Anya and her boyfriend having some hot licking and banging

Anya and her boyfriend having some hot licking and banging
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PART 1 CHAPTER 8 Two weeks later Cindy was still pissed as shit, despite a few pleasant interactions. I was starting to get really worried that this 'other guy' that Reggie had mentioned was going to win over Cindy.

That worry was turned into a terror, however, one saturday afternoon. Aunt Linny and the twins (Jamie and Becky in case you forgot) were over for an early dinner cookout. Honestly I could spend a good three pages detailing the interaction during the cookout and what-not but it's not really significant to the story so I'll skip ahead to the important part. "So yeah," said Jamie as he took a slightly-too-big bite of his burger. We were forced to hang on his pause as he finished his mouthful before continuing.

"The teacher said he'd give me credit just for coming in for the extra help, so even though I hate geometry proofs I'll still pass just for showing up a little early. I am trying, though. They're just tough." "Why are you guys older milf big tits and office fuck in lingerie noise complaints make sloppy biatch cops proofs?

In my class we're working on cosine," I asked. "That's cuz you're a year ahead in math dummy," he shot. Jamie had failed math freshman year, and it was one of the few things I had on him, so I pretended to forget a lot. "Right, I'm the dummy," I said with a smirk. "Suck a dick, Zach," Becky chimed in. "Kids be nice," my mom said shortly. "Not at dinner." I returned to my plate and focused on consuming my meal while My mother and Aunt Linny made small talk and caught up with each other.

As the meal was wrapping up I noticed Becky eyeing me thoughtfully. I choose to ignore her. When we finished eating, I offered to bring all the plates to the sink while Aunt Linny called her husband and my dad in for desert. They were having beers on the back porch. As I sat back down, I made eye contact with Becky, as she was practically staring at me. ". So Jamie," she started, still looking me. Then she turned to Jamie to finish her question.

"How are things going with that girl in math?" "Who? Cindy?" he replied. My gut clenched. Jamie continued. "It's going all right. I think she likes someone else, but she'll come around eventually. I can see it in her eyes. She really digs me." I was gritting my teeth, and it took everything I had not do something I'd regret. Jamie was such a disgusting shit, and he was a bit of a player.

To think this scumbag was the 'other guy' just. I don't even know. made me wanna murder kittens. Becky looked back to me. "Everything okay Zack?" she asked with a smirk. Something hit me. Becky knew. She knew I liked Cindy. but Jamie didn't. Had he not heard the rumors? I had no idea what the fuck was going on.

"Uhm. yeah," I breathed. "I'm just. I gotta make a phone call for class. I think I left blonde babe gets naked and rubs that pussy assignment sheet in my locker." I didn't think Becky would buy that, but it didn't really matter.

She was a wretched bitch, and if even the slightest doubt that I had figured her out existed, she'd milk it to bother me as much as possible. I went to my room, not even bothering to listen if my mother objected to my departure from the dinner table, and called up Reggie. I paced impatiently as the phone rang.

"Hello?" asked Reggie. "It's me, Zach," I replied. "Zach! To what do I owe the pleasure?" he cooed. "Listen. This is serious. The other guy Cindy likes. do you know who it is?" "I know it's someone from her math class. that's about it. why?" he asked.

"It's fucking Jamie. my cousin." "The twin!?" he exclaimed. "That's the one." ". Oh lord." Reggie practically squeaked. "Any progress on where the rumor started?" I asked.

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"Some," Reggie informed me, to my relief. "I still don't know exactly who it came from, but every trail leads back to either the football team or the cheerleaders." "Great," I sighed. "Well I don't know anyone on either team that would be willing to help us." "Weeeeeeeeell, I miiiiiight!" sang Reggie.

I pulled the phone away form my ear as his voice seared through the speaker. I slowly put it back as he continued. "Let's see.

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It's. four thirty. We still have keeping up with kiara mia. Can you ride your bike to school?" he asked.

"To school?" I inquired. "Yes or no," Reggie stated. "We don't have a lot of time." "Uh, yeah. Yeah I can be there in a half hour," I agreed. "Great! See ya." And the phone beeped. A half hour later I was locking my bike into the rack at school. Once that was done I called Reggie again, and he told me to meet him at one of the side doors to the school.

As I approached him, I spoke. "Reggie! What the Hell are we doing at school on a Saturday?" "What any other high schooler would. taking advantage of the gym and weight room that the school leaves open for us to work out in," Reggie told me.

