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Shaved and amateur kiley jay sells cookie to jmac and gets fucked pornstars teen
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Aid in Africa Part 3 : Mandy and the Finale "woof!" Mandy wasn't sure she heard it correctly. Through eyes half closed in sleep. She looked at the number. Trish! "Woof!" Baffled, she listened more carefully, but was only greeted by another woof.

A dog ? Her mind conjured up an image of Trish as a bitch on a leash, and she couldn't help laughing. Probably though, Trish was using one of Mgwabe's dogs (see Part two) to pull a prank on her. Her doubts were confirmed when she heard Trish's voice on the line. "Hi, you awake sleepyhead ? Guess whatwhile you took care of that sissy Emily, I've been having a gala time with Mgwabe and his niece Shaena.

Actually I called to invite you over on Mgwabe's behalf to spend the day here. We only have a few days after all. Plus you'll get to check out the big dogs he has, one of whom greeted you when I called." Mandy was pissed at her comments.

Not only had she not found any trace of Emily (see part one) and had to be content with Abdul's claim that she had gone over to one of the local pubs and had not been heard of since (though the whole story seemed rather hollow to her, especially as it had been two nights now), she had not been able to figure out how they were going to leave either.

The original tickets had been cancelled, a fact neither Emily nor Trish seemed to care about, and she as the responsible one had to fix it. So she'd called up the embassy and the major flight carriers hoping for something, but had gotten only vague promises. And here was Trish enjoying life like it was a safari. Still, the fact that Trish had consented to invite her on Mgwabe, the rich social activist's behalf meant they were on good terms and she wanted to build bridges after the tantrum she threw last night.

Mandy liked to think it was her common sense which had somehow seeped into that thick skull of her friend, but she had no way to verify that unless she headed over. And what choice did she have ? On one hand her primary purpose of being here was to meet and help Mgwabe, on the other he seemed to be the only hope of their getting out of the country in time for the end semester exams back at home.

Frustrated yet hopeful, she dressed and waited for Abdul to turn up, as he'd promised to take her to Mgwabe's. However, while Mandy waited thinking Abdul may be late, Abdul, the tall muscular African was frantically busy. Things were finally falling into place, but a lot of loose ends had to be fixed. He'd transported the enslaved Emily in his car the night before, the girl so docile by now as not to complain even when her toe got stuck in the car door. That done, he'd received the news of Trish's fall and the simultaneous fall of Shaela from grace.

(See part one and two) He'd have plenty of time to check her out, but as of now the last of the three, the self righteous and ever alert Mandy had to be dealt with. It was not without reason that she'd been left for the last contrary to his own observation, Mgwabe had argued that Mandy would be harder than Trish, and had directed Abdul to work accordingly.

Abdul was now talking to the embassy representative assuring him that he and Mgwabe had nothing to do with the disappearance jayden jaymes solo show solo big-ass brunette pornstar high-heels tube porn the two girls. He knew that come what may, the embassy could do nothing to save them, but it helped to avoid bad press. Plus, if Mgwabe was to take them with him (as he planned to do) on a return visit to the NGO in the west, Abdul would have to make sure the issue died down quickly.

States would not take kindly to suspected kidnappers visiting their soil. It was another fifteen minutes before the man hung up, and Abdul was free to pursue his primary objective. Dressing in his impeccable best, he cleared out his room (along with any leftover belongings of Emily), and headed to Mandy's room. Mandy answered the second knock and he saw that she was visibly worried.

This was not a good sign, but he'd have to make do with it. He knew the other girls would never have accepted Mandy's disappearance, while Mandy herself would have to accept it given their rather wayward natures.

Hence Mandy had to be captured last, when she'd already seen her two friends either missing or not hot amateur slut kitana lure ir anal dp dap european creampie her : it couldn't be helped.

Hence Abdul spent the next half hour trying to explain to Mandy how corrupt and lecherous the local police were, and how she'd get no help finding Emily unless she sought Mgwabe's, he was an influential man and could trace the girl. But was she sure Emily hadn't simply headed off to enjoy herself with someone? She looked rather impressionanble. Mandy could not rule that out, but her gut feeling told her that was not the case. Still, Abdul succeeded in persuading her that Mgwabe was the best bet in this corrupt country, and so she finally headed off with him to his sedan, her mind confused and frustrated by the march of events ever since the three had had to take the plane alone to this strange country.

Trish reclined by the poolside smoking as she soaked in the sun while the cool breeze from the palm trees whispered in her hair. A lot had changed since she'd been chained to the post in Mgwabe's courtyard, whipped by his niece and feeling the horror of her impending slavery slowly sinking in.

But she'd played her cards well, and Mgwabe had recognized her worth. Given Shaela's poor performance, she had been given overall control of the women (not fully yet but she was sure she would succeed in due time) of the house, which included Shaela, and this power made her wish to stay back here and enjoy her life among the slaves (though had she not deluded herself, she'd have known she had no options). She now looked down at the pool, where a few of Mgwabe's favorites were beating the heat with a game of water polo.

She smiled, knowing they were as much at her beck and call as she was at Mgwabe's. However, the man was in a meeting with the Russians over an arms deal, and she was free to enjoy herself.

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Getting up, she reached one of her long muscular arms into the pool, and came up with a fistful of blonde hair, to which was attached the body of a petite white female, a recent addition to the harem. She dragged the wet girl, presently dressed in a monokini from her pre enslavement wardrobe, to her reclining chair and kicked her to her knees. The poor girl instantly fell forward, looking for Trish's pussy in an effort to please her slave mistress.

Trish resumed her hold on her hair, and pulled her forward, opening her thong covered crotch for the girl to get to work.

She then reclined back, closing her eyes in pleasure as she felt the girl's fingers and then her tongue make contact with her labia, desperate for her clit. Trish wrapped her legs around the girl's shoulders, fixing her in position as her now free hands picked up a beauty has sex with stranger girlfriend homemade and gave her lips some respite from the desert heat.

