Two males fuck one beauty homemade hardcore

Two males fuck one beauty homemade hardcore
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MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT PART 1 THE RIDE The names have been changed to protect the "not so innocent".

At the age of fourteen, I (Jake) was just coming into my own (My own hand that is). I was good looking I guess. A swimmer, I was long and muscular, and had that blond/straw hair that comes from spending endless hours in the pool. Having received height from my mother, and broad shoulders from my father, at 6'1" 185pounds, and 3.5%body fat, I was larger than most fully grown men but my experience was limited. I had messed around some, but I'd never seen a girl naked, or done much more than get all worked up, only to have to finish myself off later.

My sister Rachel (16 at the time) was very different. She seemed to have gotten my father's height, and my mother's build. At 5'2", she barely came up to my shoulder. She was muscular, but petite (she couldn't have weighed more than 85-90 pounds)and tan, albeit a fake tan, large green eyes that I always thought made her look elfish, and dirty blond hair about shoulder length although she always had it in a ponytail in one of those scrunchies so I'm mostly guessing on the length.

Although we were two years apart, our birthdays fell in a way that made me one of the youngest in my class, and Rachel one of the oldest in her class. This meant we were only one grade apart in school. My parents had signed up to host an exchange student, and since they pair up exchange students with families that have children of the same redhead pornstar gagging hard amp nasty double penetration and sex, I was hoping for a guy I could get along with.

I guess I hadn't considered how much better it could be until we got the info packet from the exchange people. It included, among other things, a picture, and a short bio. It was a girl, and oh my god, she was crazy hot.

She (Lidia) was from Italy; 5'9", black long hair, and crystal blue eyes that made me need to sit down. It also contained an e-mail address, which my sister took to get acquainted with the girl that would be her room-mate for the year.

Our house was located in the suburban sprawl of Atlanta GA. A two story house, Rach and my bedrooms, and a bathroom made up the second floor; giving us privacy. Our parent's bedroom, an office for our father, living room, and kitchen were on the first floor, and a large family room was in the basement. The front door to our house entered the living room. The back door, in the kitchen, opened onto a patio, and led to the garage in the back yard.

After a few days of finding myself creating fantasy scenarios in my head of ways I could take advantage of the opportunities of having this stunning girl living in my house, I came up with my master plan. We had 3 computers in our house; One in the family room for my parents to use, and a laptop in both my sister's and my room.

With that in mind I snuck in to my sister's room and loaded a remote accessing program onto her computer, I loaded one on the family computer too. This let me control the other hot busty redhead wake up blowjob in the house from my computer.

It worked perfectly. Assuming the computers were on, I could use the other computers just like I was sitting in front of them. I tested the web-cam on Rachel's computer and vwala, my sister's bedroom on my computer screen. I went back into her room to see if her computer would show what I was doing. All that gave me away was a tiny icon next to the clock, and a LED light next to the cam along the top edge of the monitor.

I took innocenthigh young innocent brunette student tempted to bang her horny teacher key and busted the light, praying that Rach would think it had broken in her backpack, turned her computer back off, and went back to my room to begin the 14 day long wait for Lidia to arrive.

School girl sex xxx belgium a week of heavy masturbation thinking of Lidia, I began to get worried. Would my plan work? What if Rach left her computer off? What if she turned it away from the good views? What if she noticed the little icon, or the broken LED light, and uncovered my devious plan? ALL THIS ANTICIPATION COULD BE FOR NOTHING!!! It would be like waking up Christmas day, only to realize I'm Jewish.

I needed a real test. I decided to try it out and see what I could see. The next morning while Rach was in the shower, I turned on my remote program and took control of her computer. My worst fears were realized. Her laptop was closed, the screen mostly black, although I could make out a small glow at the top of the screen where light was leaking in from the edge.

I was about to chalk it up as a failure to launch when I heard Rach's door close through the webcam. I hadn't even thought of sound, so that was a plus, but it hardly made up for being blind.

I listened for a minute, and heard her hair drier turn on. It was loud. I quickly turned off my speakers and put on my headset so as not to give away my little spy.

Just as I put on my headset the screen came to life. There was my sister, very close. I could see the top of the towel she had wrapped around herself, her shoulders, and neck, and her jaw and lips for brief seconds.

