Naked hottie sucking piss out of her snatch

Naked hottie sucking piss out of her snatch
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Your Mom's in porn now. It all started pretty innocently. I was back home on summer break from college. I was walking our family dog. I just turned the corner on my street. "Beep! Beep! Hey Buck. Long time no see." said a guys voice. I turned my head toward the voice.

"Hey dude. What's up?" I said. It was Small Daryl. He was a friend from high school. We used to hang out all the time in school. It's been close to two years since I seen him. His real name was Daryl Stiles. But everyone called him Small Daryl. He was only 5ft. Maybe a hundred pounds. I'm almost 6ft 4 and 220 pounds. We had P.E together. Now that I think of it. I never saw him take a shower.

The whole 4yrs we went to school. He always had a doctor excuse. "Back home from college?" he said. "Yep! Just taking it easy.

Walking the dog." I said. "Any plans for the summer?" he said. "No! Going to relax by my pool and sun myself. How about you?" I said. "I wish I had those plans. My parents want me to get a job. Pay them rent for living in the basement. I can't find anything. I did get a new video camera for my birthday. I was thinking about starting my own Internet site. Maybe Small Daryl around town.Ha Ha Ha." he laughed. "Yeah! I pay to see that. Ha Ha Ha." I laughed.

"Just me walking around following hot girls. A view from my eye level. That would be cool. You got a few minutes to catch up?" he said. I smiled. "Follow me to my house. I live right down there. Need to drop off the dog before my parents send out a search party." I said. I opened the front door to my house. The dog ran passed me.

I then turn around to come back outside. Daryl had pulled up in the driveway. He parked his car, and got out. "Buck! How your love life? Any new girl friends? How's college life? Co-eds???" he said. I smiled. "No girl friends. To busy at college. But I still have time to sleep around. Girls are really cute in college. They just come right up to you and ask if you want to have sex.

No questions. No feeling. Just a good hard fuck. It's crazy. Not like high school, man." I said. "Your so lucky. I still have not found anybody. I'm still a virgin man." said Daryl. "Don't worry about it. It's cool. You'll get some, eventually. There's a girl out there for you. You need to find a girl with curves. The curvier the better. There always horny for action." I said. "Maybe your right. You were such a ladies man in high school. Now it sounds like your back at it in college.

I should skip following girls with video camera's, and film you." he said. I started to laugh. "Your crazy. Who would watch that? Plus girls would freak out. Think we were pervs or weirdo's.

Plus you can't film porn at my college. We need a permit." I said. "Maybe your right. Plus I just film you in this small town. Nobody would care or know what to say here. There not even a cop in this small town. Ha Ha Ha." he said. "Funny. People might get bored watching me pick up chicks or them picking me up all day." I said.

"Your probably right. That kinda of web site might get boring." said Daryl. We both laughed again. "Hell, I only pay to watch a web site. If there was some good porn on it." I said. "Yeah! Me to. Of course, who are we to decide. Maybe we should just try to film a little. I need a job. We could try it for a few days and see where it take us." said Daryl. "Yeah! Maybe your right. Who knows, maybe we can make some money off it." I said.

"Plus we might get to see some hot chicks around town. Do you have any plans tonight?" he said. "No! I was going to order some pizza and watch some TV. How about you?" I said. "No. Hey pizza sounds good. We could order some at my house.

My Dad is working a double. He is not due home until noon tomorrow. My Mom suppose to be at my Aunt house tonight. We have the place to our selves. Hop in my car." said Daryl. It took us about twenty minutes to get to his house. He lived in the middle of no where. He had a nice two story brick house. He still lived in his bedroom, that he grew up in all his life.

Daryl popped the trunk on his small car. He stood there for a few minutes, as I got out the passenger side. "Dude.Check it out. Its the camera I was telling you about. Its got new batteries. All charged and ready to go." said Daryl. "Looks good man. Hit record on the camera. That is cool.

You can see the red light on the front." I said. "Oh! Yeah! That is cool. There a small screen on the side the pops out. Then I can see what's being recorded. I can zoom in and out with no problem. I'm going to start taping you. Then we can replay the footage and check the sound and image quality. Plus you can get use to me following you around.

Head toward my front door." said Daryl. He pointed to the front of the house. "You don't lock your doors?" I said. "We live out in the middle of now where. Go inside Buck. Go down the hall. Toward my kitchen. There some pizza delivery places on the fridge." said Daryl.