". They do that?" I was surprised. Reggie nodded. ". And people use it?" I asked. "Not many, but that's the beauty of it," he said. "Almost nobody is around." "So what are we here for Reggie?" I asked.

"To see the person that puts the 'almost' in 'almost nobody'," Reggie grinned. I followed Reggie into the school. We went to the main gym first, but found it empty. "Well," Reggie started. "Maybe she left a little early. Follow me." I complied, until following him would have meant entering the girl's locker room. "What are you doing?" I hissed.

"Why are you going in there?" "Don't be a pussy," he said back as he held the door half open. Then he leaned into the room. "Hey bitch! You here?" "That you Reggie?" asked a voice. "You know it babe," he cooed to her. "You're a fuck, Reggie," she called, though her voice was playful.

"You naked?" Reggie asked. "Not yet." "Stay that way. I got a friend with me and we need to talk to you," Reggie informed her. "Alright," she sighed. Reggie turned to me a motioned with his head to follow. I rolled my eyes and walked into the girls locker room behind him.

As Reggie and I turned down the aisle the girl was down, my heart sank little. It was the girl who had been making fun of Cindy the other day. the one I pissed off real bad. I just couldn't catch a break, could I? "Oh. It's you," said Melissa.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," I agreed. "Oh," said Reggie, as he looked between the two of us. "You two already met." "Yeah.

miss prissy here was making fun of Cindy the other day. I put her in her place," I said, giving Big tits vs small tits tube porn a disapproving look. She returned it. "Yeah, with a comment about my ex. that was low, Zach," Melissa shot back. Reggie looked back and forth between us another few times.

". Soooo, you guys are good?" "Depends. What are you two here for?" Melissa asked. "Information," I stated.

". Reggie?" "We uh. we're trying to figure out where the rumor about Cindy started," he said. "I already told you. I heard it from Jenny," Melissa told us. "I know," Reggie said. "And Jenny heard it from Tina, and Tina heard it from Vivian, and Vivian heard it from Wendy, and Wendy heard it from Patricia, and Patricia heard it from you. I'm not stupid Mel. I know bullshit when I hear it." "I don't stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade time for this crap," muttered Melissa.

Then to my surprise, she turned to her locker and pulled her sports bra right off over her head. As the tight fabric left her chest, full D-size breasts plopped down; the sports bra had really compressed them. In a combination of surprise at their size and surprise at seeing them in the first place, my jaw dropped slightly. Without skipping a beat, Melissa then dropped her workout shorts and her panties and opened her locker.

I could hear Reggie talking but nothing was registering. I had no emotional feelings for Melissa, and didn't even feel the excitement I got from Sunny, but Melissa was a star athlete with an amazing body, and though bigger tits weren't necessarily a preference of mine, her naked form still fired electricity off through my body.

Between her abs, her ass, her chest and her toned arms and legs, she was like a sculpture. She reached into her locker and grabbed a bottle of soap and a towel and turned towards me, giving me full frontal view of her body. Her body was virtually symmetrical, and her bare pussy was shaved clean. As my erection pressed painfully against my jeans, Melissa spoke. "Do you mind?" "Wha, huh?" I mumbled. I saw Melissa's eyes flicker over to Reggie and back to me.

Then I felt a sharp pain across my face as Jedi skin diamond shows penny pax the force slapped me. "Get out of her way daisy fuck! She's going to the shower!" he yelled at me. "Oh, sorry," I said quickly and I stepped out of her way. Melissa walked passed me, and I could have sworn I saw her glance down at my bulge.

She walked away from the aisles of lockers and into the shower room. Reggie walked passed me, following her, and grabbed my arm and pulled me along. "Get a hold of yourself Zach.

We're still having a conversation." "Yeah, yeah, I'm good," I said, as I tried to force the heat from my cheeks. We stopped in the doorway of the shower room as Melissa turned on one of the shower heads. "Look Melissa, this isn't a game. Cindy's never done anything to anyone. She's sweet and kind and the school is at her throat over a lie someone spread. and she blames Zach," Reggie explained. "So?" asked Melissa as she glanced between the two of us. I breathed out through my nose, and tried to ignore the water cascading down Melissa's body.

". So. I like her. and I don't have a chance with her if she think's I'm spreading rumors about her." "You like her a lot, huh?" Melissa mused as she squeezed some soap in her hand and began rubbing her body, washing herself.

