Dude is pleased by two euro bitches

Dude is pleased by two euro bitches
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I woke up slowly. I think my entire body was sore, although most of the pain was concentrated in the muscles between my legs. I stretched slightly, realizing as I moved that I was under the satin sheets of his bed and the ties that had bound my arms had been released.

I opened my eyes. The curtains over the windows were drawn, showing me that it was still night. My new master was not in bed beside me. I turned over to the empty side of the bed, my lower lip trembling in disappointment. "Carol Anne." I sat up quickly and turned toward his voice, a smile breaking out across my face an instant before a slight wince replaced it as the pain of my sore muscles flared up.

He was sitting in a chair not far from the foot of the bed. On the table next to him was a glass of wine. He had a book in his hands that he lay down beside the glass as he smiled at me. Much to my disappointment, he was wearing pants. "Did you enjoy your little rest?" I nodded slowly. "Are you hungry, pet?" I realized at that moment that I was indeed starving, and told him so. "Then come here, little one." I got out of bed and turned to walk toward him.

I froze when I saw his eyes were narrowed at me. He flicked a single finger down towards the ground. It was then that I noticed that a plate of food and a glass that was sitting on a stool at his feet and understood. I dropped to all fours and crawled to him. He didn't really smile at me, but his frown did disappear. I stopped at his feet. May I?" He nodded, and I placed my head on his knee. He placed a hand on my head. "You learn quickly, Carol Anne." He ran his fingers gently through my hair as I waited for him to give me permission to begin eating.

He was watching me carefully, a small smile returning to his face. Finally he gestured towards the plate of sandwiches. "Eat, my pet, while we discuss some things." I reached for one of the sandwich halves and slowly ate while watching him.

He, however, was staring out the window at the stars. I had finished sweet teen and hot stepmom threesome sex on the couch pornstars and hardcore half of a sandwich and had started on a second before he spoke.

"You realize that I have every intention of keeping you here until I tire of you, don't you, pet?" I didn't answer, just smiled broadly at him. He looked down at me when I didn't answer, saw my smile and looked back out his window, even though it was so dark I couldn't see anything out it. "I imagined you would be quite delighted at this. I have already indicated to your boss that you would be leaving.

He believes you are coming to work for me, which I suppose is not entirely untrue." He smiled slightly to himself. "How did you…" I said softly before I realized it said it. I quickly covered my mouth with my mouth, looking up at him, expecting to see anger.

He did frown slightly down at me. "Finish eating instead of talking. If you have questions, you may ask them later." I nodded and took a sip of the drink in the glass.

It appeared to be a red wine, but was thicker and appeared to be stronger. I eagerly took another sip as he continued speaking. "I will deal with your friends as the need arises." I frowned slightly, not really wanting him to harm my friends, even if we weren't really close anymore. He seemed to notice my frown because he gently said, "Despite my nature, I am perfectly capable of handling things without violence, Carol Anne." I relaxed at his words.

Messy attitude during lesbo sex lesbian dildo that, he turned back to the window, seeming to be thinking something over. He was, however, stroking my hair, petting it quite absentmindedly. I sat at his feet sipping my wine as he sat quietly thinking and petting my head. Finally, I lifted up slightly into his hand like my childhood cat would do as I pet him. My master looked down at me, smiling softly. "Am Sunny lane hardcore scene butt cum cum swallowing boring you, Carol Anne?" I smiled but shook my head playfully.

"Are you finished eating?" "Yes, Master. It was very good, thank you." "You're quite welcome, pet. Now put your glass down, you have more to learn." I obeyed eagerly, turning so that I was kneeling between his legs facing him. It had not yet occurred to me what he wanted. "My pet, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed you earlier." I smiled enthusiastically, but he simply raised one of his hands and continued. "But there is much more of you to enjoy." His hand slid under my collar, using it to pull me closer.

"Take it out, pet." I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped him, reaching into his pants for the object of my desire. It wasn't completely hard yet, but his size was still quite considerable.

Having him in my small hands made the fire within me flare up quickly again. I looked up at him for guidance. He met my glance and then moved to settle himself more comfortably in his chair. He pulled me closer by the hair until my lips were an inch away from him. "Open and put it in your mouth, Carol Anne." I licked my lips and did as he told me.

I tightened my lips around him and start to gently suck at him. I started to take more of him in my mouth and gently bob my head up and down on his cock as my tongue massaged the underside of his cock.

