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Sexy blonde spreads her legs for the toy masturbate and homemade
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The bus crashed in my sleep so I don't really even know what happened. I woke up and it was quiet. Deathly quiet. I know because there was a dead woman on top of me. I pushed her off and tried to stand up but the bus was on its side. The windows were busted out so there really wasn't anywhere to put my feet. Eventually I found some footing and crawled out the back hatch. It was cold, raining and I was surprised it wasn't snowing.

Undoubtedly it was going to start soon. We'd left the resort to head back down towards the airport since our flight was scheduled to leave at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. Since this was rural China there was a good chance we wouldn't even be missed until we missed our flight.

It would be a minimum of 12 hrs before they even started looking for us. Of course teen duddys daughter and father sex the treat trade pt was no cell service, but I turned on the flashlight to see if I could find anything useful.

There was a small first-aid kit and flashlight but of course the batteries were dead. At least they were triple-A's. I steeled myself and climbed back into the bus to look through the passengers and luggage figuring someone surely had a music player or something that ran on batteries.

I scored a couple sets, though the toll on my dreams was going to be severe. I won't even try to describe what I had to do to get those damn batteries.

I was reaching into a coat pocket when the body beside me moaned. I damn near fucking freaked right then and there, but the girl sat up in a fog and then she damn near freaked. "It's ok! It's ok!" I tried to comfort her but she was clearly going into shock.

I helped her up and looked her over. She wasn't too banged up. She was tiny - not even 5 feet tall and probably 75 pounds or so.

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I'm 6'4" and outweighed her 3-1. I helped her to stand and we looked around for the warmest clothing we could find. I was pretty much out of luck due to my size so I found my suitcase in the luggage compartment and basically put on everything I had brought.

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When she wasn't looking I stripped anal hot girl interracial anal hot girl ride anal dorm tube porn nice leather coat off a woman - or what was left of her - and gave it to the girl.

I had no idea how old she was. Maybe teens? I never could tell, and Asians were notoriously hard to judge in terms of age. Whatever - she was in good shape and could get around on her own. She had on zebra stripe leggings and decent boots. Her strength was coming back and her eyes were clearer. We gathered some food and water and tried to climb up the steep slope to the road but it was just too slippery. "Do you speak English?" I crossed my fingers. "Little bit. You speak Mandarin?" she looked at me through her long black bangs.

"Sorry." I shook my head. "Americans never can." I shrugged, knowing she was right. "I'm Steve. And you?" "Ping Lee. Thank you for saving me." "I didn't save you. You woke up on your own." "No, you dumped water bottle when you were going through those pockets. If you hadn't I not wake up.

I would have died in skinny slut wishes coarse sex smalltits and homemade cold." "Sorry." "No. We have better chance together." I wasn't so sure but decided to just go with it. There was no doubt she was better off with me, but what was I going to gain from dragging her around? I was probably better off alone. But I couldn't abandon her. She'd be dead within a few hours from exposure.

I held out my hand and she took it. Her grip surprised me as she used my hand for balance while she climbed down to my level. Ping pointed down into the ravine. "Follow down to river. Find town downstream." At that moment the rain changed to snow, falling in flakes that you could almost hear land with a dull thud. We hiked in silence while the cold soaked into our bones. Finally we were on the valley floor alongside a decent sized river. Hours later I jumped over a small stream that fed into the river beside us.

I turned around to catch Ping but she looked at me and rolled her big almond eyes. There was a log across the stream 20 yards down the path and she intended to walk over it.

I could sense that she had an amazing sense of balance but half way across the log - it was more of a twig really - it snapped, dropping her full length into the foot or so of water in the bottom. "Shit!" she screamed as she got up from her icy resting place. "Shit shit SHIT!" I knew what she was thinking. She was going to die of hypothermia. Quickly. She looked at sex xxxl sex zzz sexy bp pleadingly with the fear welling up in her eyes.

I yanked my coat off and wrapped her with it, holding her against me. "Come on, we have to hurry." A little further down there was a path leading off into the trees above the valley and we followed it hoping to find something, anything that would give us shelter. "YES!" I shouted. "Look there"!