The girl knew what was in store for her, from the small introduction she'd received from a girl called Shaela the last evening before Shaela herself had been dragged off by Trish.

Something to do with a change in the order of the harem, she figured (the men referred to the women collectively as harem out of habit she supposed, but in reality it was a slave stable with a whipmistress, the current one being the one she was servicing).

Yet she was not perturbed. She was a slave pure and simple, a personal favorite for her submissiveness and tightness, of Abdul , but still a lowly slave. It was none of her concern (and she'd had little time to think given the demand for a new white hole) and she'd performed the sucking licking and fucking with as little concern as possible.

But it seemed that even this slight thinking had taken off her mind from her task, as she felt a strong hand grab her hair and push her in further. The girl felt suffocated, her nostrils overwhelmed by the scent of the dominant woman as she tried her best to pleasure her. Her tongue, quite inexperienced in pleasuring females when she'd first turned up (and it was only yesterday, her mind told her) but now she was getting better at it.

While waiting between fucks, she had been taught by a girl called Carla who'd ended up here while pursuing a mining job in the country. The new girl had observed the older one as she had licked her pussy, before allowing her to practice on hers. Amid a multitude of orgasms, she'd learnt the methods and the differences between pleasuring women and men, and the specialties a foreign girl like Trish was likely to prefer.

She put those to use now, plunging her pink tongue into the pink folds of the other's labia, rolling and licking as she tried to arouse Trish as fast as possible. Trish had to admit the girl had learnt a lot in the little time, especially as she didn't exactly come across as one i love you xxx cid be explorative of her sexuality in her normal life.

But then neither she not Trish herself were leading normal lives now. Both had been enslaved within 24 hours of each other, the difference being the girl at her feet had come across as a sub and she as a woman who could dominate other women. She closed her eyes as the joy of her new power was combined with the efforts of the girl to take her closer and closer to an orgasm, her third of the day.

The girl could tell she was succeeding. The juices were flowing harder now, flooding her face and making it hard to breathe, but she was content in the knowledge that she was doing well what she was primarily meant to do, and that her mistress would be getting off soon. Her ears, buried in Trish's thighs, barely made out the impassioned command to probe deeper, harder and faster, to bring the woman the highest pleasure possible.

The slavegirl obeyed without thinking, her tongue drawing patterns on the inner walls as far as they could go, flicking the clit at irregular intervals to heighten the pleasure as she herself was being drenched in pussy juice.

She found she was rewarded soon, when Trish pushed her crotch into the girl's face and began to rock on the chair, drowning the girl trapped in her thighs in her vaginal fluids.

She cared little if the girl could breathe as she almost fell off the chair in her orgasm, the knowledge of who was had brought her to orgasm adding to the pleasure of the experience, even as she refused to say a single word of praise to the now exhausted and drenched cunt at her feet. But she made her look up once the pleasure had passed, nodding at the docile cunt now sitting with her face glistening in Trish's juices.

"You're getting betterEmily. But I bet Mandy would make an even better cunt licker than you" Mandy entered the huge mansion a second time just as the clock struck 11 AM, but in a totally different frame of mind from when she'd been the guest of Mgwabe two nights earlier.

She still was technically a guest, but the events (or the mysteries rather) had made her feel distinctly unwelcome in that huge place which seemed to bode ill for her and her friends. She wanted to meet Mgwabe directly, but was made to wait in the huge living room (she suspected it was just one of many), while Mgwabe dealt with some other guests.

However, she was assured that she would soon have company .Mandy expected Trish to show western chikan veronique full white top and story, and so when she heard the sound of heels down the corridor, she assumed the rebellious girl was approaching. To her surprise however, she found Emily, dressed in a short skirt and matching cleavage baring tank top, walking upto her and sitting down with a smile beside her.

Hadn't Abdul told her that he she should ask for Mgwabe's help tracing her ? What was she doing here dressed like she'd just come from a party? She looked happy, though maybe a tad tired, but not as if she'd been through any problems. As if sensing Mandy's surprise, Emily began to explain herself. Mandy realized that she was in for another of her classroom confessions that had an excess of sorries and a dearth of hard facts so she questioned her instead.

She learned that Emily had gone out with a man called Marcos to a nearby bar, and had gotten so drunk that when he allowed her to drive his car she almost caused an accident. Being both foreign nationals, there had been some trouble, but the embassies had finally cleared it all.

Mandy found it fishy that the embassy man had no idea of who Emily was, and said so. Emily giggled and told her "I was using your name you see. " Mandy was pissed at this, but had little time to think it over as Mgwabe now made his appearance, dressed in a safari suit instead of a tuxedo now that it was morning at blisteringly hot.

Mandy, who'd planned initially to ask for his help the moment he appeared, was now at a loss of words. However, Mgwabe made up for it by inviting him to the pool side.

She consented, and Emily chipped in by inviting her to change into one of her pool constumes. Mgwabe gave a good natured nod and headed off to find Trish as the two girls took a turn and entered a large room with plush upholstery and Trish's stuff dumped on the bed. Feeling a little relieved, Mandy asked Emily if she had any sunscreen, she didn't want to get burned. Mandy nodded and the two girls quickly stripped off, their childhood friendship removing any possible barriers there may have existed to mutual nudity.

As Emily stripped though, Mandy noticed that her friend seemed to have long red cuts on her back and chest, as if she had been whipped. She reached out to touch one, and saw Emily yelp in pain from the contact. She asked her what those were but got an evasive answer. Had Marcos whipped her ? She knew that with the character Emily had even if she was half killed she would not complain. Mandy found such people hard to understand, but then not all could be outspoken and assertive leaders like her could they ?

Some were just meant to follow, like slaves, her mind added inspite of herself. The girls were soon dressed in swimming clothes, Emily in a short bikini and seeing the timid girl wasn't afraid of potential conservatism of Mgwabe, Mandy dressed in a bikini as well.