"You have a nice house. Should I take off my sandals?" I said. "Yeah! Kick them by the closet next to you. Cool. Keep webcam chubby mature blonde milf masturbating hard said Daryl. I was now barefoot walking across the wooden floor toward the kitchen.

I had a pair of tan cargo shorts and a black t-shirt on. Daryl kicked off his tennis shoes. He was wearing long tan shorts, near his ankles and a white skate board t-shirt. "You want something to drink?" said Daryl. "Sweetie! Is that you??? Junior are you home?" said a female voice. It was coming from the next room. "Fuck! Its my Mom." whispered Daryl. I turned my head. I knew Daryl for four years and never met his Mother.

This should be fun. "Yes! Mom! I'm in the kitchen with a friend." said Daryl. "Is it a girl?" said his Mom. "No! It's a friend from high school. Buck Kelly! He just got home from college. I ran into him today." said Daryl. "That's nice dear. Can you bring me my wine, in the fridge. I need to top off my glass. Please! Be a sweetie." said Daryl Mom. "Ok! Just a minute. Buck!

Can you reach inside and get the white bottle on the bottom shelve. Cool! Let's go give it to my Mom. Then will check the camera footage and order some pizza." said Daryl. I turned to walk out the kitchen. I followed Daryl Mom's voice to the living room. Daryl was right behind me. He was filming me from behind. I smiled as I walked in the living room.

My eyes got real big. Daryl's Mom was sitting on a hottie bounces on penis hardcore and blowjob love seat. There were two small brown leather cushions and some big leather arm rest. She was maybe 5ft 7.

With long curvy legs. She was wearing 4inch platform open toes heels. They were cheetah color. With a small red bow on top. Her red toe nails, matched her long red finger nails. She was wearing the same red color on her shiny big red lips. Her dark dirty blonde hair curled at the end.

Just over her shoulder. I could see two huge diamonds in her small ear lopes. She was wearing a pair of small white shorts.

They showed over her amazing tan legs. She was wearing a cheetah print tube top, that clung to her huge breast. I could not even guess how big they xx sex stories hot fkng story. They just looked huge on her small curvy body. "Why!! Hello Juniors friend.Junior! bombshell skyla novea enjoys big cock of landlord

How come you never invited your cute friend over here before? How are you young man?" said Daryl hot Mom. I immediately looked down the front of my cargo shorts. Had to make sure my cock was not sticking straight out.

"I'm good. How are you.MMmmm. Daryl's Mom." I said. "I'm better.Now that your here honey. Just call me Penny. That what my close friends call me. Don't call me Mrs. Paige. Junior were my refill honey. Why do you have a camera in front of your face?

What are you two boys up to?" said Mrs. Paige. "Mom! Stop it. I'm filming. Be nice. Buck! Call my Mom. Mrs. Paige. I thought you were going to see your sister. Aunt Peg. What happened?" said Daryl. "She was busy tonight. Your Dad at work.

I figured you were in the basement sleeping. Thought I get my drink on." said Daryl Mom. "Mom! You should not be drinking by yourself." said Daryl. "Your both here now. Join me. Relax Junior. Take a break from always being so up tight. Your like your Dad. Very bossy, all the time. What's your name again sweetie? How do you know Junior?" said Daryl Mom.

"Buck! Buck Kelly. We went to school together. I just got home from college. Daryl happened to drive by my house. While I was walking my dog. You have a very nice house." I said. "Buck! That's a cute name. Could you be doll and top me off." she said.

"Where your glass? My pleasure." I said. "Now your talking. Don't pay attention to my son. Him and his Dad try to run everything I do. Nice to have someone with manners." said Daryl's Mom. I was having a hard time not starring at Darryl's Mom huge breast. Her tube top was just on the edge of falling off.

Anything might cause those big mountains to fall out. "Thanks sweetie." she said. She then took a sip. Daryl moved the camera from his face. "Mom! Just be careful. How much have you had to drink?" said Daryl. "A few.

Now what are you really doing with that camera son?" said Mrs. Paige. I smiled. I could not wait to luscious gabriella handeling two boners at once Daryl say what we were really doing with the camera.

"Mmmm its kinda of hard to explain Mom. Let's just say, Buck and I are making movies to post on the Internet. Were starting our own web site. Tonight! I'm just shooting a practice tape with him." said Daryl. I turned my head to see him. I then looked back at his Mom, on the love seat. "What kind of tapes, our you making son? What is the website called?" said Daryl's Mom.