She was standing up and moving around a bit, drying her hair I guessed. I hadn't ever thought of my sister as a girl before, but weather because I couldn't see her face so I could forget she was my sis, or because of the voyeur in me, I was instantly hard the way only a 14 year old guy can be.

I watched her tan shoulders and graceful neck mesmerized. Several minutes passed, or maybe several seconds, or possibly a month, then the hair dryer turned off and she walked straight away from the computer. The towel she wore wrapped around her was short, just long enough to hide her butt, but short enough to show every inch of her lean, muscular, tan legs. She bounced a little as she walked which just teased me as I watched the towel rise almost high enough to see her ass. I realized she was walking to her closet and knew what I was about to see.

The towel dropped. There she was, hair already in a ponytail, tan all the way from the back of her neck, down to…holy shit her ass was perfect (for me anyway); tan, and well defined, with little dimples on the sides where her muscles flexed every time she bounced lightly on the balls of her feet…cute little tan feet.

I saw she had ear buds in and realized she was listening to music (which explained the bouncing). She was taking down some clothes to wear. She turned clothes in hand, and I saw my first real live boobs. They were amazing to me. Round, and perky, they stood proud with no crease underneath, and little dark pink nipples the size of an eraser. Her stomach was flat with a trace of muscle definition, and a tiny bellybutton.

And there is my first pussy. Tan of course, with a small triangle of light blond hair. It was much lighter than her ponytail, so I guess she bleached it, but I had no way of knowing if that was normal or not, and I didn't care.

It was perfect. Now I talk about this as if it lasted forever, it seemed way to short a time for me. I hadn't even gotten to get my dick out of my boxers before she walked out of the cam's view. It must have been only a few minutes before she came back into view, fully dressed.

I cursed the shortness of it all, turned off my computer, and went to pull on some jeans, tucked my dick into the waistband (a trick I had come up with to hide my anytime hard dick). Something was wrong though, usually this worked fine but either these jeans were low or my dick was bigger than it had ever been, because when I tried to do up my jeans, the entire head was free and clear.

Even though it was Saturday, I had swim practice in 25 minutes, so I didn't have time to pound one out. I had to just put on a long baggy shirt, and hope my dick would go down soon. I went down to the kitchen to grab some orange juice and a granola bar to eat in the car.

My mom was there franticly organizing papers for a house she was showing (she's a relator). Rachel was there too. Was it me or did she look different somehow. She had on short jean shorts and a shirt that rose up above her bellybutton as she reached up to get a box of cereal from the cupboard. She was on her tippy-toes, and her legs and butt were not making my dick head exposure problem any better.

I forced myself to look away, and directed my attention to my mom. "I'm ready when you are" I said a bit unevenly, boy my sister had me worked up. "Oh my gosh" my mom sputtered as she looked up at me from the table. My momentary panic subsided as I looked down to see I was concealed, and my mom continued "honey, I totally forgot you had practice".

Now here was something to take my mind off "other things" and hopefully banish the monster in my jeans.

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The swim team I was on was not a "summer club" fun team. We practiced year round, we practiced 3-4 hours a day, and you had to maintain high attendance or you were not allowed to go to nationals, and, as this was the first year my times would be good enough to qualify, I was not about to miss practice.

My brief panic was replaced by a shock, and a renewed buzzing in my head as Rachel popped up between us (I say "popped up" because she is so short and petite that she would continually surprise me by appearing from a seeming nowhere), "I can take him" she said in a sing-song voice.

Brothers and sisters have all kind of relationships, and I suppose ours was normal. We were friendly; more friendly than neighbors who say "hi" as they get the mail, less friendly than best buds who hang out together.

We would on occasion give each other a friendly shove. A hip-check when passing in the hall, or a little nudge when the other one is writing, just fun razzing really. So what happened next could easily be explained away, and, would have been no big deal, except for the big deal in my pants. She did a move that I would describe as a hip-check if it had been side on, but this was her butt to my front. Ostensibly to move me out of the way, she banged her ass into me and landed perfectly on either side of my still raging hard-on.

There was just no way she could have not felt it. But she hot mom step son xxx story as if nothing was amiss, so I pretended to smile, and quickly exited the room.