As she checked her bikini strings and applied liberal sunscreen, she heard a knock on the door. It was Abdul, smiling and evidently taken aback by the attire of the girls.

He gave a polite smile and expressed his gladness at Emily's return. She had been picked up from the police station by Mgwabe's man, and had joined Trish shortly before Mandy's arrival, the tall African told Mandy as the trio headed towards the pool.

If Mandy had any residual doubts as to Emily's mysterious dalliance and her sudden return, she had to keep them to herself as they reached the pool and saw that a number of girls were playing in the pool, while Trish sat in one of the chairs smoking with Mgwabe by her side.

Servants went about with drinks and snacks, making the whole scene appear one from the picture postcards of pool parties in the houses of the rich. Had she been told what to expect when she got there, she would hardly have believed the person, but now having seen the opulence and now the decadence (she had no doubt the girls were not for just decoration), she was hardly surprised.

Mgwabe rose and extended his hand to the young girl, his strong grip guiding her to a chair on his other side. Typically, Trish was aloof to her entry, and any sign of the friendliness she'd shown in the phone call earlier was gone. Emily however, wasn't given any courtesy, and made up for it by diving directly into the pool. Neither mandy nor Trish showed any inclination howeverto join her, and when Abdul joined Mandy on her right, it made for a pattern of two Africans alternated by two fair girls.

For a moment, conversation was prevented by the shift of attention to the exotic drinks from Mgwabe's kitchen. Once the mocktails had been selected, Mgwabe started on another lecture on his philanthropic activities, one which both Trish and Mandy had already heard the night before last.

However, to Mandy;s surprise, Trish seemed to be far more attentive than the night before, such that Mandy found herself losing track of the monologue after a few minutes while Trish kept up a lively interested look. After some time, Mandy, as the conversation didn't seem to be going anywhere new and Trish kept up her schoolgirl look, Mandy felt herself losing focus.

It had been hard on her, she reasoned, what with the strange disappearance of Emily and then the strange behavior of Trish, and she deserved a rest. Her mind told her that it would be most impolite for her to take a nap, but she found it increasingly hard to oncentrate, her eyelids closing and opening with each waft of the breeze. She tried to concentrate on her drink to keep off the drowsiness, but it seemed to increase her stupor. Exasperated, she tried to sit up, but found her body to be quite heavy and unmovable.

Out of options (other than listening to the boring lines of Mgwabe), she began to slip rapidly into a sleep which, unknown to her, the two Africans on either side of her were observing as innocuously as possible. Mandy's eyes focused slowly as she came to after the unexpected siesta by the pool. The sun had shifted from overhead to just above the roof of the surrounding structures, She figured it was around five, and she wondered what her hosts had thought of her.

To her surprise, the other seats were empty, and so was the pool. But the surprise did not end there. As she tried to get off, she found she was tied up! Worse, her mouth seemed to be holding something hemispherical which prevented her from shouting.

Her mind began to race, being bound being the one thing she'd not expected even in her troubled dreams the night before. She struggled enough to realize that she was securely bound and the method meant she could raise herself look around but not overturn the chair or do anything to move and so loosen herself. But she kept trying, her muscles cut by the ropes and fear making her heart jump in her throat.

To make matters worse, someone seemed to be giggling behind her. The ropes didn't allow her to move around, so she could only wait as the light footsteps moved closer and then feel the hot breath on her head. It was followed by the upside down face of Emily appearing in front, with a wide smile and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

The smile seemed to widen as she saw the look of surprise and indignation in Mandy's eyes. She moved to the front and, smile in place, began to trace lines on her friend's face, her nails sending chills down Mandy's spine. Giggling at the look in her eyes, she suddenly plonked down on Mandy's lap and moved her face closer to hers.

Mandy saw the distance reduce slowly but steadily till Emily's features were almost blurred. However, she did notice the girl open her mouth and extend her tongue to Mandy's face, starting to lick her in slow circular strokes. Her eyes followed the tongue as it snaked around her lips, moved to her nose then down her cheeks and then up to her eyelids and forhead.

Mandy couldn't make head or tail of what Emily was doing. She seemed least perturbed by her friend's predicament, rather she seemed almost to be enjoying the lesbian took the bus and the mischief was begun the way she licked her was like a…lesbian.

Mandy skinny russian teen beauty strips out of her jeans never suspected Emily of being one, but even if she was, couldn't she find a better time for expressing her desire. Yet as the licking continued with the occasional tender bite, Mandy realized Emily was playing with her, like a toy. The girl saw the almost childish excitement in the blonde's eyes, making it clear that she fully enjoyed the fact quickie mart worker fucks phat milf pawg strippers and amateur her friend was bound, and, though Mandy's mind preferred to ignore it, at her mercy.

But this fact was getting increasingly hard to ignore, especially when Emily began to use her hands to explore her. Trapped by Emily's tongue and the weight of her body on her lap, Mandy could only feel the fingers move to her chest, gently cupping her 36C cups. In a swift motion, her bikini cups were moved aside and nails began to tear into the tit flesh, Emily's small hands barely able to contain the melons they'd released.

Yet the pressure increased, her small hands using whatever strength they had to enjoy the soft bags much to Mandy's embarrassment. But Emily did not stop at it. Having squeezed them as much as she could, she began to aim at the nipples. Using her nails like pincers, she pulled out the nipple from the base and extended it slowly, making Mandy shake her head in protest as the pain grew at her tit tips. This only made Emily smile her diabolical best as she began to twist the tender nubs, making Mandy emit silent screams in her mind, even as her sultry blondie enjoys hard knob hardcore and massage failed to make any sound.

This Emily found even more funny, and repeated the action on the other nipple, as Mandy's eyes began to tear up from the rising agony in her breasts. After what seemed like an eternity, she let go of them, but also moved away slightly, lowering devyn heart rides step bros thick cock with her pussy head to the girl's chest.

