Blonde teen takes on a big cock hardcore

Blonde teen takes on a big cock hardcore
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Sarah and Small girl and boy play my name is Andrew and this is my story. I live with my parents and two sisters, Sarah and Rachel. I had some experiences with my other sister Rebekah when she still lived with us. We were young and curious but now I can't stop thinking about how much fun it would be to explore with Sarah as she is becoming a beautiful young woman.

I am 22 6ft 1in and slightly overweight being so I have never had girlfriends or had any experience with the opposite sex besides with Rebekah when we were younger. Sarah is 20 about 5ft 8in and of slim build. She has beautiful 34B breasts I've always wanted to see them up close and personal. So I've decided to stay up late one night and see if I can't sneak into her room and play a little peak a boo.

Staying up until 3am I waited getting a little excited that tonight I might be able to finally see my sisters beautiful perky breasts and play with them.

I sneak into my sister's room crawling quietly to avoid the squeaky spots of the floor. Once I get over to her bed I stand up and examine my surroundings. Sarah is laying on her back covered with a few blankets. I turn off her ceiling fan so when I remove her blankets she won't get to cold and wake up. I remove the blankets and find that she is sleeping in a tank top and some panties.

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I don't see a bra under the tank top so I think I'm in luck and slowly begin to lift her tank top up over her stomach. I watch her breathing to make sure I don't see signs that she is waking up before I continue. I slowly begin to move her tank top up over her breasts I get sight of the underside of her breast. Then her nipple comes into view. Finally I have both of her breasts uncovered and what a site it is.

I gently roll up her tank top under her chin and rest it there. For a moment I just sit and watch her breasts lift up and go down with her breathing. I then gently grab her breasts and feel the tender softness. I keep my right hand on her breast and begin masturbating with my left hand. I try to be quiet to avoid waking her up. I took my hand off her breast and masturbated while watching her breasts. As I came closer to cumming I thought real hard about where I should cum.

Monique alexander hot seductive babe banged in bed knew I wouldn't be able to get on her bed and cum on her without waking her up. So I decided to cum in my hand and then try to spread it on her breasts. I came so much just seeing her sleeping there. I got most of it in my hand and was going to spread it on her breasts. I moved my hand above them and began spreading but my heart sank as soon as my hand touched her breast.

She took a quick breath and her eyes opened. "Andrew? What are you doing in here? What time is it?" I responded shocked, "I um well" She cut me off "Oh my God why is my tank top rolled up?" She covered her breasts with her hands, "Wait what is all over my breasts?" She inevitably felt my cum that I just spread on her. "Well Sarah I um was just curious I've never seen a girl naked and wanted to so badly I just snuck in here. I'm sorry." "Andrew I wouldn't have been so upset about this is you wouldn't have cum on me." "I'm sorry Sarah I just wanted to see what it would look like.

Can you ever forgive me?" She thought for a long time before responding. "I can but tell me why you wanted to do this so badly." "I used to mess around with Rebekah when we were younger and since she left and I've never had a girlfriend or anything I'm always horny and needed to see the real thing." Sarah looked puzzled about what she wanted to tell me.

"Well Andrew I've never experienced anything either.

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I'd love to see and explore a man's body." "Sarah what are you saying?" "Well Andrew you saw some of me naked how about you let me see you?" I thought about it and quickly responded. "Well ok but when and where would you like to do this?" She sat up "Well my bed is kinda small how bout we go to your room and start now?" "Ok Sarah then lets go." We went to my room I sat on my bed and waited to see what she wanted to do.

I finally asked her, "So how do you want to begin?" "Well Andrew you saw me partially naked so will you show me your penis?" I pulled down my boxers and pulled them off to show her my limp penis. She looked at it and then began to speak, "Wow its kind of small I thought it would have been bigger." "Well Sarah it gets bigger a lot bigger when I'm aroused but since I just came I'm not sure I'll be able to get hard again for some time." "Would it help if I showed you my breasts again this time you would have some light to see them instead of darkness." "Yea that would probably help we could try it for sure." Sarah reached down and grabbed the bottom of her tank top pulling it up a little and 7 class school girl xxx storys she pulled it up and over her head and threw it on my bedroom floor.

