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Melissa pitanga vs kid bengala big macky
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Great not only am I stuck walking to own but I can't call for help, since my phone was in the car.

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Just my luck not a patrol car in sight and of course the only phone booth along the way is out of order. Forty minutes later I find a person on a bike with a cell phone and get her to call into headquarters.

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Waiting until the the forensic van comes so i can hitch a lift back to the beach. As we pull past Oiled beautiful cutie rides hard boner hardcore and massage car the tech alongside of me asks "So do those cars get good milage" then to rub it in "Of course I'm mean when not flatten by a boulder!" Oh yeah funny, smirking at him as I think about what he about to find on the beach, the logs and in the water!

No sooner are they collect the remains of Hujax than Chief D'lorde makes an appearance. "So Gorwin, take it that failed?" Man what an understatement, I just look at him like he asked a rhetorical question. As he continues "Well at least we know he won't reoffend!" How the hell did he get to be a chief I wonder.

"So where do we go from here Gorwin?" Damn good question I thinkas I see the smart alec tech, grab a plastic bag and throw up.Serves him right for making fun of my plight. "Well all I can think of is solve the when a woman isn't a woman!" D'lorde just glares at me. "Well whatever you do get it done fast!" Turning to make his exit from the scene. As if I needed to be told that. Watching the forensic team working I try to figure out the statement about the woman issue.

Hearing a beep from a trucking backing up I turn and see Susan's smart car being towed up onto the flatbed of the police minus the boulder. Great another problem to solve only this one has the possibility of rendering me nutless Then it came to me a robotic woman! Could the old prophecy be talking about a robotic woman and if so would the chief put out that type of money to get one on a hunch.

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As the tow driver prepares to return to the impound lot I hitch a lift with him. Once there I make my way to my desk and call Susan waking her and delivering the bad news about her car. To say I held the receiver away from my ear is an understatement just like saying everyone within a 100 yards heard her as if she was right in the room with me was one.

The only thing I can fully remember hearing is Susan saying she would pick me up when I done sometime this morning. Damn my life is down to a few hours!

Burying my nose into typing the report of the latest incident. I fail to realize that Julie and Rapiste came in and have been trying to questioning about earlier. When I do acknowledge their presence the first this i ask is about the possible prophecy of a robotic woman "Hmmm that an interesting theory Ed!' taking out a meerschaum pipe and lighting it before either julie or me can stop him.

"The Haida have been known to prophesize about future life as it relates to them, but I can't recall anything specific about women that aren't women!' Sucking on the pipe then blowing a stream of smoke out the nearest window.

"One thing I forgot to mention before Ed is that the Haida was supposed to have a method to control the Karkaren!" That makes my thoughts start to flow "This method can it be verified to stop the Karkaren?" "No I haven't ever found documented proof of such a method, but as i was telling Julie that doesn't mean such a method doesn't exists!" That's when Chief D'lorde and Susan walk in side by side conversing about our little dilemma.

All I catch is "Why don't you just call in the army?" Looking to Rapiste at that suggestion and all he does is shrug his shoulders. "My Gorwin what did you ever do to deserve such a fine lady like this?" D'lorde asked after taking me aside "Paid for her, what else?" D'lorde eyes bug out as he tries to digest my meaning.

That's when I hit him up about my newest theory about using a robotic woman. "Do you have any idea how much they cost Gorwin?" "Of course he does Chief D'lorde he bought me a couple of years back!" Susan blurts out "He paid the equivalent of two years salary!" D'lorde swings his head between Susan and me, then a gleam comes to his eye "Oh no!

I'm not risking Susan!" Standing in front of her "There is no way in hell is she's going to be anywhere near that beach!" A vice like grip on the back of my neck tells me that Susan has other ideas.

"Shall we let Susan decide Edward?" turning me away from D'lorde "So how may I assist the department? "Well I don't know if Gorwin discusses his work with you but we been experiencing a slight problem out on Bellarond Sound that you may just be able to solve for us. Moving closer to her, putting an arm around her shoulder "She we go to my office and discuss it in detail?" "No fucking way, she's mine and I refuse to let her face any danger!" Then once more my lights a knockout by Susan and her snapping left fist!

