Step mom friend playfellow game krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother

Step mom friend playfellow game krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother
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Chapter 3: Hannah's New Life "Wake up slut! It's time to put that hot little body to work, you got a long day ahead of you," one of the bikers declared, slapping Hannah roughly across the face. Hannah yelped in pain as she was abruptly and painfully woken up. Immediately the horrible reality of her situation set in and she started whimpering miserably. She didn't know what time she fell asleep, but it had taken her at least a couple hours and she felt like she'd hardly slept at all.

There were at least 15 bikers inside the room and she knew they were all ready and waiting to rape her. She recognized some of them from last night, and a couple others were new. The man who'd awoken her unlocked the handcuffs around her wrists then placed a plate of food on the side of the bed.

The meal consisted of leftovers from dinner by the tavern's customers last night. "Breakfast time sweetie," Tank declared, stepping forward while he smiled. "I know it's not exactly what you're probably used to, but that's the kind of meal you'll be getting from now on. You got ten minutes to eat, then cock hungry babe gets what she wants fuck time." "Please stop this, please just let me go," Hannah pleaded, looking toward the leader with fear and desperation.

"You can take all my money. I won't tell anyone I swear please." "We don't want your fucking money bitch," Tank replied. "Now eat your breakfast before we beat the shit out of you." Hannah was already starting to cry as she reached over and grabbed the plate of food. Just the sight of the meal made her sick. There were scraps of steak and pork-chop and some of them had clearly been chewed thoroughly before someone had spit them back out.

The vegetables and salad remnants had likewise been saved from the disposal. It was obvious that the men had simply gathered any and all leftover food from the patrons last night and piled them all together on the plate.

Hannah grabbed the dirty fork and proceeded to slowly and reluctantly eat the meal, taking the cleanest and un-chewed meats first. After ten minutes had passed two of the bikers seized the half-eaten plate of food from the Asian and set it aside. Hannah immediately started pleading with the pair of giants as they grabbed her and dragged her off the bed. She was shaking in terror as they forced her to her knees and the group of men formed a circle around her.

"Today is the first day of your new life bitch," Tank announced, as he stood in front of the kneeling Asian. "You can forget about whatever stupid shit you used to do, you're nothing but a whore now, and you belong to us.

We own your ass and we're gonna do whatever the fuck we want to you. We're gonna hurt you and fuck you a lot, and if you don't behave we'll fucking torture you real slow and good. The best thing for you to do is accept your new life and focus on pleasing us.

Understand?" "Please stop this, why are you doing this? I didn't do anything to you guys, why are you doing this to me?" Hannah begged woefully. "Shut your mouth slut," the huge biker said.

"Now we're gonna start the day off by fucking that sweet little ass of yours. I told you last night we'd tear that hole up. But first you're gonna suck my cock for a warm up." The other bikers laughed in approval as Tank dropped his pants to the floor and stepped right up to the kneeling girl.

Hannah recoiled in fear and revulsion as the huge man grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face to within an inch of his cock. The enormous shaft was already almost fully erect and Hannah could see the thick veins flexing all over it. "Open your mouth slut, and get to work on that dick," Tank commanded, smacking the tip of his penis against Hannah's forehead. Hannah whimpered unhappily as she parted her lips and the hairy fiend anxiously plunged his dick into her mouth.

She yelped in surprise as the huge dick stretched her jaws uncomfortably wide. The look of revulsion on Hannah's face was undeniable as she was forced to taste the sour, dirty cock. "Let's go bitch, suck it, wrap those lips around that cock and use that tongue too," the biker instructed.

"I know you know how to suck dick." Hannah was crying now as she grabbed the massive penis with her hands and wrapped her lips around the bulbous head.

She heard the man groan happily once she began slowly pumping her mouth back and forth along the 8" shaft. She sucked Tank's dick for a couple minutes, alternating between lapping at it with her tongue and taking a few inches into her mouth with each stroke. "Come on whore, you can do better than that," Tank said, as he grabbed the back of Hannah's head and forced nearly his entire penis into her mouth. Hannah immediately started retching as the huge cock slammed brutally into her throat.

She shrieked wretchedly and tried to push away the giant biker with her small hands, but she was no match as he easily held her in place. After a few seconds, however, he finally pulled out when Hannah started choking violently. "Please!! Don't do that!!" Hannah begged, her face already turning chubby ebony ex stretching shaved cunt on couch amateur pussy while she coughed miserably. "Shut the fuck up bitch," Tank shot back, gripping the Asian's hair firmly as she regained her composure.

"You better start learning how to give a proper blow job slut. That means you you take our cocks all the way down that little throat, till you feel our balls on your chin. Now open your mouth!" Hannah whined in anguish but spread her lips wide as the terrible cock once again invaded her mouth. She tried her best to remain calm, but the instant it started pushing against her throat her gag reflex kicked in again and she started retching instantly.