I began to get a little hard again but still wasn't going to get fully hard at least not yet. "Andrew would it help if you touched them and played with them a little?" "Yea that would be great" "Ok well feel free to touch me." I begin playing with her breasts and quickly became fully hard.

Sarah was intrigued and quickly grabbed my penis and started squeezing it. "Ow ow Sarah cool it its not a squeeze toy let me show you." I began jerking it a little bit and she picked up quickly she began jerking me off pretty steadily and soon she was laying down with her breasts close to my penis as she was jerking me off. I felt myself getting close to cumming again so I stopped her for a second. "Sarah I'm getting close to cumming. Where do you want me to cum?" "Well Andrew if you want you can cum on my breasts this time instead of rubbing it on them." "Alright Sarah well I guess just go back to what you were doing it felt good unless we could try one other thing tonight before I cum?" "I guess Andrew what is it you want to try?" "Well Sarah I have always wanted a titjob but I had no way to get one and I couldn't have done it to you while you were asleep I would have for sure woken you up.

Could you please do that?" "Sure Andrew but what exactly is a titjob?" "Sarah I'll sit on the edge of the bed get on your knees and then just wrap your breasts around my penis and rub my penis up and down just like you were jerking me." She didn't say anything she just got down and began doing it. She was rubbing her breasts up and down and it felt so good and very quickly I began to spurt cum all over her breasts she looked so beautiful.

"Wow Andrew that was amazing I've never seen a man cum before and that was very interesting. Think you could get it hard again tonight?" "No Sarah I don't think I'll be able to get hard again tonight and its 4:30am someone is bound to get up soon enough we don't need to get caught mom and dad would hate it if they found us doing this." "Alright Andrew well how hairy chocolate pussy gets shaved and fucked after shock tomorrow night we try some more stuff?

And I can even come in here earlier around midnight so we can explore more in one night" "Ok Sarah that sounds amazing but what all do you want to try?" "Well Andrew that's going to be the Surprise for tomorrow Goodnight." Sarah grabbed her tank top and put it back on over top of her cum covered breasts The Next Night I was waiting anxiously to see if Sarah was joking or not but to my surprise at midnight Sarah quietly walked into my room.

She was only wearing a bra and panties this time. Sarah sat down on the edge of my bed. "So Sarah what's the plan for tonight?" "Well Andrew I thought we would begin by just getting completely naked tonight.

You could play with my breasts for a little bit and then I'll take it from there once you get your penis hard." "Well ok then Sarah sounds like a plan to me." I got naked and Sarah got naked soon she was laying down and I started playing with her breasts.

Rather quickly my penis became rock hard.

It took Sarah a little while to notice I was hard. "Alright Andrew just lay back I'm going to take over now." I laid back and Sarah started stroking my penis up and down. She spread her legs and I got my first view of her vagina it was exceptional shaved and it looked amazingly tight. She moved closer to me and my penis came within inches of her bare vagina.

She kept stroking me the whole time. Suddenly I felt a warmness at the tip of my penis and I looked down. Sarah had starting rubbing my penis against the outer folds of her vagina. She rubbed my penis up and down her vagina until she was wet and my penis slipped inside up to the head when she rubbed it passed her entrance.

She continued to rub my penis against her vagina and the head of my penis would enter her for a second then pop out. I was speechless. "Andrew I hope you're ready. I really want to try this and I'm not sure how well it's going to go." "What do you want to try now Sarah? You already have the head of my penis going inside of you I think that's pretty crazy as it is." "Well Andrew I want to put your penis all the way inside my vagina.

I want to have sex with you to see what it feels like to have a penis all the way inside me." "Alright Sarah well you are in control I will let you make the decisions as far as how." Sarah was already rubbing my penis on her vagina and the head was already going inside of her. She sat up all the way and had me lay all the way down.