At first, I had no problem taking him in my mouth, but he quickly grew quite hard and larger in my mouth. I was now struggling to stretch my mouth sufficiently around him. Try as I teen twats impaled on dick hardcore and blowjob, I couldn't see his face from my angle, but I could hear his soft moans and grunts at my actions, and his hips were thrusting slightly towards me.

Finally, I felt a hand on my head firmly yet gently pushing me down, forcing me to take more of his cock. I gagged several times as his cock forced his way into my throat. I could feel my throat contacting around his cock, trying to dispel him.

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He let up on the pressure on my head for a few moments allowing me to take several deep breaths before he pushed back down on my head. He repeated this several times, and each time I made sure to continue my sucking as well as the massage of my tongue. The fourth or fifth time he pushed me down, my nose pushed into his pubic hair. He held me there for a moment before I heard him pale butt joeyd toys his bottom sweetly insert toys tube porn slightly.

He pulled me up slightly so that only part of his cock was in my mouth as he said, "Swallow it all, pet." He grunted again, and I felt his cum spurting into my mouth and onto my tongue. It was far hotter than I had realized. I held his cum in my mouth until he finished and sat back with a sigh. I let his cock fall from my mouth as I closed my eyes and rolled his cum around on my tongue, savoring the taste for several moments before swallowing it.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He was watching me, but finally spoke. "You did better than I thought you would," he said, "although I'm sure you will improve in time." As he said it, I felt tears fill my eyes and lowered my head, feeling that I had disappointed him. I blinked quickly trying to prevent my tears of frustration from falling. I felt his finger under my chin to lift my face towards him, but I turned away quickly. Immediately I felt his hand slap across my face and his hand cupping my chin to force my face up to look at him.

"Do not pull away from me again, Carol Anne." His voice was even softer and more dangerous than usual. For the first time since having arrived, I was actually scared. He let me go, however, and sat back, watching me. I raised my hands to hover over his knee, hoping to be able to touch and placate him. "May I, Master?" "No." I lowered my hands back to my lap, sadly. "I never thought you to be chines school girl sex story download a perfectionist that you couldn't acknowledge that you could improve something you've never done before.

Unless, of course, you have such experience I should expect more expertise," he sneered. I shook my head fanatically, opening my mouth to answer him. "Don't talk.

I don't want to hear your voice right now." I whimpered slightly and sat back on my heels. He was watching me with narrowed eyes. Suddenly, he spoke again. "Do you know how old I am?" I shook my head, wondering at the seemingly irrelevant question. "Suffice it to say I am centuries old. You are hardly the first I have claimed." He paused for some time.

"However, you are the undeniably by far the most responsive and one of the most obedient and affectionate pets I have ever had the pleasure of claiming.

I have never been more pleased with my choice of pet." I smiled slowly, not sure he wasn't kidding. He smiled his slight smile back at me and continued. "Now stop your pouting because I note you can improve at something.

It's infantile and annoying." "May I speak?" I asked softly. He considered, then nodded. "I'm so sorry, Master. I just thought I was disappointing you." "You weren't. Trust me; you'll certainly know if you do." "Are you going to punish me now for pulling away from you?" He cocked his head slightly, obviously thinking.

"Wait right there." He got up and walked to a cabinet on one side of the room. He opened the door closer to me, preventing me from seeing what was in this cabinet. "I must say, pet, that there is such benefit to living in this century. So many toys readily available." He closed the cabinet, and I finally saw what he had brought out. It was a leather flogger. He played with the tassels as he spoke to me. "I don't think my belt really made the impression I was hoping for, so let us see what this can do." He used my collar to drag me to the center of the room.

There was a hook hanging from the ceiling there that I hadn't noticed earlier. He threw the flogger on the bed, and then pulled out a length of rope.

"Your hands." I lifted them up to him, my eyes still on the flogger. I was still scared about the beating I was about to receive. He tied my hands together and then slipped the rope over the hook. My hands were raised high above my head. Only the balls of my feet touched the floor. He stepped back and looked me over. I saw him out of the corner of my eye but I was more interested in the flogger. He picked up the flogger and used it to turn my face towards him.

"Just remember that I love you," he said softly before he brought the flogger down onto my left breast. I jumped at the pain, and whimpered slightly as the flogger fell onto my right breast.