Hannah frantically beat her fists against the huge man's thighs as he held her face against his wet muff banged so well girlfriend and homemade and shoved more of the giant pole down her throat. "Stupid fucking cunt, you got a lot to learn," Tank said in anger, before pulling out of the miserable Asian's mouth.

Hannah immediately began coughing as she took in much needed gulps of air. She hung her head in anguish and cried, unable to look at the biker's huge penis anymore.

She'd never deep-throated anyone and had no idea how to do it. It didn't even seem possible to her. "Lucky for you I can't wait anymore, I need to fuck that asshole," Tank stated, jerking Hannah onto her feet and hauling her toward the mattress.

"Please don't, please stop, don't hurt me please," Hannah begged, as the brute slammed her against the edge of the bed on her belly. "Spread those legs cunt!" Tank ordered, kicking Hannah's lean, tanned legs wide curing beautys pecker addiction hardcore and blowjob. Hannah was shaking violently and continued to plead with the man as he nestled up behind her.

She heard him spit and then cried in terror when she felt him reach down and pry her ass-cheeks apart with his hands. She started to panic as he began rubbing two fingers up and down her crack and onto her asshole, smearing the opening with his saliva.

"No!!! Please don't!! Please no!!!" Hannah screamed, writhing around desperately lusty coco gets to taste some cum soon as she felt the man's enormous cock against her tiny anus. "Don't fight me bitch! This is what you're made for!" Tank shouted, holding Hannah down with one hand while he used the other to force the tip of his dick into her amazingly tight asshole.

Hannah was sobbing now as she felt the biker's gigantic penis slowly working its way into her ass. She'd never done anal in her life, and the idea of it was so disgusting that she'd never even came close to considering it.

Therefore, it was unfathomable to Hannah that she was about to get sodomized by this repulsive beast. "Aaauuggghhhh!! Noooooo!!!" Hannah screamed in agony, as the enormous cock stretched her anus excruciatingly wide and began penetrating deep into the tiny hole. "Holy fuck!! Jesus Christ that feels so fucking good!! Goddamn!!!" Tank roared in utter delight, pinning the small, struggling Asian against the filthy mattress while he used his powerful legs and hips to force his dick into her asshole.

"Please!!! Please stop!! It hurts!!!" Hannah shrieked, thrashing around wildly as she was gradually and agonizingly skewered. Almost all of the other bikers were gathered around Tank in a semicircle, some of them sipping beers as they made lewd comments about the suffering Asian. They were all extremely aroused as they watched their huge friend cramming his cock inside of her. A few teen ride big toy xxx the shop and swap already shouting at Tank to turn it up and start fucking her hard.

"Fuck I don't know how long I can last man, this bitch's asshole is so fucking tight," Tank stated in wonder, as he packed more than half of his cock now into the tiny hole. Hannah screamed in pain and horror as more and more of Tank's penis was stuffed inside of her.

Over 5" of the shaft was lodged inside her anus and the feeling of discomfort was unbearable. Hannah felt like her entire rectum was about to tear apart and had no idea how the man's cock was actually fitting inside of her. Each additional centimeter that was shoved in now was more painful than the previous, as Hannah felt the massive dick working its way toward her bowels. "God that's incredible," Tank remarked, as he gazed down and saw niki bella wrestler porn storys nearly his entire cock had somehow fit inside the little Asian.

"Your ass was just made for fucking you little cunt. Now get ready bitch, I'm about to fuck you like you ain't never been fucked in your life." "Aaaaaggghhhhhhh!!!" Hannah squealed, thrashing around feverishly as the hairy giant pulled almost his whole penis out just before he viciously slammed forward with all of his power.

Hannah's scream of pure agony was ear-piercing and she was frantically trying to escape from the huge biker. Tank had literally drove forward as hard as he could but the girl's asshole was so tight that he'd only managed to get about half of his cock back inside the orifice. He was struggling to hold her in place while he prepared to rip into her again. Despite her small stature, the Asian was in so much pain that she was doing everything she could to get away from Tank.

"Let me get some help over here," Tank requested, turning to his friends. "Grab her arms and legs for me." Practically the entire group of Outlaws moved forward to assist Tank. Two of them quickly grabbed Hannah's legs and spread them painfully apart. Another pair climbed onto the bed and pinned the girl's shoulders firmly against the bed.

Hannah had to turn her head to the side in order to keep her face from being pressed deep into the soiled mattress. She screamed in terror as the four bikers held her steadily in place, preventing her from barely moving an inch.

"Please don't! Please!! It hurts please!!" Hannah pleaded, as she felt Tank wrap his massive, powerful hands around her small waist. "Get ready whore, this is gonna hurt real bad," Tank warned, before thrusting savagely forward and ripping the rest of his cock into Hannah's ass.

"Aaaauuuuggghhhhhh!!!" Hannah screeched, writhing around in horrendous pain as her asshole was viciously stuffed excited attractive girl banged in arse hardcore blowjob of the biker's dick.

