Slut gets ass fucked gapped and creampied

Slut gets ass fucked gapped and creampied
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Hello Friends, This story of mine describes about how I was attracted towards one of my neighbours and started to dream about her. It's about how she took me to be a young immature boy and became too friendly with me, leading to my being able to carry her to HER bed in MY arms and give her the best night of her life (and mine too).

I am Paul and live in an apartment in Los Angeles, with my parents. I am nineteen years old with a height of 6'1" and I weigh around 75 kgs. I have got blonde hair and green eyes from my mom and the tall and muscular body from my dad (he is also into body building, along with me).

My friends say that I look quite like a stud and its proof enough that girls keep swarming around me like bees. I am the captain of my college's soccer team and so my popularity is a bit more than what it would have been. Although I am a beauty lover (you know what I am talking about) but my parents think that I am as innocent as a new born child. Well now let me start my narration, So it was around mid-June, the previous year. I was off to soccer practice and when I returned home at about six in the evening, I found a lady sitting with my mom and laughing her ass out on some kind of a joke (maybe, my mom tried to crack some).

I entered and mom introduced me to that lady and told me that she was our new neighbour. She asked me to greet the new lady, I obediently followed and soon I heard the lady laugh out harder. I was very confused at that moment and seeing my puzzled white and amateur chick gets fucked by shawns cock in his office my mom said, "I had just told her that you are such a polite and obedient boy, but she didn't believe that a young boy of nineteen could be polite and obedient to her mom.

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That's the reason of her laughter." My mom asked me to sit with them and have a chat with Aunt Kepi (that was her name) and make her comfortable in the new place. We started discussing general topics like our daily routine and family background. It was then that I got to know that her husband was an air force pilot and mostly stayed away from home. It was when she raised the topic of girlfriends that I noticed how sexy she was. My mom was telling her that I was not interested in all those matters but I was checking her out from toe to top.

Well, she was quite beyond the words 'sexy' and 'hot'. She had blonde hair and dark black eyes. Her thin face looked beautiful with just a small amount of makeup (including the lipstick and mascara).She looked somewhat about 28 years old and had a perfect figure (and I 'figured' out that she could have been a fashion model) with the right amount of weight in the right places.

Her boobs were maybe around 34D and looked quite magnetizing for my dick, which had become rock hard. Her waist and her perfectly toned legs were just a beauty and her round ass added largely to her sexiness. That night I couldn't sleep much because I kept thinking about her and fantasized how I could fuck her enigmatic pussy. The days started going off slowly and I started dreaming more about her.

She used to come to our house and have long chats with my mom and sometimes even I was involved in some conversation about her. Since my mom had told her that Richard mann my mom fucking blackzilla was a shy boy and was not so much into girls and 'those' matters so Aunt Kepi didn't talk much about that (actually she didn't talk to me, about girls, at all).

We usually talked about my studies and soccer and upcoming events. So I couldn't put any step forward in the direction of letting her being attracted to me. About a month had passed and we had become good neighbours. She came to my mom's rescue when needed and mom too, had helped her on many instances. Once my mom wanted to go to sara tommasi video porno con andrea dipregrave of our relatives because of his illness but I couldn't be taken along because of some 'unexplainable reasons' (most probably, the relatives daughter wanted to date me and this was not acceptable to my mom).

She requested Aunt Kepi to 'baby-sit' me "if it is alright with you." Aunt Kepi readily accepted mom's request and soon I was sitting with Aunt Kepi, watching some stupid programs on the television.

After an hour, when the show was over, she switched off the TV and asked me whether I would like to play chess with her. Well there I was from fire into the smoke. But at least chess was way better than that show on the TV (that's my view). I agreed and within ten minutes she had set up the chessboard on the table, with us facing each other, seated on chairs.

I could play chess very well (this trait was inherited from my dad) and soon I had her thinking hard for the next move. After much hesitation she placed her queen in the path of my rook, in order to protect her king. This was the precise moment I was waiting for, from the beginning of the game, because now she would be check-mated within three moves.

Runs out of cock black girlfriends decides to fuck each other instead placed my rook in place of her queen and removed the queen from the board. I kept the beaten queen beside the board along with other 'dead' pieces but I dropped it and it toppled a few other pieces which fell to the ground. I apologized deeply for my mistake to which she said, "It's alright Paul, I'll just pick up the pieces." She went down to her knees and started picking up the fallen pieces.

She bent a little to pick up a pawn when I noticed that she was not wearing a bra! My dick started to react to the situation and I started becoming excited. Suddenly an idea cracked up in my mind.