He continued until five blows had landed on either breast. He paused and I relaxed slightly, thinking it was over, but he only moved around to my back. He continued my beating, this time allowing ten blows to fall on my ass. He paused again. "Now spread your legs." I whimpered again through my tears, but did as best I could. He was in front of me again, this time raining four blows on the insides of each of my thighs. I was crying softly now. "Just two more now, pet." I was relieved until the first blow landed on my exposed pussy.

I screamed, barely noticing the second strike. I stood there crying in pain as he put his toy away. He returned to me, untying my hands and whispering the only thing that could have alleviated my pain, "Good girl." He carried me to the bed, laying me on my stomach. I tried to roll over, but his hand pushed down on my back, preventing me. I frowned for a moment before I felt his hips against me, and realized that he was hard and throbbing again.

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He moved away from me to get something, presumably some sort of lube. He inserted two fingers into my anus, trying to spread the lube around sufficiently. I heard him spreading the lube onto his cock before placing it against my hole. He leaned into my ear. "Do you want me to be gentle?" he asked in a mocking tone.

I knew perfectly well he wouldn't be gentle even if I asked him to, perhaps especially not if I asked. It didn't matter, though; if I had wanted gentleness in a lover, I would not be here. "No, master, I don't," I told him honestly. He chuckled against me. "Insatiable," he whispered as he began to push into me. It burned at first, only to be replaced by sharper pain.

He seemed to be having trouble pushing into my tight hole. When I saw that he was half way into me, he pulled out slightly to thrust back into me. He continued in this manner, pulling back only to thrust even further into me.

Finally, he pushed his hips against the sore cheeks of my ass. It took longer for the pain to fade than it had when he first took me, but in time it did.

Tender homemade shower scene julia and oliva tried to thrust back against him, but found it difficult from my angle.

He seemed to realize this and, without pulling out of me, he lifted my hips so that I was on my hands and knees. From this position, I could meet his thrusts without reserve. I had not expected to enjoy this as much as I had our previous acts, but I slowly started to feel pleasure at his thrusts. The pleasure quickly spread when his fingers began to rub at my clit.

He leaned forward over me to whisper in my ear. "Cum with me, Carol Anne." I nodded, unable to speak.

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His thrusts were getting stronger, and his fingers were circling my clit faster. I was incredibly close, but held myself back, determined to wait for him.

I was rewarded when I heard him whisper, "Now!" followed by his groan of pleasure. I let myself go, feeling the pleasure flow through my body, causing it to convulse under him for some time. I collapsed onto the bed as he slowly pulled himself from me. "Come clean me off, pet." I slowly pulled myself off to look at his wilting cock.

Somewhat reluctantly, I licked it clean. I finished without verbal complaint, but couldn't help making a slight face. "Do you not enjoy that particular act, pet?" he asked as I lay my head on his thigh.

I hesitated before answering. "I will do what you ask me to do, Master." He chuckled slightly. "That is not what I asked." "No, Master, I didn't. But…" "You'll do as I tell you, I heard you the first time you said it. But I will keep your dislike in mind nonetheless." I was surprised, but answered with, "Thank you, Master." I was exhausted now.

My two naps since the morning were simply not sufficient when compared to the energy I had expended. Barely able to keep my eyes open, I asked him where I should sleep. "Unless I tell you differently, you may sleep at the foot of my bed." Slowly, I crawled to the foot of his enormous bed and curled up there facing him. I felt him place a blanket over me before I fell into a deep sleep. **** He looked at the foot of his masseuse and her customer fingering each other, where his newest pet was curled up and fast asleep.

He had had all types over the years. He had never wanted to keep any of his women permanently, so he went through many. He had had blondes, brunettes, redheads. He had had small women and large women, tall women as well as short women.

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He had claimed someone from most countries in the world today. While most of his women were virgins, he had occasionally taken women who were slightly used as well as incredibly experienced. Some of the women he claimed came willingly, while others he had to drag back to his home and break over time.

However, he had not lied to her; he had never had a woman who was so responsive or so eager to please from the beginning. He had taught such responsiveness to some of his women, but it came so easily to her. Furthermore, she had accepted her punishments better than anyone before. He had yet to test the full extent of her, but he doubted he would be disappointed. If anything, he felt that in time she could only improve. Considering her lying there, he felt for the first time that he might have found his perfect pet.

If she continued to please and improve, he might just make her completely his. Forever. In her sleep, Carol Anne felt a deep sense of contentment and fulfillment that consumed her.

She smiled in her sleep, feeling truly happy for the first time in her life.