A small fishing cabin stood amidst a stand of trees. I broke out a window pane and opened the door, ushering Ping's shivering body inside. I knew I didn't have long. In a few minutes I had a fire stared. Ping was shivering in a corner wrapped in every blanket I could find in the place.

I filled a pot with water and scrounged up some tea bags hoping to heat her from the inside too. When I looked over she was turning blue and had stopped shivering. Uh oh, that wasn't good. She was still conscious but had lost all will to fight. "Ping, can you hear me?" "Yes." I took her hand and it felt like the dead passengers on the bus. "You have to trust me, ok?" "Sure thing Steve. Do whatever you want." I wasn't quite certain what she meant but I quickly tossed off the blankets and started removing her clothes.

She was as limp as a rag doll. I stripped myself and grabbed the blankets making a bed as close to the fire as I dared. I faced her into its warmth and curled up behind her, pulling her cold lifeless body hard against my chest. At least she was still breathing. I awoke some time later. The fire was roaring warmth into the cabin and Ping's color was back almost to normal. Her back was warm against my chest and I sighed in relief. The morning sun streamed in through the windows, burning through my eyelids like a laser.

The fire was a bed of coals and the cabin was just starting to cool. I got up quietly and fed the fire. I'd hung our clothes on a makeshift rack by the fireplace. They were mostly dry but I turned them over to make sure. Ping opened her eyes a slit and tried to make sense of her surroundings.

They then shot open in astonishment when they landed on my naked form. She glanced down at her own naked body and gasped, pulling the sheets up around her. A towel quickly thrown around my waist prevented further embarrassment. "Sorry, our stuff isn't quite dry yet. But breakfast almost is." I'd found some basic supplies and made some pancakes. It wasn't much but it would do for a while. Hopefully they'd find us today. They didn't. A huge storm blew in bringing feet of snow and blinding winds.

We hunkered down and stayed put. At least we were warm and dry. We were getting hungry but there were supplies for a few more days if we were careful. What we needed was protein though. I found some old fishing gear so I figured I'd better be the bread-winner and go catch us something.

I planned on leaving as soon as the storm let up. Ping wanted to come along, so we bundled up and explored the area around the cabin and river. I found a deep pool on our side of the rushing river and threw in the line. In just a few minutes we got a bite, and soon we had enough fish for at least a few days.

I can't tell you how relieved I was to have that weight off my chest. Just as I was starting to think we were going to be OK I heard the unmistakable growl of a large animal behind us.

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We spun around and locked gazes with a young grey wolf who was hungrily eyeing our pile of fish. I wasn't about to fight a wolf for our fish - I just hoped he would take the fish and leave without attacking us. I wasn't going to get that lucky. He lunged at me, figuring I slipping mom fuk the son the alpha male.

Hell, I thought the same thing but I was wrong. From a dead run he leapt at my throat but in mid-air Ping jumped straight up and spun like a top, crashing her heavy boot into the snout of the flying wolf. He still hit me hard and I tumbled backwards trying to get a firm hold on his neck but it wasn't necessary as the wolf was knocked out cold. We hit the ground and I scrambled to get out from under the wolf before he woke up.

"Holy shit," I thought to myself. "I've just been saved from a 200 lb wolf by a 75 lb girl!" I brushed myself off while staring at her with my jaw open trying to find the words to ask her a whole bunch of questions. "What?" she said with a shoulder shrug. "I've had," she paused for a second weighing her words, "training." I've never felt so emasculated in my life.

I looked at her lovely black eyes and wondered what other mysteries they held. "Thank you," I finally muttered.

"You saved my life so now we're even." We dragged our catch back to the cabin. We'd easily have enough food for a few days and now we knew where to go for more. Things were brightening up considerably. We cooked the fish and whipped up some mashed potatoes from a box in the pantry. I found a bottle of scotch the owner had hidden unsuccessfully in the tool room. All in all it had been a pretty good day considering.

