Lustful attractive bitch does her superlatively good to cum

Lustful attractive bitch does her superlatively good to cum
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Internet Classified Chronicles By E. Y. Toad I dream of cocks often. Big cocks, small cocks, white cocks, black cocks and brown cocks. Circumcised, uncircumcised, soft, hard, fat and skinny. One time I dreamed that I *was* a huge cock, rigid and throbbing in my bed, the blanket wrapped around me feeling like the soft lips of a warm vagina, which is somehow my own.

You can call me Ashley. I am 27, 5'6, and about 120 pounds. My hair is shoulder length and light-brown, my eyes close up with teenie rubbing clitoris green.

I have an athletic build and work out regularly, striving hard to maintain my figure. I am in upper management at a large financial company in a medium-sized Midwestern city. I don't know why I dream of cocks. I don't even remember when the dreams started; I've had them for years now, at least since graduating college. I saw a therapist about them several times a few years ago.

He seemed to think I was repressing some abuse I suffered as a child, but I have no recollection of it and doubt any abuse ever happened. I rarely even think about sex except when sleeping so the dreams remain a mystery to me.

I lost my virginity to a boyfriend in my second year of college. We had sex twice, then I broke up with him because he kept pressuring me to give him oral sex. I don't do that. It's dirty, and gross to even think about. I leave that to the sluts who don't mind degrading themselves. My sex life since college can be summed up in one word: "vibrator". I've been on a few dates here and there, but I didn't really 'click' with any of the guys so there were very few second dates, and no sex at all.

I keep my best friend in a drawer next to the bed and used it frequently, as I often woke from one of my cock dreams highly aroused.

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That is, until I discovered Internet classified ad sites. I was having lunch with a friend one day and she showed my a ring she just bought. She boasted about about what a steal it was and wrote down the web site address so I could check it out myself. I put the address in my purse and forgot about it. Several days later as I was cleaning out my purse to switch to a new one, I found the address and decided to take a look.

I found several good deals, but decided it wasn't worth the chance of being cheated since I wouldn't being able to tell if they were even real diamonds. As I was about to close the browser, something caught my eye. "Intimate Encounters" sounded like the kind of place hookers picked up customers.

I laughed to myself as I clicked the link, just to see what kind of whores and lowlifes would be desperate enough to place an ad for sex. I selected "Female looking for Male" and it listed hundreds of ads, several dozen of them placed just today.

I clicked the first ad and there was hd teen double fist suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft picture of some redneck, about 30 years old, shirtless and flexing his muscles. I rolled my eyes and quickly hit the 'back' button. I clicked the second ad and this time it was an old man, probably 60 or so. I didn't even bother to read his ad and returned to the list, deciding this was a waste of time.

These people were obviously not up to my high standards. Besides, I would never have sex with a stranger no matter what they looked like. I decided to look at one more and clicked the third ad. It was a picture of just a cock. A big. beautiful, hard cock. I just stared at it for many long moments. A flash of heat swept over my body and I felt a twinge in my pussy as I studied every inch of it. I can't explain it; I know all men have them, and I know you can find pictures of cocks all over the Internet, but this was different.

This was a guy that, judging by his listed location, was just a few minutes drive from me. And here was a picture of his cock.

I could click the link, email him, and have that cock within the hour if I really wanted it. I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of it. I could meet him right now. I don't even care what he looks like. I could lie back, close my eyes, spread my legs and let that cock work its way deep in to my cunt.

It has been so long. I know this is just a fantasy and there is no way in hell I'm meeting some stranger for sex, but I couldn't quit looking at it.

I grabbed my friend from the drawer, pulled my skirt up and sat back down at the computer. I stared at the screen, imagining that cock on the screen was sliding up my thigh, brushing against my pussy and working its way under my damp panties. As the vibrator hummed across my clit, I arched my back slightly and my grip on the vibrator tightened. My God! I was aching for that cock. I leaned back in the chair, not taking my eyes off the screen, and slid the tip of the vibrator in to me.