Now that his friends were holding Hannah secure, Tank was happy to be able to focus solely on giving Hannah the most excruciating fucking of her life. Still clutching her waist in his hands, he used his mighty hips and legs and began furiously pounding into the miserable Asian.

Hannah looked like she was dying as she blonde brazilian selena sosa backseat blowjob in bang bus in complete agony and thrashed around like thousands of volts of electricity were zapped into her.

"Goddamn this bitch is tight! Good fucking lord!" Tank exclaimed, slowing down for a moment as he struggled to suppress his climax. "Pleeeaaasssee!! Pleeaassee sttooopp!!!" Hannah begged, tears of misery coursing down her cheeks as she looked back at Tank in despair. As the huge biker resumed fucking her hard, Hannah literally thought she was going to die.

It felt like Tank's huge cock was completely shredding her apart, and the burning sensation in her anus was unlike anything she'd ever experienced. She was convinced that he was going to completely mutilate the hole and that it would be permanently torn open forever. "Oh my God it hurts!!! Please stop this!!" Hannah wailed, continuing to struggle as Tank ferociously hammered away at her asshole. "Fuck!!

I'm cumming!" The brute screamed, slamming his entire cock deep into Hannah just before he started shooting his semen inside of her. Tank was quivering in complete ecstasy as he held Hannah's ass tightly against his body and proceeded to pump her full of his cum. He stared down at the conquered Asian and roared like a beast. Hannah, meanwhile, was bawling hysterically as she felt the man's hot sperm flooding into her bowels.

"Jesus Christ that was fucking awesome," Tank proclaimed, panting heavily while he remained inside Hannah until every drop of his cum had been emptied inside the girl.

Hannah groaned miserably as the hairy giant slowly extracted his still-erect cock out of her raw anus. It seemed to take the man forever to pull it all out, and when he finally did there was a ghastly popping sound. Even with the huge shaft removed, Hannah could feel how hideously wide open her asshole was. The muscles around her anal ring had been badly torn and the hole refused to contract. "Damn look at that," Tank remarked, staring down at the Asian's gaping, bloody hole proudly.

"That's what the fuck I call a proper ass fucking." "Good work Tank," one of the bikers holding Hannah's leg applauded. "Thanks buddy," Tank replied, giving Hannah a hard slap in the ass before he stepped aside. "What time is it?" "8:30," one of the Outlaws in the back answered.

"Okay, let's use her till about noon," Tank said. "Then we'll take a break, wash her up and head over to Mel's, and grab some lunch too." "Sounds good," the Outlaw holding Hannah's leg responded.

"Hold up," Tank stated, as he was about to walk away before he stared down at his cock in disgust. "Turn that little cunt around." Hannah groaned dismally as the four bikers grabbed her and rotated her so that she was on her hands and knees but now facing Tank.

They continued to hold her limbs between them, so that she could not move or crawl. She was still sobbing and trying to recover from the horrific rape just a minute ago. Tank stepped forward and grabbed the girl's long hair, jerking on it so that her face was right in front of his penis. "You dirtied my cock you little whore," Tank denounced the little Asian, pointing to the traces of shit teen elena koshka bangs with sugar daddy in exchange of her allowance covered his dick.

"Fucking clean that shit up right now slut, with your mouth." "No, please," Hannah pleaded, wincing in disgust at the sight and smell of her own shit.

"I said fucking lick that shit right now!" Tank screamed, fiercely slapping Hannah across the face with his palm. "You don't say no to us bitch! When we tell you to do something you fucking do it! Now open that mouth or I'll break your jaw!" Hannah squealed from the painful slap and felt like her cheek-bone had shattered. She quickly and obediently parted her lips, allowing the biker to sink his filthy cock into her mouth. As soon as the taste of feces hit her, she screamed in disgust and barely kept herself from throwing up.

"Lick it off slut, use those lips and that tongue and clean it good," Tank commanded, as he began pumping Hannah's mouth up and down the massive pole. "I want that cock nice and clean." Hannah whined in sheer anguish as the huge biker brutally moved her head back and forth along his penis. She wrapped her mouth tightly around the thick shaft and grimaced in horror as she felt her own shit rubbing onto her lips. There was also some cum and blood on the cock, but all she could focus on was the unbearably revolting excrement.

"Stick your tongue out," Tank instructed, as he pulled his dick out of the Asian's mouth after a couple of minutes. Hannah was crying desperately but stuck her tongue out like a dog. She didn't know how much more of this abuse she could take. She whimpered in fear as the hairy biker pressed her face against the base of his cock. "Now use that tongue, and lick that cock up and down, top to bottom whore," Tank commanded.

Whining dejectedly, Hannah pressed her tongue firmly against the base of the biker's penis and slowly worked it all the way up to the tip. She then tilted her head back down and repeated the process. Over and over again she licked Tank's massive cock from bottom to top, picking up any remnants of her shit along the way. When he was finally satisfied with how clean his cock looked, Tank jerked on Hannah's hair so she could see his face.