As Mandy finally looked down by craning her neck as much as possible, she saw her friend turned torturer begin to suck in the nipple she'd been pulling seconds ago. Emily sucked on the nipple for a minute, her blonde hair falling nicely around her breast.

However, if Mandy thought she was through the worst of the pain, she realized that Emily had found yet another way to hurt her when she felt teeth clamp down on her throbbing nipples. Emily enjoyed the apparent surprise she'd caused to her friend. As Mgwabe had taught her by endless variations in the little time they'd had together, pain was amplified by the unpreparedness of the mind and Emily wanted to hurt her as much as she could in the short time.

She wasn't sure why she wanted to hurt her, Mandy had always protected her and she had looked up to the girl she was torturing all her life. Infact when she had been told of the plan by Trish in the morning while she licked away at her pussy, she had been apprehensive, mustering the courage to ask her if it couldn't be avoided; after all Mgwabe already had two of the three. But Trish had been firm and had rewarded Emily for her protest with a kick back into the pool once she'd finished her second orgasm of the day.

Yet now with Mandy helpless before her and the others due to arrive after Trish and the other girls had finished servicing the Russians, Emily found a perverse pleasure in using another woman for her own pleasure. The pain and humiliation she'd suffered in the last two days had roused in her feelings which she otherwise would have never known she could have.

The most dominant among them, it was true, was the desire to be dominated, but somewhere she too wanted to have her share of the fun, to abuse another girl just as she knew she would be abused everyday from now on.

And who better to try her second feeling on than the leader girl, who'd always been the one to make decisions. Now she was helpless and Emily was having her fifteen seconds of pleasurable dominance.

How the tables had turned! Yet to Emily's disappointment and Mandy's relief, this state did not last long. Both were so lost in their worlds of pain and pleasure that they didn't notice Trish walk in, dressed gorgeous chick with amazing butt rides knob a black leather outfit more appropriate for a mistress than a slave.

Reaching the chair, she surveyed the scene with a mixture of amusement and displeasure, the latter earning the blonde a hard kick on her torso to send her flying into the pool again. Trish now turned to Mandy and saw the look of hope in her eyes. She could barely contain her laughter. What did the brunette expect, she would let her go after the lowly Emily had had her share of fun ?

But she just smiled as the sight of Mandy's well developed body made her wet below her leather outfit. She'd just sucked four white cocks and supervised the girls as they served the men so Mgwabe could have a 20% discount on his guns. She'd found it amusing how the girls crawled about as she swung the whip in the air to let the girls know of what was in store should they disappoint her.

But all had done well, except Shaela (see part two) who'd stubbornly refused to obey her. It had taken two well aimed kicks on her body and one on her face (which luckily didn't cause any fracture) before she would lick Karazenivsky's balls. What this had also done was to put the hot headed dom in a foul mood. Added to it was the knowledge that she had the uphill task of enslaving Mandy, who would be more of a bitch than Shaela. Thus to preempt any bitchy attempts on her captive's part, Trish raised her leg, aimed at Mandy's chest, and sent the chair flying ten metres.

Mandy was utterly taken aback by the sudden attack. The look in Trish's eyes had taught her not to pin her hopes on this girl, but the kick shocked her. There she was tied and in pain, not posing the least threat to the sturdy girl, and she'd been kicked like a dog! The utter helplessness of her situation coupled with her friends' behavior made her despair, bringing tears to her eyes which had nothing to do with the dull pain in her nipples and the newer one in her head.

But Trish wasn't done with her yet. The girl walked to where the chair had toppled over and looked down at the milf having fun outside by the pool girl, her face red and her chest heaving, making the tits stick out even more for trish's amusement.

Trish now reached down and ungagged the girl. She was instantly greeted by a wave of confused protests, cries and pleas from her friend, who seemed to have taken the ungagging as a positive sign.

But Mandy was surprised when instead of untying her, Trish stood up and started laughing again.For a moment her hope wavered, then faded as Trish stepped back to be joined by Emily, drenched but showing no visible signs of either helping Mandy or having a moderating effect on Trish.

This left Trish in control, and to Mandy's horror, she again raised her foot in the air, this time right above the bound girl's face.

But to Mandy' surprise, there was no kick, instead the sandy foot hovered just above her lips, as if expecting her to do something.

EMily was giggling, while Trish's face showed an odd mixture of fulfilment and sadistic pleasure. For a moment, Mandy just lay there staring at the foot, her mind wondering what the girl could possibly want from her now.

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Then the foot began to come down, landing on her lips and forcing her to taste for the first time the sandy underside of a woman's leg. Mandy was shocked, realizing that Trish now effectively had her foot on her face, an act she had never heard of but knew to be extremely humiliating by the very nature of her position below the lowest point of another girl's body. Worse, Trish was now rubbing the foot all over her face, causing her face to sting from the sand and suzu minamoto gets her pussy fucked with sex some into her eyes, making them water a third time, and for a third reason.

Suddenly she felt a weight on her midsection, and cleared away enough of the sand to see Emily climbing onto her tummy, helped by Trish even as her foot mashed Mandy's face. Once she'd climbed on, Emily began to paw at Mandy's breasts, causing the tender flesh to flatten and bounce much to the two girls' amusement.

Emily even did a few jumps on the girl, making Mandy feel like she was going to vomit. Fortunately, Emily lost her balance and landed on Trish, causing her to fall backwards. This minor respite allowed the much abused girl to see Mgwabe and Abdul make their way towards them from the far end of the courtyard, both dressed in suits and evidently just out of a meeting. Unlike the girls, they paid no attention to Mandy and instead walked over to where the two girls lay in a heap.

Seeing the men, a remarkable (atleast to Mandy) change came over the girls, who now began to crawl towards the men, Trish with her head up and Emily with hers down, her tresses caressing the ground. The men responded as if it was a daily affair, casually pulling out lengths of chain and collars.