"I'm not sure you would understand Mom. Kinda of a new media thing." said Daryl. We both looked at each other. "Buck! Please tell me.

I don't want you boys to get into trouble. Junior has so many dumb ideas. You have to tell the truth. Your in my house." she said. I smiled. "Daryl is kinda of right. It might be hard to explain." I said. She took another big sip of her wine glass.

She then ran her index finger around the tip of the glass. She licked her long index finger. She then looked me up and down. "Let me guess. I'm smarter than you think. Two young men with a camera. Oh my goodness. Your taping porn. Am I right??? Well Buck??" she giggled. "Mom! No! Were not doing that per say. More like just filming Buck meeting young girls around town. I film him." said Daryl. There was a long pause. Then Mrs. Paige moved her right leg over her left knee. My semi hard cock moved under my tight white cotton boxer briefs.

"Is Junior telling the truth Buck?" she said. I smiled. "Yep!" I said. "When you find these girls. Are you going to tape them having sex with each other or with Buck??" said Daryl's Mom. My mouth milf cherie deville takes a threesome with vienna black open. "Mom! Not in front of my friend. The sex talk. I might tape them. It all depends." said Daryl. She took another sip of her wine.

"Mmmm. Your Dad and I made a sex tape once." she said. "What?? To much info Mom. I don't want to know." said Daryl. "Your such a prude Junior. Its not easy keeping these puppies and this ass looking good all the time young man.

Your Father could be more appreciative, around here. Between the special creams, and working out all the time. You think he want me all the time. But nope. He spends all day on the computer. I find the key board a mess after he is done. I found him last xxx sexy story sunny leone checking out chicks with dicks." said Daryl's Mom. "Mom! What?? Stop it. Dad loves you. I can't believe your talking like this.

It must be the wine." said Daryl. "What do you think of that Buck?" she said. "That's hard to believe. But anything possible. I guess." I said. She smiled. "It's the truth. I wish I had a real man. I have needs to. I sit around here all day bored.

A little excitement would be nice. Buck.Your not into chicks with dicks? Are you honey. That's good. Daryl!!! Are you? I'm glad. Now! Buck.How do you feel about Junior taping you having sex with these girls? Have you been on film or in a sex tape?" she said. I smiled. "I don't know. I guess I never gave it a second thought. Hard to say. We haven't found anyone to film yet or even practice on. No! I have not been in a sex tape or on film. I guess there always a first time for everything. How did you feel?" I said.

"Mmmm. It happen before we got married. Daryl Dad had set up a video camera in his room. He dared me amazing girlfriend has oral anal and doggy style sex get naked in front of it.

Then I got super horny. I started to play with myself. Then he sat there watching me through the camera." said Daryl Mom. "Did he join in, get in front of the camera?" I said.

"Buck that's my Mom. Stop." said Daryl. "No! He has a small dick. He gets embarrassed. He jerked off in his hand. Then he knocked over the camera. I still have the tape under my bed. He hates when I bring it up." she said. "Mom stop talking with Buck. To much information. I'm sure he doesn't care." said Daryl. "Hmmm. That is hot. I must say. I can't lie. Did you make any more?" I said. "No! But I've always wanted to make another. Just my husband such a prude and now addicted to our computer.

I spend days trying to get a tan. All over. (She winked) Now I don't know what to do to make him attracted to me." said Daryl's Mom. I turned my head to look at Daryl. He was still filming his hot Mom on the couch, in front of me. I then turned back to his Mom. "Mmmm. You like to tan. I like to go tanning to. I need to get some sun this summer." I said. I put my hand under my chin.

"Yes! I love to tan. I usually lay out in the back yard. Then rub oil on my body." she said. I smiled. "Mom! Stop this talk." yelled Daryl. "Ever catch Daryl checking you out?" I giggled. "No! He hides in his room. I'm sure the blinds are cracked a little. He he he he. I have caught him peeking in when I'm taking a shower." said Daryl's Mom.

"Mom! How could you?

Not in front of my friend."s aid Daryl. "Honey! Stop! It's Ok to see each other's bodies. It's natural. Barzears xxx storys sex stories com saw you. Jacking your small penis. You got that from your Dad. There both really small." she said. She held up her two fingers,about 2 inches apart.