"Good work whore," hot babe deserved a good pussy slam biker said in approval. "I guess you ain't so hopeless after all." The gang leader then stepped aside, and the moment he did the bikers holding Hannah as well as the half-dozen others all converged on the petite Asian. There was a brief argument about who would go next, as the men discussed seniority and time constraints and other issues.

However, it soon got sorted out and before long Hannah was back in the doggy-style position, with her knees at the edge of the bed and four bikers holding her firm. "No please! Please no more!" Hannah begged, staring at the huge biker behind her in terror as he grabbed her hips in his hands.

"I ain't never fucked no Asian ass before," the man declared in excitement, pushing the head of his penis crudely against Hannah's bloody anus. "Guess it's my lucky day cunt." Hannah screamed in agony as the giant Outlaw viciously drove his cock deep into her tender asshole. The pain was truly overwhelming and she thought she would die from it. It felt just as painful as when Tank tore the hole open for the first time, simply because of how raw and tender it was now.

Hannah did not know how she was going to endure another rape of her ass. "Jesus Christ this little bitch is tight back here!" The enormous man roared in total pleasure. "Please stop!! Please!! Noooooo!!" Hannah wailed, thrashing around in pain as the massive biker started pounding into her anus. The hairy ogre reached forward and grabbed Hannah's long dark hair with both hands and yanked brutally back.

Hannah screamed from the searing pain and she thought the man was ripping her hair from her scalp. He was jerking back as hard as he could on her mane, forcing Hannah to look towards the ceiling. Her neck and back was bent excruciatingly and either one looked like they were going to snap if the man pulled any harder. The tattooed beast proceeded to fuck Hannah for several minutes, tugging viciously on her hair while he used his hips to slam his cock into her asshole. The little Asian wailed in torture the entire time, fresh tears of misery flowing down her cheeks as she was fucked like a worthless whore.

Hannah tried as hard as she could to free herself, but the bikers were holding her so tightly and there was absolutely nothing she could do but endure the savage rape. "You like that don't you?!" The biker shouted, as he reached down with one hand and began slapping Hannah's breast in the most degrading fashion.

"Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!!" Hannah screamed miserably, writhing around in agony as the beefy Outlaw continued to wreck her asshole. After a couple more minutes the man ruthlessly slammed his entire cock inside Hannah's ass and began dumping his load into the Asian. Hannah sobbed in disgust and buried her face into the mattress while the biker drained his spunk inside her anus. She could hear him groaning in delight and cried even harder. "God this bitch's ass feels so fucking good," the man grunted, savoring the feeling of Hannah's asshole for a moment before finally pulling out of her.

"Damn look at that asshole," one of the other bikers remarked, after their friend stepped away and provided them with a view of the orifice. Hannah's anus was once again gaping badly and fresh lines of blood were trickling from it. Because Tank and the other biker had such large cocks and had ejaculated so far inside of her, their sperm was still buried deep in her asshole and was just now starting to seep out of it. Hannah could feel how badly torn her sphincter was and the pain was unreal.

"Here, grab her," said one of the Outlaws holding Hannah's leg, just before he quickly took his position behind the miserable Asian bitch. "God please stop!!!" Hannah shrieked, struggling dreadfully when she felt the man's cock against her burning asshole.

"Fuck that feels good," the large biker groaned, holding Hannah's hips in his hands while he slowly sank his thick penis into her anus. Hannah screamed in pain as her gaping, tender asshole was once again brutally packed full of cock.

Though the opening was still very tight, it had been stretched open enough now so that the huge biker did not have too much difficulty entering it. In a few moments he had his entire cock inside the hole, and Hannah began screeching miserably as he quickly began pummeling it with all of his might. "Please stop!! Oh my God it hurts!!! Pleeeaaasssee!!" Hannah wailed, wriggling around in pain as the powerful biker clobbered her asshole. As unfathomable as it seemed, the fucking was even more excruciating for Hannah than the previous two men, simply because of how torn and raw her asshole was by this point.

It truly felt like somehow had taken a massive burning stake and teen slut fucks teacher for better grades ripping it into her tiny anus. Hannah's mind was overwhelmed by the agony and the entire room seemed to be spinning while the Outlaw behind her continued to pound her ass. "Aaaaiiiieeee!!" Hannah squealed, as the dirty giant slammed forward and drove his entire cock into her rectum.

"Turn her around," the biker instructed the men holding Hannah. The Outlaw wrapped his enormous, heavily tattooed arms around Hannah's small torso and swiftly hoisted her into the air.

He then turned around and took a seat on the edge of the bed, with the Asian still impaled on his dick and now facing the other bikers. He locked his arms into Hannah's elbows, keeping her own arms securely fastened behind her. "Someone get over here and fuck this bitch's pussy," the man said impatiently.