In a moment the two girls were collared, the chains in the hands of the men. The four (or rather the two men and the two pets) walked towards the bound girl, their faces expressing nothing. As Mandy looked on with fear and a residual surprise in her eyes, Abdul handed a pen knife to Emily who cut away Mandy's bonds, allowing the girl to move for the first time since she'd fallen asleep.

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Mandy however had little hope that she'd be allowed to go free and she merely stood up, looking cofused and scared. Mgwabe smiled at her, his gentlemanly smile replaced by a sarcastic evil smile which befitted his image as a slave owner with one of her friends on his leash. Turning he spoke in a native tongue to Abdul and they both laughed, their eyes turned to the shaking girl before them. Then Mgwabe spoke ; "Glad you're awake.

I see your friends have already played with you, which, I believe, has given you some idea of what your role in life will be from now on ?" Role in life ? The girls had molested and battered her like she was an animal. Was that going to be her role in life ? Mandy's mind refused to accept it, and her mind began to muster whatever courage she had left to make her shake her head, indicating that she didn't understand.

"That's a pity. Atleast you understand that you can't leave this place ?" Mandy remained quiet. "So you think you can leave this place ? Run away to the embassy maybe ? Call for help ? Hmm.why don't you give it a try ?" Mandy couldn't believe her ears. What were they saying fake cop bangs tattooed sexy redhead babe outdoor It was obvious that the walled compound was defended like a fortress, then why did they want her to.her eyes fell on the open door leading out of the yard.

Her reason disappeared for a moment as the terrifying alternative of a life of sexual slavery stared her in the face, in the form of her two friends curled up on leashes around their masters' legs.

She couldn't fall so low could she ? In a moment, she was off, sprinting towards the gate. As the girl ran, Abdul looked at the older man and asked "Was that really necessary ? The guards will catch her in a minute" "Not guards. " said Mgwabe, pointing at the two girls at their feet. "Them" When Emily felt the pull on her neck lessen and the order from Hot babe nicole rey gets a hard tight wet pussy pounded, she obeyed instantly.

Being fit and skinny teens first extreme anal boss lesson ,she was soon in hot pursuit of her friend turned prey. Mandy turned when she reached the door, to find Emily coming after her. But now she had no doubt Emily would only try to stop her, and so she braced herself for facing the faster girl. as it happened she made it to the adjoining courtyard with the pole and fountain (see part two) before Emily caught up.

Mandy seeing that her pursuer would reach her in another couple of steps, abruptly turned around and met her head on. Emily had clearly not expected a confrontation and when it came she went flying back courtesy a kick which would've put Trish to shame.

Emily tried to get up but Mandy mature and girl sex ann too fast for her, landing two hard kicks on her shins to make her lose balance.

Emily crashed in a heap and soon Mandy was on top, landing punches indiscriminately on the girl she'd once protected. Mandy wasn't sure why she was hitting the girl so much. she should have been running by now, having reduced Emily to a state where she wouldn't resume the chase. but the rather uncharacteristic brutality she'd suffered earlier in the evening from Emily made her want to extract as much revenge as possible though her mind had dimly noted that ultimately she would not be able to escape.

Emily was now a whining heap on the ground her face glistening with tears spread around by Mandy's slaps even as her body reddened from Mandy's punches and kicks. to mandy's surprise emily appeared to surrender her body becoming limp and her limbs spreading like a dog.

Mandy took the opportunity to land a well aimed kick on her vagina and a few on her legs before she stood up. It would be sometime before Emily could run again. But now she saw the second of the pets come running out of the doorway her muscular body giving her the speed needed to cut off any attempt by mandy to escape.

Exasperated but not really surprised mandy braced for the second struggle, this time against trish. Abdul reached the courtyard just in time to see the strong pet crash against the yet to be collared Mandy in a struggle which resembled a gladiatorial event.

Maybe he cousin persuade Mgwabe to allow them later? perhaps trish against shaela? it would be a nice match. for now he watched as the two adversaries struggled on the ground their contrasting physiques exerting themselves as they fought. abdul knew that even without the present scenario a fight would have occurred between the two but it was more enjoyable knowing that his and Mgwabe s work had turned a friendly fight into a life and death struggle to escape from being enslaved.

what a pleasant way to end a rather hectic day, his mind added as Mgwabe joined him with two guards and the four observed the show sipping the same stuff Mandy had been served but sans the drugs. The combatants were by necessity oblivious to these developments and were becoming steadily exhausted from a fight in the still hot sand at the end of a hard day (harder for Trish who'd serviced the Russian but about to get harder for mandy who was going to enjoy the fruits of enslavement in a little while).

Yet they fought on their hands and legs tangling banging and collapsing without any plan or finesse as it became a right of attrition one that would surely end in the weaker one collapsing. and the end appeared to be nearing as well. For all the rest and strength Mandy had the brunette couldn't match the sheer strength of the other girl who had not had to expend part of her energy fighting Emily.

The ratio of blows given to blows taken began to fall as Trish climbed on top and began to pommel the slender waist and tits of the other girl. Trish sensed this well, knowing it when she was within reach of victory. ripping off her thong with one hand she jumped up. this gave mandy an attempt to maneuver but she was already too exhausted to make it count. A feeble escape attempt later Trish s pussy landed hard on her nose and slid to her lips making her writhe helplessly as the weight made it difficult to breathe.

worse trish tore away the bikini and began to maul her tits hell bent on getting her fallen adversary to lick her cunt. Mandy held out for as long as she could breathe, but it was nowhere near long enough. Trish kept up the attack on the tits without worrying for her breathing almost oblivious to the fact that she was sitting on her foes nose as well as her lips.

infact she only noticed it when a slightly rejuvenated emily pointed it out. Trish laughed her head turning to see Mandy's reddening face below her ass. She gently stroked the cheeks flattened under the weight then turned around and began to aggressively push her vaginal sweet looking teen dancing stripping masturbation amateur against Mandy's unwilling mouth.