I bit my lower lip as the vibrator sunk deeper and deeper. I was going to do it! I would email him, set something up and have this cock in me tonight!

Oh my God, I cold feel it already; this beautiful hunk of meat inside me, sliding in deep, then pulling back out until just the ridge of the head teased my burning, dripping cunt.

I couldn't school girl xxx story play it anymore and quickened my pace, furiously fucking myself with the plastic tool. I threw my head back and slid down in the chair. Even as the orgasm built up and my whole body began to sweat and tremble, I could not take my eyes off the screen. I licked my lips repeatedly as I stared at this strangers cock and imagined I could feel it inside me, stiff and warm.

My pussy clamped down on this wonderful cock as it continued to pound my cunt. My thighs squeezed together, crushing my hand as it struggled to keep the cock moving. Suddenly, my whole body convulsed with pleasure and I began to gasp loudly. "Ohhh, God! Ohhhh. fuck.Ohhhhhh" I moaned, finally closing my eyes and concentrating, trying to make this vibrator feel like a real cock.

When I'm done, I told myself, I'm going to email him and set up something for later today. This plastic thing isn't enough anymore. I need real cock, tonight! "Ohhhhh, Gooooodddddd!" I gasped, as the orgasm wracked my body, my hips involuntarily jerked several times as I squeezed out every ounce of pleasure I could manage.

I collapsed back in to the chair, exhausted. The vibrator slid out of my pussy and hung loosely in my hand delicious man fucks sexy awesome gal pornstar hardcore I tried to catch my breath, wiping the sweat from my forehead. After a minute or so, I sat up in the chair, looked at the screen and felt more than a little ashamed.

I shut the computer down, cleaned my vibrator, straightened my clothes and went to the grocery store. ***** I awoke a few minutes after 2am, damp with sweat.

I vaguely recall dreaming of a disembodied cock trying to worm its way up my leg, and me repeatedly pushing it back down. I reached over and opened the drawer. As my hand touched the vibrator and I felt its cold, plastic shell, the image of the cock on that web site flashed through my mind. I grabbed the vibrator, went to the den and turned my computer on. Damn, what did the title of that ad say? There are so many ads. I can't find the one with the cock.

I scrolled through what must have been 200 ads titles and was not able to find it again, but I quickly found out that it wasn't necessary.

Fully 50% of the ads have a picture of some random guys cock; almost all of them as alluring as the one from last night. I couldn't believe there were this many men near me with such nice cocks. Or. is it just that I find them all enticing? I felt ashamed, like some cheap whore that would fuck anything with a working penis just to feel loved. I turned the computer off and went back to bed, pulled my nightgown up and started working my pussy with the softly purring vibrator.

After several minutes of trying, I realized that my friend just wasn't doing it for me tonight. It felt so lifeless and artificial. I turned it off and rolled over to go back to sleep.

I tossed and turned for many minutes. Finally, in resignation to the inevitable, I threw the blanket off of me and marched back to the den, turned the computer on, and grabbed a bottle of water. After creating an anonymous email account at one of the search engines sites, I went back to the web high school girls fuck big black cock and started selecting which cock I was going to have. I wasn't actually going to meet anyone of course, but I couldn't sleep anyway and it might be fun to pretend.

It was almost 3am by now and obviously too late for anyone to respond, but as I clicked the email link for the cock I selected, I felt cheap, and dirty and. God help me, I was soaked with arousal. I wrote the email, erasing it several times and starting over to get the wording just right.

I eventually finished it, telling him he had a nice cock and asked what he was looking for. I paused the cursor over the 'Send' button, hesitating. Was I really this desperate? This lame? I know a dozen decent, nice-looking guys at the office or that I've met through friends that would love to have me.

I thought about Paul at the office. I could get him in bed, I'm sure of it. But, office affairs are nothing but trouble. And I don't have the time to devote to a relationship right now.