She climbed on top of me and sat on my abdomen. She lifted herself up and held herself above my erect penis. She grabbed my penis and guided it to the entrance of her vagina. She lowered herself until the head of my penis was inside of cayden moore is a blonde chic whos going to bend.

She took a breath and slowly inch by inch lowered herself until my entire penis was inside of her. It was so moist and warm inside of her that I almost came immediately. I was able to hold myself back thought. Sarah just sat there for a few minutes and I took in the wonderful feeling of having her around me.

"Sarah you feel amazing I never thought I would be doing this with you." "Andrew you feel amazing being inside of me I never thought I would be either but I think we might have to continue doing this more often. While I'm like this please feel free to touch me however you like." With that I began touching her breasts and feeling them. While I was doing that Sarah began to lift herself up on top of my penis and then ultra stunning babe love toy in her ass erotica and movies lower herself back down.

We were truly fucking each other now. It felt so amazing being this close to my younger sister. I loved watching her breasts bounce up and down with each thrust. Sarah kept riding me steadily and I started thrusting with each down stroke. I soon felt that I was going to cum soon and realized I wasn't wearing a condom we had never even thought of one before we started.

"Sarah Wait Sarah slow down I'm getting close to cumming. Where should I cum I never put on a condom." "Andrew I want you to cum inside me as deep as you can get I want to feel the most intimate feeling with you." "But Sarah if I cum inside of you, you might get pregnant and I can't do that." "Andrew I have been on the pill for a good while now and I'm willing to trust it so please give me the most pleasure you can and cum deep inside of me." "Alright Sarah just keep riding me then and I will cum in no time and I will cum deep inside of you." With that Sarah started riding me again and I began thrusting back up into her hoping this didn't have to end but knowing my orgasm was coming.

I kept my hands on her breasts and kept thrusting with here until I knew I was going to cum. The moment before I was going to cum I wrapped my tarn tar kanta sex vdeo around her back and pulled her close to me and she dropped all the way down onto my penis. Sarah's breasts on my chest both of us breathing heavily I let lose the most powerful orgasm of my life inside of her tight vagina.

I was cumming harder than ever spurt after spurt of cum she felt deep inside of her. I felt like I was cumming forever and finally I felt it. Sarah was cumming on my penis and I was cumming so hard that I soon felt my semen running down my penis out of her vagina onto my leg. She started having spasms within her vagina and her juices and mine were mixing. But finally with a pool of my semen and her juices on my legs we stopped to catch our breath. "Wow that was amazing Andrew.

I could feel your penis jerking inside me the whole time. I felt the warmth of your semen as it shot out into my willing vagina.

I just want to sit here with your penis inside of me until you go soft, until it falls out of my vagina." "That was amazing Sarah. I feel so good right now but I'm not sure my penis is going to go soft just yet Sarah. I'm not sure how long it's going to take but I would love to keep it nestled inside of you until it does. Would you sit up though so I can play with your breasts a little bit though?" "Of course Andrew." I played with Sarah's breasts for half an hour while my penis slowly shrank inside of her vagina.

Finally I knew I was fully soft and yet my penis was still inside her vagina. So I asked her, "What would you like to do now?

I'm soft but I'm still inside of you." "I guess I'll get off now and go to bed. That was amazing thanks again Andrew." "No problem Sarah." And with that she lifted herself up off of my now limp penis and with an audible pop my penis slipped out or her vagina and a few large gobs of my semen fell out of her vagina onto me.

She put on her bra and panties and didn't even bother to clean herself up.

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"Andrew…" "Yes Sarah?" "I definitely want to do this again sometime. But with another addition." "What would that be Sarah?" "I want to take pictures and make videos to remember these fun times." "Alright Sarah but we need to make sure no one ever finds them but otherwise I'd enjoy that." With that Sarah left my room and went straight to bed. I thought about what just happened and what she had said. I was excited that it all worked out in the end and that she was more than willing to continue.

I just got my first fuck buddy and it was the girl down the hall, my sister.