Mandy knew she had little choice in the matter and complied by thrusting out her tongue to find the opening to her pussy lips. trish didn't trust her enough to let her use her hands so she had to make do with her mouth, an effort curiously similar to that of a dog drinking water thought the girl on top as the sensations of her vagina began to make their way to her brain. mgwabe watched as the tables turned decisively and the victorious girl began to use her opponent as a sex toy.

he'd have preferred to break her himself destroying her illusory freedom to bring her to her true station in life,but to see that being done by her friend who'd herself struggled on a hot pole a day ago was specially fulfilling. plus it proved trish s worth as the head slave in the establishment a position she'd literally kicked Shaela from.

he saw abdul make his way to the injured Emily and gently stroke her blonde mane. Emily looked up pitifully as she grovelled at his feet. True she was submissive but to reduce her so was a feat Mgwabe knew he himself could not boast of.

Trish was still proud and strong, a slave of convenience. yet that's how he preferred her strong yet malleable to his will. mandy howeverwould serve no such purpose : she'd be lower than emily in the harem thanks to her mediocre charm and big mouth. unless that mouth could be put to better use. Mgwabe now made his way to the duo, one of whom appeared to be trying to crush the other's face using her crotch. Mgwabe knew that Trish may well end up succeeding, leading to a waste of good cunt, so he gently grabbed a handful of Trish's dark hair and pulled her off, the girl's body responding instinctively to the firm pull.

Once Trish was off Mgwabe grabbed a handful of Mandy's brown hair and began dragging the girl across the courtyard. Mandy, desperate to escape now that the suffocating force had been removed, tried to get up, but was kicked down by Trishwho was crawling obediently beside her master. Mandy looked around and found Abdul one one side, the guards on the other, with her two former friends crawling on either side of her in a weird sort of victory parade in which she was the vanquished and the man pulling her hair was the victor.

Bitterly, she looked from one person to the other till their stony expressions told her that her chances of escape had disappeared. As the sun set over the desert, the group made its way into the main hall, where Trish had glimpsed a slave girl for the first time. (see part two). To her, and her compatriots' surprise, the hall's plush interiors had given way to a variety of devices which seemed to be as much in place in the now bare room as the beautiful sofas had been among the oriental carpets.

It now began to dawn on Trish that the decor could be changed at a moment's notice thanks to some clever (and to her unknown) mechanism which allowed the removal of the teen orgasm compilation and hd assslave yoga fast. So the bare room she'd seen wasn't actually bare (see part two), it had been 'cleaned" the moment Mgwabe hot girlfriend tries out anal sex with horny guy on cam smalltits pornstars realized she may have heard the screams.

Trish wished she knew which of the girls it was, she had a good voice and she wouldn't mind getting a few more of those. But as of now, it seemed that Mgwabe intended someone else to scream.

Mandy was handed over to the guards who pulled her to a wooden frame which seemed to be made especially for the purpose of punishing shorter people, whom Trish guessed were mostly the household women. She began to get wet as she saw Mandy being strapped to the cross, her legs and arms making an X for clear access to every part of her body, including her furry mound and the twin mounds on her chest.

Trish heard the final cuff click into place and saw Mgwabe approach the girl with a whip in hand, his eyes smiling malevolently at the girl in front of him. The action was about to start, and Trish hoped her master would give her a share as well. After all, the fight at the courtyard was just the beginning.

Mandy had realized she couldn't escape her fate, and wondered how best to face it. She couldn't fight forever, yet her mind refused to allow her to give in. Unlike Trish she had always stuck to her principles and she couldn't bring herself to relinquish them at this juncture, when Emily had clearly fallen to something less than human and Trish was using her enslavement to perpetuate her power.

What choice did she have ? Mgwabe reached her and ripped off her remaining clothes in a series of quick pulls which rendered her naked and her skin utterly defenceless. He now began to run his hands up and down her body, pausing to enjoy the curve of her tits or the small of her back, always smiling but never pausing to take her feelings into account. Not that he didn't sense them, it was just that they didn't matter anymore. She wasn't even the most important of the girls, nor the sexiest, but her attitude would make it a pleasure to break her, and Mgwabe decided to do so slowly, such that she would fully realize the ramifications of her fall.

To begin the process, Mgwabe raised his hand to her face, and landed a hard slap across her face. If she'd been free, she'd have returned one, her fiery look matching the sting of her open palm.

In the event, the anger in her eyes looked oddly out of place as her cheek reddened, there being no point in being angry with one who could kill her at any moment without her being able to do anything about it. Yet she gave the look, more out of habit than any genuine feeling, and was rewarded by a punch in the stomach. Mandy may have expected another slap, but Mgwabe hated being predictable and made use of shock in her eyes to land two more hard slaps on her face and tits, widening the redness and replacing shock with horror in her eyes.

But Mgwabe wasn't done yet. His hand remembered its load at the right time and unwound the whip as his eyes roamed over her body judging each area according to its ability to break her will.

Having done both, he stepped back and raised the whip, flicking it idly in front of her face. Each flick made Mandy close her eyes and beg him to relent. He could see the fear building in her chest, the fear of a pain which was imminent but yet to begin, one she knew was designed to wreck her will and turn her into something she would come to loath till her dying day, a pain designed to enslave her.

Whack! The first blow landed on her tits, making them jiggle and eliciting enough laughter to drown her pained plea, a plea which was anyhow cut short by the next on her navel, then another on her shoulders, dangerously close to her face.

Tears were flowing freely now, her mind having put off the task of fighting the enslavement to attend to the urgent task of handling the lasheswhich were by now landing anywhere and everywhere, making deep red lines on the wider red patches made by the punches - her body was suffering so her will could be broken.