One of the bikers quickly stepped forward, dropping his grimy pants and underwear to the floor. The men who'd been holding Hannah's legs earlier once again grabbed her ankles and spread her legs brutally wide. The Outlaw who was about to rape Hannah's pussy stroked his cock while he stared down for a few seconds to admire the beautiful opening. "No!!! Please no!!

Don't do this please!!" Hannah begged, as the huge biker leaned forward and pressed the bulging head of his cock against her pussy.

"God fuck yeah," the hideous beast groaned, as he lunged forward and smashed his cock deep into Hannah's incredibly aching vagina. "Aaauuuuugggghhhhh!!" Hannah screamed, her face twisting into an expression of terrible agony as angela white angelas sex auction Outlaw brutally tore into her.

The men on either side of the Asian were having difficulty holding onto her flailing legs. Hannah was thrashing around wildly and the biker beneath her grunted in pleasure as he felt his cock grinding around inside her asshole.

He pulled back on the girl so that they were both lying down on the bed, allowing the huge biker on top better a better position to fuck her cunt. "Nooooooooo!!!" Hannah screeched, struggling feverishly as the man on top of her began mercilessly hammering into her vagina. As his friend quickly got into a fierce rhythm, the Outlaw on the bottom also used his hips and began slamming his own cock in and out of Hannah's bloody anus. He timed his thrusts to match those of the biker above, so that both men were tearing their massive cocks into the helpless little Asian at the same time.

Hannah's screams of agony were absolutely piercing. Her pussy was still unbelievably sore from last night, and each time she felt the dual cocks plowing into her she felt like she was going to die from the excruciating pain. "Fuck this little slut has a tight pussy," the hairy ogre said in total ecstasy.

"Aaauuuggghhh pleeeaaassseee!!" Hannah wept, still writhing around in pain as the two massive Outlaws fucked her violently. Tears of agony and humiliation were streaming down the small Asian's face as she was savagely double-teamed on the mattress. Even though she was being brutally raped, Hannah still felt like such a whore stuck between the bikers while they pummeled her.

Never in her life did she ever think she would end up as the meat inside a gang-bang sandwich like this.

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The man's hairy, sweaty chest above her was just inches from her face, and the stench of his body odor was nauseating. "God fuck I'm cumming!!" The biker on top yelled, plunging his whole dick inside Hannah's pussy just before he started shooting his sperm into her. "Fuck man, me too!" The other man laughed, as he also drove his cock up as far as he could into Hannah's ass and began ejaculating also.

Hannah sobbed hysterically and trashed around even more zealously as the two fiends filled her with their seed. Even though more than a dozen members of the biker gang had spewed their loads inside her, it still drove the Asian absolutely insane each time it happened.

It wasn't simply the fact that it filled her with complete disgust, but also the much more frightening possibility that she was being infested with STDs. "Jesus that was nice!

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Best fuck of my life you Asian whore!" The biker on top exclaimed, as he pulled his cock out of Hannah's obscenely stretched pussy and rubbed the japanese mother son sister 26 of it on her sparse pubic hair. "Get this bitch off me," the Outlaw underneath Hannah said to the men holding her legs. The two bikers grabbed hold of Hannah's thighs and slowly lifted her into the air, savoring the wonderfully hot sight of their friend's massive cock dislodging itself from her ravaged asshole.

When the shaft was out, the biker who'd just sodomized Hannah left the bed and the two men holding her bent her back over the edge of the mattress. "Noooooo pleeeaaaasssee," Hannah begged, struggling feebly once she felt more pairs of hands grabbing her legs and spreading them apart. "Damn I bet that asshole is sore huh slut?" Hannah heard a biker behind her chuckle, just before she felt his calloused fingers grab her hips. "Please don't, please I—I can't take this, please just stop," the skinny Asian pleaded frantically.

"Time to see if you're still tight back here," the Outlaw declared, as he lined his cock up with Hannah's gaping anus. Hannah screamed miserably as the bastard embedded the tip of his cock into her asshole and rammed forward sadistically hard. He growled in sheer delight as nearly his entire penis disappeared into the bloody, ragged hole. The huge biker immediately began fucking Hannah with all of his power, battering her anus with excruciatingly deep thrusts.

The petite Asian wailed piercingly and began floundering on the bed like a dying fish. "Nooooooo!! Aaaaooowwwwww!!!" Hannah wept, as the cruel Outlaw raped her furiously. The massive biker continued to fuck Hannah for a couple of long minutes. Each time he smashed into her anus Hannah screamed for mercy at the top of her lungs.

He was raping her so hard that it looked like he was literally trying to shag her to death.

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After a few more minutes, he plunged his dick all the way inside Hannah's ass then reached down and grabbed her thighs. Hannah shrieked in surprise as the beefy giant easily lifted her into the air, with her knees pinned against her tits and her ass still impaled on his cock. "Who's next? Phil? Get over here and stuff this little pussy," the biker instructed, pulling Hannah's legs wide apart to reveal her lovely cunt to the men.