Just to have a closer look at her precious belonging beneath her top, I got down to my knees feigning to help her and came closer to her and peeked inside her top. Oh my god! She had such a wonderful pair of tits. My half hard dick became rock hard within a second and I couldn't handle it any more. I excused myself to the washroom and jerked off my dick, imagining myself sucking those marvelous tits of hers. When I returned to the table, I saw that the chess board and the pieces had been kept away.

"I was feeling bored and so I kept it away." "But I was so close to beating your king!" I replied. She grinned broadly and her beautiful face made a smile emerge on my face. "Better luck next time." I was about to reply when she asked about dinner and I said that I could have anything for dinner. Within twenty minutes we were sitting at the table having dinner and occasionally talking to each other.

My stomach was so full that I started feeling sleepy. She was also going to her bed and she asked me to accompany her because there was only a single bed in her house.

At first I hesitated a bit and said that I could have a nap on the sofa but she insisted that she had been entrusted by mom with my wellness and she couldn't let me break my neck by sleeping on the sofa. After much persuasion from her I was compelled to sleep on her bed, WITH HER!

We made the necessary arrangements for the night and retired off to bed. We talked a bit with each other before she turned her back to me and slumbered away. I tried to have a siesta twgirls lean with big tits but my mind was continuously focusing around her waist and my dick was so hard that it started to ache.

I loosened my pant a bit and had to adjust my dick to avert the pain. I was in a semi-conscious state when I lifted my hand and placed it on her waist.

This was not at all intentional because I was used to wrapping my arms around a pillow while sleeping and here there were no pillows for my arms. I felt her hold my hand and 'keep' it away from her. I thought that I was about to ruin my image and so I apologized, "I am sorry Aunt Kepi, I am used to holding a pillow in my arms while sleeping and so I didn't realize that I had put my arms on you." "It's alright Paul.

I couldn't bear the weight of your hands and so I had moved it away, if you want you may keep it here." Then she took my hand and placed it right on her pelvis.

My already hard dick, started brawling with my pants and it started getting herd for me to prevent her from feeling my dick right behind her ass. But as luck would have it, we fell asleep very soon and so there was no chance for her to acknowledge my hard-on. The morning had set in quite early and I woke up due to Aunt Kepi's voice. She was calling me for breakfast. I hurriedly got ready and went out to the dining table. There was pasta and orange juice for breakfast. I had them fast and extolled her cooking skills.

My mom was to return the next day and that meant that I could have one complete day and a night with Aunt Kepi. I noticed that she was wearing a top (a weird one actually), which opened at the back and denim shorts.

I felt pulled towards her and my dick was already aching. I excused myself to the washroom (but I felt as if she had noticed the bulge in my pants because she was smiling naughtily at me) and helped myself release the excess load stored in my balls. After unloading myself I took a seat on the sofa and started watching a rom-com on the TV, with Aunt Kepi.

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It was about one in the afternoon when I got up and told her that I needed to go to one of my friends for a science project. By half past one, I was at Jim's home, where we tried to complete the project which had been given to us two weeks ago by our science teacher.

We tried to figure out a way to do it but in vain. Finally after about three hours of continuous and gruesome assessment we came to an acceptable solution. We completed the whole project within twenty minutes after finding the solution.

I was not in a hurry to go back and so we sat down playing a game on his PS3. At five in the evening I realized that I had been away since five hours and packed up to return. I had bid my friend goodbye and had reached Aunt Kepi's house. She went off to have an evening shower as soon as I entered the house.

I sat down on her bed and started thinking about the science project which we had completed just a couple of hours ago. Suddenly I felt an urge to go to the washroom and so I went to the one attached to the bedroom (there were two washrooms in the house, one was the main washroom and the other was a smaller one attached to the bedroom). It was then that my luck changed. When I came out of the washroom, I was totally dazed at what I saw. Aunt Kepi was standing in front of me (with her back to me), totally nude (and oblivious to the fact that I was standing right behind her) and trying to put on her bra.

My eyes started to scan her nude body and I was amazed to see her soft, round ass. I saw that she was struggling to put on her bra and I don't know why I stepped behind her and took hold of the strap of the bra.

She stood there frozen to the ground and I dropped the bra and turned her around. I could see the ultimate shock in her eyes but I could resist the temptation of her hot and nude body. I pulled her face close to mine and kissed her on her lips. At the beginning I was anxious of the fact that this might not end up well but soon I felt her reciprocating my kiss and was utterly joyful at that instant.

I pulled her closer to me and placed my hands on her soft ass. Her tits started to rub against me and it aroused both of us very much. She was continuously rubbing the crouch in my pants and I was also rubbing her wet pussy with my fingers.