"That's interesting." she continued as she ran her hands over her tits and around her soapy breasts. "Cuz it seems like you like me quite a bit, too." Immediately I pulled my eyes away from her chest and looked back up to her face. I wondered for a moment if she had the same deal as Sunny. but she didn't seem to really be enjoying giving me a show. She was just doing it. "I'll tell you what. I will tell you want you want to know if you do something in return," Melissa offered.

"And what would that something be?" I asked. Melissa grinned, and her eyes moved between Reggie and I.

"How about you let Reggie there suck you off." "WHAT?! NO WAY!!" we both cried at the same time. Melissa just grinned maniacally. "Why are you opposed Reggie?" "Please bitch, this man ain't my type," he said smoothly, regaining his composure. "No?" Melissa cooed. "Could have fooled me, because as long as he's been staring at me, you've been staring down at him." I looked over at Reggie, slightly worried.

"I have not been staring!" he cried, indignant. ". I've been glancing. There's a difference." "Oh dude! Come on!" I breathed exasperatedly. "What do you expect! I'm a guy!" he yelled. I rolled my eyes and looked back to Melissa. She still had that maniacal grin as she looked between the two of us. again.

". This was your plan wasn't it?" I said. "Hm?" questioned Melissa as she raised an eyebrow. "You've been trying to give me a fucking erection so you can distract Reggie." "Distract? No. I just wanted to see if getting him to suck you off would be possible way to get some payback for what you said to me the other day. I thought it would be a long-shot, but the hormones of growing boys tend not to disappoint." "Slut!" cried Reggie, disgusted.

"That's it. You've changed a lot Melissa. Maybe a little too much. Tell us who started the rumor or we're not friends anymore." "Okay. I have new friends Reggie," Melissa snapped back. "And you already know what the price of that information is, so if you want it." and she looked to me. "I'd start unzipping." At this point I had almost completely forgotten she was naked, I was so pissed at this bitch.

". So what. you like, used to be nice?" I asked her. Melissa didn't answer, just kept washing herself. Reggie answered for her. "Used to be the nicest girl in the school, and one of my best friends." "Huh," I breathed. "What happened?" Reggie shrugged. "She changed. Guys started really hitting on her in eighth grade, she realized how hot she really was, decided she was too good for a lot of us. Started treating us as sub-par to her new friends in cheerleading.

And even her new friends. Mel has certain expectations of them that tend to be one sided." Reggie looked from me to Mel. "She's kind of a selfish bitch." Melissa turned away from us and continued washing, as if she was trying to ignore Reggie. I bit my lip, considering my next words, and then looked at her bare ass for a second as water and soap suds ran down her back and slipped between her cheeks.

I shook my head and steeled myself. "Selfish bitch, huh?" I wondered aloud. "Maybe that's why her football boyfriend cheated on her." Melissa whirled around, her boobs jiggling with the motion, and the look she gave me could have burned through metal. "He played lacrosse you mother fucking son of a bitch," she spat. Then there was a flash and a click, and I looked to see Reggie holding his phone out towards her.

". What the fuck was that?" asked Melissa. "Well honey. I'm getting tired of wasting time, so here's the deal. You tell us what we want to know, or this picture goes up on social media." Then Reggie turned slightly to me. "I think a lot of people would appreciate that." "Delete that now or every single girl in this school will know you're a creep who snuck into the girl's locker room." "Melissa.

I'm gay. You think I care?" Reggie retorted. ". You wouldn't do this to me," she said, calling his bluff. Reggie sighed. "You're right. I'm too nice. Here Zach," and he handed me the phone, I took it, and on the screen was just a selfie of himself. but Melissa didn't know that. I had to stifle a snicker. "You better not post that," Melissa commanded. "Then you'd better tell us what we want to know," I informed her. "I swear. I will fucking kill you," she growled. "Try," I said with a wink, and I hit the upload button with an exaggerated motion.

I saw fear rise up in Melissa's eyes. Then the phone made the little 'bloop bleep' noise, signaling that the upload was complete.

"You didn't." "I did, but the sooner you agree to talk. the sooner I take it down." I looked down at the phone and feigned surprise. "Oh. wow. Already four 'likes.' You are popular Melissa!" The next thing I knew, Melissa was right in front of me, charging for the phone. I moved the device behind my back, expecting her to grab for it, but instead, she hauled off and punched me right in the face.

