Solegravene veut se faire enculer sous un pont comme elle en a lhabitude

Solegravene veut se faire enculer sous un pont comme elle en a lhabitude
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It all started one rainy September night. I had just gotten off work, and was happy to be able to leave finally and go see my girlfriend. I checked my phone, and I had 3 unread texts from my girlfriend, Sophie.

"Hey Jason, turns out I've got work tonight too, but I should be home right after you." "Sorry, works been slammed, won't make it home until after midnight. Love you" "So my sister is in the hospital, she was in a minor car accident. I've now got to drive back to my parents for the night, would you go by my place and let the dog out?

Thanks babe, I'll get up with you tomorrow" So my plans for the night were ruined. All I wanted now was a cold beer and a hot shower, then bed. I figured I could just stay at Sophie's anyway, since I had to let her dog out. I open the door to Sophie's apartment and am welcomed by the sight of such a clean place. Having roommates who are slobs makes any cleaning attempt at my place worthless, so I've come to live with a messy house.

But here it's nice and clean, due mostly to Sophie's roommate, Lauren's, cleaning abilities. She's just on the borderline of being a clean freak, but not too bad. I walk over to the fridge, crack open a beer, and see that someone has already had plenty of drinks tonight, as there were only 2 left.

I look to the trash and see an assortment of empty bottles, and wonder what's going on. Sophie hasn't been home to drink, and Lauren has not been much of a drinker since she started dating her boyfriend. I look over at the door to Lauren's room and see a light from under the door.

She's still awake, which is also unlike her, as it is easily after midnight. I brush it off for the moment, I really don't feel like getting into any drama after my night at work. I go over to Sophie's room and get out Zeus, her dog, and take him out. He's happy to see me and takes his claire fuck big cock the best new video game doing his business. We finally make it back inside and I decide it's time for that shower. I go into the bathroom and can hear a faint noise coming from Lauren's room, which is attached to the other door of the bathroom.

It sounds like she's crying and listening to some sappy music. Maybe her and her boyfriend broke up? That would certainly explain the drinking. I get the water going nice and hot and get in, enjoying the relaxing feeling of the water. I hear the music coming from Lauren's room get louder for a few seconds, then the sound of a door closing.

"Lauren?" I ask.

"Jason? I thought you were Sophie, I'm sorry. I really have to pee though." "It's ok, no big deal. Is everything ok?" "Not really, I've had a rough week. I got fired from work because a coworker was stealing from the register and blamed it on me, got a flat tire yesterday, and today Aaron sent me a text saying it was over, little boy force sex women he dropped off all of my stuff back at my apartment.

I'm kind of a wreck. I was hoping Sophie would be here to talk." "I'm so sorry. Sophie had to go back to her parents house, her little sister got in a car wreck. I'm here if you need someone to talk to though, I know how rough it can be to deal with everything alone." "Jason, can I ask you something?" "Sure, anything." "Do you think I'm pretty?" Let me take a minute and describe Lauren.

She's about the same height as my girlfriend, 5 ft 4. Naturally beautiful blonde hair, which she totally rocks. She's not quite as skinny as Sophie, but has curves in all of the right places, and she acts like she knows it too.

At least, that's always how it's seemed to me.

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Confidence in her body, which is truly sexy. I'd be lying if I said I never thought about how hot she was. Easily D cup boobs, and an amazing ass as well, something that Sophie lacked. Lauren also just had a certain air about her that could turn you on super easy. Sophie was a beautiful girl, don't get me wrong. Skinny, but still had some nice boobs.

She was just shy, with her brown hair and sweet attitude, it was a different sort of attraction I had with her. Sophie was beautiful, with her sexy moments for sure, but didn't have all of the confidence of her best friend Lauren. Just thinking about her started getting me a little turned on, especially with her a few feet away from me while I am naked in the shower.

"Of course Lauren, you're gorgeous. Why would you ever think different?" "Well I'm pretty sure Aaron has been cheating on me with some slut he works with. It just makes me wonder if he didn't think I was pretty enough for him." I heard her voice start to crack and I could mia khalifa xtra 15 2019 her choking back tears.

"Lauren, don't you ever think that.

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Aaron is just a douche, don't let him bother you like that. You deserve someone so much better." "Thanks Jason. I wish I could find someone like you. Sophie's got it so lucky. You're nice, cute, and she tells me your dick is huge. Lately Aaron hasn't even been interested in sex, probably because he was getting it from that skank Paige. I've been so horny too, it's a shame." "Uhh, sorry…" I really had no idea how to respond to that. Was my girlfriend's best friend hitting on me? "You know Jason, I can hear you and Sophie doing it sometimes.

The way you make her moan, oh gosh. Sometimes I'll even come in here and masturbate listening to you guys in the next room." "Lauren, I don't think--" "Jason, hush. I'm coming in, please fuck me like you do Sophie." "Lauren!" It was too late, she was already pushing the shower curtain to the side. Listening to her, I had become completely aroused, and my dick was as hard as a rock. "Damn Jason, Sophie wasn't lying about your dick. That's going to feel so good inside of me." "Lauren, we really shouldn't.

I'm dating your best friend." "Don't worry, she can join in on the fun next time. You know, we've talked about having a threesome, but she hasn't built up the courage to ask you yet." "Wait, seriously?" "Yeah, but that will have to wait. I need you now." Lauren said, as she reached forward and sternly grabbed my dick with both hands. She started working her hands up and down slowly, and I knew there was no turning back.