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I got in Rach's jeep (a 16th b-day present) and tried to arrange myself. Now I'm just telling it like it is; my dick as of a week before was 7 ½ inches (I know, because.yes I measured) and very thick (my hands were just big enough to palm a basketball, yet I could just touch my thumb and finger when masturbating), so when my belt tucking wasn't an option (you can't really do that sitting down, especially when your cock head is popping out, or you'd decapitate yourself), I put my right leg up on the door-les doorframe and adjusted myself so my dick was smashed to my right leg.

I checked it out, and found that barring close scrutiny, it was a good camouflage. I was just starting to wonder what was taking Rach so long, when bouncing out the door she came. She had changed out of her jean shorts. She was now wearing sun-dress style skirt, very loose and very light ending just above her knees. "Sorry" she said as she climbed into the driver's side, "those shorts were slim blonde gets shaved cunt pounded in bedroom passionate girlfriend tight, I had to change".

"It's O.K." I managed, as she started up the car and backed out of the drive. The ride started of uneventfully; the neighborhood streets were deserted this early on a Saturday, although I thought I saw Rach look at my right leg once. The problems started when we hit the first real street. Apparently, while the skirt's own weight was sufficient to keep it down while going 25mph in our neighborhood, going 45mph in an open jeep was too much for it.

Rachel barely caught it in time before it blew up and exposed what I already knew to be a fabulous sight. "Shit" she said as she struggled to hold it down and pull off the street at the same time. My bus big bob sex brazzers had gone completely beyond my control at that point, and I was surprised to hear my own voice, through the haze of horny and adrenalin that clouded my head, say in a slightly panicked tone "I can't be late Rach".

She sat silent for a moment as though she were thinking. "We have 3 choices" she said in her rarely used, older sister tone;"1. We can go back to the house so I can change". "No way, I'll be so late, Coach won't let it count for attendance" I answered immediately. Rachel, again in that tone she used when she was in charge, said "2. I can take us on side streets so we don't have to drive so fast." "That's still gona make me late" I said in a tone I hoped conveyed that I was worried about practice, not trying to get her skirt up.

"Well I need both hands to drive" she said, indicating with a point, the manual transmission gear shift. "So the only other option is for you to hold down my skirt" she said in such a calm manner that I was actually embarrassed at my stuttering "what?" "If you knew how to drive a stick" she said (did she just glance at my right leg again?) "You could shift for me." "You know I don't know how yet" I said in such a whine I'm surprised she didn't make fun of me for it.

"Well I don't see any other option" she said matter-o-factly. "O.K." I said, and reached over with my left hand to the edge of her skirt where it met the near edge of her seat. "Are you trying to get a look at me naked" she said, a small grin on her face "you have to hold it down here" she imitated holding the edge of her skirt down to the seat between her legs. "And you have to use your other hand, or I won't have room to shift". It was probably the combination of the panic of not wanting to be late, combined with Rach's kidding accusation of wanting to see her naked, coupled with a level of hornyness I had never experienced, but, before I knew it I was sitting side-saddle, my left leg between the front two seats so that my left foot was on the floor behind Rach's seat, my right leg in front of the stick, my right foot inches below her beautiful, outstretched right calf, my left hand on the side of the back of her seat for balance, my right hand as far from her crotch as I could get it, holding her skirt down to the front edge of her seat.

It wasn't until I was already in position that I realized my problem. Not only was my, at this point ridiculously hard, cock's bulge in full view, up close and personal, but as she shifted, she would be within inches of it with her right hand.

This, of course, did nothing but "enflame" my problem even more. Trying my best to seem casual, and not in danger of my head exploding, I said "let's go". We took off like a bat out of hell. The reason seemed plain; I was going to be late, and my good older sister was trying to get me there as fast as possible. I say it "seemed" plain because I couldn't help but notice the ferocity of her driving had several other effects.

One of these was that when she gunned it from a stop, I was thrown back just as she shifted to second, which was forward and right. In other words she was basically punching my dick. The other effect was that she slid around in her seat a lot, causing my hand to continually brush the insides of her legs, and on three separate occasions she slid forward so far, she actually used my hand on her crotch to stop herself.

By the time I got to practice, I wasn't sure I could stand, let alone work-out for 3 hours. "Thanks for the ride" I said as I shakily got out of the car. "Make sure somebody's picking me up at 10:30" I said over my shoulder as I turned toward the natatorium (that's a pool building).

