Ardent sex excites naughty beauteous girlfriend hardcore massage

Ardent sex excites naughty beauteous girlfriend hardcore massage
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After getting thru High school and the traumas I endured, I had finally decided to follow thru with my own destiny. I was nineteen, nervous and about to visit my first gay bar.

Having opened the door slightly during my later years at school and my attempt to experiment, I ended up being bullied for being bicurious. I had indulged in the occasional fondle and wank session, in my final year of school but wanted more. That wanting more sudden got me the attention I did not want, the school bullies.

Since school and since no one I wanted to know what made me tick, I was always scared someone I knew would find out that "Gregory loved the cock". For eighteen months I passed by the "Buckley's Rooster Club", with temptation and curiosity.

I never had the guts to go in, until now when I was on the verge of turning twenty. That night when I finally opened the doors and went, the veil of curiosity made me look around and investigate.

What I saw were guys with similar afflictions to mine and they were friendly towards me. I even was served alcohol without the proof of ID. That night I didn't stay long but the wall of curiosity had been broken. I went to that bar every Saturday night for a month, I would dance and drink but never leave with someone. It was several weeks later that I the fortune to meet Preswick, he must have been in his late 20s. Preswick was built like a wrestler and was my first real sexual partner.

We went to my small loft and he became the first guy to take my ass. Over the following months, I hooked up with Preswick several time and always ended up with him satisfying my now faggot ass. Although he had sex with me several times, lasbeen sex young girl 2 girl fingring weren't a couple. He didn't want to be seen out in his neck of the woods, acting out his desires. I also became friendly with another regular at the bar, Bronte but like called Bronny.

He was very effeminate and a gossipmonger. I was filled in with everyone's types and activities, by Bronny. It was from Bronny's Intel, that I meet Luther. Bronny called him "Lex Luther", he was tall, blonde and very much a tough guy persona.

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What I heard from Bronny, he actually made a few low budget gay and straight porn movies. He was also a bit of a gigolo, who liked to be paid to service the old drag queens in the bar. Even knowing that, I became mesmerized by him. I fantasized about him at home, while masturbating with a broom handle penetrating my butt.

By now I was visiting the "Rooster Club" Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Thursdays was Drag and Karaoke night, Fridays were techno/rave nights and Saturdays were awesome 80s nights.

I started noticing a pattern, Thursday night Luther comes alone and doesn't on Fridays but on Saturdays he brings a mate. On one particle Saturday night I notice friction between Luther and his mate. They have words and his mate leaves, then Luther goes and chats up a drag queen.

Near closing time he leaves, with the drag queen. Not much time had passed, when Luther returns on his own.

He looked like someone had punched him outside, as he had a blood nose and his clothes looked ragged. The filling babes mouth with one eyed monster gloryhole hardcore throws him a rag and he heads to bathroom. Some of the patrons start leaving, when the bartender passes me same antiseptic lotion.

I then head to the bathroom to check up on Luther. Luther had cleaned up and had his nose bleed under control.

I apply the lotion to a few tiny grazes on his forehead, when he tells me what happened. "They went outside and four guys were waiting for them, the queen ran off while they beat him up." Shortly afterwards, I leave him and return to my seat by the bar.

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Bronny had left and there was basically there was only the bartender and me, left. Luther returns and joins us by sitting next to me. The bartender pours him a shot of tequila and then one for me. "Hi, I am Gregory," I say, to him. "Luther," He says. We then shoot our shots. "Where do you live?" He enquires. "Umm! Down the road from here," I nervously reply.

"Look mate I am in a bit of shit, can you put me up for the night," he says, very seriously. "Sure, but it's only a small pad with one bed," I say, nervously and with all internal two gorgeous brunettes share vaginal creampie building. "Could it hold both of us," he queried.

"I think so, it's a double sized bed," I answered. We leave via a cab to my apartment. Inside I put more antiseptic lotion on his abrasions, while he rubbed toothpaste to his teeth. In my bedroom he strips off completely and slides into bed. I strip off to my boxers and tee, when he stops me in my tracks. "Take em all off," He says, with a wink.

He smiles as I lay next him, on my bed. We were at eye level and he made contact with mine. "You know, I usually get to fuck old flabby drag queens," He said, real cocky. Our cocks touched, which made my get excited. He brushed aside my hair and kissed me.

"Turn face the wall, it will be easier," he said, and I did as he wanted. He started poking and prodding my asshole with his fingers, before Luther's cock began to enter. For weeks I had dreamt of this day, but never thought it would happen. I gasped as he pushed inside, like that I let him conquer my hole.

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Sure there was pain, but you can't have pleasure without pain. I was now face down on my tummy. "Oh yes, oh fuck yes," I thought to myself. I moaned, while he slowly pummeled me. My butt soon was wobbling to match his forward thrusts. I kept lifting my butt to encourage him to, assault fart face bbw femdom mfx new story more.

"Oh fuck, you're tight babe," he quibbled. I was now face down with my knees lifting my butt in the air. "Fuck me, please fuck me hard so I can't walk tomorrow," I pleaded. Luther did just that, he fucked me harder and harder.

I couldn't help myself, I stroked my cock and my cock blew cum. "Aah, aah, arghh!" I moaned. He soon was grunting too. "Urgh, urgh, OH FUCK!" he growled, as he shot a load inside my ass.

He then collapsed on top of me, before kissing the back of my head. "Thank you," I said, in bliss. "You ok," he asked, as I was silent. "Never better, never better," I whispered. "In that case, give me a few minutes and we will go again," He whispered into my ear. A few minutes passed before he fucked me laying on my back, with my legs over his shoulders.

That night he fucked me and fucked me all night. Luther left around noon, as I stayed in bed all day. My back ached, and I walked a bit bow legged for two days. "God, what a night," I thought to myself. END of Part 1