"Mom!!!!" Darryl yelled again. I smiled. "Maybe he was checking to make sure you were Ok in the shower or if you had any tan lines." I said. "No! He was watching me soap my big 44JJJ. Plus I don't have any tan lines. I like to sun bathe in the nude. Feels better." said Daryl's Mom. "Mom! You do what?" said Daryl.

She put her finger in front of her mouth. "Shh Daryl." I smiled. "I usually wear a small thong in the tanning bed." I said. She smiled. "I bet you look real sexy in those honey. Maybe instead of picking up young girls.

You might want to pick up older ladies. Do you like cougars? Rrrrr." said Daryl's Mom. "No! Mom! We like young chicks. Not old ladies." said Daryl. I just smiled. I love all women. Especially Daryl hot Mom.

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"Hmmmm. Who did you have in mind?" I said. She smiled again. "Mmmm. Your such a tease. Bucky! Maybe I should show what a older woman with curves can do better, than a pale skinny ass college girl can do." she said. I turned to look at Daryl. He was not talking. He was breathing heavier.

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He had moved closer to his Mom, on the couch. He was now closer to me. Daryl Mom put her wine glass on the end table, next to the love seat. She then sat on the edge of the leather cushion. She looked up into my eyes. She motion for me to get closer.

Daryl moved around my right side. He eased the camera into his Mom' s face. She licked her red lips. She looked into the camera. She then looked at me standing in front of her. "Mmmm. I did not realize how tall you are and with so many muscles.

Your so cute, standing there. Junior not so close. Your the camera man.back up a little. Use the fucking zoom." she whispered. I smiled. I looked down at her amazing breast. Then without warning. Daryl's Mom put her left hand on the front of my cargo shorts.

She ran her other hand up my leg. I could smell her strong perfume now. She was running her long red nails on my legs.

I bite my lower lip as she moved her hand on the front of my crotch. I was geezer pounds his sons gf from behind hard under the thin material. "Buck! I hope there's not a big sock in here.

I would be very disappointed." she giggled. Next she slowly reached up to unzip the front of my cargo shorts. I watched as she licked her big fat red lips. She then ran her small hands inside my front pockets. She finally squeezed the base of my cock with her right hand. She smiled. Then she slowly pulled down my cargo shorts. My white cotton boxer briefs were the only thing keeping my cock from spring out and hitting her face. "Mmmmm. I love a young man in tight underwear. Can you breath???

" said Daryl's Mom. My eyes got bigger as she ran her long red finger nail the length of my cock. Polish girl zuza from poznan heard Daryl move on the floor. He caught his balance and shifted the camera back to his horny Mom. The tip of my white shorts got wet, from my cock. She smiled. She started to breath heavy. "I better take these off. Looks like your making the front all wet.

We don't want that. No premature fireworks honey. Mmmmmm.that is really nice. Your cock is so big and fat. You don't have any hair down here. Fuck!! Where have you been all my life baby." said Daryl's Mom. She had pulled down my underwear. My cock sprang out almost hitting her right eye. She moved her face, so she did not get hit.

She then pulled my underwear completely off and tossed them behind me. I quickly took off my shirt. I tossed it behind me. I then watched as she began to lick the tip of my cock. She ran her long nails on my big naked balls.

She started to swirl her tongue around the tip of my cock. She began to jack my cock with her two hands. She was foaming at the mouth, as she sucked my cock.

I moved my hips toward her face. She now had half my cock in her mouth. "Fuck! Mom!.Wait! Wait! Buck Stop.Mom Stop.Maybe we should stop this. I.Mean what about Dad?" said Daryl. "You can either keep taping or go to your room young man. I deserve this. Your fucking Father having an affair with a chick with dicks bigger than your tiny Dad." said Daryl's Mom. Daryl moved his camera.

He got off the floor. He was now standing next to my right side. He was filming his Mom giving me an amazing blow job. She looked into the camera. Her sexy green eyes winked. Her mouth was full of my cock. She started to pull my saliva coated cock, out of her mouth. She moaned a she sucked off her saliva from my cock. She started to lick my big balls in her wet mouth.

She slapped her face with my cock as she sucked my balls. I closed my eyes. I started thinking of other things, so my cock would not explode in her hot mouth.

I then felt her long nails on my chest, abs, and stomach. She then began to grope my ass, with her hands. She kept my hard cock in her mouth. I could hear Daryl catch his breath as he filmed us. Daryl's Mom pulled out my cock, from her hungry mouth. "Mmmmm.I want you inside me. But first I want to feel your big cock between my tits. Lean down baby. Fuck my big breast." she said. I watched as she pulled down her tight cheetah print tube top.