Yet her mind was alert enough to note that the whipmaster had been joined by two of his slaves, two of her former friends, two girls who wanted to hurt her even more than the man who had begun it all. The two spread out, making it impossible for her to see where the lashes were coming from, and even less to prepare for them when they landed. Infact Mgwabe lessened his intensity to allow Trish to colour her backside even as Emily concentrated on her ass and pussy.

Worse, her body instinctively tried to escape the blows and so pushed forward, allowing Mgwabe to land well time blows on her body to keep her in a constant state of shock to steadily undermine her will power, her mental strength against this endless onslaught. Her muscles writhed like a tied dancer in her cuffs, allowing no respite from her pain as the lashes landed with growing pace and intensity. Every time she looked down she saw her beautiful body disfigured by lines which seemed to highlight the future in store for her, a future which would be worse than either of her friends' ,one which was to emphasize the use of her body over her mind even as Trish used hers to control and Emily's hers to serve.

Mandy would be lesser than either, simply because she had been more than both in her free life; she would henceforth serve with her body alone. Suddenly the whips stopped, the eerie silence accentuating the multiple wounds that now began to demand attention of her exhausted mind all at once, making her want to scream only to find a ball gag going into place with her three smiling assailants stepping back as she was untied. If she'd expected her body to hold, she was disappointed.

Each cuff released limbs willing to do anything to survive, making her completely limp and helpless as she was carried to the edge of a tank and bent over to await the arrival of her tormentors for the next round in the destruction of her will. Mgwabe admired the round backside of the bent girl, noticing that the two females had not failed to notice them either. He wondered if they felt any pity for the girl, then realized that they probably were enjoying it more than him.

To be enslaved was humiliating yes, but to enslave was pure pleasure; the two girls were just realizing this darker side of desire as their friend fell to their level and eventually even further. But she'd have company, realized Mgwabe all of a sudden. Last night, as Trish sucked him off and Emily curled up in Abdul's lap, Trish had made the strange demand that Mandy be reduced to a level below herself and even Emily.

This had brought out a rare protest from Emily, which was quickly gagged by a cock down her now expert throat. Infact both the men had found the idea attractive, especially as they knew how important Mandy thought herself to be in the group.

But the blank refusal of a harem slave in the morning had earned that girl a fate similar to Mandy'sone she would suffer with the leader girl, until they both became pliant enough to keep in the cage that had been installed in Mgwabe's room. It was time to bring out Shaela. the said girl had been hoping that she would not be punished by Mgwabe, who hopefully would realize that his goddaughter-turned-niece-turned-slave was merely rebelling against him favouring a girl who had just been enslaved to one who'd showed unremitting loyalty to him.

But as she was dragged out by her collar to the large room, she found the stage set for her punishment. To her surprise however, there seemed to be company for her in the step brother forced step sister of a brunette who was tied at the side of a tank with the two previously enslaved girls and the masters standing a little distance away.

They seemed to be waiting for her to join them, a fact she took to be an evil omen. and she was right. the moment she reached the tank, she was kicked to her knees and her hands securely fastened to the legs of the other girl.

she found she could move her hands up and down the legs but not off it. Looking quizzically behind her she saw Mgwabe approach with a whip and felt her head being pushed into the other girl's pussy with more force than she'd ever seen him use. Mandy had seen the girl move behind her and knew it to be her face when she felt an object rub against her virgin pussy. She wondered if it was a relative of Mgwabe s or another poor girl he'd enslaved.

either way it appeared to be another round of lesbian pleasure making with her at the receiving end this time. she didnt mind it as long as her body wasn't punished again. or raped. she didn't want to lose her virginity to a big african whose primary goal in life appeared to be torturing women. Mgwabe surveyed the scene with pleasure and a sense of contentment. it had been two weeks since the preparations had begun and three days since the mom and son porn marhati had begun to roll.

was it really worth so much effort? he could buy a dozen african cunts in the local slave market for half the effort. yet the very effort had been a pleasure. Emily and trish were so different it had been quite amusing to compare the ways the two had been enslaved.

almost a contrast. it was a pity mandy had to be collared by brute force but then he couldn't carry on with this forever. so it was time, he thought, to enjoy the last morsel before he could settle down to digest it. and the last morsel should be delicious. - Emily had told him that Mandy the moments of sexy hardcore fun for brunette saving her virginity for marriage.

Mandy's mind went into shock when she felt the warm tip touch her vagina. It couldn't be the girl the tip she could tell by intuition belonged to a man. but how could it be? what was the purpose of the girl then?

unless.unless he wanted his balls licked as he raped her. The fear was confirmed as the hardness of the object became patent as it probed her pussy looking for the thin membrane to rip asunder and claim her as its own. mandy felt it move in circles enjoying the feel of her soft skin as it prepared to penetrate her. She felt a hand grab her hair and pull her head up as the pressure on her pussy began to grow.

Her heart began tl cry out, hoping against hope that she would be spared the humiliating spectacle of her maidenhead being taken by the one she had come to loathe the most, the one she'd pledged to resist as much as possible for turning her friends into mindless slaves. the one who now began pushing against her hymen. Trish watched the whole spectacle unfold from a distance standing beside Emily who was clearly wet.

She liked the developments as they happened though she'd known all along what would happen. she was happy that mgwabe had agreed to her request on mandy and shaela but she wished he would humiliate Mandy more, break her completely.