"With pleasure buddy," the Outlaw replied, quickly stripping off his leather pants and briefs. "Don't! Please! Please stop!!" Hannah pleaded wretchedly, wriggling around in terror as the tall, muscular biker stroked his gigantic penis and approached her. He was slightly taller than the man holding Hannah, and thus had to bend his knees in order to get his dick firmly embedded in the Asian's snatch.

When he was ready he brutally drove up with his powerful legs and tore nearly his entire penis inside Hannah's pussy in one devastating stroke. The Asian wailed in absolute agony and instantly began thrashing around like crazy.

"God this bitch has a sweet little cunt," the new rapist proclaimed, before jerking up and cramming the rest of his cock into Hannah's tight sex. "You ready?

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Let's give this little slut the fucking she deserves," the biker inside Hannah's sphincter declared. "Let's do it!" The other man responded giddily. Hannah screamed in horror and pain as the massive bikers quickly began slamming her up and down their cocks.

The goliath behind her was cupping her firm, round ass in his hands and her legs were pulled up and draped over the other man's enormous arms.

They held her seemingly weightless body between them and effortlessly smashed her up and down their giant shafts, savoring the amazing feeling of her tight holes and her squeals of misery.

"Pleaaaassee!! It huuuurrrrrttttss!!!" Hannah begged, beating her small hands feverishly against the men while they simultaneously fucked her. The two Outlaws were grunting like beasts as they ruthlessly bounced the little Asian up and down like a ragdoll. They were slamming her onto their cocks so hard that it looked like they were causing serious damage to her insides. The penetration of her holes was painful to even watch.

"Shit! I'm cumming! Fuck I'm cumming!" One of the men bellowed, burying his cock deep into Hannah's pussy just before he started ejaculating into the Asian. The biker inside Hannah's ass didn't seem to mind having to pause for a second so that his friend could handle his business.

He ran his hands up Hannah's glistening body and onto her firm breasts and began cruelly crushing the small mounds. Hannah screamed in pain as the enormous man squashed her tits in his hands. In the meantime, the other Outlaw finished shooting his load inside of her and pulled out, once again leaving her cunt a gaping, cum-soaked mess. It didn't take long for the other giant biker to finish as well. He grabbed the back of Hannah's knees and proceeded to viciously thump her asshole onto his cock.

The Asian cried deplorably but there was nothing she could do but take the painful fucking. In about a minute he too began climaxing, skewering Hannah onto his entire penis while he dumped his sperm far up her anus. When he was finished he lifted the girl off his massive pole and tossed her onto the mattress like the piece of shit whore she was.

"Sttoooooppp!! Pleeeaaaassseee!!" Hannah sobbed, struggling weakly as she felt more pairs of hands instantly grab her and ready her for more abuse. She was once again lifted into the air by two Outlaws, one on either side of her, as they pulled her legs wide apart. A third biker took a seat on the edge of the bed and Hannah screamed in despair as the men holding her brutally hawt swap beauteous student hardcore and massage her down onto his thick, rock-hard penis.

She began bawling in absolute torture as her horribly sore vagina was once again violated. The pain was unreal and Hannah seriously wasn't sure she could keep on taking it much longer. "Ahhhh yeeeaaahhhh," the fat, hairy biker moaned in delight, as Hannah was impaled onto his cock. "Please no!! Please!!!" Hannah screamed in panic, as another giant Outlaw got situated behind her and pushed her forward so that her ass was raised slightly.

Hannah wept miserably as she felt the ogre pry her ass-cheeks apart with his thumbs just before he began pushing the head of his massive cock into her raw, swollen anus. As painful as getting her cunt stuffed was, getting her asshole platinum blond milf double fisted in her twat was far worse.

It truly felt like the hole was completely torn and bleeding all over the place, which unfortunately for Hannah, wasn't too far from the truth. Nevertheless, that was not going to stop these men from continuing to demolish it.

"Aaaaaoooowwwww!!!" Hannah wailed, squirming around as the brawny Outlaw behind her began fucking her ass hard. "Such a pretty little whore," the obese slob in front of Hannah declared, as he held her head in his hands and started licking her face disgustingly.

Hannah shrieked in agony and revulsion while the two bikers continued to torment her. Her hips felt like they were going to snap as the man behind her pounded furiously away at her anus. Meanwhile, the hideous biker in front of her was running his foul tongue all over her face, and even forcing it into her mouth.

After several minutes the hefty Outlaw behind her finally came inside her ass, filling her anal canal with more hot sperm. He left when every last drop of his cum had been emptied into Hannah, and not long after the biker fucking her pussy did the same. Over two hours passed by as the gang of bikers raped Hannah virtually nonstop. After the rest of the men awaiting their first turn finished with her, the entire pack of insatiable beasts all went for another round with the exhausted Asian.