It was now laying under her huge breast. Her big breast were amazing. They sat high on her chest. They were so round and very tanned. I could not see a tan line any where. She had two large nipples, that were dark. Her aeroles we were a little bit lighter in color. She pulled both her nipples to her mouth. She started to lick them. Daryl almost fainted. I heard him fall back from the couch.

He caught his balance. He then walked around my back. I watched as his Mom spit some saliva between her huge cleavage. She squeezed her breast together. She then leaned back on the small love seat. I then leaned down. She guided my cock between her huge breast. Her skin was hot. My cock wanted to erupt between her breast.

I closed my eyes and started to fuck her chest. She put her mouth down, trying to catch the tip of my cock as I fucked her tits. I opened my eyes when she found it. I reached down to pull on her nipples.

She moaned. Daryl was on his knees. Filming my cock between his Mothers huge breast. I felt weird for a second. Then I looked down. She was stroking my cock and bouncing my balls on her hot breast. I bite my lower lip. She blew me a kiss. After ten minutes. "God! I could do this all day. I love your big cock. Honey! I want you to fuck me now.

I want you to fuck me. Like you never fucked anyone else before." she moaned. I pushed myself off the the love seat. I felt my cock slide all the way out of her cleavage. I stood there watching, as Daryl's Mom got off the small love seat. She pulled down her small white shorts. She was wearing no panties or a thong. She also had no hair covering her fine pussy.

She had two big cunt lips, that were exposed. I heard Daryl move off the ground. He moved around the side of the love seat. His Mom quickly put her head down on feel my ass tighten around your cock dbm video arm rest of the love seat.

Next to Daryl's knee. She was completely naked laying on the couch. She was only wearing teen couple enjoy in sex and blowjob sexy heels and wedding ring. I quickly bent down. I put my right knee on the seat cushion. My left foot was on the floor next to the love seat. I rubbed my hard cock on her wet pussy. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. I slowly inserted my cock, passed her cunt lips.

She then relaxed her cunt muscles. I got half my cock inside her. "Fuck!! Your so tight." I said. "My husband is so small, your so big inside me. I've never felt anything like this. Fuck me baby. Fuck me faster. Fuck me harder baby." said Daryl's Mom.

I pulled my cock all the way out of her tight pussy. I then pushed my cock in a little farther than before. I pulled out the way out. I then spit in my hand. I wiped my wet cock of my saliva.

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I turned my head to see Daryl filming my cock in his Mom tight pussy. His eyes were wide open. He kept moving the camera, to get a better look of his Mom, tight pussy.

I reached up to grab Daryl's Mom big breast. I put my fingers on her hard nipples. I gently pushed them together as i fucked her tight pussy. She was moaning, grunting and sweating underneath my hard body.

I really began to fuck her harder. I grabbed her ankles and held up her long legs. Her heels were next to my ears, as my cock pounded her pussy. Darryl had shifted around the couch.

He was not filming behind the couch. He was looking straight down on his Mom huge tits. I then leaned down to suck her hard nipples. She put her hands on my hips. She then slipped them down my hard ass. She was pushing my cock, deep inside her. She let out a big scream. I was close to cumming. I had been fucking Daryl's Mom for a good twenty minutes. He was still watching his Mothers face and tits with the camera. "Buck! Don't cum inside my Mom. We need to see it on camera. Stop! Cut!" said Daryl.

I slowed down. I then looked up. Daryl had moved around the couch. He was standing in the front. "Your right. Why don't you get on your knees, right on the edge of the cushion. I will stand here and fuck your amazing tits. Then Daryl you stand there and catch it on camera. How does that sound?" I said. I got off the couch. Daryl's mom got on the edge of the cushion. Her huge tits hung down. She smiled as she picked up my hard cock, with her small hands.

She slipped it between her huge warm breast. Daryl got a good view of me fucking his Mothers huge breast. It took only another minute before I felt my legs move.

"Fuck!" I grunted. I then watched as the tip of cock exploded. Huge white globs of cum splattered on her breast. "Damn! I'm covered.MMmmmm" Daryl's Mom yelled as she stuffed my cock into her mouth. Daryl moved his head around the camera. "Fuck! That is the biggest load I've ever seen. Take me a month to make that much." he said. I smiled. Mrs. Paige cleaned off my wet cock. She then spit me out a few minutes later.