"I'll just wait for ya" she said as she pulled away to find a parking spot. To say I was in a weird head-space would be an understatement of epic proportions.

I was as horny as it was possible to be. I had just seen my first beautiful naked girl. That beautiful naked girl was my sister. And to top it all off, she was…well I didn't know what, but there were suspicions forming in the back of my mind that I refused to address.

I somehow managed doggystyle at the tennis court with redhead teen get into the locker room, which was both thankfully, and ominously empty, rushed to a stall, and let my horn flagpole fly free. It was the fastest, and strongest cum of my young life.

Standing there, I cranked hard 3 or 4 times and it hit me. I had to hold on to the toilet paper dispensers to keep from falling, as rope after blessed rope of cum flew across the stall and streaked the back wall. When I finally finished, I had to sit down or risk passing out. After a good 5 minutes of blissful relief, I looked down.

I was still hard, not as rocky solid as before but it would be unmistakable in a competitive swimsuit. I went to my locker, and looked through my suits. I picked the tightest one I had, which was my racing suit (oh well), and over it I put on my baggiest drag suit.

It did a pretty good job, but then I was expecting to return to normal shortly after starting practice. I was making my way out on deck, prepared to grovel at my coach until he relented…"what the hell" escaped my lips as I look over only to see my sister talking to Coach.

I quickly approached them hoping to end the embarrassment as soon as possible…"It's O.K." my coach said, turning to me, "your sister explained". I glanced at her, and she smiled her sweetest, most innocent smile, and for a moment I stood stricken. She really is breathtaking I thought…"GET YOUR WARM-UP STARTED" Coach yelped "You've missed half of it already".

I quickly got down to business. Warm-up was mind-numbingly boring, which is to say, its warm-up. All freestyle, which for you non swimmers means all flip turns. I mention this because it wasn't until I finished warm-up that I realized Rach was still there. She had found a spot behind Coach directly in line with my lane two rows up on the bleachers at the end of the pool.

She looked up from her book, waved a cute little wave…smiled a cute little smile and looked back down to her book. As she did so I noticed her knees were parted, not enough to see anything…maybe 4 or 5 inches, but I wondered at that just long enough to get yelled at for not paying attention, and to see Rach look up and smile again and…yes, she moved her knees a little farther apart.

I still couldn't see much, but she saw me look, I'm sure of it. I looked back up at her face and she was still smiling…little miss innocent. Luckily our main set was a distance set, which is to say, two hot lesbian girls getting dirty in the office short swims punctuated by very short rests. This was lucky because I was enough faster than the others to get my own lane, so whatever I saw, no one else would see.

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As the set progressed, I found it more and more difficult to concentrate. In my short 10-15 second rests, I could see Rach was gradually, casually, spreading her knees wider and wider. By the time we got to the halfway break, her knees were a good 8 to 10 inches apart, and then the sun broke through a cloud, and the angels sang. The sun lit her hair like honey, and as I looked down between her legs, I saw the sun had turned a dark teasing blur into that pussy I had glimpsed for a moment just 2 hours ago.

No panties…I…I don't know how, even now, to describe the feeling when I looked up a little to see my sister Rachel smiling, seemingly oblivious to the show she was giving. I went on to finish my set, my head swimming more than I was.

Could this be all me; coincidences coupled with my new found preoccupation with Rach's beautiful body? Or was she purposely teasing me? My lack of experience made it impossible for me to figure it out. I finally narrowed it down to three possibilities, all of which were, frankly, terrifying.

Either I was inexcusably ogling my own sister, while she innocently carried on, oblivious to the desires she was raising in me; which made me feel guilty and ashamed. Or she was trying to get me worked up to have fun at my expense; which again made me feel guilty, but also angry. Or, dare I dream it, she was enjoying turning me on; which was easily the most terrifying.

I got help deciding at the end of the set. I was resting at the wall, waiting for the other lanes to finish so we could start the last set together, willing myself to not even look in Rach's general direction, when I heard her close to me. "Jack" she almost whispered. I turned, and my internal dialog was burned away in an instant. Rach was sitting on her heels, no more than 3 feet from me, her knees apart, her pussy gleaming in the reflected sunlight from the water.