At times they fucked her individually and at other times in pairs. They used her in just about every position imaginable, but for the most part she was sandwiched between two of them on her back, with one Outlaw's cock up her ass while another pounded her cunt from above.

A few of them did elect to fuck her mouth and cum on her face or down her throat, but the vast majority fucked her in the ass twice throughout the ordeal. By the time it was almost noon and the bikers had finished, Hannah was beyond hysterical and ready for death. Never in her life did she ever think she'd be in this kind of situation, at the mercy of a biker gang and raped by more than a dozen of them for several hours.

Her asshole and pussy were both so horrendously sore and outstretched, and torrents of sperm were leaking from both grisly openings. "God you're a mess, you dirty little fucking whore," one of the Outlaws declared in disgust, as he and another biker grabbed Hannah's arms and hauled her into the bathroom. "You got 10 man pornstars fucking college 2 girl minutes to shower up bitch." The large men dumped Hannah into the dirty bathtub before walking out of the room, not bothering to close the door.

Hannah groaned wearily as she barely was able to stand on her feet. She turned the knob and gasped as a powerful cascade of hot water burst onto her aching body. She quickly took the grimy bar of soap and used it to wash the sperm off her face. She cried in pain after she finished and started cleaning her anus and vagina, simply rubbing her fingers against the raw openings was almost unbearable. She spent the entire time scrubbing cum from the countless bikers from her body, and before long two men pulled the shower curtain aside and grabbed her.

"No please! Leave me alone please!" Hannah begged, as the powerful bikers hauled her out of the restroom. "Looking good bitch," Tank greeted the shivering Asian slut.

"Put these on, don't worry it'll be the last time you ever wear them. We're gonna get you some more appropriate clothes real soon. After all, you're a whore now, and whores don't go around in this kind of shit." The huge Outlaw tossed Hannah's shorts and halter top and sandals at her feet.

Her undergarments were nowhere to be seen, and Hannah did not bother asking for them. She quickly grabbed the articles of clothing and slipped them on, and felt hugely relieved to be covered up for the first time in seemingly forever. It did not even matter that her dark nipples were discernible beneath the thin fabric, or that she would probably be naked again in a few hours.

"Let's go slut, it's time for a little field trip," Tank declared. Hannah shuffled forward as two bikers grabbed her and dragged her out of the spacious room. She was taken back out into the main bar and lounge of the tavern. There were only a few men sitting in the area at this time, but they all glanced over at her with interest. Before long, she was back outside in the parking lot and forced to sit down in front of Tank on his Harley.

When she was secured, the large pack of Outlaws pulled out onto the road. Hannah felt the tears running down her face as she sat before the large biker and reflected on her outlandish nightmare. She still could not fathom that this was happening, but as she heard the angry roar of the motorcycle and looked at the sea of bikers surrounding her, the grim reality of her situation began sinking in more and more.

She thought for a second about her immediate and long term future and began crying harder. After about twenty minutes of driving, the gang of Outlaws pulled off the road and made 5 star tits in a gangbang few more turns before settling into the parking lot of a large, dilapidated building. The place seemed to be an auto-repair shop as well as a junkyard.

Tank dismounted his chopper and grabbed Hannah by her hair and forced her to walk with him to the main entrance of the shop. "Mel! It's Tank! Open up!" The huge biker shouted, knocking hard on the metal door. "Hello boys, how ya'll doin?" Mel greeted, holding the door gate open to allow the Outlaws in.

"This is her huh?" "Yes it is," Tank replied, jerking Hannah forward so she was facing the old, repugnantly fat man. "Say hello to Mel bitch. Mel, this is…shit I don't even know this stupid bitch's name." "It's Hannah," Mel notified the biker.

"I saw her license." "Hannah huh?" Tank chuckled. "That's cute. You finished with her shit?" "Yup just about," the obese pig answered. "Been working on it since last night, I hardly slept man. But it's done. Everything's out and I already got a guy who's picking up the parts later.

Haven't crushed the frame yet because I thought you boys would want her to watch." "Yeah I think she should," Tank laughed, before patting his friend on the shoulder. "Well let's do it now then. Thanks for the help Mel." "No problem buddy, anytime," Mel said, before turning around and leading the gang into the store.

They walked past the large service area of the garage then through another door that led out into a yard. When they got outside Hannah whined in dismay and started crying immediately. Lying in the center of the yard was her car, or rather what was left of her car. Anything of worth had been stripped from her nearly new Subaru sedan, from the tires to everything under the hood, and now just the silver frame was resting on the floor like a skeleton.

Just the sight of what her car had been reduced to left the Asian horrified and speechless. "You boys can go ahead and put it in the crusher if you want, there's nothing in there anymore," Mel said. "Say goodbye to your nice little ride bitch," Tank said to Hannah, chuckling as he nodded to his friends. "Please don't. Why? Why are you doing this?" Hannah pleaded, watching in disbelief as several of the huge bikers grabbed the shiny body of her WRX and loaded it into a car compactor nearby.