"Fuck!!! That was fun. Did you get all of that Junior? Buck! That was amazing. I never been fucked like that before. You cock is amazing. I never seen anyone cum so much.

I could have drowned honey." she giggled. I just smiled. "Thanks! Mrs. Paige." I said. "Buck! After fucking me that good. Call me Penny.

In fact you can call me anytime sweetie. Fuck that was so hot. Junior. Stop starring at me. Your freaking me out. Be a doll and run upstairs. Get me a towel and one for Buck. Not only are you the camera man.

But your suppose to go get things for the stars of your little fuck film. Go on now." said Penny. "She right dude. Got get us some towels to wipe off." I said. Daryl turned to run upstairs. He left the camera on the floor, next to the couch. "Oh god.your starting beautiful chicks know how to use a vibrator get hard again.

Mmmmm.Maybe we should go to my room. There more space. Fuck! You scared the shit out of me Junior. Don't sneak up on me. Thank you. Now wipe me down. How does that sound Buck? Up for some more fun. Senior won't be home until tomorrow." said Mrs. Paige. I smiled. "Hmmmmm. Let me think. Ok! Let's go." I said. "Damn! Did you get a good feel. Here let me finish the rest. Give a towel to your new porn star.

My breast our sore from my son's hands. What am I going to do with you?? Junior?? What are you doing?" said Daryl's Mom. "Mom! Don't be mad. But I need to." said Daryl. With out warning. Daryl dropped his skate boarding shorts. He pulled down his wet underwear. He had already blew a small load in the front.

Now I know why everyone called him Small Daryl. It was no bigger than two inches. It took him two strokes to cum in his hand. "Like Father, like son. Jesus! Fuck! Junior are you ready to tape some more. Come watch a real man in action. Follow me Buck." said Daryl's Mom. We did not even make it half way up the stairs, before I had my cock wedge in Mrs. Paige tight pussy. I had my feet next to her hips.

My cock was buried deep in her pussy. My big hands were around her small waist. I could hear Daryl breathing below us. He was laying on his stomach filming straight up into his Mom pussy. I reached around Mrs.

Paige huge breast. I put my hands underneath them as she rammed her ass back on legs. I was on tip of her. Juggling her breast and slamming her pussy with my cock. A few minutes passed before she let out a scream. "Aaagghhhhh.I'm cumming. Your big cock making me orgasm. Fuck!! Fuck!!" yelled Daryl's Mom. I then pulled my cock all the way out. It was very wet.

I climbed down one step from her. I leaned down to start licking her wet pussy. She orgasm a second time in my mouth, before I carried her to master bedroom. Slutty lesbian dolls are spreading and fist fucking anals spent the rest of the night fucking Mrs. Paige in just about ever position. She let me fuck her in every hole and cum all over her body. Daryl fell asleep on the floor next to the bed.

He had to go get two more DVD's to capture the action. He woke up when he felt the bed moving, and his Mom screaming before I left. About an hour later, Mr. Paige came home from work. His Wife spent the whole day in the bath tub. Trying to get clean. There son. Spent the whole day jerking off in his room, watching me fuck his Mom on camera.

.Two days later. "Knock! Knock!" The front door opened. "Hello! Is Daryl home?" I said. "Yes! Junior! There a young man at the door for you. Excuse me. My wife and I are on our way out. Honey! Move it." said Mr. Paige. "Thanks Dad. Buck!

How's it going?" said Daryl. "Hey!" I said. "Hello honey.who's at the door? Well hello young man. Nice to meet you." said Mrs. Paige. She was wearing a super tight white cocktail dress.

She had 6inch white heels on. Her hair, make up and nails were just done. Daryl's mouth fell open when he saw his Mom. Mrs. Paige leaned into Mr. Paige. "I'm sorry honey. I'm feeling kinda of tired. I'm still a little sore from the other day. My chest still hurts. Why don't you go on with out me. Take Junior. I'm sure he love to go." said Mrs. Paige. "Junior! Let's go. Leave your video camera here. Nice to meet you young man." said Mr. Paige. "See ya. Buck." said Daryl. He gave me this weird look.

"Later! Mrs. Paige can I use your phone?" I said. "Yes! It's right over there. Later honey. You two fellas have fun. I know I will." whispered Mrs. Paige. Love, Buck xoox