No, it can't be anyone I know. But anonymous sex. there is no way I can do this. As I started considering deleting the email and going back to my vibrator, I switched over to the ad site browser window, and lost track of time as I stared at the cock.

In a burst of courage. or desperation, or maybe a bit of both, I switched back over to the email window and quickly clicked 'Send' before I could talk myself back out of it. That single click changed my life forever. ***** I spent a fitful night, trying to sleep with images of cocks floating though my mind.

I only managed about two hours of sleep and woke up too late to get to work on time. I decided to call in to let them know I was taking a sick day and went back to sleep. I woke up about 11am, started the coffee maker and turned the computer on.

I was excited to see that I had a reply! This is just a game, of course, but I was still quite anxious to read it. I was very disappointed once I did. 'hey baby what do u teen licks cock and gets bonked hardcore blowjob like u have a pic?' Maybe I'm just used to educated business associates, but what kind of backward, grammar school dropout writes like that? Yes. this is exactly the kind of Neanderthal I want between my legs.

I closed the browser without responding and made some breakfast. I pulled the plate of bacon out of the microwave and removed the top paper towel.

As I looked down at strips of bacon, still juicy and sizzling, I fell in to some kind of trance, captivated by the sight, sound and smell of the hot meat on the plate. I know it's crazy; there is nothing sexy about bacon, but it triggered something in me that I can't explain.

I set the bacon down and went back to the computer, loaded my email and clicked 'Reply'. 'I'm 27, athletic, nice tits, don't have a pic, want some cock tonight.' God, I felt like such a slut.

I just told a stranger I wanted his cock. I ate my breakfast, embarrassed that I would even respond, let alone in such a crude manner. and even more embarrassed that I refreshed the browser several times while eating, checking for a reply. About 20 minutes later, I received one. 'come over now? 239 franklin. wife at work all day I want to fuck u' God, this moron thinks I'm going to hop in the car and go to some strangers house to get fucked.

a married stranger. and he gave me his address! Still, it was fun and exciting to play along. Him being married made it even more slutty. and exciting. 'Can't right now. Maybe tonight?' 'wife home tonite. email sux im me at xxxxxx' I eventually figured out what 'im me' means and created an instant messaging account and sent him a message from my phone. 'Sorry, can't do it right now. You don't know what you're missing.' I was taunting him, and I don't want to sound conceited, but it was true.

This redneck would probably give his left thumb to have me. I know where Franklin street is. It's a lower-class, working-family neighborhood. I imagined his wife as a frumpy, chubby thing, hips sex xxx sunny leone vdo from popping out his redneck kids, face rough and tired from years of raising them. 'send me a pic plzzzzz' Teasing this poor slob was turning me on quite a bit.

I decided it would be fun, and couldn't hurt anything to send him a picture of me from the neck down, just to see what he'd say. 'This is me. You sure we can't get together tonight?" 'OMG!!!!!! plzzzzz come over now i will fuck u sooooo hard' 'Sorry, can't today. Maybe next time.' 'OMG! Plzzzz!!!' I didn't respond to this, or the 13 other messages he sent over the next few hours.

I'm not sure why he never suggested a hotel. He probably couldn't afford it. ***** It was about 10:00pm and I couldn't stop thinking about 'Joe', sextury redhead teen gets assfucked and facialed I had begun calling him in my mind.

or I should say, I couldn't stop thinking about Joe's cock. I decided to go get a hot coffee at a drive-through window so I threw some clothes on and hopped in the car. I sat in my car in the parking lot sipping my coffee for a few minutes then headed home. As I passed Jefferson street, I suddenly, and without thought, swerved over to the right lane and turned.

I slowed down since this was a residential neighborhood and looked around. The houses where mostly very old bungalow-style homes, probably built in the 30s or 40s. Many of the yards were strewn with large, plastic kids toys, beat up bicycles and an occasional pick-up truck with a hood or door of a different color than the rest of it. I drove maybe three blocks and looked up just in time to see the 'Franklin St.' sign.

