Gorgeous eighteen year old zaya cassidy first monster cock experience

Gorgeous eighteen year old zaya cassidy first monster cock experience
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There was a knock at the door, Jen ran to it quickly, knowing exactly who it was going to be. She opened the door, and there stood Mike. With his tall and hugely muscular body her smile spread across her face.

Mike stood there, taking in her figure. At 5 ft 2 with a gorgeous slim, toned body, her long brown hair and flickering green eyes. she was exactly what he wanted.

"Come in" Jen said, letting him pass her. His hand brushed her hip and she quivered slightly. He sat down on the sofa whilst Jen put the DVD on.

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She was bent over the TV and her perfect peachy ass was poking up right, just perfect enough that he wanted to kneel behind her and fuck her senseless there and then. Her shorts were slipping and he could see her little black g-string that her ass was swallowing up. "Mmm" he groaned. Jen turned around, he hadnt expect the noise to actually come out. Her eyes we'rent fixed on his face though. They were fixed on his throbbing cock that was buldging through his tight pants.

She slowly started to crawl towards him, on her hands and knees. She licked her lips and he knew exactly what he was going to get. As she got towards him, her hands snaked up his pants and un-did his zipper. Mike lifted his hips so she could slide his pants down. She slowly rubbed his cock through his boxers, he was rock hard. Jen looked up at him. "You want my lips around that huge throbbing cock of yours baby?" She purred. "You know full well i want to feel your little mouth around my huge dick" Mike replied.

With that, she took his caught by cop xxx suspect becomes highly cooperative during resolution discussions with out of his boxers and slipped them over his legs and onto the floor. She stroked his cock and licked up his thigh, getting closer and closer.

When she finally reached his big manhood, she started to lick his balls. Taking each one in her mouth and sucking them gently. Mike put his head back and moaned quietly to himself. She carried on, until they were dripping with her saliva, she then moved her lips to his huge erect cock. She slowly moved her tongue up his shaft. When she reach the top, she opened her mouth and let his big dick sink to the back of her throat.

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She bobbed her head up and down, soaking his dick. She used her hands and the base of his cock and worked them both in motion. Mike grabbed her head fiercly and pulled it down hard, he could feel her throat around his cock and it felt so good. He pulled Jen's head up and she let go of his cock, he pulled her hard towards him and kissed her passionatly. His tongue found hers and she groaned into his mouth as they kissed harder. His hands found her hips and guided them over her cock.

He could feel a growing wet patch in her panties as she grinded on his aching cock. He pushed her hips down and she let out a moan. "I need your cock baby. I need you to fuck me so hard." But Mike had other ideas. He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. He threw her on her bed and told her to take her top off.

Jen did as she was told and took of her top, revealing her big DD tits that bounced in her black lace bra. "Bra too" Mike added as he searched for something in her room. With that, she took her bra off and her big tits brat blonde teen whipped in prison cell free, her perfect nipples sticking out, waiting for some attention.

Mike had found what he was looking for. Jen's collection of toys. Her face lit up as Mike put the box on her bed. She layed back and opened her legs wide, exposing her wet little g-string. Mike could see her swollen pussy lips pushing out from her panties.

He dug around in the box and found her pink vibrator. He turned it on to its slow setting and traced down her tummy with it. When he reached her panties, he glided it over them, teasing Jen. "Mmm fuck baby, you know i want it in me. Fill my pussy with it." Mike smiled and pressed it harder against Jens clit.

He looked at her face, her eyes were close and she had a look of delight and pleasure on her face. He slipped off her soaking wet g-string and admired her tight little pussy. He turned the vibrator up to a higher speed and with out and any warning, sunk it into Jens hole. "Ahhhhhhhh Mike" she squirmed, he rammed the vibrator in harder and she bucked her hips. He held it there, deep in her dripping pussy. Slowly he eased it in and out. He would take it out slowly, so the tip was just touching her hole, and then plunge it back in, making Jen cry out.

He took the virbator out and replaced it with his fingers. He soon found he had four fingers deep inside her. "You know what Jen?" Mike Said "I'm gonna fist your little pussy" and before Jen could answer, his hand was sinking into her hole.

"Ughhh MIKE!!" she moaned, opening her legs as wide as she could. Mike moved his hand inside her, spreading his fingers and Jen rubbed her little clit furiously. Mike slowly removed his hand and let Jen taste her juices. Mike's cock was aching at the sight of her naked body squirming on the bed.

He picked tamed teens shy teen girl gets dominated in rough sex video deepthroat swallow up and bent her over, taking in her beautful ass. he noticed her little asshole and he headed for the box again. This time he picked up her anal beads. "What you doing Mike?" Jen asked, but Mike didnt answer. He was to busy searching for lube. He flicked the lid open and let it slide down her ass crack. He bent down and flicked the hole with his tongue.

"Mmm yeah, you know how much i love that" Jen cooed. Mike slowlyn picked up the beads and pushed one into her ass.

They went in with a pop and Jen flicked her hips in pleasure. Skinny dude bangs redhead milf in bedroom kept going pushing all the beads in. Now it was his turn to satisfy his neads. With her asshole full of beads, he slid his hard cock into her pussy. Jen instantly slammed her hips back so his cock sunk deeply into her. He grabbed them and fucked her hard, his hips slamming against her legs.

He spanked her ass hard, leaving red marks of his hand prints. He even spanked her clit, making her squeel with pleasure. "FUUUCK MIKE" she screamed, her arms gave way and Mike pushed her head into the pillow. His eyes were fixed on his cock pounding into her pussy. "MIIIIKE IM GOING TO CUM!" she groaned.

Mike could feel his balls churning too. With that, he ripped the beads out of her ass and she screamed, bucking her hips and he felt her pussy walls close around his cock as they both cummed together. They fell in a heap on her bed, Jen's breath was short and Mike watched her tits rise and fall as she finally caught her breath.

She flicked her eyes up to him and gave him a smile.