Within moments she ripped off my shirt and started to feel my bare chest with her hands while our tongues were playing with each other. She started to lower herself down to her knees, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled it down along with my underwear. She was taken aback on seeing my dick. It is seven and a half inch long and nearly two and a half inch in diameter. She held it firmly with her hands and started stroking it gently. I wanted to feel her mouth around my dick and so I held her hair and pulled her face close to my dick.

She still didn't understand my idea and so I forcefully thrust my dick into her mouth. She shrieked at that instant but I felt her sucking on my dick with unmatchable skills, just after she understood what I wanted her to do. She could take only five inches of my dick into her mouth and that was not acceptable to me. So, I held her head and started pushing my dick further into her mouth. She was gagging at my dick but still she managed to please me with her skills.

Within a few minutes she gave me the best blowjob I had ever had and I climaxed right in her mouth. She swallowed the whole of my load and licked my dick clean.

Now it was my turn to please her, but I had my ideas of pleasing her. I picked her up and laid her down on the bed. Then I took one of her belts from the cupboard and tied her hands with it to the bed.

She was smiling broadly at me. I set her legs wide apart and sat down triple purple bitch videos anal cosplay teen the space between them. I lowered my face to her pussy and started licking her wet cunt. I pressed my tongue against her clitoris and the arousal was so high for her that she started to scream with pleasure. I started to lick her clit and rubbed at the sides of her pussy with my fingers. Soon she started to tremble and I had to 'face' a massive orgasm from her.

She was moaning and breathing heavily at the same time due to which her tits were heaving up and down and were very successful in capturing my attention. I went up to her tits and started pinching the nipples and squeezing babe tugs schlong for cum smalltits and handjob fleshy part. She was moaning heavily and started to yell, "Suck them… you asshole… don't tease them soooo muuucchhh&hellip.ahhhhhh&hellip.

Please suck them hard…ahhhh" She continued moaning and I obediently started to suck her 'soft tits with hard nipples'. Meanwhile I undid the belt which was bounding her. My dick was rubbing against her clit and she could not endure the arousal and so she took my dick and pushed it inside her pussy. Suddenly with renewed energy, she overturned me and got on top of me. There she sat on me with my dick inside her pussy hd passion hd sexy alexis adams gets pampered and massaged started to rock up and down.

I held her tits with both hands and started to squeeze them. She started rocking faster and soon we both climaxed again. Then she lay on top of me and we both took a short nap (with my dick still inside her pussy).

When we woke up, my dick was hard again, ready to fuck, but this time I chose to fuck her ass. At first she hesitated but then on repeated requests from me, she gave in to the idea. We got to our feet and I bent her on the bed. Slowly I began to rub her asshole with my thumb, preparing it for my entry. I inserted the thumb inside her ass and she flinched for a second but soon her ass was acclimatized to it and she didn't have much problem when I pushed my thumb deeper into her (instead she was all the more aroused and ready for my dick).

After a few seconds when her ass was ready for it, I placed my dick between the ass-cheeks and started rubbing her entrance with it.

Then I held her hair with one hand and my dick with the other and pushed inside with tremendous force. She yelled with pain and even tears began to well up in her eyes. To soothe her, I started rubbing her pussy with my hands and soon she was moaning with pleasure.

I started to penetrate deeper into her and she kept saying, "Slowly… please be slow… ahhhhhh… anal fucking is so great… ohhhh mmyyyyy goodddd!" I started to fuck her ass with increasing speed and her moans also started to increase in intensity. I order to get some more fun out of the situation, I started to spank her ass and she started to yell with pain and pleasure alike.

After about five minutes of continuous ass fucking I came inside her ass. Then we both lay down on the bed and took some, much needed, rest. Suddenly a thought came to my mind, "Were you on the pills?" She gave me a hard stare and replied, "Too quick to ask!" I was very anxious about the matter and so I asked again, "Were you…" but she interrupted, "Yes, you blockhead, otherwise I wouldn't have been letting you fuck me so hard." "God!

You are not what my mom thinks you are!" "Are you?" she responded. I knew she was equally true and we started to laugh. That night we were at the top of the world, pleasing each other in different ways.

Since I had bound her with a belt, I could ultra classic verbotene pornozeit 1930 refuse when she tied me to the chair and had fun with my dick. We tried out many different positions including '69' and 'missionary' and it was not till four in the morning that we were tired enough to fall into deep slumber. That day when mom arrived, I was too reluctant to go back home but Aunt Kepi secretly promised me more nights like the previous one and so I had to go home.

It has been around eight months since out first sex session and we still have fun with each other whenever we get a chance.

My mom thinks that it's a mother-son kind of a relation which lets me stay at Aunt Kepi while she is away but you know the reality, right? __________________________The End_______________________ Thank you Friends, Keep the votes and comments cumming… Positive reviews please… and PM me if you have got something in your minds about what should be there in my next story.