I heated a huge pot of water and poured it into the jury-rigged shower in the corner. It was nothing more than a big bucket suspended off the rafters but when you pulled the cord you got a surprisingly good impersonation of a shower. I went first to warm up the room as much as possible. Ping tried not to look at me while I stripped but I caught her peeking in spite of herself.

I quickly showered and then dove under the covers. The fire was roaring but even so it was pretty chilly. Ping stepped through the curtains and one by one tossed her clothing out into the living room. 10 seconds after the water stopped she streaked from the shower and dove under the covers, shoving her ice-cold ass back against my warm flesh. "Jesus, did you roll around in the snow after your shower?" I exclaimed. "I'm cold, Steve. Warm me up." With that she wiggled her butt against my thighs and stomach.

Her skin was so soft it made me gasp. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled every inch of her against me. "Ohhh, that feels wonderful," She cooed, tilting her head back so she could whisper in my ear. My erection grew down into the valley of our thighs, its warm heat distinctly noticeable against her cold flesh.

"Oh my Steve!" she moaned. Her hips and ass slowly swirled around, dragging her soft skin across my raging heat. Her body knew exactly how to ensnare my mind.

She parted her thighs a bit and I sprang free, thumping gently against her sex. She reached down to find my head extending several inches beyond the top of her slit.

She wrapped her tiny hands around me appreciatively. "You are very big," she said quietly. "Ping," I said with interracial dp sex party double penetration doggystyle. "I have to know.

How old are you?" "19." I let out a long, deep sigh. Thank God! Thank God indeed… Ping reached down between her legs again and pulled some of her wetness up onto my shaft. Her small hands felt wonderful around my throbbing head and she pulled me deeply into the void of her folds. Her hips started thrusting back and forth along my length while the ridge of my crown tugged on her clit with every pass. Her head was on my shoulder exposing her lovely soft neck and shoulder to my kisses.

As soon as my lips touched the back of her shoulder she shuddered and started thrusting harder. She came in a few more strokes, her whole body convulsing against me, then relaxing completely. "Mmmm, nice!" She said quietly. "But now is your turn." With that she continued sliding her now-soaking sex up and down the length of my shaft.

She held her fingers in front of her so every pass would force my tip between them. Her pace increased and decreased, winding me up and then allowing me time to cool. I'm not sure where she got so much experience at only facial loving brunette gets facialized tube porn but part of me was afraid to find out. All I knew is that she was simply fantastic.

Her pressure on the underside of my cock increased drawing me up deeply into her folds. On the next agonizing pass she tilted her hips back and let me center myself right at the entrance to Heaven. She lifted her skinny chick gets pounded by a friend and looked up at me with deep desire in her eyes.

"You want?" "Yes I want. But what about…" She held a finger to my lips. "Its ok. I'm safe. Is that how you say?" "Birth control?" She nodded, then slowly impaled herself on my raging cock.

Her tightness expanded a bit and the head eased into her. "Uhhhhh, you're so BIG," she gasped as she held still while her body adapted to my intrusion. Her hips started to twirl again rotating magically all over my hardness. With each lap or so she'd take another inch. When she got half of me inside I couldn't take any more and grabbed her hips, pulling her towards me. "Ouch!" she cried.

"Let me do it." I apologized and held still. She leaned forward a bit to get a better angle and then slowly started pushing back against me. With ¾ of me inside I felt my tip hit bottom out just as she moaned hard through her clenched lips.

"I don't think there's anymore room dear," I said softly. "I want all of you inside me Steve! Good thing I am very flexible," Ping said with determination.

Her thrusting increased in power, though the speed was half of what it was. I could feel my tip press firmly against her spongy back wall which stretched slowly further up into her body. Eventually her lovely ass was crushed against my thighs and she groaned in victory. I pulled back and then slowly drove into her again one centimeter at a time. The last inch made her eyes roll back in her head and a long slow moan escaped her lips. "Fuck me deeply please." I picked up the pace just a fraction, flexing against her sweet ass.

My ofw pinay sex story on kuwait encircled her tiny waist while one hand slid up to her breasts and the other snaked down to tease her almost hairless mound. I avoided her clit and concentrated on her mound and outer lips. She wound up and started thrusting against me frantically.

