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Busty babe isabella lui asshole screwed by hard man meat pornstars hardcore
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Cathy woke up with her head pounding, a pain behind her eyes and feeling hot and sweaty. She pulled off her t-shirt, reached for the cup of water by her bed - damn, it was empty - then snuggled back under her duvet in just her panties.

It was still dark with just the first grey glimmer of dawn. It hadn't even been a particularly good night out. Mary had texted her to say the staff at Excelsior Discount Store were going for a Christmas meal at a restaurant in town and did Cathy want to meet up for drinks afterwards. Stupid idea really, but Cathy was bored and hoped some of her ex-colleagues would feel sorry for her and buy her a drink or two. After all they all knew she had been dismissed unfairly.

She lost count of how many drinks she had had. Emma Wilson has been really horrid to her, telling everyone she really had been taking money from the till for years and got away with it by sleeping with the previous boss - which was all lies!

The resulting argument resulted in Cathy getting red wine poured down the front of her favourite white top and in them being ejected from Flares Nightclub.

She vaguely remembered a particularly repulsive very drunk slobbery middle aged man curvaceous hottie pleasures a monster black dick brunette big tits a pinstripe suit who kept pestering her and wrapping his arm round her thin waist.

The memory of him made her feel sick! Her mouth was so dry, her headache was getting worse, she really did need a drink of water and an aspirin. She got out of bed and headed for the bathroom of her small flat. The front door was wide open. Shit, she must have been drunk when she got home. She went to close it. Christ! it was lucky no-one was on the landing outside, she'd momentarily forgotten she was practically naked.

She went into the bathroom and filled the glass with water. Now she couldn't find the aspirin! She drank the water anyway. Why could she hear the kettle boiling in the kitchen? She couldn't remember even going into the kitchen! She unsteadily made her way there to switch it off, she could do with a coffee .

The sight of a tall young man stood at the worktop spooning coffee into two mugs made her freeze with shock! She didn't remember coming home with anyone.

She didn't recognize him. Yet he looked quite bent over quickie with my husband before work home and relaxed as he turned to stare at her. She looked at him. She supposed he was the sort of man she MIGHT have been attracted to if she was really drunk, but he was not particularly handsome and a bit overweight for her taste.

Then with horror she realised why he was smiling as he looked her up and down - she was naked apart from a pair of tiny panties! She quickly crossed her arms across her chest and dashed back into her bedroom to pull on her t-shirt. Her head was still throbbing, she felt slightly sick and very confused.

She returned to the kitchen. Who was this strange man in her flat? 'I'm sorry .' why was she apologising? 'Who are you?' 'Coffee?' he casually replied. 'How did you get in? How long have you been here?' Cathy stammered. She wished her head was clearer and that she didn't still feel slightly sick.

'The door was wide open' he replied irresistable succubus lures you in with a blowjob and handjob. 'I saw you asleep and thought a mug of coffee would help wake you up.' 'Get out!' Cathy tried to sound calm but her voice was shaky.

'This is my home, will you please just go.' Without replying the man just turned and poured hot water into the mugs then opened the fridge. 'Get out!' she was almost screaming now. As she watched him calmly pouring milk into the steaming mugs of coffee she felt sick with fear at his irrational behaviour.

He stepped right up to her and she averted her eyes from his stare as he handed her the mug. Her hands shook and she stepped back instinctively. She tripped, spilling almost scalding hot brown coffee down the front of her already sweat mistress alexandra snow strap on t-shirt.

The man looked furious for a moment, and she thought he was going to strike her, but then he smiled pleasantly and said 'You'try a bit smelly, that shirt is disgusting!' He then grabbed her slender right arm and hustled her into the bathroom.

'No!' Cathy screamed, now terrified at the turn of events. He slapped her hard across the face 'Don't be stupid, you stink of sweat and stale beer.' Then still tightly gripping her arm with one hand he reached into the shower and turned on the water with the other.

'Get undressed' he said, letting go of her. Shocked, she didn't know how to reply. 'No! The heat's not turned on .' she stuttered. 'Take those filthy clothes off!' He commanded. Cathy just stood still, shaking and trying not to throw up. Stood blocking the doorway he removed his sweatshirt and stripped to the waist.

'No!' she protested.

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He roughly grabbed her both arms, turned her away from him and pushed her forward under the cold water. Cathy screamed. He span her round to face him, as she screamed again he punched her hard on the face. The blood from her nose gushed down, with the water from the shower, to stain the front of her clinging t-shirt a pink-red colour. 'Shut up!' he snarled viciously, drawing his fist back ready for another punch. She held back from screaming again as he stepped back and switched on the electric shower heat.

She buried her face in her hands, wincing in further pain as her fingers accidentally touched her crushed nose. Her assailant swiftly removed his shoes and socks then dropped his trousers and pants and stepped out of them.

Cathy dropped her hands from her face and looked up just in time to see him, stark naked, stepping into the now warm shower with her. He grasped her torso with his large hands pulling her body tight against his chest. He then span her round and fondled her pert breasts through the sodden cotton of her shirt. Then his right hand moved down to caress her flat, slightly hollow belly, moving his hand down briefly daleste cam milf arabic sexy muslim gostosa webcam her crotch then sliding it back up beneath the soaked fabric to feel her belly button, pulling her back against him so she could feel his stiff erect prick against the small of her back.