"Whoa, shit!" I exclaimed as I staggered backwards. The smell of copper filled my stinging nose; she drew blood. "TAKE IT DOWN NOW!" she shrieked. ". Or there's more where that came from." Slowly I placed Reggie's phone in my back pocket, and moved into a fighting stance. Melissa charged me, swinging her fists with, to my surprise, a fair amount of precision. Of course, my Mui-Thai was kicking in, so I managed to prevent her form striking me again, until she faked me out by twitching her leg like she was going to throw a kick.

My defense dropped to block such a strike, and she plowed her fist into my solar-plexus, almost knocking the wind out of me. Then she leaned forwards with a jerk and head-butted me, crashing her forehead into my nose.

The blow sent sparks through my vision, and I felt my back hit the floor. "Holy shit." Kendra cole in her first ever interracial threesome scene heard Reggie comment. He was right. this girl could fight. Melissa spoke. "Give me the phone, now." I leaned back and kicked myself up onto my feet. "Then start talking," I replied. Melissa scowled and came at me again. I blocked three strikes and then gave her a strike of my own.

I ducked under a punch she threw at my head, and twisted my body, driving my fist into her gut with hot fucking makes sweetheart cum hardcore and blowjob right hook. She stagered back and heaved for a second. ". You actually hit me back." she breathed. I shrugged, and then, for a second, I thought I saw a smile tug at the corners of her mouth, but then she came at me again.

She and I blocked and struck almost equally; she was good. After about twenty seconds, she finally landed a knee strike to my stomach. I doubled over, and then she grabbed the seam of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Then I felt her feeling my back pack pocket for the phone.

I reached my arms around her and grabbed her (by the ass cheeks) and moved forwards until I pushed her into the wall. I heard an 'umph!' come from her, and I backed away and pulled my shirt all the way off. She recovered quickly and came at me. I blocked one strike and then gave her quick jab in the face.

not at full power, but enough to rock her world a bit. She shook her head as she recovered from the blow, and wiped her lip. There was blood on her hand. To my surprise, she just grinned and laughed lightly. Then she charged again.

'How long is going to go on? Jesus.' I wondered. and then immediately got my answer. Melissa faked me out good. real good, and in a move I guessed was from jujitsu, Melissa put me on the ground with my arm twisted and her knee on my neck.

The tile floor of the locker room was cold on my stomach. I tried to move but she only put more pressure on my arm, and it felt like if she pushed much harder, it would break. With a free hand, Melissa reached to my pocket and pulled out Reggie's phone.

She looked at it for a few moments, and then released me. I rolled away as she sat back against one of the rows of lockers. I faced her, and she started laughing. for some reason the sight of this beautiful girl, sitting naked and laughing while blood ran down her chin, was making my blood run hot.

Melissa sighed and tossed the phone over to Reggie. "You assholes," she breathed with a smile. Then she regarded me.

". I've gotten in a few squabbles with guys over the years. you're the first one who's ever hit me back. You've got balls Zach." I stood and held my hand out hawt legal age teenager attractive babe deepthroats her.

She took my hand and I helped her up. She wiped her lip again and regarded the blood on her hand. ". It was Becky. The girl from the lacrosse team. She's the one who started it. and she told us to cover up that it was her." I innocent sweetie is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet slit over to Reggie.

". Well that's not good," he stated. "That's really not good." I agreed as I retrieved and pull don my shirt. ". Why? What's her deal anyways?" asked Melissa. I sighed. "She's my cousin. and her twin brother likes Cindy, but he's a scumbag that just wants to get in her pants. Becky is probably trying to get me out of the picture so Jamie can close the deal." "Wow." breathed Melissa. "She's even more of a cunt that I am. and. I'm sorry for spreading the rumor and making fun of Cindy.

I just get caught up in it." "Maybe the old you isn't entirely dead, Mel," grinned Reggie. "We should start hanging out more again." "Maybe we should," Melissa sighed.

Then she looked to me. ". Thank you," I said. ". and I'm sorry about the comment about your ex. honestly I didn't even know that he. you know. I was just trying to be a dick.

Not an asshole." "It's okay. Now get the fuck out of here. I need to shower again," Melissa said and she motioned for us to leave. "Uh. yeah. No problem," I agreed. I looked over my shoulder one last time as we left, and caught sight of Melissa strutting towards the showers. Her ass was really something.