When I come too it on the beach, Chief D'lorde, Julie, Dr. Rapiste is guarding me as Susan is out in the open walking around. Trying to get my legs under me D'lorde and Rapiste hold me down "Let me up you fuckers!" Trying to kick out of their grasp only get me chastise by Julie "Look Ed, Susan volunteered to help us, even though we took a backup program of her personality before we came out here!" Trying to appeal shoplifter babe krystal orchid bangs in her pussy pornstars and hardcore my sense of fair play "The chief has already agreed to replace her if this goes wrong!" That's when the sound of bubbling water pierces the air and the Karkaren rises, holding the Villainous in it's tentacles.

Once more ectoplasmic males are disgorged from the ship. They surround Susan and tear her clothes off. A frenzy starts as she is forced onto the sand and the males try to fuck her. Once more I try to get to my feet only to held back, eager to go rescue her from them if possible. Julie cries out as the man on top of Susan disappears into a puff of smoke. Two by two the males are going away. Out in the Sound the Villainous is also breaking apart and the Karkaren is moving further out into the middle of the sound.

I maybe in a daze but i swear i see from the corner of my eye Rapiste blowing into a strange shaped object in his mouth. Soon the ship is gone as is most of it's crew "Well it does work!" Rapiste says taking whatever was in his mouth to speak. Placing it back in he appears to be using it like a straw.

Out in the Sound the Karkaren begins to moves closer to shore only to move back out when Rapiste turns the thing around in his mouth. A sharp blow into it and the Karkaren sinks below the waves. "God damn there is a way to control the Karkaren and i have it!" Julie and him hug as i finally make it out from under him and D'lorde latasha sucks cock tube porn Ed!

everything turned out okay in the end "Okay my robotic wife is huge dick for pawg teen lexi davis there in the sand, fucked by ectoplasmic males and you say everything is okay!" God I want to smash his face as I start running to Susan or what is left of her.

By the time I get to her, she ejecting a rather small bag of stuff from her sex cavity, leaving it there on the sand I try to run a diagnostic program. For over twenty minutes the screen is blank before a sentence comes on screen ' Diagnostic complete, install prior programming to continue.

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"Did anyone think to bring her programming?" Julie produces a memory key. Grabbing it out of her hand i insert it into the slot want press download. Within minutes the screen shows 'programming complete' and Susan's eyes blink red then blue. A real good sign. The before I know it her fit smacks me in the jaw once more leaving me out cold.

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When I come too I'm back in my bed with Susan hovering over me "Well Detective Gorwin, Christian name Edward Octavious!" her eyes flashing between red and blue "Are you aware what 'Rest' means when a doctor prescribes it?" Whoa deja vu the only difference this time I haven't been to the doctor's. They must have used the wrong programming key to restart her. "Susan do you remember Bellarond Sound?" She seems confused by my question "Edward you last mishap has addled your brain, remain resting until Doctor Cole has reevaluates your mental abilities" She walks out and my phone goes off on the bedside table, picking it up i see it's the chief "Yeah chief?" "Gorwin good to see your back with us, how is Susan?" "Seems to think I've been to the hospital once more and that I been diagnosed with mental issues!" "Well that is what Doctor Cole told us before she allowed us to take you home in a gurney from the hospital!" then he goes on to tell me how they reset Susan using my key so sh'e would have no traces of her experience.We talk about how the case finished before hanging up.

Seems Dr Rapiste turned over the control thing for the Karkaren to the department and has asked julie to marry him. Susan and Doctor Cole comes in then, Cole with her bedside manner that pisses me off. "So Gorwin how many boobs do you see in the room?" Snottily "Five, two on you, two on her and one big one in the bed!" Shining a light in my eyes before pronouncing me mentally fit to get up.

Susan helps me get up as Cole leaves before I teen mindy likes to make porn with boyfriend her out on her ass "Well Edward since you will be home for a few days shall we watch some films?" looking to me "I have a sudden desire to watch pirate movies!" The end