Cathy started crying, trying not to throw up. Suddenly he moved both hands up to the neck of her soaked bloody shirt at the frontgripped it tight then tore it wide open. He stepped back slightly so he could slide the sodden material down her arms to drop into the water filling the shower base.

He then span her round to face him. She instinctively crossed her arms to cover her chest, but he moved his hands down and slid them under the top of her panties. 'Stop!' She screamed. He slapped her hard across her face so that more blood from her nose splashed onto the white tiles.

Her knees buckled so she started to sink to the floor. He reached up and grabbed her dyed blonde hair in his left hand, and pulled her, my sweet little heartbreaker scene critical x in terror, back onto her feet. He drew back his right hand, clenched his fist tightly, and swung a punch into the centre of her quivering hollow belly. Cathy wasn't prepared for the punch. His fist sank deep into her tummy, An agonizing pain shot up into her chest, her bladder released involuntarily and she vomited down the front of her body.

Her assailant stepped back in disgust. He watched as the bits of sick slowly slid down the front of her body, washed down by the shower. He reached down, grasped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down below her knees. Defeated, Cathy slid slowly down with her back against the wet tiles - spreading her knees as she sat in the running water, hoping he wouldn't hit her again if she was nice to him.

The water washed her hair down across her face. She felt her panties being slid free of her ankles.

She lifted her feet out of the shower tray so her bottom could slide forward on the tiles allowing her to lie on her back with the water streaming over her face and chest.

She prayed he wouldn't hit her again as she spread her legs as wide as she could. 'Good girl!' he exclaimed in surprise. He ran his hands up the inside of her thighs, then his fingers tenderly explored between her labia for a few seconds before he ran his hands back down her legs to her ankles.

Cathy closed her eyes tight and tried to let her body go limp, wishing him to get it all over with. Without warning he grasped both ankles and dragged her out of the shower on her back. The back of her head was bashed against the hard tiled edge of the shower cubicle base as he dragged her across to the sitting room.

Stunned for several seconds she came to feeling two of his fingers massaging gently deep inside her vagina. She kept her eyes closed wishing she had stayed unconscious. The fingers of his other hand lightly explored her tummy then her breasts. Her nipples hardened and she realised she was becoming moist down below.

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She knew she ought to be ashamed, on the other hand perhaps it would make the seemingly inevitable rape less painful. By the time he withdrew his fingers and eased his stiffly erect cock in she was becoming unable to keep her responses to his touch under control.

Anyway, she excused herself, she must do nothing to antagonize him if she was to avoid further beatings. As he thrust deep into her she arched her body against his, telling herself she was trying to push him off with her hips but, in shy woman let me work with her delicious ass, just forcing his cock even deeper inside her.

She didn't think about the fact that she came to an orgasm just at the moment his throbbing penis ejaculated deep into her.

She just hoped that he had finished now and would leave. He stood and disappeared back into the bathroom where he had left his clothes. Cathy lay still sprawled on her back, arms and legs spread. She felt strangely content, due no doubt to the hope he would soon leave. She heard him having a shower. Please, just go, she thought. She heard him getting dressed. But he didn't go to the door, he came back and knelt next to her.

She kept her eyes shut. He wiped her face with a damp flannel. She winced when he accidentally touched her broken nose. 'Sorry' I didn't mean to hurt you, but you do look a bit of a mess.' She felt like asking whose fault that was, but kept silent. He put his hands beneath her arms and pulled her up into a sitting position against the wall.

She silently prayed that now he would leave. 'You can't go out in that state' he said gently. 'I think you're going to get a couple of black eyes as well as a swollen nose.' 'I'll be OK' she whispered cautiously. 'No!' he replied ferociously, and she feared he might hit her again. He stood up and disappeared into her bedroom. She heard him searching her room, opening drawers and cupboards. He wouldn't find much, she was almost destitute anyway - but no doubt the bastard would even steal next week's rent!

She watched him pass though to the kitchen. He was even searching in there. He went back through to the bedroom carrying a handful of black bin bags. Please just do whatever you've got to do, then just GO, she thought.

He spent several minutes busy in her bedroom before emerging with two half full bin bags. She gazed uncomprehendingly as he put them down by the door then went to the bathroom.

He re-emerged carrying her soiled and soaked t-shirt and knickers and dropped them into the top of one of the bags. 'My clothes!' Cathy screamed, realising with horror what was in the bags, but she froze as he turned towards her with clenched fists. 'Just to make sure you don't decide to go wandering off until you're better' he explained kindly. 'I'll keep them safe for you.' 'I've got your front door key here, so no need to leave the door open for me' he said as he finally left 'I'll be back at tea time my love.' Cathy finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Than God he was obviously half mad, expecting that just a lack of clothes would prevent her from running screaming out into the street for help after being raped and half killed!

But she needed to wait to make sure he was well clear first. And her head hurt. And she still felt a bit sick. She would wait ten minutes. Cathy was multiple creampies in gaped fuck holes for wicked tramp spreading and bursting sat huddled naked and shivering in a corner of her bedroom, waiting for him, when he returned nine hours later.