After a glance, too long to pass off as anything but what it was, I looked up to see Rach smiling. "I'll wait for you in the car k?" she said smiling all the while. "O.K." I sputtered. "We'll be done soon." With that she bounced away, leaving me in no doubt. She wanted me to see. There was just no way any girl would sit like that in a skirt with no panties and not expect to be seen.

So that let me throw out the "innocent sister" option. That left me with teasing; either at my expense, or for both of our enjoyment. I thought through my options as I finished practice. What could I do to figure out what was happening? I had a startling revelation. The best course of action would be to give it back as good as I got it. That would be perfect, either way. If she was just teasing me as a joke, the joke could work both ways. If she liked turning me on, I'd show her just how turned on I was.

My cock was concealable with a strategically placed towel, as I headed for the locker-room. I skipped the shower for obvious reasons and went straight to my locker. I could have gone back to the stall and jacked off again to maybe reduce the size of my cock, for a while anyway, but a big cock is just what I needed for my newly formed plan.

Luckily I was alone in my isle of the locker-room. I looked through my locker and found an old pair of supper baggy shorts I'd used for a drag suit last summer. They were pretty short, but very loose. I quickly took off my suits and sighed with relief as my painfully hard cock sprang free. I put on the baggy shorts without boxers, and had to laugh a little at the spectacle.

I might as well have camped in there. I was tenting a good 4-5 inches away from my body. I decided against wearing a shirt. My shoulders, chest, and stomach were tanned and muscular, and I could use any bit of help I could get to even the odds at the game I was starting.

So with only tented baggy short shorts, and flip-flops, and a towel over my shoulder to temporarily hide my raging hard on, I exited the natatorium to find my sister Rach waiting at the drop-off loop in sex xxxii bff google play passenger's seat of her jeep. "I thought I'd help you learn how to use a stick" she said innocently smiling up at me as I approached. 'That'd be great Rach!" I replied enthusiastically as I ran around to the driver's side, and, throwing my towel in the back, hopped in, my dick bouncing nicely.

I was pleased to see Rach had noticed, and that innocent smile she had so coolly worn, faltered as she stared at my swaying cock for a moment, before looking back up to me, regaining her composure, and her seemingly oblivious smile. It seemed more forced now, and I knew I had thrown her off her game. "What do I do first" I said, mia kholifa joni sinc sex not to notice her momentary loss of composure.

Back on her game in a flash, she jumped up on the seat, tuned towards me on her knees, sat on her heals and said "The most important thing is the clutch.

You need to push it with your left foot whenever you want to shift." I pushed it all the way down and waited for her to go on.

"Good!" she said "now grab the stick" and she took my hand and placed it on the gear-shift knob, her hand over mine. Even though I had seen her naked, the warmth of her soft hand on mine sent a thrill through my body, and my dick bounced in response. She tried to hide that she noticed, but I saw it in her face. There was excitement in her eyes she couldn't quite hide.

"Um.O.K…here's first" she said as she shifted, through my hand. "Now let out the clutch slowly, and give it a little gas." I did as she instructed, and the car jerked a little, and stalled. "Shit, sorry" I muttered as I let go of the wheel, a little deflated. "That's O.K." she beamed, "It's hard."; a double meaning if ever there was one, and she glanced at my cock again for the briefest instant.

"I've got an idea." She said, first time xxx story angery mode down under my seat. Her shirt hung away from her body as she leaned over, and I saw those amazing boobs hanging away from her chest; perfect half spheres. The driver's seat slammed to the back as she pulled the seat release, putting me as far from the steering wheel as I could get. With that, she stood up on the passenger's seat, stepped over to the small part of the driver's seat between my legs, turned her but into my face, bent over, grabbed the wheel, and hopped/swung herself down onto the set in front of me.

This had an unfortunate result. The baggy shorts I had so masterfully chosen to accentuate my "attributes", were grabbed by her but as she slid into place, pulling my throbbing cock free of confinement, where it bobbed happily between us. Stunned into paralysis, I sat there as she made herself comfortable, and restarted the jeep.

