Secretaire francaise sexy suce une bite pour les voyeurs

Secretaire francaise sexy suce une bite pour les voyeurs
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Subject: I Meet Beca I stopped my bike and planted both feet on the ground. Approaching me was a young jogger. The girl had a sweat band around her head, her hair in two braids and a smile on her face. Her sweat soaked t-shirt was plastered against her two perfect mounds. At the summit of each was a perfect point the shape of an olive.

I was so intent on starring at this beauty I fell over on my bike. She stopped and looked down at me with a smile and said, "I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you." "I don't either," I replied while the hand brake lever stuck me in the boob and my legs were wrapped around the bars of the bike.

The beauty helped me get untangled and then helped me up and asked if I was alright. I replied that my breast hurt where the lever had been.

She smiled and suggested she would make it better and gently squeezed it. My knee was quite scraped and began to bleed a little. But I couldn't take my eyes off my angel.

"Why don't we go to my apartment," She asked, "It's not far from here, just around the block. Sexy woman likes it deep in her throat we can do something about that knee of yours." Here apartment was more like a small house, all on one floor.

We entered thru the front door and angel lead me down the hall and into a bedroom. She started to strip her soaked clothing off and I watched with a little amazement.

Here was a beautiful young girl stripping in front of a woman she had just met. Actually we hadn't formally met yet.

When she was down to her panties she came to me and said, "Let's take a look at that scrape." She lifted my leg up placed it on a chair while she examined my wound. I thought this girl has done this before. She looked at me and smiled and said, "This wound needs a good cleaning and then a bandage. I think in the shower would be the best place to wash it." Once again I was amazed but thought to my self, I wonder how far this young lady is willing to go.

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She was standing right by my side as if waiting to help me up. I put a hand on each of her hips and looked up at her smiling face. "There is something I'd like to do before we hit the shower," I told her. "What is that?" she asked. I stood up, keeping my hands in place on her hips. I gently pushed her back towards the bed until she fell over on it.

Then I put a hand on each thigh and spread them. The crotch of her panties was just as wet as her t-shirt had been. I couldn't wait to nibble and lick this hot, wet cunt. "What are you doing?" She asked with urgency in her voice. "I'm going to dine on a beautiful woman's hot sweaty pussy," I replied. Her voice seemed to say, I don't know about this, but her body said, I'm all yours. So I didn't hesitate any longer. I ran the tip of my tongue up the inside of her thigh till I felt the smooth wetness of her panties.

Then I grasped them in my teeth and pulled on them. My beautiful little girl lifted her hips so I could slide them down. The heavy sweaty smell that had engulfed my senses was now be tempered by the strong and wonderful aroma of her sex. I buried my face in her pussy, inhaling deeply as my tongue pushed its way in to her love hole. Then our movements became as one as she moaned and writhed about and I gripped her tightly to continue my cleaning.

Her clit stood out like a small cock and I sucked it like it was one. I had only been playing for a few minutes when she erupted like a gorgeous ebony beauty jemeni spread her threesome brunette. I clamped my mouth over her cunt hole so as not to loose any of her love juice.

Suddenly she lay quiet as if she had passed out. I continued to gently lick about her pussy and into the valley between her buns where her rose bud resided. Then each thigh was carefully cleaned and then I sat back. This lovely little girl just laid there, a big smile on her face and eyes closed. Then she opened them and looked at me. "My you don't waste any time getting what you want, do you?" "I learned long ago that time wasted is never recovered.

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Now we can proceed with that shower knowing what we are really about." During the shower and while drying off we were constantly at each others bodies. I loved the feeling of the warm shower spray on my head while my face was buried in her pussy while she seemed to prefer sucking my nipples like a baby at its mothers.

But that was to change. When we had finished drying each other my little one took charge and led me to her bed. I found myself flat on my back, legs spread while this little angel began making love to my cunny. Her first action was to tease with a gentle touch of her fingers, up and down the lips of my hole.

Then she flicked my clit until I was about to explode and then began with her tongue. My little skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas loved licking my pussy and while she didn't seem to be very experience she definitely knew what to do. First her lips would be pulling my clit, then I could feel her tongue fucking my cunt and all the while her fingers were doing a dance up and down my thighs and up and down the crack between my buns.

A tip of her finger even found my rosebud several times. I too am a squirter and when my first climax approached I grabbed her head, pushing my pelvis hard against her face. She drank my juice like a thirsty child and continued licking and sucking until I collapsed. I laid there absolutely exhausted. She brought me around by asking, "Which one would you like first?" I opened my eyes just as she unrolled a large bundle that contained probably 8 or 10 love toys. Long slender ones, big bulky black ones, a harness for a two way strap on and several different types of vibrators.

I couldn't believe how well equipped my new lover was. I leaned up on one elbow and surveyed my choices. I picked a medium sized cock and the harness and said, "I want to fuck you with this one to start with," I said, pulling the harness out of the bundle.

As part of the harness there was a large elbow shaped cock like thing that went into my pussy and she attached the cock that would be used on her. We soon were kissing and playing with each others tits while the cock hammered in and out of her pussy and I was favored with action with the one in me. I told my little one that when a climax approached to tell me cause I wanted to drink at her fountain.

It was long before I found myself lapping up her love juice after a tremendous effort. We traded positions and the harness and cock several times over the next few hours. I had never been with such a love child. Finally when neither of us could move we just laid there in each others arms and enjoyed the feeling of bare skin against bare skin.

Then my little lover said, "I think we had better have some solid food, don't you? I then realized how starved I was.

I glanced at her bedside clock and saw that it was almost 10. We had been making out for nearly 5 hours. I slowly rolled out of bed and agreed with her that food was very necessary. I started to pick up my wet muff banged so well girlfriend and homemade and she scolded me saying, "No cloths my love I want to be able to see your beauty while we eat.

While we prepared something to eat we chatted like school girls. Sometimes both talking at the same time, not listening to the other. Suddenly I put my hand on her arm and said, "I know every inch of your body and know what you taste like fresh from a run or fresh from a shower but I don't know your name." My little one replied, "Beca, if it's important.

What's yours?" "Carrie", I replied. We both sort of laughed and said that we were glad the formalities were out of the way. Beca asked where I was staying and I told her and then she asked how much longer I had in England. I told her about 10 days and she told me she had to go to work in about 3 hours but would take the next 10 days off and we would really get to know each other. I thought to myself I thought I knew her pretty well all ready.

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