Sluts mouth and bawdy cleft get rammed

Sluts mouth and bawdy cleft get rammed
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We are in my friend's basement just having our usual fun time. They are about ten guys and about 6 or so girls. Most of the guys are either playing pong or around the pong table. I'm one of the guys that were around the pong table waiting to play, I think I was about third in line to play and I'm just drinking my beer. Some of the other guys and girls are huddled around the kitchen counter just talking and drinking.

Most of the girls I have known my entire life and have always been friends with them. Two of them I have actually been friends with since I was born, their names are Mary and Jessica.

Mary was always a tall girl but by the time she was 15 she grew all the way to six feet tall which of course is very tall for a girl. Although she was extremely tall for a girl she developed a very nice face, beautiful long black hair, long legs, and a tight body with small but firm breasts. Jessica has also turned out to be a pretty hot girl. She stood about 5'6'' with short brown hair. The best part about Jessica is her curves, she developed some beautiful and full c cup boobs and she also has a big but tight ass with a smooth stomach, she does have some meat on her bones but nothing too bad.

Jessica has had some boyfriends but she never has had sex while Mary is pretty inexperienced, they are also best friends. Jessica walks over to me and sits down next to me and we start to talk. Now I don' t really talk to Little sister and big brother night xxx in sleeping and Jessica that much one-on-one so this is kind of strange already.

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"Bret, me and Mary have something we want to tell you in the basement." She takes my hand and I follow her down into the basement where Mary is already waiting. This was getting weirder by the second, we were all alone in my friend's basement. "I'm sure you know that me and Mary are both virgins, and we are both heading off to college in the next couple of weeks and we made a pact to lose our virginity by college before high school." "While we were trying to think of who we want to deflower us, and the only person we could think of was you." "WWWWHHHHHAAATTTT!!!!!" Hopefully nobody heard me, I yelled so loud I had never even thought of the two of them in that way.

I mean I've known them since birth, they were always just friends. "Seriously? You want us three to have sex." "Yes," Mary said, "You obviously want to do it don't you?" "Of course I do it's every guy's dream to have a threesome but don't you think it will be a little bit weird?" "Well it will be a little bit but you're breathtaking ball licking by a beauteous chick old friend who we both love and we don't really like anyone else enough to ask them to do this.

Also we figured you would love to do this because you're so inexperienced and would love to have some education." It was true I had never even gotten a blow job before and I don' want to head off to college looking like an idiot. "So are you in?" "Of course I am." I went to go in and kiss Jessica on the lips but she backed away.

"Not here. Mary's parents aren't home and we want this to be perfect so we will do this tomorrow at Mary's house during the day when we are all sober." After that we headed back upstairs and I enjoyed the rest of my night but of course all I could think about was the threesome I was going to have tomorrow. The night ended and one of my friends drove me home to go to sleep.

The valentina nappi gets a big cock in her ass day I woke up and immediately took a shower and got dressed and ate some food. I told my mom I was headed over to one of my friends houses and I drove to Mary's house. I walked up to the front door and saw a post-it saying to go up to her parent's bedroom so I headed in and went up the stairs to get up to the bedroom.

I saw Mary and Jessica laying down watching TV on Mary's parent's bed. "Are you ready?" Jessica said.

"Of course." "OK, come sit down on the bed and turn off the TV." They both got up from the bed while I was about to sit down. They stood at the foot of boy rap vingir fuck japnes girls bed, both were wearing jeans while Jessica was wearing a low cut shirt to show off her boobs, Mary was wearing a loose blouse. I was wondering why they wanted me to sit down while they were standing up, then they showed me why.

They started to make out with each other. It was awesome and I immediately got a raging boner which you couldn't see that well because I was also wearing jeans. They started to remove each other's clothes and the first thing to come off was Jessica's shirt. She was wearing a black lace bra and under it were huge boobs I mean they were bigger than I could I have ever imagined.

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They kept on bouncing up and down like huge melons. Next to come off was Mary's shirt and you could see that she almost had a six pack, her whole upper body was actually really tight and her boobs almost looked like b's as oppose to small a's which I thought she had.

I tried to get up to join the party but they both gave me the stop sign, they could tell I was getting anxious. Next to come off were both of their jeans.

Jessica was wearing black laced bra and panties while Mary was wearing the same pair but in white, you could tell they planned this out. I then took a peek at both of their asses, both of which happened to be extremely tight even though Jessica's was a lot bigger. They stopped making out for a second and they both put out an arm and I took their hands and they pulled me up.

I went for Jessica's luscious lips and they were just as nice as I thought they would be, she also really knew how to use her tongue well. Then I went over to Mary who almost had no lips they were so thin she also was not nearly as good of a kisser, she had much less practice.

Also because I'm only 5'7'' it was awkward having her being taller than me and looking down on me. I looked office sex featuring a busty hussy big tits and cumshot for a second and saw Jessica's huge boobs staring up at me I went to go unhook her bra but she slapped my hand, you could tell they wanted this their way. Jessica pulled our three heads together and we started to triple kiss for a little while but that was a little awkward so I pulled away.

Mary and Jessica looked at each other then pushed me onto the bed and I sat up, Mary started to kiss me while lifting up my shirt and she pulled it off me to reveal my normal physique. I'm not very muscular and my weight is about average and I have nothing close to a six pack but they already knew these things.

Mary next unbuttoned my pants and Jessica started to pull them off, it took her awhile but she did it. My boxers were then thrown off revealing my small penis with its raging boner. "It's a little guy," Jessica said. "What were you expecting?" "This is what we were both expecting, it is good we wanted a small penis for our first time." "OK." "Let's put on this condom of yours, I hope you brought more." "Of course I did." I was then thrown across the bed and they both stood up.

They removed their bras and panties and jumped on me.

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I grabbed a feel of both of their asses and both were nice. I then threw them on the bottom and started to finger Mary while feeling up Jessica. Her boobs were so nice and firm for being so big. They both started to moan a little bit and I started to make out with Mary who was starting to get really wet.

I pulled my fingers out of Mary's pussy and started to finger Jessica while making out with Mary. Jessica was now moaning loud. Both Mary's and Jessica's pussies were so tight that I could barely fit two fingers in there and they both felt so nice and tight.

I lifted up for a second and asked the question. "Who wants it first?" They looked at each other and said, "you pick." Before I even came to the house I had decided to do Mary first for no specific reason. I began to start feeling up Mary's long legs and when I got to the pussy I started to lick it and play with it, getting it prepared, it was so wet. I then moved up her to her stomach and kissed my way up it and then I got to her tits.

I started to suck on them, she had very nice small nipples and her tits were great to suck on. I then got on top of her and started to slowly insert my penis into her pussy. Every half inch that I got in I could see her wincing but eventually I got it all in. "How are you feeling?" "Fine, let's go." So I started slowly to move my dick in and out of her pussy, it was such a great feeling.

As I was railing Mary I brought Jessica over and started to finger her again. Mary was moaning now really loud and I could feel three babes receive a hard anal slamming about to cum but instead of wasting my load on one person I surprised them both and went over to Jessica.

I was able to get my dick inside of her faster and started to rail her hard. We were bouncing up and down and her tits looked so nice.

While I was railing Jessica Mary had decided to start to Jessica's beautiful tits too. It was the perfect scene the two girls I had known my entire life were no longer virgins and it was because of me. I blew my load in Jessica's pussy and I rolled over. "Oh, no we're not done yet." To be continued&hellip.