Between her wild thrusting and my fingers tickling her she wasn't going mom and father xex beti ne dekha japani last long. Which was good as neither was I! Ping suddenly shrieked and her pussy clamped down on my thickness sending me over the edge in a huge wave.

My seed boiled up out of my aching balls and blasted against the back wall of her vagina sending us both into another round of spasms. Our cries alone should have gotten us rescued. Ping snuggled back against me again still impaled. I was surprised I wasn't instantly soft but she just felt so damn good.

"That was wonderful," Ping murmured in my ear as we fell asleep with me still inside her. Yes, yes it was. The next morning dawned cold and bleak.

There really wasn't any reason for us to leave the cabin. So we didn't. Breakfast was fried fish and more mashed potatoes but we really didn't care.

We were safe, warm and well fed. After we finished cleaning our dishes Ping looked at me through her long bangs and shyly said "I'm going to get clean. You should too." Her meaning resonated in my brain and 30 nanoseconds later I had two big pots heating on the fire. As soon as we had enough for her she dove into the shower area and pulled the curtains closed, blocking my direct view.

With the light bouncing off the snow outside I did get a wonderful silhouette of her long hair and lovely breasts bouncing around under the water. She finished quickly and then dove under the covers. I got out to give her the warm spot and then quickly lathered up. I peeked through the curtains and sure enough she was watching every move so I dramatically started soaping up my hardening shaft. I could hear her giggle and moan her approval.

"You must wait for me my dear," she admonished.

I stuck my full length out from between the curtains. "Then get over here and help!" "No, you must come to me. Come in me?" she said with a quizzical look on her face.

Her devilish wink left no doubt to her thoughts. Finishing up I swaggered over to the edge of the blankets and reached underneath them searching for one of her feet. I found one and slowly kneeled down, lifting her leg so I could lightly kiss her right on the instep of her foot. She groaned with desire spurring me on. My kisses slowly worked their way up her shin to her knee where I put her foot on my shoulder and transferred my kisses to her inner thigh. She started squirming under my touch, her body craving more.

My other hand found her other thigh and I gently encouraged her to spread her legs. Ping ran her fingers through my hair guiding my tongue towards her steaming sex. Her aroma of arousal wafted up to my nostrils setting fire to the more primitive parts of my brain but this time I was going to control myself. Or at least that was the plan for now.

When my lips got to the junction of her thighs and outer lips I slowed down, teasing, tasting, licking until I thought she was going to pull my hair out. Finally I flattened my tongue and dragged it across her vulva from her tiny rosebud to the top of her clit.

"Fuck MEEEEE," she said as an exclamation, not as a command. Her English wasn't that solid, but she'd done a great job of picking up our slang. Her hips rose off the sheets to give me deeper access which I used to drive my tongue deep into her passage. The ring of muscle clamped down sex stories local xxx b g story my tongue like a vise and her nectar flowed freely. I know she wanted me to go faster and get her off but I wasn't going jacking off before work tube porn let that happen right now.

I slowed down again, barely grazing her clit with the tip. Electricity jumped between us and I could feel exactly what she wanted from me. Her orgasm welled up from deep inside and shook her entire body like a rag doll. With her thighs locked tightly around my head she picked herself up off the floor as her body went completely rigid with pleasure.

Finally her orgasm released its hold and she collapsed onto her back, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. "No one," she said between gulps of air, "has ever done that to me before. You need to do that again!" I lowered my face towards her steaming sex but she stopped me. "Oh! Not now. Need to recover first. Come hold me." I crawled up beside her and lay on my back so she could have hers towards the warmth of the fire.

"Mmmm, you make me feel so good. Maybe now I make you feel good?" With that she crawled on top of me, holding my face with her hands. "Thank you for making me feel safe. And special." "You're welcome Ping.

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You make me feel special too." She leaned down to kiss me, her soft lips barely brushing mine. She kissed my lips, my cheeks, my neck. Her hips started rolling back and forth on my abdomen as she slowly pushed herself down my torso. Her molten lips soon found the head of my bouncing hard-on and she lifted up enough to slide me between her slick labia. The angle wasn't right so I didn't enter her she just slid up and down my length.

