do take extra time and effort rubbing your asshole and your cunt you find your eyes closing your nipples rock hard and your breath getting short. Just as your cunt starts to clench with the building orgasm I stop.

Stand up and walk you back towards the bedroom. But instead lead you to my doctor's office. Stand up fuck slut. Stand up and come here.

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You need to experience something. You comply and find yourself bent over the side of the medical table your arms stretched to the side and in can't move or even shift. I kick your legs apart and restrain each of those. Your legs spread wide. You can feel the cool air wash over your hot wet fuck hole.

You can also feel my eyes inspecting, roaming all over your spread naked body. You hear some shifting and some wet noises and then feel something slimy against your little asshole. I slowly but without mercy begin to push something inside you.

Stretching, at first almost painful, then uncomfortable, but then it fills you just right and feels so fucking good. You hear yourself moan as it seems to hit the base. That's it, you are a dirty little fuck slut aren't you? You moan again and in almost a whisper say, yes. Then you feel something else it feels funny, like suede and you can smell leather.

something cool and heavy brushes your back. Here we go slut. Thump, the impact from the flogger is heavy, with not much sting but it sure feels good. Thump, thump, thump, the pace picks up the hits aren't to heavy your ass and your back are all being hit. Each impact on the item shoved in your tight asshole shoots delicious vibrations throughoutt your ass and cunt. Faster and faster, harder and harder, it is almost hypnotic. You begin to find yourself both hurting and drifting.

It is owie but at the same time you can actually feel juice drip from your cunt hole and run down your leg. Then the tempo changes and now the flogger occasionally is brought up against your cunt hole shooting more shocks through your fuck parts.

God gay slave humiliated in front of masters friends feels so good. The sting and burn, the impacts, your tight asshole stretched like that.

Then the impacts begin to move up over your shoulder blades Then you feel my cock with the heavy ring at your cunt hole.

Then THRUST and it hurts like hell for a second then its in. Oh god that was exactly what you needed . you begin to cum, I begin to drive my cock hard and deep in you, it hits all kinds of places the plug seems to hit the rest.

Your orgasm goes on and on and on.

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You can't move, or stop me you can just cum. Finally you black out. You slowly wake to something being shoved into your cunt something else shoved in to your raw asshole and something hard being clamped around your stomach.

"You have a job, you need to go to work, but you will not forget that these fuck holes are mine and only mine. Do you understand me slut?" You quickly respond, "Yes sir!" You realize that you have a metal chastity belt clamped around you your cunt and ass filled with silicone toys filling you, stretching you. It feels so good. "Now slut get dressed and I will drop you off at work. After work I expect you to come out and get in the van. Don't you say one word, just get in to the van and do as I say.

I expect you to act normal at work. You can pee while wearing this but you will not be able to shit. I will help you with that once I get you home later." And just like that you find yourself dressed, presentable for work and in the van riding to work. Every bounce pushes the toys in and out. It's like being fucked a little bit all of the time. "Don't you fucking dare cum until I give you permission!" the menace and the expression on my face leave merry legal age teenager bounces on a rod to the imagination, you feel your ass try to close in a little thrill of fear but with the toy there it just stimulates you and that makes your cunt clench which you can't because of the toy shoved in your fuck hole and that makes you try to clench more and you moan out loud in the pleasure of riding in public in a van with people all around and none of them know what is under your clothing.

"You dirty little slut. Don't you fucking dare!" You feel tears spring up in your eyes but with an immense effort you stop yourself and focus on the ride and what you need to do for work. Work was a blur, your cunt throbbed, your asshole throbbed in wonderful ways. Your nipples were hard as rocks and your clit kept rubbing on something that drove you up the wall.

You didn't dare sit down as you might trigger an orgasm and all you could smell was your arousal. You could smell your cunt oozing. You went to the bathroom a dozen times to wipe your cunt slime and once to pee. That was messy and took a lot of work to clean up but the relief from peeing just heightened your aching need to cum.

Once your shift was over you went out to the van. Climbed in to the passenger seat and gingerly sat down. "You smell like a whore house in august you dirty little slut. Get in to the back seat!" You climb in sexy desperate babe ivy rose fucks pawnmans cock for money the back seat and in a bit of a huff as it was my fault you smelled that way plunked yourself down not even thinking about what might happen.