This was like a fantasy coming true for me. I didn't know where to look as she kept stroking my dick.

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Her face was so hot as she bit her lip, begging me to fuck her in the shower. Her boobs looked even better than I imagined. Definitely D's, and they were so perky.

Her nipples were about the size of a quarter, and were obviously hard. My eyes drifted down to her pussy. Nice and clean shaven, her pussy was glorious. I could tell she had been playing with herself a little before she got in, the lips were swollen and pink.

Oh, how I was ready to fuck that tight looking pussy.

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"Like what you see?" Lauren asked. "Most definitely." "I would have to agree with that." she said, as she inspected my body.

I was of a pretty normal build, but tall. I'm about 6 ft 2, and weigh 180. I'm in shape, but don't have ridiculous abs or anything. However, I would say I was pretty gifted in the downstairs department.

Lauren had gotten tired of just playing with my dick, so she moved in closer and pulled my head down to hers. Our lips slowly drifted together and paused about an inch away from each other. It had been a long time since I had kissed anyone other that Sophie.

For some reason something held me back for a moment as I thought about the situation. Once I kissed her I knew there was no going back. And if what Lauren had said was true, my life was about to get a whole lot more interesting with both of these beautiful women in my life. Finally, I closed the last inch and our lips met.

Something sparked inside of busty asian gets fucked hard by her boyfriend, and I held nothing back. I kissed her like my life depended on it, while my hands began to explore her body. I reached behind her and got a handful of her ass. It was so much more satisfying than I anticipated, as it was much larger than it looked, and definitely bigger than Sophie's. I pulled her close and lifted her leg up to wrap around me.

I felt my dick pressing up against her pussy and slowly started grinding back and forth. My hands then moved up to her chest, where I finally got a handful of her enormous boobs. They felt different than Sophie's, more firm and perky, and slightly larger. As I groped her boobs, I began to kiss down her neck, all the while letting my dick slide on the outside of her pussy.

I turned her and pushed her up against the shower wall, and made my way down to her boobs. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked gently.

She groaned in pleasure. I lightly bit her nipple and pulled it away, then moved my attention to her other one, while pinching the other between my fingers. I made my way back up to her neck, kissing along the way. This felt so right, even though it was with another girl.

Lauren then turned us, pushing me up against the wall, and dropped down to her knees. She began stroking my dick again, while looking up at me with a mischievous grin.

I was almost ready to come right then. She opened her mouth slowly and licked my dick from the bottom to the head. She lightly kissed the head, just trying to tease me. I leaned my head back against the shower wall, just waiting for the satisfaction that a good blowjob can bring. Again, Lauren licked my dick up and down, and started playing with my head with her tongue.

She slowly put the head into her mouth, and went deeper until I felt the back of her throat. She took almost all of it in her mouth, which was pretty impressive. I looked down to the hottest sight of her looking back up at me with her mouth stretched around my dick. She slowly began bobbing back and forth, my dick feeling the immense pleasure of her mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head to give her some motivation, and she took it.

She began going quicker, taking my dick deeper with each pass. My goodness she knew how to give a good blowjob. Before I could cum, I pulled her back up to face me.

I was ready to fuck her brains out. Lauren gladly came up and we kissed again. Our tongues explored each other's mouths as I pushed her up against the shower wall. She reached down to line my dick up with her pussy, and I slowly thrusted forward. With just the head in, her eyes rolled back a bit and she let out a huge groan. I could tell it had been a while since she had sex, her pussy was so tight. I slowly pushed further until my dick was buried inside of her. "Oh yeah, toilet poti girl xxx story dick is so big.

I almost thought it wasn't going to fit." Lauren said. "Oh don't worry, I would have made it fit." I slowly pulled my dick back out and went for a second thrust, keeping it slow. "Oh Jason, fuck me hard pleaseeeee." I began to pick up speed, thrusting harder each time. Lauren began to moan louder than I had ever heard anyone moan before, but I didn't care. Being inside her felt so good, and so right. I was slamming her so hard her head kept hitting the shower wall, but she seemed oblivious to anything but my dick.

She started clawing my back and I could tell she was getting close to having an orgasm. "Keep going, oh fuck yeah Jason.

Ah, ah, oh ahhhh!" I gave everything I had left and pounded her until she finally came. I could feel her pussy contract around my dick, as she gasped and finally released my back from her death grip. "I haven't been fucked that good in my whole life Jason.

There's no way I'm not going to make a three way happen now. I need that dick again." Lauren said "That's fine by me, but were not done for tonight." I said.

"Turn around and bend over." "Oh fuck yeah." Lauren said I got a good view of her ass as she turned around, and it was a sight to see. I slapped it hard, and pushed her forward so her hands were up against the wall of the shower. I lined my dick up and three babes receive a hard anal slamming her tight pussy again.

This time, I held nothing back, as I fucked her as hard as I could. Lauren was moaning and screaming, I was lost in the moment, fulfilling a fantasy I had had for too long. It was even better than I could have imagined. With her up against the wall, I grabbed her hips and really dug in. She was begging me to keep fucking her, and I knew I was getting close.

I reached up and grabbed her boobs with my left hand, and smacked her ass with my right.

God, she was amazing. I kept thrusting harder and harder. "Cum in me Jason, I want to feel you fill me up." As soon as she said that I exploded. I didn't know I had that much cum in me. I finally pulled out and watched the cum drip out of her swollen pussy.

This was definitely something I could get used to.