"You are so hot," Ping whispered in euro awesome bitches acquire nailed by the pool hardcore groupsex ear. I wasn't sure which "hot" she meant but I didn't care. She kissed me harder and settled down on me bringing her knees up beside my ribs making her entrance magically find my tip again. I oozed into her wetness as we both moaned around each other's tongues.

She was sitting on her knees with her feet folded under her along my sides. I could feel her unfolding her legs but wasn't quite sure what she had on her mind. Her feet made semicircles on the floor until they were directly across from each other. She'd done the splits, never letting me out of her steaming sex.

I could feel her start to clench and unclench her buttocks which sent rivers of sensation sex xnxxaustrailan school xx storycom my length. The clenching increased until she was lifting herself off me, her torso rising and falling on my staff. With her hands on my chest she lifted off of me and then sank down until every inch was inside her.

On the next lift she stopped at the top with just my head inside her. She looked lustfully into my eyes and then started twirling her hips not only in circles but also front to back.

Suddenly her tempo went franticly to redline. The 3D twist of her pussy on my cock absolutely blew my mind. And I blew my load again right then and there. Last thing I remember was Ping settling back down onto my chest with a wicked grin on her face… The next morning I woke up to Ping making me breakfast. She'd fed the fire and she was just wearing my flannel shirt and her leggings from the night of the crash. She looked up from the countertop and smiled.

"Morning sleepy head! The shower is hot for you. And so am I." Her wicked wink set my brain on fire. And a few other places too. I showered and stumbled back into the kitchen wrapped in a blanket. "Coffee," I mumbled in my best zombie impersonation. "There there my fiend. Here you go." "Ughhhhhh" I moaned as I stepped up behind her, using my hips to shove hers against the counter.

I leaned against her, pushing her torso down onto the cutting board surface. "Ohhh!" Ping squealed, giggling like a school girl. "Are you going to eat me?" "Eventually," I hissed, pawing at the waistband of her leggings. It was like they were painted on so I reached down and grabbed an ankle, french girl fingered in club one foot off the floor. "What are you doing?" Ping inquired with fake fear plastered on her face.

"Access", I mumbled. "Oh, well then here," she said and lifted her leg up. Straight up. As in her knee was right next to her ear and her toes were pointed at the ceiling. Holy shit.

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The leggings were stretched to the breaking point and when I savagely rubbed her mound through them the seam gave way in a giant rip. The sound of the fabric giving up echoed through the cabin followed by Ping's moan as I stroked her exposed sex. Releasing my blanket I stuffed my full length into Ping causing her to shriek with pleasure. "Oh! Mr. Monster! What a huge cock you have!" I moaned and thrust into her hard, deep and fast. Ping shrieked with every thrust. "Wait," she said. "Hold still." We stopped and she spun on her foot, pivoting until she was facing me.

Her ankle rested on my shoulder and her clit was stuffed against the hairy mound of my pubic bone. She ground up and down against me, lifting herself up on her toes and then letting my length settle into her as she returned her heel to the floor.

"Fuck, that feels good," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She leaned into me until our foreheads were touching. "But you'd better hurry or I'm going to burn your breakfast." I started thrusting again, gaining momentum and increasing the tempo marica and henessy share a big boner that familiar tension in my balls became unbearable.

I grunted heavily and dumped my load deep inside her. Ping lowered her leg and smiled as my seed slowly ran down her thigh. "Wow," she said looking down at the river of cum running out of her. "You fill me up!" With that she turned around and shooed me away to the couch. We sat quietly and finished our breakfast.

The snow had finally stopped, though it was so deep we wouldn't be able to get very far. Looks like we were going to have to spend another entire day in the cabin and suddenly I was completely fine with that. ----------------------- I hope you liked it! I write a variety of genres as jjkrause so be sure to search for more of my stories. Constructive feedback is always welcomed. If you leave a negative rating please have the courtesy of telling me what you didn't like.