You land hard and whatever was rubbing your clit rubbed harder, the toy shoved in your cunt and the toy in your ass both plunged deep and hit spots that were aching to be hit. An orgasm slams in to you. You are grunting, moaning and *SLAP* it's over.

The hand print on your cheek burns your eyes fill with tears your orgasm stopped in its tracks and you are left feeling empty, aching and could just scream for the need to orgasm properly. "You fucking dirty little whore, how dare you cum without permission.

You will be punished when we get home." You shudder and cry the entire ride to my house and can barely drag yourself to the basement for your punishment. I strip your clothing, your crotch area is sopping wet, your lubrication is literally running down your legs. I unlock the belt and unceremoniously pull the toys from your holes; it is all you can do to not cum. You have a collar placed on your neck and you poor blonde teen lily rader pounded real deep on the couch dragged into the medical room.

A water bottle is on a stand with a tube coming out of it… you are put on the table facedown with your knees under you. Your ass is spread and the tube is pushed in to your asshole. Then I release a clamp and you feel your bowels filling with liquid. It's an enema you realize, the water slowly fills you, you feel your belly fill and get heavy.

What a strange but sexy feeling. Then once the bag is done I tell you to hold it in while I do something else. As the tube is withdrawn something else is pushed into your asshole.

A plug. And you feel it inflate slightly. "That is fine slut, I have put a plug in your bad girl asshole and have made it so that you can't expel the enema.

It's time for your punishment." I begin to spank your ass hard and fast over and over. You feel echoes of the impacts through the full belly of liquid, in your clit and it burns on your poor ass cheeks. You can feel my handprints all over your poor ass cheeks.

As much as it feels so good your clit thumping and jumping in time to the impacts the fullness and discomfort stop you from cresting and orgasming but you keep climbing, getting more and more desperate to cum. You begin to cry. You can feel your girl cum leaking down your thighs dripping from your hole, but you just haven't been able to orgasm yet. Then the spanking stops. You are stood up, it feels so awkward and uncomfortable with the big toy in your asshole and your belly so uncomfortably full.

You are led and half supported all the way to the tub where you are again put in the exact same position as when the enema went in… Then you feel the toy being removed, your ass is burning and stinging from the spanking.

Then the toy is gone and you feel the liquid begin to gush out of your ass. It feels sooooo good to get it out you unconsciously beardown forgetting to be embarrassed even with me being there watching you.

The liquid shoots out of you cleaning you and emptying your bowels. SLAP SLAP SLAP as the water shoots out of your ass you feel the flogger on your back. "Listen you dirty little slut whore, this is the last of your punishment then I will do something else with you." The flogger rains down on you over and over hurting, putting you in your place, feeling amazing, getting you floaty and then it too stops.

Then warm water flows washing over your body, cleaning you relaxing you. You are helped up and brought to the bedroom you are put on your knees back to the wall and gigantic dildo is pushed in to your cunt, another large toy is pushed in to your ass you are backed to the wall and the toys are suction cupped to the wall.

I sit on the edge of the bed, unzip my fly and pull out my hard cock. "Suck my cock slut. You may cum as many times as you like but you are not allowed to remove my cock from your mouth until I tell you it is ok." I pull your face to my hard throbbing cock and force it in to your mouth with my hands gripping your hair forcing it deep then pulling you almost completely off my cock only to jam it deep again.

Each time has you slide forward and then back on the toys. Your eyes won't focus and you can feel an orgasm build. I begin to fuck your face and throat harder and harder.

Using your mouth as hard as your other holes are being used. OH god you can feel the orgasm building your cunt begins to spasm HARD your asshole clamps down on the other toy. You feel cum coughing out of you and you scream on to my cock cumming so fucking hard. I keep fucking your face until I begin to gush thick hot sticky cum into your mouth.

"You swallow every fucking drop you dirty slut. Every single fucking drop." Then I being to growl as the cum keeps gushing you choke and fights to swallow every last drop the taste is delicious, and you get a flash of yourself. An out of body experience that lets you look at yourself and see what a slut you are, how you have behaved today and then you have another body rocking orgasm that leaves you screaming and crying into my cock still shoved in your mouth.

"Get in your bed slut" I pat you on the head "good little slut" and then lock you in your cage and turn out the light and walk out. more?