Perfect blonde girl plays with her slit

Perfect blonde girl plays with her slit
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Once the daughter was in position I turned to the mother and said "Ready?".

She nodded and rose from her chair and stepped next to me. "Last time you gave me the last bit while I was bent over the coffee table and my husband really seemed to like that. Would you mind doing them all that way this time?" she asked.

With visions of the daughter in that position still fresh in my mind and remembering how good the mother looked last time, I didn't hesitate to agree.

She stood between me and the table and spread her creamy legs a little more than shoulder width apart then, keeping her legs straight, she bent at the waist and placed her hands palm down on the table next to each other and lowered her head so it was resting on her hands. This position completely opened her up giving me a clear view of her silky smooth cunt and its protruding and glistening lips and her pretty filthy massage therapist loves wild sex hardcore handjob asshole.

Her breasts hung heavily with the nipples pointing down like they were being pinched as well as pulled by gravity. From where I was sitting I just had to scoot forward to the edge and I was in the perfect position to begin which also brought me close enough that I could really watch her become more and more aroused as I delivered a thorough spanking over her entire back side. Her tits bounced with every blow and the nipples extended more as her labia opened up further.

She truly enjoyed a good spanking. I completely lost track of how many she had received so I just went by the color of her cheeks to decide when it was enough since that was what her husband seemed to gauge as well. When I finally stopped we were both breathing a little heavy. "Whenever you are ready, we can take the pictures for your husband", I said. She caught her breath for a second and then said "Maybe you should do just a bit more. Remember last time?

He likes for me to be well spanked". "Alright," I said, rubbing my hands together. They were actually quite sore after spanking the daughter and the mother bare handed. "Wait," she said, "I have just the thing." And she straightened up and walked back into the house behind me. I took the opportunity to spend some more time enjoying my view of the naked daughter by the wall. She had completely stopped crying at this point but her ass was still bright red with just a couple of light purple spots.

She would be sore for a few days. The mother returned and presented me with a nice leather paddle. It was square and black, double thick stitched together but not too stiff and, it had a heart-shaped hole cut out of the center of its face. After I took the paddle, she quickly got back into her position. "Thank you, my hands were getting a little sore", I said. "I thought they might be", she said.

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"My husband uses that when he has to do some extra spanking". "Are you sure you can take this? Your ass is already red hot." "Yes, I can go a bit longer I think." "Alright, then. Just tell me if I am going to easy on you", I quipped with my usual joke and then brought the paddle down hard across her left cheek.

She let out a small squeak but didn't move from her position so I continued, spreading the strokes across her whole back side until it was a deep dark red and I could her her sobbing softly into her hands on the table. I paused for a minute and noticed that even her clit was completely exposed now and I couldn't resist.

I gave her three light slaps with the paddle across her pussy. She yelped but still did not break position. I laid the paddle down beside her on the coffee table and stepped over next to the chair to retrieve her phone. After I took a couple of photos, she stood back up. She was still breathing hard as she typed a few words and sent the text off to her husband.

"Excellent work, he says", she told me after his reply, "and I have to agree." she said looking down at the floor. "Thank you again for doing this for us". "It is truly my pleasure. Anytime." I said. "Come and tell him thanks", she said to her daughter.

The daughter stiffly broke her pose, turned and padded over to me and gently shook my hand, "Thank you, sir". "You are most welcome." I told her and I really meant it :-) "Now, you can walk him out to his car" the mother said. "What!?" The daughter was wide-eyed. "Don't worry," the mother said, "it is dark out, no one will probably see you" She started to protest but her mother gave her a warning look and she just closed her mouth and walked ahead of me over to the door.

Sure enough it had gotten dark this time while I took care of both women. The betty cane milf slut fucks at milf thing swallow cumshot glanced left and right and then held then stepped out onto the small porch. The mother stood in the doorway and watched as the daughter walked me all the way out to my car and even waited while I got in a started the engine. I enjoyed my last view of her standing naked in the driveway on full display in my headlights as I backed out.

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She was a good girl and never even tried to cover herself.