"O.K." she said, completely back in control of the situation. "Put your feet back on the pedals" she instructed, and grabbing my hand once again "and your hand back on the stick." Then she slid off her sandals, and put her pretty little feet on top of mine. "Now I'll drive, and you just feel it O.K.?" I muttered "uhu" as she curled her little toes into the top of my left foot, pushed down, giggled a little, threw it in gear, and let up on my foot, and away we went. At first she had sat on the very edge of the seat, but every time we shifted, she slid a little closer.

My legs were spread wide, and the head of my dick was coming close to the 3 inch gap of flesh between her shirt and skirt. With my hands occupied, there was nothing I could do but watch in horror/anticipation, as she inched closer and closer.

We came to a stop. "O.K. I'm going to show you how to pop the clutch" she said, clearly excited. "Push up hard on this foot" she caressed my left foot with her's, my dick pulsing in response, "when I let up." The caress turned into a stomp. She threw the stick (and my hand) into first, pushed down hard on my right foot (the gas), giggled, wiggled her toes on my left foot, and as the engine roared, she said "Now!" and both of asshole of leggy amazing girl screwed hardcore blowjob left feet came up in unison.

I guess I didn't really know what "popping the clutch" meant, because I was not prepared. As the tires screeched, Rach was thrown back into me with force, my dick slammed between us like a big pipe between to flat boards. I know she felt it. She even wiggled a bit. "Again!" she said as she smashed her feet onto mine, threw the stick into second, wiggled her toes on my left foot again, and "Now!" And again she was thrown against my cock. "Again!"…and we repeated this to fourth gear, my cock threatening to explode.

"Hold on to me!" she shouted over the wind and engine. "I took my left arm from the wheel, which wasn't doing anything there anyway, and looped it around her waist. "Tighter!" she yelled with glee, and I squeezed her into me, my dick throbbing into her back. "Breaks she yelled, and we moved our right feet in unison, and she stomped on my foot with more force than I thought possible. The tires bit into the street, and it was my turn to be thrown into her.

With my hand no longer on the wheel, I could do little to stop my forward momentum. It was during the 10 seconds or so that it took us to stop, that I started to cum.

My hips thrusting involuntarily, I humped my sister's back. The car had stopped, but I had pack robado a madre soltera ver completo aqui gt. I couldn't stop it once it started.

I just kept grinding my dick into the top teen gives interracial bj pornstars big dick her butt crack; I must have cum for 30 seconds strait, holding Rachel to me, shooting load after load all over her back, and my chest and stomach.

When I finally started to come down, the reality hit me like a sledge hammer. Teasing each other was one thing, but I had crossed the line. Would Rach yell?

Would she cry? Would she tell our parents? "That was fun Hu?" She said as if nothing had happened. "I…uh…I'm sorry Rach. I don't" I started to say, she cut me off "No prob, BIG BRO" she said, leaning forward a bit and wiggling her ass up against the base of my now soaking cock. "Took you long enough though" she cooed looking over her shoulder at me, the innocent look gone from her, her smile was wicked. She climbed off of me, and flopped back into the passenger seat.

"I think you can do it now" she said, back to cute innocent Rach in an instant. "I'll help you with the stick O.K.?" and she put her hand back on mine. I was amazed, but I had actually learned how to drive a stick despite the distraction.

I managed to drive to our neighborhood without any problem, and it was nice having Rach's hand on mine. It was like we were holding hands.

Her hand was soft and light, and she moved it slowly as I drove, her fingers sliding up and down mine. We stopped a couple of blocks from the house so I wouldn't get caught driving, and she drove the last bit, smiling and innocent, like nothing had happened. When we pulled in to the drive, she turned off the car, got out, and started walking to the house. A sudden fear took me. I didn't want this new Rach to disappear. What if she went back to the old Rachel? I would be lost.

I yelled out to her in a desperate grasp to hold on to something we had shared. "Thanks." meaning to thank her for teaching me how to drive, but shut myself up when I realized I could be heard inside, rapidinhas putona leva uma pirocona de respeito would get both of us in trouble. She turned as she reached the door, "My pleasure Big Bro" she said with a cute wink, and she was gone.

I laid back in the jeep, the sun on my shoulders and a contented smile on my face. I didn't know what would happen next, but one thing was for sure, Rach was not going to disappear, and I would find a way to take control, to win the game.

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This strange game she had started, would not end now. END PART 1 Stay tuned for more…