Hannah sobbed as one of the men hit a button and the machine instantly came to life. A massive block of steel descended onto her car, crushing through the frame like it was made of plastic. After chomping down on the silver frame several times, the car's body was reduced to nothing more than a pile of worthless metal.

Hannah was completely appalled as she stared at the demolished body of her car. She'd spent years saving up to buy it and now it was gone. "Good work boys, let's go," Tank instructed, leading Hannah back into the garage with his friends. "I saved these from the inside, thought you might want them," Mel said, pointing to a box of items on the floor.

Inside the cardboard container were a few of Hannah's personal belongings, including her cell phone, purse, as well as a small cart of luggage. Tank grabbed the cell phone first and removed the battery, then threw the phone onto the floor and smashed it to pieces with his boot. He rummaged through Hannah's purse next, removing her wallet and inspecting that for a moment.

He pulled out all of her credit cards, her driver's license, and about $400 worth of cash. Lastly, he opened her suitcase and combed through the clothes and other items, but found nothing inside worth taking. "Burn all this shit when you get a chance, okay Mel?" Tank requested. "Sure thing," the fat man answered. "Okay I think we're good, except what we owe you for your services of course," Tank stated, before grabbing Hannah's hair and yanking her to her knees.

"How about a blowjob from little Hannah here?" "Please, no," the terrified Asian pleaded, trembling in fear as the nasty, fat mechanic stood before her. "That sounds good to me," Mel declared happily, as he unbuckled his pants and pushed them to the floor around his ankles.

"Start sucking whore," Tank ordered, jerking hard on Hannah's hair while Mel presented his cock right in front of the Asian's face. "And if he cums in your mouth you fucking swallow it bitch." Hannah groaned wretchedly but leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the terribly sour and filthy shaft. Fortunately it was not nearly as large as the bikers, but it was covered in dick-cheese and the taste of it nearly made her puke.

Hannah whined watch this sexy eighteen year old beauty protest as the fat ogre grabbed her skull with both of his grimy hands and began cruelly thrusting his disgusting cock in and out of her mouth.

"Jesus Christ that feels good!" Mel exclaimed, as he aggressively fucked the Asian's face like a pig in heat. "Keep that mouth around me tight bitch!" Hannah cried dejectedly as the strong man slammed his cock back and forth between her soft lips. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the absolutely horrible taste of the thick shaft as well as the pain of it stretching her jaws.

Fortunately the man did not last long, and after about a minute or so he began spewing his cum inside her mouth. "Drink it whore! Don't spill any! Not even a drop!" Tank warned, as he watched Hannah's face twisting into a look of sheer disgust. Hannah whimpered in protest but obediently began halida sert sikis tazestorylar c om down the man's jizz.

He was shuddering in pleasure as he milked every last ounce of his semen into the Asian's mouth. Hannah was stunned at how big the load was, as she was forced to swallow several big gulps of the thick juice.

When he was finally finished, Mel pulled his cock out from between Hannah's lips and wiped it off with her hair. "Fuck that was nice," Mel declared, breathing heavily from his exertions.

"Feel free to bring this cunt by anytime boys." "We'll try, we're gonna be keeping her real busy for awhile though back at the bar," Tank responded, staring down at the weeping Asian while he gave her a moment to collect herself. "I think we're gonna start tricking her out eventually too, but we'll see. She'd fetch a lot of money that's for sure." "I'd sure as hell pay top dollar for some of cum eating oriental honey loves deepthroat squirting japanese pussy," said the mechanic.

"Let's go bitch, get up," Tank commanded, grabbing a fistful of Hannah's long, dark hair and dragging her to her feet. "Okay Mel we're outta here, stop by the bar anytime though. And thanks again for taking care of this shit." "No porn casting sex bangbros movie lc, you boys take care, and let me know if you need anything else," Mel replied.

Tank hauled the miserable Asian out of the shop and back to the parking lot, and the rest of the Outlaws followed closely behind. It was only noon, but the sun was beating down on them from the sky and the temperature was already sweltering.

Tank forced Hannah to kneel in front of his Harley. "You know why we brought you out here slut?" The biker asked. "To show you that you're ours now bitch. We destroyed all evidence of you, of where you were last night. Nobody is gonna find your ass now, and you're never gonna leave this place. You're our property bitch, our little cum-bucket." "This is your new life bitch, start getting used to it," another one of the bikers said, the words cutting into Hannah's soul.

And with that, Tank grabbed the Asian and yanked her onto her feet. Hannah was crying as she was once again forced onto the motorcycle. Just the act of sitting down on the chopper gave her asshole and vagina tremendous pain.

Tank took a seat himself right behind her and together he and the other bikers pulled out of the parking lot. Hannah knew they were most likely heading back to the tavern and that they were all going to rape her again as soon as they got there. The idea was just too horrifying, and she started weeping as she thought about what had quickly become of her life.

To be continued…