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It was then that she remembered that Mandy was a virgin. Her mind began to race. Mandy's mind screamed in horror as the hymen began to stretch the thin membrane not knowing whether it was her tender loving husband or her cruel rapist who was going in. and neither could it do anything it's mistress had failed to protect it and it was now merely doing what it was always meant to do in every woman - to break and let the man in.

the hymen broke. mandy's mind let out one last howl of despair as she slumped and began to weep, the minor pain of the rupture magnified tenfold by the realization that she'd been taken by a man who wasn't her husband ,not even her lover. the proud mandy had been broken literally and figuratively by one she'd come to hate and sworn to resist. Her self esteem began to break and her mind began to give in. to her surprise though mgwabe stopped his member barely inside her.

the ruined hymen leaked blood which was likely decorating his prick as he waited for something. then it began to withdraw. why? would he turn her around and laugh? make her beg for his cock? (she didn't know that that's what Emily had done). why did he stop after taking her most precious asset? did he think she was just to be humiliated? that she didn't even deserve the reflected pleasure of being with her first man? the cock pulled out completely. she felt fingers probe her pussy.

not to excite her just to probe her like it wanted to take out something. take out what? she wasn't even wet enough to get the juices. that done she felt the dick again push against her orifice and this time move in with ease, bypassing the bloody opening into the nether regions of her long love tunnel. her focus however was diverted to a elle and shyla snuggle on the sofa beside the christmas tree body in front of her one she was sure wasn't there a moment ago.

the figure began to bend and eventually, just as Mgwabe hit her cervix, she saw Trish s face emerge. she was smiling as she held up something red in her fingers, something that looked awfully like. her vaginal blood. in trish s fingers. so that's why mgwabe had stopped. so trish could take her virginal blood. to show her that she was no longer a young girl whose innocence was intact and who could gift herself to her lover like a true bride. to show her her new position in life.

but trish wasn't satisfied with this. she brought the fingers closer till mandy could clearly see how much blood she'd lost and how they were now in the fingers of her friend turned tormentor. fingers which began to approach her skin and touched down the warm feel of her own blood sending shivers down her spine. one by one six fingers touched down three on each cheek and began to move upwards at an angle curving slightly as they approached her ears.

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mandy felt the warm touch and saw the smile widen on trish face as her own began to burn in renewed shame at being decorated with her own vaginal blood. as tears began to cut across the red lines, she heard Trish say "you'll make a good pet. a good pet cat with red whiskers. " pointing to the lines. Mandy broke down crying.

Mgwabe now began to gather pace his balls dying to fill the tight defiled cunt with his warm jizz. maybe even make her pregnant. a pregnant cunt would give milk apart from adding to the clan. his thighs began to slap harder and harder pushing the girl forward against the cement edge as he approached the cliff of climax himself.

grabbing her hair again he made her look back at him craning her neck as she did so. red whiskers? a pet cat? mgwabe came hard. he came in waves of warm jizz he'd especially stored for this finale of sorts when the last of the girls would fall. now was that moment. the moment when he finally marked his female in that most primitive of ways, by inseminating her. a fitting finale indeed. Shaela had been doing her work well hoping to be rewarded somehow now that her master clearly favoured another.

she'd even tasted some of the virginal blood of the other girl, who was soon to join her in the harem. but now she was carelessly kicked aside as the other girl was pushed to the floor and made to kneel before mgwabe. The girls and Abdul gathered around to watch as Mgwabe stroked her hair and traced the red lines on her face, making her cry softly her sobbing making Trish erupt in laughter. "Look at me cunt. " Mandy raised her headher fear sadness and exhaustion showing clearly in her eyes.

Mgwabe smiled and circled her his feet making her jump everytime he moved. "tell me, do you still think you can escape? " mandy hung her head. her eyes dropped tears onto the stone floor making a puddle that gradually moved to join the one below her vagina. "answer me" roared mgwabe the full strength of his voice making the girl tremble.

"no" "that's no, sir. " corrected emily to everyone's surprise. abdul patted her on the head as a reward. "no sir" "good. so you know you'll be a family member from now on. tell me what will be your status?

" mandy knew the answer but her mouth refused to open to accept her degradation so openly. where would her conscience hide if she accepted her status as a slave? as an object for les vacances sexe en cam direct h d une amatrice pleasure ?

her mouth dried as the seconds passed. mgwabe repeated the question again louder and colder. mandy cleared her throat and said in a low voice "a servant " howls of laughter met her feeble attempt to avoid the inevitable.

strangely, mgwabe nodded. "yes servant. sexual servant. pet servant. they're all servants after all. but do you have any idea whom you'll serve?

" mandy was confused. "you master. and master abdul" her mouth burning every time she mouthed master. "us ofcourse. and." "and. ?" mgwabe nodded.

before she knew it her head was yanked up and Trish s face came into view. it was gloating even as mandy was grovelling. it now came within inches of her face and said "me cunt" mgwabe laughed along. "yes trish as head of the harem needs a personal cunt.

I've decided to give her you and Shaela as rewards for her excellent control over the other cunts. plus, given you already know each other it won't be a problem I presume? " mandy didn't hear what white and amateur chick gets fucked by shawns cock in his office said. her mind refused to believe it. she'd surrendered herself knowing herself to be an equal of trish. an equal of the other girls as she'd been before this week.

now she was a slave to a slave, something lower than even emily the submissive girl, with her ex friend as her mistress! she wanted to die. "thank you master. I'll take good care of them. so do you understand now slave ?" said trish evidently enjoying herself. slap! slap! thud! slaps and punches landed on her well abused body making her want to collapse.

trish followed them up by cruelly pinching her pussy and tits, spreading the drying jizz in the process. mandy looked up one last time at the group noting the smiles in their faces. she lowered her head in dejection shame and submission. "Yes mistress." {end of story} note: harem has been used in. very loose sense to connote a slave establishment made up of females. not to be confused with real harems. note 2: the author does not wish to exhibit any racist or communal ideas through this story.

any references to 'black' 'white' or 'african' are part of the background and have been used sparsely and without any intention to harm sentiments of any people.

note 3 : there may be discrepancies in the description of the complex etc. the author regrets making such errors and would ask readers to kindly point them out.

lastly, this is a work of fiction and fantasy. the author does not support any of the described actions or ideas in real life. mail me at [email protected]