I turned right, just to see where he lived. I quickly found his house and pulled over to the side of the road and turned my lights off but kept the engine running. The house was completely dark except for the glow of a TV or maybe a computer screen in what looked like the living room, and a light on in a room at the rear of the house. I sat in the car for several minutes, gradually getting more and more aroused.

That cock was just inside this house, waiting for me. Knowing there was no chance that I would be screwing a stranger tonight, I reached under my skirt and started to finger myself. My God, I didn't have any panties on. I mean, I knew I didn't, I guess, but it hadn't really occurred to me until just then. It also occurred to me that I had no bra on under my button-up blouse. Did I subconsciously leave the house like that so I'd be ready for anything? I took my hand out from under my skirt and grabbed my phone.

'Are you there?' There was a long delay before he responded. 'OMG yes!' I paused for maybe two minutes, wondering what the hell I was doing. 'u there?' he asked. 'I'm outside your house.' I responded, too quickly to be swayed ebony school girls and boys beeg second thoughts. I looked up at his house and saw the curtains moving, and the dark silhouette of a rather large man, probably 6 feet tall, maybe with a beer belly, but not what you'd call fat.

'where? I cant see u' 'I'm here.' 'why are u here? my wife is in the kitchen' Again, I paused, this was reaching the point of no return. 'I want your cock.' 'come over tomorrow she works days' 'Now.' I replied. 'wife is home come tomorrow' 'Now. or forget it.' I insisted.

'wait plzzzz!' I saw him moving around, saw his shadow in the back room, then he appeared at the side of the house, apparently having walked out the back door. He went over to the garage and opened the side door, disappearing inside. 'come to the garage' What the hell kind of slut does he take me for? I'm not going to fuck some stranger in his dark, dusty garage.

'Not in the garage.' I replied. 'nowhere else. wife is up come to garge. i will fuck u' I looked as his old garage, a piece of siding hanging loose along the front, and wondered how I had come to this point in my life. I sat up in my seat, adjusted my skirt and put the car in gear to leave.

'my cock is hard I want to fuck u' he messaged. My pussy twinged with excitement when I read the message. I read it several times and started to squirm in the seat. Oh God, I'm actually considering doing this! I argued with veronica clark in sensual sex with slim ukraine babe in my mind for a long time, only to be interrupted by my phone dinging.

'pllzzzz!!!!!' I looked back at the garage, at my phone, then back at the garage again. 'Keep the light off. Do not talk. If you say a single word, I will leave.' 'ok! ok! I sware' God, please tell me I'm not about to do this with someone who can't even spell.

'I'm coming in now.' I got out of the car and walked up toward the house like I had some business there, then swerved over toward the garage as I got close to it. I slipped along the bushes and looked through the garage side door from a few feet away.

I could see his darkened form a little ways back in the garage. I think he was masturbating but I couldn't tell for sure because it was so dark. I stepped cautiously in to the garage. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see just well enough to make out a lot of junk. Shovels, rakes, toys, unmarked boxes, a push-type lawn mower and a large riding mower.

I still could not make out his face, or even see his body clearly. I was struck by a sudden urge to run. I needed to get out of there, right now.

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What the hell was I thinking. This guy could kill me out here. My mind was screaming 'Run' but my body was bending over and putting my hands palm down on the hood of the riding mower and gasping.

"Fuck me!" He immediately walked over and raised my skirt, put his hand on my cunt and started rubbing it.

I was already soaking wet and ready for him. "Fuck me now!" I insisted, unbuttoning my blouse to let my bra-less breasts hang freely. I felt his hands grab both sides of my ass to hold me in place, then felt the head of his cock probing for my pussy. God, it was electric! My cunt burned with desire as his cock found my pussy and he began to roughly knead my tits from behind.

