Breathtaking sweetie is peeing and pleasuring smooth cunt

Breathtaking sweetie is peeing and pleasuring smooth cunt
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The frist day of being a submissve was the best day of my life. I was tied to the bed with arms and legs spread (spead eagle). Blindfolded and gagged boobs pressing and licking by man I heard music it so I can not hear or see where he was.

I was completely naked and he was somewhere around the bed. He made sure the restraints are tight enough that I can't move but loose enough that they are not cutting off circulation.

Then he came over on the bed next to me sat down and took out and kinfe he cut a slit in my shoulders each one on each side, he cut a slit above my right breast, then one under my left, and a small cross on my stomach. After he turn the music down so I can hear what he is saying he tells me that he is going to fuck me and I will obey his every command like the good little slut I am Andy has a whip in his hand and he whips it so I know my punishment if I don't listen he asked me if I understand I shake my head yes seeing as I'm still good and he says good girl.

He then tells suck three large cocks makes her happy if I cry or wine in anyway I will be punished if I try and move away to make him stop I will be punished he ask do I understand I shake my head yes. He begins to fuck me and I hold back my tears and wines as I am afraid of my punishment. After he is done he takes the blindfold off to look to see if any tears have left my eyes and he doesn't see any and says you are safe for now.

He unties my hands and feet and tells me you to ride him which I do he takes the gagge off so he can hear me moan his name and as the blood runs down my body onto his I get faster and faster and the blood pushes out thicker and heavier and boor chatne wala se story I'm so tired but he won't let me stop he then pushes me off and then tells me to my knees and suck his dick clean.

I do as I'm told I'm sucking his dick and he mones he tilts his head back pulls my hair and I grone and as the vibration runs through his body he comes to my mouth one more time.

He then picks me up and throws me back on the bed and we 69 for about an hour. He says to me are you daddy little slut I say yes daddy I will obey every command I only live to please you.

He then turned round picks me up and carries me to the shower we are in the shower and he pushes need aggressively up against the wall and thrust into me one last time.

Please answer washing each others bodies well his hands gracefully moved over my body I am in heaven I cannot see anything eles but him he moans as I stroke his dick washing every last bit of his body. We are then done with the shower we get up we go to the bedroom and lay down together and cuddle all night and his body against mine the feel a skin touching skin is so electrifying I do not want to let go.

He then whispers in my ear kitten you are mine and only mine anyone dares to take you from me they will have to answer to me I will do anything to keep you.

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I then whisper in his ear I wouldn't want to please anyone else but you master I am your little slave and only live to serve you. I want no one else but you for the rest of m y life and all eternity. And we fall asleep together all I can picture all night is the passion of been tied up by my master bending to his every will busty hot gf rides and swallows hd to his every need all I want to do serve him.

He is the God of my earth the air that I breathe the blood that thrust tough my veins he is the one and only love of my life.

The next morning we wake up in each others arms not leaving each others side all night in the same position we feal asleep in. I they're not move to wake the sleeping beautiful master from his slumber only one will know what he will do if i wake him.

He then wakes looking into my eyes with the look of complete and utter satisfaction. He tells good thing you did not move you do not want to wake me because you have been punished if you did wake me from the dream I was having my little slut.

And I look into his deep blue eyes and say why is that mater was it about me. Hey then turns to me once more looking into my hazel eyes and then I he say its most definitely w as about you me little slut. Get up and make breakfast so we can start the day.

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I got made breakfast just like I do every morning before he goes to work but this morning he had off so he would watch everything I did and made sure I did it perfectly. If he did not like the way I did something I'd be punished but he started today off a little different than straight to the playroom.

He threw me on the bed and started fucking me like you did the night before then I road him and we did the usual stuff we do every time we enter the playroom we went out and he said it's time to start your chores for today. So I didn't read a major not to cut corners or do anything that you're to my master as I knew my punishment be after halfway through the house he put my hair and took me into the bedroom.

He thrust harder then ever before which made me think it was a punishment I cried out master how did I displease you he said this is not a punishment it's a forward to enjoy it. So I did as he said yes m aster as you wish I live to please you.

to be continued