Sexxxx new 2019 story xxx

Sexxxx new 2019 story xxx
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PLAYTIME CHAP. X - NEW THINGS On Thursday, they sat at the kitchen table and ate a simple meal of pan-fried pork chops with mild salsa. Green beans with melted pepperjack and a sprinkling of fried onions and seasoned pepper.

Mashed potatoes with a hint of garlic, and Cajun seasoning. John and Mary had rediscovered the joy of shared dinner, now every Thursday, a Date Night.

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Each had favorites, and their own specialties. John prepared tonight. They dressed for supper -- sometimes casual, sometimes outrageous teasing. Once, they even ate supper on the living room floor, naked -- it had been Mary's night to cook.

They turned it into a sharing-meal that involved greasy fried chicken, carrot spears, celery and chocolate pudding. Slippery fingers and spears of vegetable and pudding had ended up in several places before they made their way into stomachs. A new dip was invented and a good time was had by all. "Delicious, hon," she told him. "I love this meal thing." "Me, too. And I like that outfit you've got on." She had been horny all day, thinking about the upcoming weekend they both had free, and what they might do, now that they both had Toys who were sexually adventurous.

An erotic dream roamed in her mind. For this meal, she decided on "deliberate cock-teasing mode" and dressed accordingly. Her filmiest white blouse, a virtual see-through she could never wear to work, and underneath, an ebony bra with holes for her nipples.

She'd bought it online with PayPal to surprise John. The shirt was untucked over tight bluejeans, a look she knew John fancied. I know he's just about creaming his jeans watching my tits, she thought, lifting a carrot to her lips and biting it off viciously as she shared eyes with him. Her husband cut off a bite of pork chop, dipped the salsa on, chewed slowly as he deliberately stared at her nipples. He knew she enjoyed showing herself off, and he didn't mind at all. She had been so reserved and "straight" during most of their married life, except in bed at night when she always wanted more than he did.

But now overt sex was a new toy after all these years. It wasn't like it used to be with her. Sex is fun again, not a duty. It's during the day, too, and it's language dirty language and we actually TALK about it! You could play around with sex, and they even had "toys" to play with.

What toys! Used words they would have been embarrassed about before. Shared new confidences. Goaded and teased each other. Talked dirty to turn each other on. "You like looking at my clothes, don't you?" she teased. "Not so much the clothes&hellip.yeah, I like the clothes, too," he grinned. "John, I know I pushed you a little much last week with James…how do you feel about it?" "Well, hon, you sure surprised me. But like you said, when you're in the heat of the moment and hot to trot, I guess you're right close your eyes and then skin is just skin." "I really adriana squirts all over megan while lesbian scissoring pornkatecom it when you put your tongue in my pussy with James fucking me." "Yeah, that was wild alright.

I never would have done that in a million years before we started all this. Jesus, it felt like he was fucking my tongue!" "But I LOVED it! Feeling it, and watching upskirtscock ninja studios brother blackmails sister full movies.

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And I so wanted to come when you went down on him, I was so proud of you." "I guess I shocked myself, sucking another man's dick. Made him shoot off in my mouth. Geez." "And you got a great blowjob from him and me, together!" "Ha, yeah, just for you, babe.

Just for you." "I've been thinking on what we could do this weekend," she offered. "I'm game." John recalled they'd both had their "first time" with a toy, and they'd both had their first "threesome". He was astonished at what they'd done, separately and together. Their sex lives were much richer now, and he thought his testosterone level had shot up probably a thousand percent. When it's a game, he thought, it's a lot more fun.

"Remember 'Show & Tell' in grade school?" she asked. "Sure. Everybody did that. It was fun, bringing your favorite things to school and telling about them." "Well," said Mary, "maybe that could be our next thing.

Show and Tell with Kelly and John!" His eyes went wide and he stopped chewing. "Both of them? Together with us?" She had managed to shock him again. "Yeah, and each one erotic vagina banging session hardcore and blowjob us would have to share something new, and it has to be related to our sex life.

Maybe even some deep dark secret. Maybe something we wouldn't tell anybody else. Or something we're proud of. You know, a Show and Tell. First a "Show", then a "Tell".

Or maybe a "Tell", then a "Show". I don't know. What do you think?" Mary was feeling sexy, dressed in this outfit, and conversation like this always thrilled her, maybe her tingle down below her stomach, like a hidden secret that you finally share with your best friend.

Actually talking about sex topics excited her it didn't used to be okay and using "dirty words" always seemed to make her moist "down there". She wiped her fingers on her napkin, rubbed them over her nipples to make them stand up. John watched her. "You are such a whore," he said. "Thank you, darling.

And you are such an exciting cocksucker, I really hope I can watch you do that again to my Toy. I know you didn't really want to do that, only because I wanted you to so bad…but god, I got SO turned on when you did it, I wanted to fuck your brains out! I won't say you have to do that again…but if you ever do, I will be so fucking thrilled.

And you can do anything you want to me." This was like foreplay, they both knew. He leaned over the table to kiss her, and grazed his hand along her breast. "Try it this way," she said, dipping her finger in the chocolate pudding and painting it on her lips.

"Can't resist that," he said, remembering when she and Kelly had spread warmed chocolate over his nipples and cock, and shared him. "Turnabout is fair play." "I don't think I actually told you yet," he replied, "but I also loved watching you and Kelly get it on.

I think guys must be hard-wired to watch two women have sex. Maybe we can make a deal you do it some more with her, and I'll try to accommodate the Queen's busty boxing chick roxii blair gets fucked about her Toy and me. I guess I'll admit it was…interesting." A moment or two later, eating once again, John reflected, "You know, James doesn't know about Kelly, what we've been doing with her." "Do you think that makes any difference?

She knows we've had him over for something like with her. I don't think she'll mind. And James, geez honey, he got so into sucking you off after we blew him. Both of 'em aren't bad looking, and I don't think either of them would back off if we wanted them to join us. And you should have been in my dream last night!" "Oh, you didn't tell me about this!" "I'll tell you another time, okay?" "Oh, okay," he mock-pouted.

"Yeah, I could see Kelly going for this, she's a wild woman and I know she deliberately teased the hell out of you, too, in the bedroom. And I can't see any man not wanting to get in her pants.

She's a sexy bitch." Mary smiled in memory. "Her pussy tastes good, too." "Like butterscotch," said her husband. They both laughed.

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She said, "Boy, aren't we something now? Just a month ago, I would NEVER have said anything like that!" "Sounds exciting to me, if it's good with you," he said.

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"No way am I going to refuse getting your Toy and my Toy together with us." "I'll text-message them, see if they're "available" Saturday night," she said. As it happened, they were.