As his cock slowly slid in to me, I looked out the partially open side door to see his wife in the kitchen window. She burglars tied up milf and orgy fucked her very much like I had imagined.

She was doing the dishes, oblivious to her husbands cock being inside me. The thought of me being a dirty, home-wrecking slut filled me with lust. As the full length of his cock entered me, it was uncomfortably tight since he was bigger than my vibrator. I could feel my muscles clenching his stiff rod, hugging it as he began slowly pumping me from the rear.

God, it felt so good. My vibrator would never be good enough again after this. I looked at his wife again, casually wiping plates as her loving husband and the father of her children fucked a stranger 20 feet away. My legs began to tremble and my knees got weak. I was not going to last much longer. I laid my chest down on the hood of the riding mower, my breasts smashed nearly flat against it, my right cheek sitting in a thin layer of dust near the top of the hood.

I could faintly smell burnt oil and old gasoline as my head tapped against the steering wheel with each thrust of this wonderful cock. I grabbed both sides of the riding mower, hugging it tightly and began to gasp as the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced built up in my crotch.

"Ohhhhhh. myyyyyyy. Godddddddd! I gasped. "Shhhhhhhh!!!" he hushed. "Ohhhhh! Fuck me!! Fuck my slutty cunt! Oh, GOOOODDDD!" I yelled, hugging the mower so hard I probably had a the outline of a dear imprinted on my chest. "Shhhhhh! Please!" As the ecstasy subsided, I lie on the mower trying to catch my breath and stop sweating. My whole body shifted with each thrust of his hips. "Mmmmmmmmm!" he moaned. "Mmmfff! Mmmfff! Mmmmfff!" he huffed, plowing my cunt with a steady rhythm.

"UHHHHHHH!!" he yelled, even louder than I had. "Shhhh!" I hushed, looking at the window to see his wife still doing the dishes.

I felt the warm liquid shooting inside of me several times, as he jerked his hips to bury his cock in me with each load of come. He finished coming and stopped fucking me, but kept his cock in me and put his hand on the small of my back. "God, you are amazing!" he praised. I stood up slowly, letting his cock fall out of me and started to button my blouse with my back still to him.

The shame started to creep up on me. "Wait two minutes, then go back inside." I said. "When. I mean, can we do this again?" he asked. "No." I said abruptly. "Didn't you." he began. "I did. but still. 'No'." I adjusted my clothes and walked out of the garage. Getting back in my car, I started it and drove away quickly.

What is wrong with me? I'm not even on the pill. I didn't make him use a condom; I could have a disease now. God, what is wrong with me? I returned home and cried in the shower. ***** The next day at work, my mind was a million miles away. I barely slept at all last night. I used the day I took off yesterday as a cover story and told everyone I was still not feeling well. I spent the day at my desk, staring off in to space and alternating between arousal at the memory of last night, and shame, disgusted with what I had done.

I had to turn down the volume on my phone because 'Joe' kept sending me messages all day, even though I never responded to any them. They were mostly him begging me to come over since his wife was at work, and he sent me another picture of his cock. It made me wonder if the cheating bastard even had a job.

As the end of the day approached, one of the vice-presidents came to my office. They were handing our third biggest account over to me. It was a great honor, and will definitely lead to a promotion to vice-president down the road a bit if I handle it well.

But as he was giving me the details, all I could think about was what his cock looked like. He was not at all an attractive man, but I still wondered. Maybe one of those I saw on the Internet site was him? Maybe even the really nice one I masturbated to? I knew that was nearly impossible, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I somehow made it through the meeting with him and thanked him for the opportunity. As I was driving home from work, I promised myself that last night would never happen again.

It was a one-time thing. I got it out of my system and that was it. Dolly little up shits creek without a paddle was fun but it's over. I have to concentrate on my job now.

I arrived home and put on some comfortable clothes. Ten minutes later I was browsing the ads again, looking for the cock I would have tonight.